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Second Sight
Through dedication and innovation, Second Sight’s mission is to develop, manufacture and market implantable visual prosthetics to enable blind individuals to achieve greater independence.
healthcare  company  firm  innovation  future 
september 2014 by sekta
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Лаборатория Алексея Маслова
russian  innovation  industrial-design 
june 2014 by sekta
Hyper Island
Hyper Island designs learning experiences that challenges companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world. Our range of immersive programs and courses seeks to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to lead the change and begin a journey of lifelong learning.
design  education  media  school  advertising  innovation  creativity 
january 2014 by sekta
Design Council
We champion great design. For us that means design which improves lives and makes things better.
design  innovation  portal  uk  information 
january 2014 by sekta
“We’re trying to bring quality to open source,” Pacheco says.
architecture  project  cool  future  innovation  Paperhouses  opensource  insight  neweconomics 
january 2014 by sekta
Диффузия инноваций — Википедия
Понятие «диффузия инноваций» было впервые изучена французским социологом Габриэлем Тардом (1890) и немецкими и австрийскими антропологами, такими как Фридрих Ратцель и Лео Фробениус. В 1962 году Эверетт Роджерс, профессор сельской социологии из Университета штата Огайо, опубликовал книгу «Диффузия инноваций». В своей книге Роджерс синтезировал исследования из более чем 508 исследований о диффузии и создал теорию внедрения инноваций среди отдельных лиц и организаций. Происхождение теории диффузии инноваций разнообразно и имеет свои источники среди нескольких наук. Роджерс выделяет шесть главных источников, которые повлияли на исследования диффузии инноваций: антропология, ранняя социология, сельская социология, образование, промышленная социология и медицинская социология.
innovation  explore 
january 2014 by sekta
Radical Innovation Award
What is Radical?

A competition for professionals and students to create a new strategy that solves hotel industry problems and creates new opportunities for guests and investors. All entries are judged based on concept, design, creativity and potential impact on the industry. Finalists will be invited to Hospitality Design Expo in Las Vegas in May 2014 to defend their ideas in front of our hotel investors and executives.
awards  design  interieor  innovation  competitions 
december 2013 by sekta
?What If!
For 20 years, ?What If! has partnered with organizations hungry for growth. We invent new products, brands, services, and business models, and we help our partners build their in-house innovation capabilities. Our style is provocative and passionate. Our mission is lasting impact.
agency  design  innovation  company 
december 2013 by sekta
Audi USA | This is Truth in Engineering.
Хорошо дифференцируются и сайт приятный.
like  corporate  website  innovation  Audi  design  company  cars 
december 2013 by sekta
We believe there is a clear need for a modern and independent mobile OS that enables free competition and innovation, without predominant control by a single player.
os  mobile  innovation 
november 2013 by sekta
Business Model Brainstorm Tool & Template
We’re an international office specialized in business model innovation. We help corporate clients like eBay, P&G, J&J, and Volkswagen to innovate like startups, and to develop sustainable new revenue streams.
BM  BMI  business-model  innovation  tools  kit 
july 2013 by sekta
Human-Centered Design Toolkit
A free innovation guide for social enterprises and NGOs worldwide
tools  HCD  UCD  IDEO  innovation  design 
october 2012 by sekta
ECCO Design
A Product Innovation Firm
firm  innovation  company 
may 2012 by sekta
Маркет креативных идей или что-то типа того.
jobmarket  crowdsourcing  crowdfunding  innovation 
april 2012 by sekta
A Design and Innovation Consulting Firm
agency  research  innovation 
january 2012 by sekta

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