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Gentle intro to GraphQL in Java World | Java Code Geeks - 2019
Vladimir Dejanovic delves into what is involved in writing a GraphQL flavoured back-end API to your Java application.
VladimirDejanovic  GraphQL  API  Java  serverSide  backEnd  JavaCodeGeeks  Article  howto 
july 2019 by searchmeister
Introduction - Apollo Docs
Apollo Client is the best way to use GraphQL to build client applications. The client is designed to help you quickly build a UI that fetches data with GraphQL, and can be used with any JavaScript front-end.
Apollo  Library  js  JavaScript  API  GraphQL 
june 2019 by searchmeister
How to get your GraphQL Java server up and running in no time
Interesting article by Prithviraj Pawar which wets the appetite for implementing a Java based GraphQL interface for your application.
GraphQL  Java  summary  interface  howto  API 
june 2019 by searchmeister
How to GraphQL - The Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL
A comprehensive and free tutorial on everything GraphQL.
tutorial  dev  GraphQL  Database  API  schema  REST 
june 2019 by searchmeister
Neo4j and GraphQL - Neo4j Graph Database Platform
Notes on GraphQL and how it can be used to interact with Neo4j
neo4j  GraphQL  API 
june 2019 by searchmeister
Your API Choice Could Make Or Break Your Company...
GraphQL vs Rest. The argument put forward is that for more complex applications a GraphQL api makes a lot more sense than Rest. One reason for this is the lower complexity and less duplication involved in making changes to GraphQL based interfaces when changes are required.
graphQL  REST  API  designPattern  serverSide  Database  graph 
june 2019 by searchmeister
JTS Topology Suite download |
The JTS Topology Suite is an API for modelling and manipulating 2-dimensional linear geometry. It provides numerous geometric predicates and functions. JTS conforms to the Simple Features Specification for SQL published by the Open GIS Consortium.
JTS  API  Java  2D  Geometry  Library  Geo  Geospatial  vector  topology  algorithms  tool 
january 2019 by searchmeister
GeoTools, the Java GIS toolkit
GeoTools is an open source (LGPL) Java code library which provides standards compliant methods for the manipulation of geospatial data.

GeoTools is an Open Source Geospatial Foundation project.

The GeoTools library data structures are based on Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specifications.
GeoJSON  GeoTools  API  library  Java  Geo  Geospatial 
january 2019 by searchmeister
Promised based HTTP client for the browser
A well respected library for performing XMLHttpRequests and obeying the promise API.
Axios  browser  Library  JavaScript  XMLHttpRequest  promise  API 
december 2018 by searchmeister
JAMstack | JavaScript, APIs, and Markup
JAMstack is a Modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup.
webdev  static  architecture  software  movement  community  webapplication  webapp  approach  philosophy  JavaScript  API  Markup  JAMstack  pattern  designPattern 
november 2018 by searchmeister
GraphQL vs. REST – Apollo GraphQL
Two ways of querying an api... but which is best?
GraphQL  REST  blog  article  API  HATEOAS 
november 2018 by searchmeister
Rest with fine-grained resources, HATEOAS and HAL
Andrew Morgan shows how a more fine grained set of resources can make API requests easier for the developer. I can see the germ of an idea here but still require a little more convincing this is a solid approach to app building.
HATEOAS  api  rest  restful  webapp  HAL  Andrew  Morgan 
june 2016 by searchmeister
Mapbox GL JS API | Mapbox
Mapbox GL JS is a JavaScript library that uses WebGL to render interactive maps from vector tiles and Mapbox GL styles.
mapbox  webgl  javascript  api  documentation  mapping  vector  Tiling 
may 2016 by searchmeister
Imbo is an image "server" that can be used to add/get/delete images using a RESTful interface.
A php based server app that allows you to add, remove images and perform on the fly transforms like crop, rotate, blur etc.
Imbo  image  serverside  php  rest  restful  api  transform 
march 2016 by searchmeister | Bring your website or app's content alive
Prismic is one of several new breeds of Content as a Service (CaaS) providers. Create your content on their repository, munge the content and have it delivered to you when you need to build a page.
cms  api  service  saas  web  content  CaaS 
november 2015 by searchmeister
Reach any screen. API-first CMS for multi-device publishing - Contentful
Contentful provides a powerful web based content editing service and delivery mechanism.
cms  content  contentful  data  data  driven  modelling  api  json  saas 
october 2015 by searchmeister
How to GET a Cup of Coffee
A tutorial on how to use a restful approach to ordering coffee!
rest  api  tutorial  architecture  web  restful 
august 2015 by searchmeister
OSGI compatible Astyanax 1.0.3
Kent describes what he had to do to make Astyanax 1.0.3 OSGi compatible. Astyanax is a Java based API for allowing Java code to access the Cassandra database. It was originally developed by Netflix and opensourced.
astyanax  cassandra  OSGi  jar  bundles  nosql  api  developer  java 
january 2015 by searchmeister
Thoughts on RESTful API Design
Geert Jansen's essay on what lessons he learnt from designing a real world RESTful API for RedHat.
api  rest  apidesign  design  architecture  reference  webdev  Geert  Jansen  form  formDesign  redhat 
january 2015 by searchmeister
Web Payments
The home site for the web payments group. An open community of web technologists designing a secure and easy to use system of apis for making payments over the web.
payment  online  standards  webdev  security  finance  w3c  api  transactions  webpayments  paymentstandards 
september 2014 by searchmeister
Restlet - REST Framework for Java & PaaS for Web APIs
Restlet is a java framework for creating RESTful web apps.
java  REST  restful  framework  restlet  api 
august 2014 by searchmeister
Apache DeviceMap - Welcome to Apache DeviceMap (incubating)
An incubating (since 2012) Apache project to create a database of mobile device capabilities that can be used as part of a responsive website. Probably created in response to the WURFL database commercial license changes.
DeviceMap  apache  api  mobile  device  java  opensource  serverside  device-detection  UA  responsive  ResponsiveWeb  WURFL 
december 2013 by searchmeister
Nominatim is a tool to search OSM data by name and address (geocoding) and to generate synthetic addresses of OSM points (reverse geocoding).
building  lon  nominatim  postal  geocoding  address  names  map  service  postalAddress  api  longitude  latitude  reverse  geocoding  osm  openstreetmap 
september 2013 by searchmeister
OpenLayers: Home
The Openlayers javascript based mapping application project site.
javascript  Open  Layers  geo  maps  ajax  map  openlayers  api  opensource  mapping  gis  WebDevelopment 
september 2013 by searchmeister
The Network Information API
Latest version of the working draft of the W3C specification of an API that could be used to let software know about the quality of a device's network connection. One use case for using this API would be to decide what size images to send based on available bandwidth.
spec  w3c  speed  netinfo  network  bandwidth  standards  performance  specification  responsive  api  broadband  mobile  networkinfo 
march 2013 by searchmeister
Open Dover | add sentiment to your content
OpenDover is a web service which can be used to extract sentiment from text. So for example if you feed it with a news story about famine in Africa it might highlight the words food, healthcare, worst, crisis etc. Because these words are in their ontology it can show the relationships associated with them (like drought -> subject domain = disaster).

