The web is a library; the web is a shopping mall
The commercial parts become more self-contained and link inside themselves to keep you around—after a while, you’re looping around their cul-de-sac because attention is money on the web. Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon aren’t going anywhere at this point—nor should we expect them to—so it’s best to recalibrate the digital experience by increasing the footprint and mindshare of the kinds of cultural and communal value they can’t provide. “If technology is increasingly a place where we live, it needs to have space for the soul,” Frank writes. For him, that means carving off pieces of it that don’t serve that goal: foregoing television, or Facebook, or anything where the net balance falls on the soul-draining more than the soul-nourishing. I also have fewer options to step away: my day job is writing about advertising technology, after all, which mostly means plunging into the weird.
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Beyond Napster: ‘Communities of Curation’ and the Potential of P2P
“The communities arose almost organically based on how permissive P2P was.” This brought about extremely specialised, original platforms like WhatCD , where musician could self-release their content. For Diehm those platforms are “communities of curation”,where people co-create and build something together, instead of consuming an endless stream of algorithmically selected recommendations. “What makes P2P so interesting is that the protocols allow for communities to grow organically.” The perks of P2P — Slide from Cade DiehmIf music can be decentralised, so can knowledge. At heart, Wikipedia is already a collaborative platform — but decentralisation could make it much more efficient, with bandwidth and storage costs shared among contributors, who each contribute a tiny amount. The benefit, according to Center, is that “data siloing becomes difficult,” thus strengthening the independence and integrity of a creator’s output.
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I am not a Data Scientist - My R journey - blog.sellorm.com
I joined Mango as part of the IT team and was quickly set to work on my first big project: Integrating RStudio Server into a pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) platform for a large pharmaceutical company. Projects like getting RStudio Server integrated with that PK/PD platform and setting up HPC grids for R and other tools. Their backgrounds, challenges, and perspectives are extremely diverse, but they’re all working on interesting problems using some of the best, most advanced tools available today. With R more than most other languages there is a true sense of community and despite not having a statistical background, the people I meet are always enthusiastic, welcoming and happy to share. Despite its statistical roots, R is increasingly general purpose and it’s easier than ever to make yourself at home in a community like no other.
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The murky world of student loans, the national debt and a fiscal illusion - Institute For Fiscal Studies - IFS
As a cross-party committee, it shies away from the high politics, but it still makes important recommendations, including reducing the interest rates charged on loans and looking again at the funding of part-time degrees after a collapse in the number of part-time students. This is, in fact, reflected in the Department for Education’s own accounts, which are likely this year to write off more than £6 billion of the loans that it makes to students. The main reason for this difference is that government uses a very low discount rate in valuing future repayments, in large part because it can borrow so cheaply. Not surprisingly, both the International Monetary Fund and the Office for Budget Responsibility have described this sort of thing as a fiscal illusion. Both the Private Finance Initiative and the structuring of Network Rail were to a large degree driven by accounting rules.
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Chapter 6, Page 62 – O Human Star
by Blue on February 19, 2018at 10:00 amPage 62. In case you missed it, I was commissioned to design a spiritual successor to the “We Belong Here” poster I drew in 2016, and this one features scientists. You can buy prints of both poster designs in my InPRNT store here. Emerald City Comic Con is coming up again in Seattle in early March, and I’ll be at the Iron Circus Comics booth, 212! I’m be posting a map later this week with information on where you can find me and what events I’ll be participating in!
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The Pudding Prover
Pudding is a new proof assistant under development at Indiana University. Our vision is an extensible system for programming and proving, deeply integrated with a practical programming language. Pudding will support both interactive graphical development and automation through an open tactic API. Specifications Proof automation Extracted code Extensions There is no need to juggle languages when working in Pudding!
