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when all of the stars in the sky align, by gallantrejoinder
Slash. "It was approximately three years after the apoca-wasn’t that Crowley fell into a baptismal font.

It was extremely uncool of him to do so, and years afterwards, he would deny that it had happened like that. All right, maybe he still had trouble with the whole owning four limbs thing after all the years of snakehood - still, that didn’t make him clumsy.

But the point remained. Crowley fell into a literal vat of holy water.

And survived."
Good.Omens  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG  Aziraphale  Crowley  Pepper.(GO)  Adam.Young  Dagon  Beelzebub.(GO)  Gabriel.(GO)  Beelzebub.(GO)/Gabriel.(GO)  Aziraphale/Crowley  9000-9999.words 
august 2019 by settiai
Build Our Kingdom, by Mackem
Slash. “Ready for lunch?” Crowley drops to his knees to start unbuckling the straps on the basket as though this is something they do all the time; as though he hasn’t just effortlessly catapulted Aziraphale back in time almost fifty years.

“You remembered,” Aziraphale breathes as wonder courses through him. He mentioned something once during an awkward moment, half a century ago, and now here kneels a demon atop a picnic blanket.

“Hmm?” Crowley barely shoots him a sidelong glance as he concentrates on opening the basket.

Aziraphale’s eyes do not move from him. “You remembered,” he repeats, no less stunned. “Crowley, you really didn’t have to.”

Crowley’s hands still. Eventually, his eyes still on the basket, he murmurs, “Well, we did The Ritz, didn’t we?”
Good.Omens  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG  Aziraphale  Crowley  Aziraphale/Crowley  9000-9999.words 
june 2019 by settiai
What It Takes, by CDNCrow
Gen. "The ZPD recruiter repeatedly emphasized how difficult the academy training program was, that it was designed to push the strongest and toughest mammals to their limits. She'd calmly explained that she would be the judge of what she could handle."
Zootopia  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Judy.Hopps  Nick.Wilde  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  9000-9999.words 
february 2019 by settiai
and hold you 'til you're quiet, by ScreechTheMighty
Gen. "His skin was still warm, which meant he couldn’t have been gone long, and if he hadn’t been gone long then he still had a chance...

Caleb has to look after Mollymauk this time."
Critical.Role  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Caleb.Widogast  Mollymauk.Tealeaf  Jester.Lavorre  Nott.the.Brave  Beauregard  Fjord  9000-9999.words 
june 2018 by settiai
the family potter, by dirgewithoutmusic
Gen. "Lily remembered her sister, how there had been a time she was curious and delighted about magic, before it slowly sank in that she could look and not touch.

The last thing Petunia had said to Lily before she died was a chilly goodbye, ending a holiday dinner where they'd had a shrieking row in the entryway. Petunia had said freak and Lily had hissed better than this, better than this being my whole fucking world, Tune, do you even see yourself, are you happy--

And now here was Dudley Vernon Dursley fussing himself to sleep as Lily walked the halls of the Godric's Hollow house. His tiny soft hands with their tiny soft fingernails curled under her chin, the same way Harry always had.

She passed James, who was gently bouncing his way up the hall the opposite way. "I think he's asleep," James mouthed over Harry's tousled head. His hair was the same mess, bent down to peer at his sleeping son.

Lily stopped where she stood, her nephew heavy on her chest, her husband smiling, her sister buried. "James," she said. "How are we going to do this?""
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Dudley.Dursley  Harry.Potter  James.Potter  Lily.Evans.Potter  Remus.Lupin  Ginny.Weasley  Original.Female.Character(s)  9000-9999.words 
may 2018 by settiai
You're Everyone That Ever Cared, by riddikulusgrin (klavgavtrash)
Slash. "Newt's kind of had a thing for Hermann since the beginning of time, which is fine. He's dealing with it. Totally not pining or anything.

Only then there's the drift, and the dreams, and memories that aren't his own. And on top of everything, Hermann's started acting all un-Hermann-like."
Pacific.Rim  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Hermann.Gottlieb  Newton.Geiszler  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler  9000-9999.words 
april 2018 by settiai
Go For The Throat, by laylabinx
Gen. "Peter finds out the hard way what it means to be the Ravager mascot and Yondu uses this as an opportunity to teach him how to kick someone's ass."
Marvel.Comics  Marvel.Comics-Movieverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Peter.Quill  Yondu.Udonta  Kraglin.Obfonteri  9000-9999.words 
december 2017 by settiai
the stars, the moon, they have all been blown out, by Marsali
Het and slash. "They think she is asleep.

They are wrong.

