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Смерть и слезы стартапов.
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june 2015 by sekta
Сердитый гражданин
Подача жалоб в ответственные органы и организации. Подать жалобу на некачественные товары и услуги с помощью онлайн-проекта "Сердитый Гражданин"
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may 2014 by sekta
Startup Lawyer
Incorporation, Seed Financing, Convertible Notes, Venture Capital, Acquisition
business  law  legal  startup  contractors  knowledge 
march 2014 by sekta
Portland Seed Fund
Portland Seed Fund is a privately managed fund and non-resident accelerator focused on providing emerging companies the capital, mentoring and connections to propel them to the next level.
startup  fund  accelerator  VC 
march 2014 by sekta
Techstars provides seed funding from over 75 top venture capital firms and angel investors who are vested in the success of your startup, as well as intense mentorship from hundreds of the best entrepreneurs in the world.
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march 2014 by sekta
Картины из ваших инстаграм-фотографий.
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january 2014 by sekta
Impossible. Analog Instant Film and Cameras.
Чуваки начали пленку делать для полароидов, когда те еще закрыли производство.
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december 2013 by sekta
The Free Tech Company Database
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december 2013 by sekta
Use One Coin for All of Your Cards
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november 2013 by sekta
Jolla - we are unlike
Телефон на Sailfish OS, который умеет работать с приложениями Android.
startup  phone  iphonekiller  gadgets  MeeGo 
november 2013 by sekta
Your Smart Driving Assistant
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may 2013 by sekta

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