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Limiting Your Child’s Fire Time: A Guide for Concerned Paleolithic Parents | The New Yorker
We adult Homo erectus , with our enlarged brains and experience of pre-fire days, can moderate our use, but our children—some of whom never lived during a time when you couldn’t simply strike two rocks together for an hour over a pile of dried grass to eventually produce a spark that, with gentle coaxing, might grow into a roaring flame—can have difficulty self-monitoring their interactions with fire. Those living in glacial areas may have a harder time curtailing the use of fire, but just remind your children that when you were their age several layers of animal pelts were enough to keep you perfectly warm. Reminding your children of the pleasures provided by these traditional activities can help reduce the seductive lure of the fire’s dancing flame. If you can imagine what it was like a few thousand years ago, when the first humans started walking upright, and how much grief they probably got from their parents, you’ll have some empathy for your children’s unique place in the evolutionary narrative. And, of course, it goes without saying that, in the (again, very unlikely) event that fire is both sentient and vengeful, we humbly beg its forgiveness for our insolence and pray to be spared our fleeting and insignificant lives.
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[1802.03367] When Textbook RSA is Used to Protect the Privacy of Hundreds of Millions of Users
Abstract: We evaluate Tencent's QQ Browser, a popular mobile browser in China with
hundreds of millions of users---including 16 million overseas, with respect to
the threat model of a man-in-the-middle attacker with state actor capabilities. We
also present a novel attack on QQ Browser's use of textbook RSA that is
distinguished from previous research by its simplicity. We emphasize that
although QQ Browser's cryptography and our attacks on it are very simple, the
impact is serious. Thus, research into how to break very poor cryptography
(such as textbook RSA) has both pedagogical value and real-world impact. From: Jedidiah Crandall [ view email ] [v1] Fri, 9 Feb 2018 18:02:22 GMT (17kb,D)
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The Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace / John Perry Barlow - YouTube
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John Perry Barlow, Bard of the Internet, Dies at 70 | WIRED
That was Barlow—whether you were a world-famous avatar of LSD, a stuffy CEO, or the Vice President of the United States, he would win you over with his affable demeanor, arresting observations, and a mordant take on the human condition. His rock and roll bona fides was only one strand of a web of myths he pulled out of his suede jacket like a well-rolled joint: cowboy, poet, romantic, family man, philosopher, and ultimately, the bard of the digital revolution. He was an influential voice and an intimate participant in the early days of Wired, a co-founder and spiritual inspiration for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and the guy who promoted cyberspace as deftly as Steve Jobs hyped Apple. Barlow’s impact is such that even those who aren’t familiar with his name have long been grappling with his vision of the networked world, one where speech and creativity flow unfettered, and truth targets power with the speed of a bullet. Barlow was always on the move, and in email dispatches he sent to a voluminous mailing list of friends–“by that I mean those who would bail me out of jail,” he’d explain to the hundreds who fit that category–he’d share a complicated itinerary, along with his current location in “meatspace.” Despite his self-styled rambling man persona, he adored his three daughters, whom he dubbed the Barlowettes.
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Trivium: 19feb2018
Unix: Building a Development Environment from Scratch (PDF), by
Warren Toomey. “This paper looks at the creation of Unix after AT&T’s depature from
the Multics project, the features and innovations in the PDP-7 version of
Unix, and the work done in 2016 to restore a working version of PDP-7
Unix from the available source code.” VF-1 , a command line gopher client. High speed, low drag. Pudding is a new proof assistant under development at Indiana University.
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Roll me a dextitution saving throw. Wait. Fuck.
February 19, 2018 Roll me a dextitution saving throw. Wait. Fuck. DM, when the session has gone on too long (via outofcontextdnd ) briefsandwichdragon liked this stardustandcherryblossoms liked this dungeonsanddragays reblogged this from needlekind Show more notes Loading...
