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stay young, go dancing by flickings
It starts with a bad training tackle, and fire in her knee, and her first season is over before it starts.
!fic  *soccerrpf  megan_rapinoe/sarah_walsh  #au  #college 
september 2014 by sendreinforcements
BF692 by yeats
"He's into you." struggling grad student silva; cranky archivist villa.
!fic  *soccerrpf  david_silva/david_villa  #au  #college  <3 
september 2014 by sendreinforcements
nam mellitus erat by tyrannicides
Iker is a stick-in-the-mud RA who is in his senior year and Cesc is a seventeen-year-old freshman who rooms with him.
!fic  *soccerrpf  #au  #college  cesc_fabregas/iker_casillas  <3 
july 2014 by sendreinforcements
Six Times Jack Johnson Doesn't Come Out (And One Time He Does) by boots
It's not that Jack doesn't know who Sidney Crosby is. Everyone knows who Sidney Crosby is.

But it's one thing to know who Sidney Crosby is, and another to pick him out of a lineup. So, to be perfectly honest, when Jack shows up at his first official day of practice at Shattuck St. Mary's, gear bag over his shoulder, the lunch and encouraging note his mother packed him tucked in its brown bag under his arm, he has no clue which of his gangly, acne-spotted teammates is the wonderkid everyone's been buzzing about for the past few months.
!fic  *hockeyrpf  #fluff  #highschool  #college  #distance  jack_johnson/sidney_crosby 
may 2013 by sendreinforcements
Heart Skips A Beat by harriet_vane
"Harry always kisses everyone, until he starts something he can't finish. (A university AU in which no one goes to class. I am noticing a trend.)" If I could rec one 1D fic, it would be this one. University AU.
!fic  *onedirection  #au  #college  harry_styles/zayn_malik  liam_payne/louis_tomlinson 
december 2012 by sendreinforcements

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