And while Scott is hiding from her, busily pretending that it is the galaxy that keeps him from visiting her, Sara finds a blessed reprieve from the suffocating darkness around her in the form of a stranger with a deep, rumbling voice."
Mass.Effect.Andromeda  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Female.Ryder  Male.Ryder  Harry.Carlyle  Jaal.Ama.Darav  Peebee  Female.Ryder/Jaal.Ama.Darav  Gil.Brodie/Male.Ryder  9000-9999.words 
july 2017 by settiai
the game is already lost, by altschmerzes
Gen. "Five times Taako manages to get a hug from one of his friends without having to actually admit that he wants a hug, and one time he flat out cops to it."
The.Adventure.Zone  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Taako  Magnus.Burnsides  Merle.Highchurch  Angus.McDonald  9000-9999.words 
january 2017 by settiai
Pas de Deux, by icarus_chained
Slash. "Lying shackled beneath a laser by a dancing supervillain who says he loves you gives a man a chance for some self-reflection. And, maybe, a little bit more than that."
Genghis.Khan.(song)  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG  Secret.Agent.(Genghis.Khan)  Supervillain.(Genghis.Khan)  Secret.Agent.(Genghis.Khan)/Supervillain.(Genghis.Khan)  9000-9999.words 
february 2016 by settiai
Recompense, by Bullfinch
Gen. "Fenris is kidnapped. Anders, of course, is the only one close enough to go after him."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Anders  Fenris  Male.Hawke  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  9000-9999.words 
december 2015 by settiai
Obscurus, by Lamenta
Slash. "A cave collapses and Anders and Fenris get separated from the rest of their companions. Fenris soon realizes that is not the only problem they have to face and time is running out for Anders - and them."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Anders  Fenris  Male.Warrior.Hawke  Varric.Tethras  Merrill  Anders/Fenris  9000-9999.words 
april 2015 by settiai
Through The Storm, by katling
Slash. "You didn't think Fenris was just going to let Garrett Hawke run off like that, did you? It's not like Skyhold is hidden away and inaccessible. Also features my male mage Inquisitor, Jeremy Trevelyan, and Dorian Pavus as well as cameos from Solas and Cole."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Fenris  Varric.Tethras  Male.Mage.Trevelyan  Dorian.Pavus  Cullen.Rutherford  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Josephine.Montilyet  Leliana  Solas  Cole  Male.Mage.Hawke  Fenris/Male.Mage.Hawke  Dorian.Pavus/Male.Mage.Trevelyan  9000-9999.words 
february 2015 by settiai
Our Troubles Will Be Out of Sight, by cornmouse
Het. "Darcy meets a handsome stranger in a Manhattan bar on Christmas Eve and takes him home with her."
Marvel.Comics  Marvel.Comics-Movieverse  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Darcy.Lewis  Steve.Rogers  Darcy.Lewis/Steve.Rogers  9000-9999.words 
january 2015 by settiai
Building a Playlist For a Friendship, by DemonQueen666
Gen. "Darcy can pretty much always depend on her iPod. Her new and complex friendship with Loki, now that she isn't so sure about."
Marvel.Comics  Marvel.Comics-Movieverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Darcy.Lewis  Loki  Tony.Stark  Erik.Selvig  Thor  Clint.Barton  Steve.Rogers  Natasha.Romanova  Bruce.Banner  9000-9999.words 
march 2014 by settiai
Smile, by Tangerine
Slash. "It takes fifty-six hours on a Greyhound bus to get from Raleigh to Guadalajara."
Marvel.Comics  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Julio.Esteban.Richter  Shatterstar  Julio.Esteban.Richter/Shatterstar  9000-9999.words 
december 2013 by settiai
Bow Out, by 9r7g5h
Het. "If it would mean her happiness, Felix would bow out and let him win. Even if it meant breaking his own eight-bit heart."
Wreck-It.Ralph.(film)  Genre.Het  Rated.PG  Fix-It.Felix.Jr  Sergeant.Tamora.Jean.Calhoun  Wreck-It.Ralph  Vanellope.von.Schweetz  Brad.Scott  Fix-It.Felix.Jr/Sergeant.Tamora.Jean.Calhoun  9000-9999.words 
july 2013 by settiai
Rollin' and Tumblin', by Muccamukk
Slash. "The giant squid spewing sex pollen wasn't the strangest part of anyone's week. Captain America's behaviour after the fact, however, was making Tony wonder how deeply they were all affected, and what exactly was going on."
Marvel.Comics  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Steve.Rogers  Tony.Stark  Sam.Wilson  Carol.Danvers  Hank.Pym  Janet.van.Dyne  Wanda.Maximoff  Bambi.Arbogast  Namorita.Prentiss  Steve.Rogers/Tony.Stark  9000-9999.words 
november 2012 by settiai
Phil Coulson Does Not Take Attendance, by scifigrl47
Gen. "Sometimes, taking a job working for SHIELD is the end of a journey. Sometimes, it's the beginning. Everyone has to take the same briefings, no matter where they came from, or why they're there. Some people are destined to play hooky, willingly or not. Some people have better things to do, and some people want minions.