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Gaming Ballistic – A new trajectory for Roleplaying Games
I had considered using DM’s Guild as a vector for my Dragon Heresy work, but even without Rob’s recent clarifications, the “no Kickstarters” rule scared me away, as I wanted to develop my own look and feel and layout and fill my stuff with cool art. I’ll reiterate that I believe that there was no dissembling when internal delays and development costs were the issue, and that indeed, as a few commenters noted on my blog, the SJG Forums, and various social media groups . Today is the second GURPSDay in a row done with me in Thailand and my wife manning the CMD prompt to run the script, so yay for awesome redheads who are very regrettably 13,330 km away. One day I hope to play in a game that uses The Last Gasp, but lacking a computer to track AP (and I know that at least one Bot has been written to do so), the accounting load has proved too daunting except for Mailainka’s Cherry Blossom Rain campaing . Reviewers commented that the inclusion of Norse and pseudo-Norse elements were well done, while both convention games went quite well, and of the fifteen people that played it, even the one I thought based on body language was going to have harsh negative feedback had nice things to say.
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RPGNow.com Community Content Programs
Roleplaying fans can make their own RPG content for D&D and other top roleplaying games through community content programs that allow you to create your own RPG supplements, upload them to RPGNow.com, and offer them to other fans. Our roleplaying game community content programs began when we launched DMsGuild.com in association with Wizards of the Coast to allow D&D fans to create their own fifth edition titles and offer them for sale to other D&D fans. Then we launched programs with Margaret Weis Productions, Monte Cook Games, and Mongoose Publishing. Expand your game by trying out cards created by fellow community members. Community Creators for RPG Card Aids
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Bat in the Attic: OBS Content Program is terrible and it is now not just an opinion.
Slightly more broad, say I release Mongoose Traveller 2nd edition product based on an original setting of my own creation (for example of Majestic Stars). If somebody is successful with any of these community content programs, and has built a body of work that in part original to them, the license preclude not only ever use it elsewhere but also forbids preparing derivative works.This is particularly problematic with programs like the DM's Guild and Traveller Aid Society, as they are not just about a specific setting, but also define much of what is fantasy roleplaying and science fiction roleplaying through their culture impact. This is even more so when you consider that under current US Law there is a specific provision for author to regain the rights to the works they created between 35 and 40 years after publication. This exists because Congress, in a rare moment of sanity, recognized that publishers all too frequently take advantage of new authors. The newbie authors are forced to sign draconian contracts that effectively surrender lucrative rights to the work they create.
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Boldly Go: Star Trek hack
Ok so I posted some of this in a free form, stream of consciousness on Twitter a few months ago while rewatching Enterprise and then started fleshing it out over on G+ last week. The base setting is the flag ship of the Confederation, sent out to make contact with new races of the Eastern Arm in an attempt to help unify this area of space. This is basically Star Trek in the generation between Enterprise and TOS with the serial numbers still legible through the rough scraping I've given them. On a 7–9, you flinch, hesitate, or stall: the MC can offer you a worse outcome, a hard bargain, or an ugly choice. On a 7–9, choose 2:• you take definite hold of it• you suffer little harm• you inflict terrible harm• you impress, dismay or frighten your enemy
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Bus Terminal Diner - blogTO - Toronto
Dutaud lived in this neighbourhood for seven years, and wanted to keep Bus Terminal a place where kids could enjoy basic family fare and parents could relax with a beer. The wine cuts through and sort of rounds off the flavour of the Caesar, spiced with jalapeno Tabasco and garnished with a celery stick with cheez wiz. The croque madame ($9.95) is topped with gooey cheese and a perfectly runny egg, served with rich, sweet, sloppy homemade beans made with a Quebecois recipe using a touch of maple syrup. A cobb salad ($11.95) is layered nice and evenly with hard-boiled egg, thick avocado slices, bacon, healthy chunks of pungent blue cheese, and lovely shredded organic chicken, with plenty of creamy ranch. Worn out electric blue vinyl booths provide seating, and huge windows stretching around the restaurant’s corner location give a broad view of the streetscape.
