Shape Up

Stop Running in Circles and
Ship Work that Matters
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20 days ago
Free web scraping - Download the most powerful web scraper | ParseHub
A web scraping tool that is easy to use
ParseHub is a free web scraping tool. With our advanced web scraper, extracting data is as easy as clicking the data you need.
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22 days ago
Fingers elektrische Welt • Thema anzeigen - AEG Spülmaschine keine Anzeige
AEG Favorit F45000W0 oder 911513043 keine Anzeige: Widerstand 39R (oder 49R) schätze 3 Watt, sowie LNK362GN austauschen.
spülmaschine  diy  repair  howto  anleitung 
4 weeks ago
Breatheology: Optimize Your Health and Performance
Improve Your Health & Become a Better Version of You Through Better Breathing & Breath Holding
atmen  atmung  breathe  sport  performance  course 
4 weeks ago
JoinMyCall - Check your connection before joining a call
Make your colleagues take a connection/camera/mic test before joining your call
chat  video  work  check  test  connect  connection  call  camera  quality 
4 weeks ago
Workshop Planning Made Simple with SessionLab
SessionLab is the dynamic way to design your workshop and collaborate with your co-facilitators
facilitation  online  plan  tool  workshop  facilitator  session  training  trainer  agenda 
6 weeks ago
u.lab: Leading Change in Times of Disruption
u.lab: Leading Change in Times of Disruption
Learn how to lead change in social systems by exploring two root questions of creativity: Who is my Self? What is my Work?
course  ecourse  free  certificate  theory  theoryU 
may 2019
tentacle sync |
Automatically sync audio & video in seconds with the Tentacle Sync Studio software. Compatible with all major video editing solutions.

Easy setup for timecode generation and synchronization. Simple bluetooth setup via iPhone & Android. No more complicated setups and devices.
timecode  video  audio  sync 
may 2019
Home page for your channel
Grow your Telegram channel
generating a blog from it
We help channel owners bring traffic from search engines and social networks.
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april 2019
Visual Programming | Bubble
You don't need to be a coder to build software.
Bubble is a code-free programming language that lets you build and host web applications without engineers.
service  webapp  app  tool  coding  programming  prototyping  tools 
april 2019
Deckset for Mac: Presentations from Markdown in No Time
Write down your thoughts in your favourite text editor, and Deckset will turn them into beautiful presentations.
mac  markdown  presentation  slides  software  tool  ppt  alternativ 
april 2019
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