Phil Coulson has to write up this nonsense, and he does not take attendance."
Marvel.Comics  Marvel.Comics-Movieverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Tony.Stark  Darcy.Lewis  Thor  Clint.Barton  Steve.Rogers  Natasha.Romanova  Bruce.Banner  Phil.Coulson  Nick.Fury  9000-9999.words 
october 2012 by settiai
Father's Day, by SnubNosedSilhouette
Gen. "Do-" Rory seemed to reconsider, then barreled ahead with his question. "This is a silly question, but, do you have a dad, River?"
Doctor.Who  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Rory.Williams  River.Song  Amy.Pond  Eleventh.Doctor  Brian.Williams  9000-9999.words 
october 2012 by settiai
Five (Or More) Uses for a Tie, by Selenay
Slash. "There was, admittedly, a small chance that he was panicking.

"Rope," Clint muttered. "What kind of fucked up aviator doesn't keep rope around?"

"My tie," Coulson said. "Use my tie. It should hold for long enough. I hope."

Your tie. Right. Of course.""
Marvel.Comics  Marvel.Comics-Movieverse  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Clint.Barton  Phil.Coulson  Natasha.Romanova  Clint.Barton/Phil.Coulson  9000-9999.words 
august 2012 by settiai
Five Times Clint Had To Explain (And One Time He Didn’t), by Selenay
Slash. "I've got glitter in places that glitter should never be."

"Thank you for that image," Phil said dryly. "You were going to explain why you're dressed like...well..."

"A ten dollar whore?" Clint supplied helpfully.