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Why It’s so Hard to Actually Work in Shared Offices · The Walrus
Rows of simple wooden tables ran across the common area, and there were booths for private phone calls, couches for conversations, and an open kitchen for contemplative snacking. WeGrow, a proposed private elementary school in one of WeWork’s New York City offices, aims to groom the next generation of entrepreneurs by teaching children about supply and demand. The company is currently involved in building wave pools, opening gyms, and buying coding schools, all with the aim of creating “a place where we’re redefining success measured by personal fulfillment, not just the bottom line.” The company seemed to be looking for a slightly older demographic and had belatedly adopted some Silicon Valley razzle-dazzle of its own, promising tenants entry into a community of “thinkers, achievers and imagineers.” Perhaps personal fulfillment is a lot to ask of a workplace, but Iconomopoulos was going to give it another try. I ate a plate of duck-ragù pasta served on a pillow of cauliflower foam, drank a craft beer called Food Truck, and felt an inexplicable and totally disproportionate sense of despair.
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Lasers & Feelings
You are the crew of the interstellar scout ship Raptor . Your mission is to explore
uncharted regions of space, deal with aliens both friendly and deadly, and defend the Consortium
worlds against space dangers. Captain Darcy has been overcome by the strange psychic entity
known as Something Else , leaving you to fend for yourselves while he recovers in a medical pod. Play to find out! If you play the game, please post about it on Story Games .
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Bus Terminal Diner - 63 Photos & 78 Reviews - Diners - 1606 Danforth Avenue, The Danforth, Toronto, ON - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Yelp
It seemed like the staff had no concept of multi-tasking or chaining tasks together in a logical order (i.e., after you take the cleared dishes away to the kitchen, bring new cutlery back with you). I went with the standard bacon and eggs that comes with rye (your choice) toast, 3 pieces of fresh fruit, in-house baked beans and crispy home fries. We were there in excess of half an hour after asking for an ETA, our sever told us that the food "will get there when it gets there" followed by an eye roll and a snide remark to a coworker. Bus Terminal Diner is an awesome little "greasy spoon" in the East Danforth area, located directly behind Coxwell station. The appropriately named Bus Terminal Restaurant sits on the Danforth strip right behind Coxwell station, and probably has been around for as long as the Avenue had a subway line.
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WeWork: The Perfect Manifestation of the Millennial Id - The Atlantic
In 2010, Neumann, who was raised in part on a kibbutz in Israel, and Miguel McKelvey, who grew up with five mothers in an Oregon collective and studied architecture in college, leased a few thousand square feet in SoHo and opened the first WeWork: a shared space where enterprising creatives could work and play. It’s a classic lease-arbitrage model, which business-school professors will tell you carries significant risk: Whenever the next economic downturn hits, demand for office space may retreat, leaving WeWork with a lot of empty desks and multiyear leases to pay. “We’ve become a talent feeder for the rest of the company,” says Adam L’Italien, the vice president of global consumer markets innovation at Liberty Mutual Insurance, which leases space at a Boston WeWork. Prominent 20th-century urban theorists like Jane Jacobs and the economist Robert Lucas argued that dense packs of talented workers boost local economies and innovative thinking; recent data-backed research supports the theory. The picturesque old Bayerischer Hof Hotel, where the event is held each year, becomes a seething mass of nearly 700 politicians, businesspeople, pundits, and officers, all eyed coldly and shoved out of the way by squads of contemptuous bodyguards.
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Too Many Requests
So, for a couple basic examples... you're on a diplomatic mission, hanging out in a weird alien city and there's one or two crew there actually doing the ambassador stuff, and the rest are hanging out in the city trying to make a good impression while investigating a weird culture, or they're on the ship running scans because the aliens just powered up this secret bunker full of ninja cyborgs two floors below the ambassadors. Though naturally I would want to avoid copying the series' structure, and run a more sandboxy game with less of an Aesop's Fables narrative curve... How would my players handle meeting a guy on a planet who claims to be God and demands their submission in return for access to Heaven? What would my players think of landing on a planet that built itself up based on intercepting a 20th century movie about the 1920's mafia of the east coast of the USA? Oh, man, I could go on all day with the crazy stuff that happened to the crew in various episodes, and how it'd be funny to see people react to it in ways probably similar to Kirk.
