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Maṭṭaltu, by LithiumDoll
Gen. "Things are going pretty well for the Leverage crew until Lindsey McDonald shows up on their doorstep. Then, not so much."
Crossover  Jossverse  Leverage  Jossverse/Leverage  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Nathan.Ford  Sophie.Devereaux  Eliot.Spencer  Alec.Hardison  Parker  Angel  Spike  Lindsey.McDonald  Charles.Gunn  Illyria  Lorne  40000-44999.words 
february 2012 by settiai
My Sword Is A Song, by enigmaticblues
Gen. "Lorne faces the apocalypse the only way he knows how."
Jossverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Lorne  Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  Angel  Spike  1000-1999.words 
may 2010 by settiai
What Big Ears You Have, by bookishwench
Slash. "Cordelia was always good at getting information, but Angel never learned not to listen at doors."
Jossverse  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Angel  Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  Cordelia.Chase  Charles.Gunn  Angel/Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  1000-1999.words 
february 2009 by settiai
Crave, by Rheanna
Gen. "Magic intended to help a recovering drug addict goes wrong, leaving Angel increasingly unable to control his hunger for human blood -- and Cordelia and Wesley facing the most difficult decision they'll ever have to make."
Jossverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Angel  Cordelia.Chase  Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  10000-14999.words 
august 2008 by settiai
Tell It Slant, by yhlee
Gen. "Five years after the battle with Harth, Fray has an ally in the shadows."
Fray  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Melaka.Fray  Angel  1000-1999.words 
december 2007 by settiai
Intervention with the Vampire, by Littera Abactor
Gen. "Angel looked around the room. Wesley was staring at his shoes. Gunn gave him a weak smile. Cordelia gave him a big one. "We want to help," she reminded him."
Jossverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Angel  Cordelia.Chase  Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  Charles.Gunn  7000-7999.words 
july 2007 by settiai
Homemaking, by Kassia06
Gen. "The Hyperion Hotel has seen seventy years of violence, mayhem, and paranoia, and it's kind of got an odor to it."
Jossverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Angel  Cordelia.Chase  Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  Charles.Gunn  7000-7999.words 
july 2007 by settiai
Second String, by Roseveare
Gen. "Wesley and Cordelia, cleaning up after the apocalypse."
Jossverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Angel  Cordelia.Chase  Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  3000-3999.words 
march 2007 by settiai
Skelping, by Mad Poetess
Slash, with some het. "So what's a guy supposed to do when he gets a nice dramatic exit, then suddenly finds out he's not as dead as he thought he was? Watch late-night movies, learn how to drink beer without touching it, and fall in love, of course."
Jossverse  Genre.Slash  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Allen.Francis.Doyle  Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  Angel  Cordelia.Chase  Dennis.Pearson  Charles.Gunn  Allen.Francis.Doyle/Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  Cordelia.Chase/Dennis.Pearson  15000-19999.words 
march 2007 by settiai
The Case of the Missing Santas, by Little Heaven
Gen. "Cordelia's first Christmas in LA isn't turning out the way it was supposed to."
Jossverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.G  Angel  Cordelia.Chase  Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  20000-24999.words 
march 2007 by settiai
Morningstar, by Raven
Gen. "On the road to Sunnydale, Tara meets a guardian angel."
Jossverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Allen.Francis.Doyle  Tara.Maclay  Angel  Cordelia.Chase  3000-3999.words 
march 2007 by settiai
Impact, by silver
Gen, with het. "With the birth of Darla's baby fast approaching, Cordelia interferes with an attempt on Angel's life, but the consequences of her actions send her back to 1999... mere days before Doyle is to die on the Quintessa."
Jossverse  Genre.Gen  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Angel  Cordelia.Chase  Allen.Francis.Doyle  Darla  Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  Fred.Burkle  Charles.Gunn  Lilah.Morgan  Alonna.Gunn  Allen.Francis.Doyle/Cordelia.Chase  60000-64999.words 
march 2007 by settiai
Ang-Nuo, by Corinna
Gen. "Angel and a buncha monks in the middle of nowhere: there's a party."
Jossverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Angel  9000-9999.words 
march 2007 by settiai
Consequences, by bigsciencybrain
Gen. "What if Buffy didn't return to Sunnydale after the Acathla incident?"
Jossverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Faith.Lehane  Angel  Rupert.Giles  Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  3000-3999.words 
march 2007 by settiai
Girl Talk, by Maren
Femslash, with slight het. "Buffy has no idea that Nina came to Cabo with hopes of making love on the beach."
Jossverse  Genre.Femslash  Rated.R  Buffy.Summers  Nina.Ash  Angel  Buffy.Summers/Nina.Ash  Angel/Buffy.Summers  Angel/Nina.Ash  2000-2999.words 
march 2007 by settiai
The Vampire Strikes Back, by eloise_bright
Gen. "For God’s sake, lighten up. It’s a party. We’re getting paid a fairly hefty fee to be here. And David did insist we stay undercover."
Jossverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Angel  Cordelia.Chase  Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  Charles.Gunn  Lorne  David.Nabbit  400-499.words 
march 2007 by settiai
Crime and Punishment, by Doyle
Gen. "The two carts sat peacefully side by side. Oh, they could look innocent enough now, but as soon as they tried to move more than six feet from their designated postal burden the cart followed them."
Jossverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Angel  Connor  Spike  Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  Charles.Gunn  1000-1999.words 
march 2007 by settiai
Field Trip, by Doyle
Gen. "For someone with so many facial expressions, it was astounding how often Spike picked 'unrepentant.'"
Jossverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Angel  Connor  Spike  700-799.words 
march 2007 by settiai
Picnic, by Mireille
Gen. "They were a team, and they weren't going to let Angel down. He wasn't sure how they'd do it, but they would, as long as Wesley didn't try to do this all on his own. That wasn't how it worked."
Jossverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Angel  Connor  Cordelia.Chase  Allen.Francis.Doyle  Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  Charles.Gunn  Fred.Burkle  2000-2999.words 
march 2007 by settiai
Wishful Thinking, by WesleysGirl
Slash. "The cement under his fingers is cold, and the fingertips of his right hand are raw against the pavement. He can't see because he's not looking, but he knows he's leaving little bloody fingerprints. Angel'd be able to smell them."
Jossverse  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Allen.Francis.Doyle  Angel  Allen.Francis.Doyle/Angel  2000-2999.words 
march 2007 by settiai
Just Another Night, by Elke Tanzer.
Threesome. "Just another night of demon slaying, and scrubbing up. Angel's still making amends for firing his team."
Jossverse  Genre.Threesome  Rated.PG  Angel  Cordelia.Chase  Charles.Gunn  Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  Charles.Gunn/Cordelia.Chase/Wesley.Wyndam-Pryce  2000-2999.words 
march 2007 by settiai

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