"I was going to go with classy hooker, but whatever you feel most comfortable identifying with," Phil said.
Marvel.Comics  Marvel.Comics-Movieverse  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Clint.Barton  Phil.Coulson  Natasha.Romanova  Maria.Hill  Nick.Fury  Tony.Stark  Clint.Barton/Phil.Coulson  9000-9999.words 
july 2012 by settiai
Supernanny, by ashinan
Gen. "The one thing Coulson has never quite understood is where he gained the title of Supernanny."
Marvel.Comics  Marvel.Comics-Movieverse  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Phil.Coulson  Tony.Stark  Steve.Rogers  Clint.Barton  Natasha.Romanova  Thor  Bruce.Banner  JARVIS  Maria.Hill  Nick.Fury  9000-9999.words 
june 2012 by settiai
Achilles Heel, by Mithrigil
Gen. "Finnick's Games. The ones he plays in, the ones he wins, and the ones he's still a pawn in ever after."
Hunger.Games  Genre.Gen  Rated.R  Finnick.Odair  Mags  Coriolanus.Snow  Caesar.Flickerman  9000-9999.words 
may 2012 by settiai
10, 9, 8, car, by pollyrepeat
Slash. "Clint was pretty sure he'd seen this movie. Like a lot of things since he'd joined the Avengers, it had been a lot funnier when it wasn't his life." [Written Pre-Avengers Release, AU]
Marvel.Comics  Marvel.Comics-Movieverse  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Clint.Barton  Phil.Coulson  Steve.Rogers  Tony.Stark  Thor  Bruce.Banner  Natasha.Romanova  Nick.Fury  Clint.Barton/Phil.Coulson  9000-9999.words  JARVIS 
april 2012 by settiai
The More Things Change, by Skew
Slash. "As far as Bucky's concerned, neither Steve's transformation or the events of the war have changed the friendship between them. However, when a mission doesn't quite go to plan, he finds himself making a foolish decision that might change things forever."
Marvel.Comics  Marvel.Comics-Movieverse  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Bucky.Barnes  Steve.Rogers  Dum.Dum.Dugan  Jim.Morita  Jacques.Dernier  Gabe.Jones  James.Falsworth  Peggy.Carter  Bucky.Barnes/Steve.Rogers  9000-9999.words 
december 2011 by settiai
Static, by Kasuchi
Het. ""You haven't forgotten that we're partners, have you?" When Clark gets sent on a round-the-world assignment detail, he and Lois communicate via phonecalls."
DC.Comics  DC.Comics-DCAU  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Clark.Kent  Lois.Lane  Clark.Kent/Lois.Lane  9000-9999.words 
january 2011 by settiai
Chances, by Tomboy13
Gen. "Vengeance was something he would soon get. Nobody knew that Luthor had seen Wally's face while in his body. And nobody told Wally that Luthor had a photographic memory. Though Wally might learn that the hard way."
DC.Comics  DC.Comics-DCAU  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Wally.West  John.Stewart  Bruce.Wayne  Lex.Luthor  Tala  Diana.Prince  9000-9999.words 
november 2010 by settiai
Traffic Lights for the Colour Blind, by lavvyan
Slash. "In which it's not the war John is missing, Sherlock needs to find new ways to hang on to his flatmate, and Moriarty tries to get himself a pet of his own. Features also: guns, tea, the reason Sherlock Holmes won't take the tube, cell phones, a budgie, and one obnoxious older brother."
Sherlock  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  John.Watson  Sherlock.Holmes  Mycroft.Holmes  James.Moriarty  John.Watson/Sherlock.Holmes  9000-9999.words 
november 2010 by settiai
In the Blood, by ionlylurkhere
Femslash. "For Ace McShane, P.I., her latest case brings her face to face with her own past."
Doctor.Who  Genre.Femslash  Rated.PG  Ace.McShane  Mel.Bush  Ace.McShane/Mel.Bush  9000-9999.words 
september 2010 by settiai
Paper Chase, by Sam
Gen. "One criminal consultant. One consulting detective. One serial killer. And one perhaps inadvisable bet..."
Crossover  Sherlock  White.Collar  Sherlock/White.Collar  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Peter.Burke  Neal.Caffrey  Sherlock.Holmes  John.Watson  Reese.Hughes  Elizabeth.Burke  Clinton.Jones  Diana.Barrigan  9000-9999.words 
september 2010 by settiai
Be Ye Therefore Merciful, by amberdiceless
Gen. "It hadn't started off as a particularly awful sort of week. Though, to be sure, it hadn't looked especially promising either."