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Sriracha Is for Closers
He swipes his office key card just before 9:00 and steps onto the poured-concrete floor of the lobby, where the tableau that greets him is composed of beadboard paneling, hanging globe-shaped light fixtures, exposed pipes, a midcentury patchwork sectional sofa, banquettes for laptop rovers, a granite coffee bar (with La Colombe brew in the urns, Ronnybrook dairy products arranged neatly in a refrigerator, and bottles of sriracha sauce), a second bar with taps (Sierra Nevada, Angry Orchard), a large glass watercooler lined with grapefruit slices, an accent wall with a mural of a starry sky and mysterious hands plying a cat’s cradle, and another wall festooned with a neon word sculpture. Some of the outfits in the South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, location trade in worldly goods, like Conscious Step, a sock company that donates a share of its proceeds to charity; Carvana, an online used-car dealership; Motorino, a pizza micro-chain; and Visual Magnetics, which sells idea boards. Here’s how Hater works: First, you’re asked to weigh in on a series of things: “Trump,” “Jam Bands,” “My Bank Balance,” “Locally Sourced,” “Canadians,” “Bros,” “Cash Me Outside.” You swipe down for “hate” or up for “love” (or, alternately, right or left, if your feelings amount to measured fondness or mild distaste). Ours has long been a culture of garage tinkerers and traveling salesmen, but the coworking model presents a new, amenity- enriched option for young men and women setting out as entrepreneurial
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Star Trek Powered By The Apocalypse
I've played several games of Dungeon World, so I understand the basics of the system, and it seems like a good system to bolt Star Trek onto -- simple enough not to get in the way, flexible enough to provide a good time. this hack is not 100% complete or self-contained (it is missing, most notably, a system for making NPCs and NPC ships) and b.) So I ask, you with the the wisdom of the Playground: can anybody offer any guidance in the creation of NPCs and NPC ships, OR, which Powered By The Apocalypse system do you think would offer the best guidance in these matters if I were to purchase and read it? Orc in the Playground I've got no experience with the hack you have linked, but I've made my own, if that is any help to you. Orc in the Playground Having done a few playtests, I have reworked my hack completely.
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HBC sells Lord & Taylor flagship store in NYC to WeWork for $1B - Business - CBC News
"This is a transformative partnership that rethinks how retailers create exciting environments and leverage less productive space, while substantially improving the value proposition," HBC's interim CEO, Richard Baker, said in a statement. HBC had been under pressure from an activist shareholder to monetize its real estate assets, which by some estimates are worth more than the entire company. Land & Buildings Investment Management called Monday for the removal of HBC's board , which is chaired by Baker. As part of the deal, financing firm Rhône Capital, which has worked with WeWork in the past on real estate deals, will make a $632-million equity investment in HBC in the form of 51 million preferred shares that can be converted into common equity. Bloomberg Intelligence analysts Poonam Goyal and Morgan Tarrant said the move will shore up the company's balance sheet.
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Strange New Worlds: An Unofficial Star Trek Hack Powered by the Apocalypse — Critical Hits
Warrior (War +1, Peace -1, Duty +0, Explore +2, Rank +1) If the heat of battle drove an engineering decision, mark experience. Intrepid (War -1, Peace -1, Duty +2, Explore +2, Rank +0) If an engineering solution came into conflict with normal protocol, mark experience. Warrior (War +2, Peace -1, Duty +1, Explore +0, Rank +1) If you found yourself in a situation that meant indeed, today is a good day to die, mark experience. Inexperienced (War +1, Peace +0, Duty +2, Explore +1, Rank -1) If you found yourself unable to coordinate a complex situation, mark experience. Logical (War -1, Peace +0, Duty +1, Explore +2, Rank +1) If you rejected emotion in order to advance scientific inquiry, mark experience.
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February 17, 2018

Warner found traces of Viagra and alligator. Street name is Spicy BBQ. It's a deep-fried drug BBQ from Florida.
