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Web Typography: Designing Tables to be Read, Not Looked At · An A List Apart Article
In this excerpt from Web Typography, Richard Rutter explains how to improve the readability of your data tables.
table  design  inspiration 
november 2017 by seb_collet
Pop Chart Lab | Design + Data = Delight | Pop Chart Lab | Data + Design
Infographic posters, housewares, and more! All of pop culture--from beer to technology to literature--distilled into charts.
design  shop  cool  posters 
april 2017 by seb_collet
Building Great Mobile Forms – UX Planet
Filling out forms isn’t a thing that anyone likes to do. It just isn’t fun, it is something that we have to do, a means for getting something done, merely a tool. Let’s not focus on making it fun…
formulaire  inspiration  tutorial  form  design 
april 2017 by seb_collet
Nicely done — Products & pattern designs inspiration.
Nicely done is a showcase of the best digital products, specific patterns and inspiration. Filter by product category or by design patterns and get easily inspired.
inspiration  design  showcase  webdesign 
march 2017 by seb_collet
Hypershoot - Capture fullpage snapshots of your favorites websites & organize them.
Hypershoot lets you capture web pages, organize it by adding tags/ratings, and discover other pages added by the community.
bookmark  design  bookmarking  screenshot 
march 2017 by seb_collet
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