Good.Omens  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Aziraphale  Crowley  Death  9000-9999.words 
august 2010 by settiai
Nothing Between Us and the New World, by gabsy
Slash. "An old army buddy convinces Holmes and Watson to investigate a series of robberies at his inn on the Cornish coast. Watson is sure Holmes has only agreed to cheer him up after Mary's death, but there may be more going on under the surface." [Movieverse]
Sherlock.Holmes.(series)  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Sherlock.Holmes  John.Watson  John.Watson/Sherlock.Holmes  9000-9999.words 
february 2010 by settiai
This Day to the Ending of the World, by Candle Beck
Slash. "The prime minister knelt before his queen and pledged to her, "We will clear Central Asia of Muscovites and drive them into the Caspian Sea," and fifteen months later John Watson nearly died in Afghanistan." [Movieverse]
Sherlock.Holmes.(series)  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Sherlock.Holmes  John.Watson  John.Watson/Sherlock.Holmes  9000-9999.words 
january 2010 by settiai
Bearing Witness, by Amatara
Gen, with background slash. "The best observers are often the quiet ones. The long road of Londo and G'Kar, as seen through Vir's eyes."
Babylon.5  Genre.Gen  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Vir.Cotto  G'Kar  Londo.Mollari  G'Kar/Londo.Mollari  9000-9999.words 
december 2009 by settiai
Third (time is the charm, or so someone told Ray once), by lalejandra
Slash. "It's just the beard, Ray tells himself, that made you think everything was weird. You are totally normal. You'll even have normal hair again soon. It'll be great. It will be great. It will be greatness."
due.South  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Benton.Fraser  Ray.Kowalski  Harding.Welsh  Stella.Kowalski  Benton.Fraser/Ray.Kowalski  9000-9999.words 
october 2009 by settiai
The Greater Good Affair, by farad
Slash. "But then, Illya wasn't an agent anymore, hadn't been in almost five years, not since he'd been recalled to his homeland."
Man.from.UNCLE  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Illya.Kuryakin  Napoleon.Solo  Alexander.Waverly  Illya.Kuryakin/Napoleon.Solo  9000-9999.words 
september 2009 by settiai
The Inheritance, by drcjsnider
Het. "Scorpius Malfoy is in serious trouble. When he can't turn to his family or his friends for help, he ends up on Rose Weasley's doorstep."
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Scorpius.Malfoy  Rose.Weasley  Albus.Severus.Potter  Rose.Weasley/Scorpius.Malfoy  9000-9999.words 
september 2009 by settiai
Beneath the Armor, by Nix
Slash. "Tony is forced to reveal his identity after his armor is compromised and Steve finds himself reevaluating his teammate."
Marvel.Comics  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG  Steve.Rogers  Tony.Stark  Thor  Hank.Pym  Janet.van.Dyne  Nick.Fury  Edwin.Jarvis  Steve.Rogers/Tony.Stark  9000-9999.words 
august 2009 by settiai
Lunch and Other Obscenities, by Rheanna
Gen. "Nyota liked her roommate just fine until she met her."
ST:AOS  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Nyota.Uhura  Gaila  Spock  9000-9999.words 
june 2009 by settiai
The Gift of the Mad Guy, by Sam
Gen. "The Doctor joins some Kings of Orient following a star, helps a quartet of sociologists, gets thrown in prison, meets shepherds (ditto: talking sheep), finds a baby in a stable, uses Christmas carols for nefarious ends, and learns The True Meaning of Camel. "
Doctor.Who  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Tenth.Doctor  Jack.Harkness  9000-9999.words 
february 2009 by settiai
The Turn of the Wheel, by Coru
Gen. "Fifty-first century adventures don't usually overlap into the eighteenth but then again, when has 'usually' ever factored into travel with the Doctor?" [#9 in "A Man Who Wasn't There" series]
Doctor.Who  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Episode.Related  Ninth.Doctor  Rose.Tyler  Reinette.Poisson  John.Hart  9000-9999.words  ( 
february 2009 by settiai
Where the Moon Howls, by Coru
Gen. "Nine and Rose visit Scotland and face down a werewolf, warrior monks and a rather irritable monarch." [#5 in "A Man Who Wasn't There" series]