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Workers Should Have Their Fingers Crossed for a Market Downturn | mathbabe
They might care about the few hundred dollars they have, but it’s really not much directly at stake, and it’s a long term abstract investment if it even exists. For that matter, truly rich people have investment advisors that diversify their positions by using bonds, hedge funds, and so on to make their bet more market neutral. The tax bill, which heavily privileges stockholders over wage earners, was slowly baked into the stock market as it became increasingly clear it would pass. It’s also why Davos loved Trump: he gave out goodies to rich people with the abstract promise that this will end up in the pockets of workers. Of course, there are pieces of news that would be bad for both the workers and for the market, like a recession, and there are potential turns of events that would be good for everyone, like exciting new industries that hire lots of people.
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Jeffs Gameblog: The Dumbest Sword Ever
Technologist Class for 0e Coming in Tarnhelm's Terrible Tome Revision Hydra Cooperative Brings (Mild and Curated) Anarchy to North Texas One Page Dungeon 2017: Worm Scramblers of the Deep Dire Door Biodata Sri Bintang Pamungkas: Seorang Orator Hebat Sejak Masa Orde Baru Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules released today
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Monstrosity Superstar Styles • nerdfighterwhatevernumbers: friend-fiction: ...
a woman was looking at our bettas and asked me whether one was male or female. she looked at me incredulously and pointed at one and asked, “even this one?”i was like “…yes, why?”“it’s pink, though! why is the male fish pink?” i swear, she was borderline angry at me. i didn’t know how to explain that fish genetics don’t adhere to human gender roles oh boy wait til they hear about flamingos
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Women go into science careers more often in countries without gender equality | Ars Technica
But in a number of countries, an increasingly egalitarian view of gender differences has been associated with rising math and science scores for girls. However, that change hasn't been followed by increased participation in science and tech careers; in fact, the frequency of women pursuing degrees in these areas is often higher in societies that are far from egalitarian. Their analysis suggests that the situation may be the product of a complex mixture of relative talents, general confidence, and social factors. The results drive home that, if we want to attract and retain some of the best talent in the sciences, it's going to take more than simply ensuring they have equal access to advanced degrees. But Stoet and Geary have an idea here: they note that these countries tend to have very high levels of economic security, with a large social safety net.
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Tulips were a newish luxury product in a country rapidly expanding its wealth and trade networks. Many more people could afford luxuries – and tulips were seen as beautiful, exotic, and redolent of the good taste and learning displayed by well-educated members of the merchant class. Prices rose, because tulips were hard to cultivate in a way that brought out the popular striped or speckled petals, and they were still rare. In fact, for much of the period trading was relatively calm, located in taverns and neighbourhoods rather than on the stock exchange. It also became increasingly organised, with companies set up in various towns to grow, buy, and sell, and committees of experts emerged to oversee the trade.
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I want to make this perfectly clear:
Throughout the trial, Stanley’s lawyer, Scott Spencer, postulated that the killing was the result of a “hang fire”—a delay between the time the trigger is pulled and when the bullet leaves the gun. (For a sense of how thin this aspect of the defence was, consider that, at one point, the judge had to prevent Spencer from using a printout from an online Reddit conversation while questioning the firearms expert.) It’s hard to overstate the insult this threadbare argument came to represent to Indigenous people, reinforcing their sense that the white justice system would somehow find a way to exonerate Stanley. In the months leading up to the trial, hate-filled and racist comments flooded social media, much of it in support of Stanley and the rights of farmers, forcing then-Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall to condemn the exchanges. In 2017, the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities had voted overwhelmingly to lobby for the right to protect one’s self and property—code, many First Nations people felt, for “shoot Indigenous trespassers.” The Stanley verdict seems to legitimize these sorts of ideas, which are not upheld by law, and are supposed to be antithetical to Canadian values.
