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Yang Rutherford | Global branding, design and communications agency | London and Hong Kong | Highlights
We are a global branding design agency with a reputation for creating and re-launching commercially successful luxury, premium and niche brands. We connect businesses with their customers through insightful, intelligent and unexpected thinking.
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january 2014 by sekta
Germ is a Los Angeles based label.
It releases music, artworks, films, videos and objects.
Germ also presents events, screenings and performances.
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january 2014 by sekta
Emil Olsson
Hello world. Together with people and devices I create, design and build digital products. With over 15 years of experience, I deliver well researched idea driven digital concepts. A high quality ensured by a strive to push boundaries, no matter the format: a site, an app, an identity or a typographic design. A design process based on dialogue, reduction and simplicity but also with the art of contrastation and the element of surprise as key parts. Services includes, but not limited to: 1) Identity, 2) Graphic and digital design, 3) Code & development, 4) Interaction & user experience, 5) Typographic identity & custom typefaces.
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january 2014 by sekta

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