Doctor.Who  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Episode.Related  Ninth.Doctor  Rose.Tyler  9000-9999.words  (DW.2x02-Tooth.and.Claw) 
february 2009 by settiai
A Day on Achipelagon, by __kali__
Gen. "Sometimes, adventures in time and space aren't all they're cracked up to be."
Doctor.Who  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Ninth.Doctor  Jack.Harkness  Rose.Tyler  9000-9999.words 
january 2009 by settiai
Time Bomb, by butterflykiki
Gen. "When an unbalanced girl with a penchant for dangling off high places suddenly 'poofs' into existence in a bar with no explanation, Harry has a new job. Just not one he ever wanted."
Crossover  Dresden.Files  Firefly  Dresden.Files/Firefly  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Harry.Dresden  Karrin.Murphy  Bob.the.Skull  Mab  River.Tam  Kaylee.Frye  9000-9999.words 
september 2008 by settiai
Shades, by Violette
Gen. "Ezra and Vin run afoul of a bad guy and go missing. Strange things start to occur, both for Ezra and Vin, and for the rest of Team Seven."
Magnificent.Seven.(ATF)  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Ezra.Standish  Chris.Larabee  Vin.Tanner  JD.Dunne  Nathan.Jackson  Buck.Wilmington  Josiah.Sanchez  9000-9999.words 
august 2008 by settiai
Dimensional Curves, by jinxed_wood
Gen. " A rift in time and space leaves Romana stranded in the wrong timeline, and with a rather difficult Doctor..."
Doctor.Who  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Romana.II  Fourth.Doctor  Donna.Noble  Tenth.Doctor  9000-9999.words 
april 2008 by settiai
Nothing But Sand, by travels_in_time
Gen. " An unexpected event pulls Rose and Jack away from the Doctor, throwing them into separate timestreams."
Crossover  Doctor.Who  Torchwood  Doctor.Who/Torchwood  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Ninth.Doctor  Rose.Tyler  Jack.Harkness  Ianto.Jones  Tenth.Doctor  9000-9999.words 
april 2008 by settiai
Things Best Left Unseen, by eponymous_rose
Gen. "Who are the ominous-looking men in dark suits and terribly impractical sunglasses, and why are they so convinced that they're about to pull off the greatest heist in the planet's history?"
Doctor.Who  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Fifth.Doctor  Peri.Brown  Erimem  9000-9999.words 
march 2008 by settiai
In Service, by smokeringhalos
Slash. "The shadows in Jack's eyes prompt Ianto to offer himself and his stopwatch for an evening's distraction. He knows he's servicing Jack's needs and his own, but he has no idea what he's getting himself into."
Torchwood  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Episode.Related  Jack.Harkness  Ianto.Jones  Ianto.Jones/Jack.Harkness  9000-9999.words  (TW.1x08-They.Keep.Killing.Suzie) 
february 2008 by settiai
Global Search and Replace, by Jeri Massi
Gen. "The Doctor has been replaced by somebody more young, handsome, and vain. Dexterity with a mop is all that can save him from a cosmic global search and replace operation that will alter, not only his life, but the lives of his friends at UNIT."
Doctor.Who  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Third.Doctor  Jo.Grant  John.Benton  Mike.Yates  9000-9999.words 
february 2008 by settiai
The Human Stain, by tevere
Het. "He is suffering for a crime he has no idea he has committed, for being something he has no idea he is -- and though she wishes she could, she cannot feel pleasure in it."
Stargate.Atlantis  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Teyla.Emmagan  Michael.Kenmore  Michael.Kenmore/Teyla.Emmagan  9000-9999.words 
january 2008 by settiai
The Towers on the Heights Reach to Heav'n's Own Blue, by minervacat
Gen. "In which John Sheppard hates cricket and accidentally starts an intramural soccer league, and Cameron Mitchell thinks McKay's sister sucks."
Crossover  Stargate.Atlantis  Stargate.SG-1  Stargate.Atlantis/Stargate.SG-1  John.Sheppard  Cameron.Mitchell  Rodney.McKay  Ronon.Dex  Teyla.Emmagan  Carson.Beckett  Elizabeth.Weir  Evan.Lorne  9000-9999.words 
january 2008 by settiai
Land of One Hundred Stories, by v_voltaire
Gen. "The land of Kaidan was covered in fog and filled with stories of ghosts."