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Micro.blog, LiveJournal and community | Coyote Tracks
I’ve mused before on whether the world needs—for certain values of “need”—something like a modern LiveJournal: a social network that fills the space somewhere between tweets and blogs. On a recent episode of Originality , co-host K. Tempest Bradford noted that when she switched from LiveJournal to WordPress, she wrote less. I’ve seen conversational topics that would have immediately gone flameward on Twitter stay cool and collected over day-long threads on Micro.blog. I don’t want to dive into the dreadfully personal topics that LiveJournal’s privacy controls allow (hi, future prospective employer trolling through this unprotectable posting). If I start making status posts regularly, I’ll add an RSS feed that excludes those.)
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erinye: ☆ Happy lunar dog year! here are some...
February 18, 2018 ☆ Happy lunar dog year! here are some mythological best friends to kick it off in cuteness! ☆ tallcansholdhands reblogged this from safeautistickeith Show more notes Loading...
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cisphobiccommunistopinions: congruentepitheton: ...
February 19, 2018 Small town culture is knowing that there are Old Folks with strange nicknames but never knowing the stories behind them. Of course, I made the mistake of asking why everyone calls this one guy Brickaday and it turns out that he worked at a brickyard for 40 years, stealing exactly one brick every day and making no particular efforts to conceal the theft. Nobody thought anything of it until years later he was discovered to have built three houses. His boss is said to have shrugged and made some remarks about the importance of coming up with a plan and sticking to it. I‘m trying to arrange my face into an appropriate approximation of silent bafflement and failing miserably.
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The Centrists are Gaining - Economic Principals
Wall Street Journal reporter Devlin Barrett surfaced as much in FBI in Internal Feud Over Hillary Clinton Probe (subscription required) on Monday, October 31, 2016, a few weeks before he left the WSJ for The Washington Post . As former WSJ columnist Bret Stephens wrote last month in The New YorkTimes (he moved to the Times a few months after the election), the FBI “probably did more than any other agency of government to create the Trump presidency in the first place, in part because disgruntled FBI field agents were intent on forcing James Comey to reopen the Clinton email investigation 11 days before the election.” Meanwhile, dealing with FBI mutineers remains part of the problem, moving them onto side tracks, or out of the Bureau altogether, proceedings the still-divided agency understandably hopes to keep within the family. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictments last week – both men are long-time Republicans. So are White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, and the other two calming generals: Defense Secretary James Mattis and National Security Adviser H.R.
16 hours ago
I take an inordinate amount of pleasure in this note from the Wikipedia entry on Spock’s Brain under Reception and Influence: “The episode was referenced in Modern Principles: Microeconomics by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok of George Mason University as an example of how it is virtually impossible to have a command economy; in that not even Spock’s brain could run an economy.” At left is the picture from Modern Principles ; we also snuck in an oblique Simpson’s reference. From Wikipedia I also learned that Phish has a song called Spock’s Brain , alas it is not about the difficulties of running a command economy.
16 hours ago
James Damore is anti-science: Why James Damore has never been, or will be, in the same league as…
( This is based off of a Twitter thread I recently did when Jonathan Kay, a Canadian journalist, compared the fate of James Damore to that of Galileo) He was quoting Dr. Debra Soh, a “sex neuroscientist”, who happened to be claiming that the treatment of Damore would set science back 50 years, you know, when homosexuality was still considered a disease. I do believe there is a scientific revolution is happening right now, as feminist and decolonial scientists push back on centuries worth of pseudoscientific racism and sexism masquerading as science and “fact”. In her new book, Programmed Inequality: How Britain Discarded Women Technologists and Lost Its Edge in Computing , historian of technology documents in detail how over the decades, women were systematically pushed out of the tech industry in droves, not because they lacked skills to succeed in the field, but because precisely, a hostile work environment was created, not unlike the one Damore has been accused of creating at Google, and it cost the economy of the UK dearly, and risks doing the same to the US, if it were to go ahead and scrap diversity and inclusion policies as per the suggestion of misguided, and frankly, efforts rooted in fragile white masculinity like that of James Damore. I wish for once, that fragile white men, and their acolytes stopped claiming to be radicals while silencing exactly those who seek to create fundamental, systemic change in society.