Ōkami  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Waka  Amaterasu  9000-9999.words 
december 2007 by settiai
What Happens In Freedom Stays In Freedom, by Lenore
Slash. "A star witness is on the run, and Lassiter and Shawn have to hit the road to bring him back to Santa Barbara."
Psych  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Shawn.Spencer  Carlton.Lassiter  Karen.Vick  Carlton.Lassiter/Shawn.Spencer  9000-9999.words 
december 2007 by settiai
Games of the Heart, by Patti and Marg
Gen. "Sadly, even those purest of heart and kindest of soul sometimes fall prey to the evil that war is." (Game Universe #19 :: February 12, 1945 to February 15, 1945)
Hogan's.Heroes  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Robert.Hogan  James.Ivan.Kinchloe  Andrew.Carter  Peter.Newkirk  Louis.LeBeau  Rodney.Crittendon  9000-9999.words 
december 2007 by settiai
The Long Night, by Tipper
Gen. "It's still night, just hours after setting down, but, despite the terrifying events and the exhausting pace of the last few days, not everyone is asleep yet."
Stargate.Atlantis  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Episode.Related  Radek.Zelenka  John.Sheppard  Rodney.McKay  Jennifer.Keller  9000-9999.words  (SGA.4x02-Lifeline) 
october 2007 by settiai
Not Every Problem, by Sandra McDonald
Gen. "With Duncan helplessly trapped, Tessa and Richie fight for survival in the wilderness."
Highlander  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Duncan.MacLeod  Tessa.Noel  Richie.Ryan  9000-9999.words 
september 2007 by settiai
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(DW.2x02-Tooth.and.Claw)  (  (SG1.1x12-Fire.and.Water)  (SGA.4x02-Lifeline)  (SH-The.Dying.Detective)  (TW.1x08-They.Keep.Killing.Suzie)  (TW.2x13-Exit.Wounds)  9000-9999.words  Ace.McShane  Ace.McShane/Mel.Bush  Adam.Young  Alan.Jackson  Albus.Dumbledore  Albus.Severus.Potter  Alexander.Waverly  Alma.Coin  Amaterasu  Ambrose.(aka.Glitch)  Amy.Pond  Amy.Pond/Eleventh.Doctor/Rory.Williams  Amy.Pond/Rory.Williams  Anders  Anders/Fenris  Andrew.Carter  Angel  Angus.McDonald  Annie.Cresta  Aziraphale  Aziraphale/Crowley  Azkadellia  Azkadellia/Jeb.Cain  BA.Baracus  Babylon.5  Bambi.Arbogast  Barbara.Wright  Beauregard  Beelzebub.(GO)  Beelzebub.(GO)/Gabriel.(GO)  Beetee  Benton.Fraser  Benton.Fraser/Ray.Kowalski  BJ.Hunnicut  Bob.the.Skull  Boggs  Brad.Scott  Brian.Williams  Bruce.Banner  Bruce.Wayne  Buck.Wilmington  Bucky.Barnes  Bucky.Barnes/Steve.Rogers  Caesar.Flickerman  Caleb.Widogast  Cameron.Mitchell  Carlton.Lassiter  Carlton.Lassiter/Shawn.Spencer  Carol.Danvers  Carson.Beckett  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Castiel  Castiel/Dean.Winchester  Chaff  Charles.Emerson.Winchester.III  Chris.Larabee  Cinna  Clark.Kent  Clark.Kent/Lois.Lane  Clint.Barton  Clint.Barton/Phil.Coulson  Clinton.Jones  Clyde.Langer  Cole  Coriolanus.Snow  Critical.Role  Crossover  Crowley  Cullen.Rutherford  Dagon  Daniel.Jackson  Daniel.Pierce  Darcy.Lewis  Darcy.Lewis/Jane.Foster  Darcy.Lewis/Jane.Foster/Thor  Darcy.Lewis/Steve.Rogers  DC.Comics  DC.Comics-DCAU  Dean.Winchester  Death  Delenn  Delenn/Susan.Ivanova  DG  Diana.Barrigan  Diana.Prince  Digory.Kirke  Doctor.Who  Doctor.Who/Torchwood  Donna.Noble  Dorian.Pavus  Dorian.Pavus/Male.Mage.Trevelyan  Dragon.Age  Dresden.Files  Dresden.Files/Firefly  Dudley.Dursley  due.South  Dum.Dum.Dugan  Duncan.MacLeod  Edmund.Pevensie  Edwin.Jarvis  Eleventh.Doctor  Elizabeth.Burke  Elizabeth.Weir  Episode.Related  Erik.Selvig  Erimem  Evan.Lorne  Evan.Lorne/Teyla.Emmagan  Evelyn.Smythe  Ezra.Standish  Female.Ryder  Female.Ryder/Jaal.Ama.Darav  Fenris  Fenris/Male.Mage.Hawke  Fifth.Doctor  Finnick.Odair  Firefly  First.Doctor  Fix-It.Felix.Jr  Fix-It.Felix.Jr/Sergeant.Tamora.Jean.Calhoun  Fjord  Fourth.Doctor  Francis.Mulcahy  Frankie.Santana  Frankie.Santana/Templeton.'Face'.Peck  G'Kar  G'Kar/Londo.Mollari  Gabe.Jones  Gabriel.(GO)  Gaila  Gale.Hawthorne  Genghis.Khan.(song)  Genre.Femslash  Genre.Gen  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Genre.Threesome  Gil.Brodie/Male.Ryder  Gimli  Ginny.Weasley  Glitch/Wyatt.Cain  Good.Omens  Gwen.Cooper  Gwen.Cooper/Rhys.Williams  Hank.Pym  Hannibal.Smith  Harding.Welsh  Harry.Carlyle  Harry.Dresden  Harry.Potter  Harry.Potter.(series)  Harry.Sullivan  Hawkeye.Pierce  Haymitch.Abernathy  Hermann.Gottlieb  Hermann.Gottlieb/Newton.Geiszler  Highlander  HM.Murdock  HM.Murdock/Templeton.'Face'.Peck  Hoban.Washburne  Hoban.Washburne/Zoe.Washburne  Hogan's.Heroes  Hunger.Games  Ian.Chesterton  Ianto.Jones  Ianto.Jones/Jack.Harkness  Ianto.Jones/Owen.Harper  Illya.Kuryakin  Illya.Kuryakin/Napoleon.Solo  Inara.Serra  Inara.Serra/Malcolm.Reynolds/River.Tam  Jaal.Ama.Darav  Jack.Harkness  Jack.Harkness/Susan.Foreman  Jack.O'Neill  Jacques.Dernier  James.Falsworth  James.Ivan.Kinchloe  James.Moriarty  James.Potter  James.Tiberius.Kirk  James.Tiberius.Kirk/Leonard.'Bones'.McCoy  Jane.Foster  Jane.Foster/Thor  Janet.van.Dyne  JARVIS  JD.Dunne  Jeb.Cain  Jeff.Angelo  Jeff.Angelo/Rory.Williams  Jennifer.Keller  Jennifer.Keller/Ronon.Dex  Jester.Lavorre  Jim.Morita  Jo.Grant  John.Benton  John.Hart  John.Sheppard  John.Sheppard/Rodney.McKay  John.Sheridan  John.Stewart  John.Watson  John.Watson/Sherlock.Holmes  Josephine.Montilyet  Josiah.Sanchez  Jossverse  Jossverse/Supernatural  Judy.Hopps  Julio.Esteban.Richter  Julio.Esteban.Richter/Shatterstar  Karen.Vick  Karrin.Murphy  Katniss.Everdeen  Kaylee.Frye  Kraglin.Obfonteri  Laura.Cadman  Lavender.Eyes  Legolas  Leliana  Lennier  Leonard.'Bones'.McCoy  Lex.Luthor  Lily.Evans.Potter  Logan  Lois.Lane  Loki  Londo.Mollari  Lord.of.the.Rings  Lorien  Louis.LeBeau  Lucy.Pevensie  Luke.Cage  Luke.Smith  Lyta.Alexander  M*A*S*H  Mab  Magnificent.Seven  Magnificent.Seven.(ATF)  Magnus.Burnsides  Mags  Malcolm.Reynolds  Male.Hawke  Male.Mage.Hawke  Male.Mage.Trevelyan  Male.Ryder  Male.Warrior.Hawke  Man.from.UNCLE  Marcus.Cole  Margaret.Houlihan  Maria.Hill  Maria.Jackson  Marvel.Comics  Marvel.Comics-Marvel.Adventures  Marvel.Comics-Movieverse  Mass.Effect.Andromeda  Max.Klinger  Mel.Bush  Merle.Highchurch  Merrill  Michael.Garibaldi  Michael.Garibaldi/Susan.Ivanova  Michael.Kenmore  Michael.Kenmore/Teyla.Emmagan  Mike.Yates  Mollymauk.Tealeaf  Mycroft.Holmes  Namorita.Prentiss  Napoleon.Solo  Narnia  Narnia/Torchwood  Natasha.Romanova  Nathan.Jackson  Neal.Caffrey  Newton.Geiszler  Nick.Fury  Nick.Wilde  Ninth.Doctor  Nott.the.Brave  Nymphadora.Tonks  Nymphadora.Tonks/Remus.Lupin  Nyota.Uhura  Original.Female.Character(s)  Original.Male.Character(s)  Owen.Harper  Pacific.Rim  Peebee  Peeta.Mellark  Peggy.Carter  Pepper.(GO)  Pepper.Potts  Peri.Brown  Peter.Burke  Peter.Newkirk  Peter.Parker  Peter.Pettigrew  Peter.Pevensie  Peter.Quill  Phil.Coulson  Plutarch.Heavensbee  Primrose.Everdeen  Psych  Radar.O'Reilly  Radek.Zelenka  Rated.NC-17  Rated.PG  Rated.PG-13  Rated.R  Raw  Ray.Kowalski  Reese.Hughes  Reinette.Poisson  Remus.Lupin  Remus.Lupin/Sirius.Black  Rhys.Williams  Richie.Ryan  River.Song  River.Tam  Robert.Hogan  Rodney.Crittendon  Rodney.McKay  Romana.II  Ronon.Dex  Rory.Williams  Rose.Tyler  Rose.Weasley  Rose.Weasley/Scorpius.Malfoy  Rue  Sam.Wilson  Sam.Winchester  Samantha.Carter  Sarah.Jane.Adventures  Sarah.Jane.Smith  Scorpius.Malfoy  Secret.Agent.(Genghis.Khan)  Secret.Agent.(Genghis.Khan)/Supervillain.(Genghis.Khan)  Seeder  Sergeant.Tamora.Jean.Calhoun  Shatterstar  Shawn.Spencer  Sherlock  Sherlock.Holmes  Sherlock.Holmes.(series)  Sherlock/White.Collar  Sherman.Potter  Sidney.Freedman  Sirius.Black  Sixth.Doctor  Solas  Spike  Spock  ST:AOS  Stacker.Pentecost  Stargate.Atlantis  Stargate.Atlantis/Stargate.SG-1  Stargate.SG-1  Stella.Kowalski  Stephen.Franklin  Steve.Rogers  Steve.Rogers/Tony.Stark  Supernatural  Supervillain.(Genghis.Khan)  Susan.Foreman  Susan.Ivanova  Susan.Pevensie  Taako  Tala  Talia.Winters  Teal'c  Tegan.Jovanka  Tegan.Jovanka/Vislor.Turlough  Templeton.'Face'.Peck  Tendo.Choi  Tenth.Doctor  Tessa.Noel  Teyla.Emmagan  The.A-Team  The.Adventure.Zone  Third.Doctor  Thor  Thresh  Tin.Man  Tony.Stark  Torchwood  Toshiko.Sato  Vanellope.von.Schweetz  Vanessa.Gottlieb  Varric.Tethras  Vin.Tanner  Vir.Cotto  Vislor.Turlough  Waka  Wally.West  Wanda.Maximoff  White.Collar  Wreck-It.Ralph  Wreck-It.Ralph.(film)  Wyatt.Cain  Yondu.Udonta  Zack.Allen  Zoe.Washburne  Zootopia  Ōkami 

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