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Working remotely, 4 years in - Julia Evans
While working remote, I’ve been promoted more than once, mentored an intern, led large projects,
made major organizational changes (I redid our engineering ladders last year), taught onboarding
classes for new developers, and learned a lot from a lot of fantastic people. One important
thing to me in this kind of relationship is that the person be continuously invested/engaged in
my work – it’s way more useful to get advice from someone who’s familiar with everything I’ve
been doing for the last year than from someone just swooping in with their thoughts. A ton of people asked me questions about what I think of as sort of basic job health – how do you
make sure your coworkers don’t ignore you / leave you out of discussions, how do you communicate,
etc. The other thing I do is – when I visit
San Francisco where the main office is, I schedule lots of 30-minute chats with people just to catch
up. One challenging thing about all these weekly meetings I use to communicate is making sure I don’t
fragment my calendar too much – it’s important to have enough time to focus!
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obfuscated-gradients - PocketCluster Index
We find that seven of the eight defenses provide a limited increase in robustness and can be broken by improved attack techniques we develop. Our attacks are generally applicable to any defense that includes, either intentionally or or unintentionally, a non-differentiable operation or otherwise prevents gradient signal from flowing through the network. We identify obfuscated gradients as a phenomenon that leads to a false sense of security in defenses against adversarial examples. For each of the three types of obfuscated gradients we discover, we describe indicators of defenses exhibiting this effect and develop attack techniques to overcome it. This repository contains our instantiations of the general attack techniques
described in our paper, breaking 7 of the ICLR 2018 defenses.
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Legal formalism - Wikipedia
The ultimate goal of formalism would be to formalise the underlying principles in a single and determinate system that could be applied mechanically (hence the label 'mechanical jurisprudence'). As a normative theory, formalism is the view that judges should decide cases by the application of uncontroversial principles to the facts. [1] Formalism sees adjudication as the uncontroversial application of accepted principles to known facts to derive the outcome in the manner of a deductive syllogism. Formalism has been called an 'autonomous discipline', [7] in reference to the formalist belief that judges require only the facts and the law, all normative issues such as morality or politics being irrelevant. [10] Formalism seeks to maintain that separation as a "theory that law is a set of rules and principles independent of other political and social institutions".
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Star Trek: Discovery ends the season with a bang (and a whimper) | Ars Technica
Though finale "Will You Take My Hand" tied up any number of loose threads, often in ways that were rich and satisfying, the episode also doubled down on some of the series' biggest mistakes. I think we can all agree that was a pretty great scene when Burnham refused to genocide the Klingons, and all the weirdly unnamed, unexplored bridge crew members stood up to support her. Giving Burnham this backstory not only made her one of the most psychologically complex characters ever on Star Trek, but it also illuminated one of the biggest social problems the young Federation faces: xenophobia. Sometimes known as "prequelitis," this is a condition where a franchise revisits events, themes, or characters from previous shows or movies, mostly in an effort to whip up excitement among fans (because after all, new viewers won't know or care about things like Harry Mudd or the Mirror Universe). All other Star Trek properties, from books and movies to TV series and games, are judged based on whether they adhere to the rules laid out in ST: TOS.
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Canada’s Trayvon Martin moment - Indigenous rights
ON FEBRUARY 9th an all-white jury acquitted a white farmer of murder in the shooting death of an indigenous man in Saskatchewan, in western Canada. On February 14th Justin Trudeau, the prime minister, said Canada would reform the criminal-justice system to protect indigenous rights. Mr Boushie was killed after he and four friends, who had been drinking, drove onto the property of Gerald Stanley near Biggar, Saskatchewan. Defence lawyers used peremptory challenges to dismiss five prospective jurors who appeared to be indigenous. Although they make up 4% of Canada’s adult population, they account for more than a quarter of inmates in federal prisons.
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