Don't despair if the demo returns a blank page! It simply means the text supplied contains no words from its supported domains. Current domains include: Disaster, Economics, Education, Events, Products and several more.
sentiment  text  datamining  tagging  opencalais  api  semantic  nlp  analysis  Opendover 
january 2013 by searchmeister
Upgrading Your Google Maps JavaScript Application To v3 - Google Maps API — Google Developers
Google's mapping API version 2 is to be deprecated in May 2013. This article shows you what you may need to do to convert your web based maps to V3 before time runs out.
javascript  API  mapping  googlemaps  google 
january 2013 by searchmeister
Configuring Naming Methods
Oracle Manual describing the naming methods for connecting to the Oracle database. I just love the one called 'Easy Connect' Naming Method!
connection  api  documentation  manual  database  11g  11gR2  oracle 
november 2012 by searchmeister
metadata-extractor - Extracts EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata from image files - Google Project Hosting
A Java library for extracting image meta-data from JPEG, TIFF and other image formats including various manufacturer's raw files (but interestingly not PNG).
photography  photo  images  metadata  api  exif  java 
october 2012 by searchmeister
ldpath - LD Path - a path-based query language for querying the Linked Data Cloud - Google Project Hosting
A Java library that can be layered over the top of a specific RDF implementation (e.g. Sesame) to allow expressive querying of the data below using the LDPath querying language.
semantic_web  xpath  rdf  metadata  semantic  semweb  java  library  api  ldpath  sparql  query  linkeddata 
august 2012 by searchmeister
Leaflet - a modern, lightweight JavaScript library for interactive maps by CloudMade
Leaflet is a modern, lightweight open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps made by 'Cloudmade'. It looks like a worthy successor to OpenLayers.
javascript  Leaflet  opensource  cloudmade  OSM  programming  maps  html5  library  map  api  openlayers  openstreetmap  mobile 
june 2012 by searchmeister
Configuring Forms to edit RDF
This PDF paper discusses the design of the Annotation
Profile Model, which consists of a data-capturing part (the Graph Pattern Model) and a presentation part (the Form Template model). An implementation that can generate both web-based and standalone editors is also introduced.
pdf  form  forms  editor  api  dataEntry 
november 2011 by searchmeister
A Java library for informing code when changes take place in the file system.
java  library  monitor  notification  event  api  filesystem  file  programming 
august 2011 by searchmeister
Vector Tiles - Overview
Open Street Map (OSM) page describing an alternative service api for obtaining tiles of map data in SVG format. This is an alternative possibility for mobile applications since svgz is more compact than raster based tiles and can be mixed with alternative data more easily.
mapping  svg  osm  api  tiles  tileserver  maps  mobile  vector 
june 2011 by searchmeister
Equinox is an implementation of the OSGi R4 core specification. More specifically it is the implementation used in the Eclipse IDE.
OSGi  eclipse  java  framework  opensource  architecture  plugin  programming  equinox  api  project  core 
march 2011 by searchmeister
UserAPI - mulgara semantic store - Trac
A high level introduction to Mulgara's Java based connection API. This should be the API used by new applications.
mulgara  mulgara2  protocol  api  howto  documentation  connections 
february 2011 by searchmeister
MarkerClusterer v1.0 Reference
Useful description of the MarkerClusterer... a javascript Googlemap utility which lets you effectively display thousands of markers on a map by clustering them together with a count of the cluster size depending on the zoom factor of the map.
api  google  googlemaps  maps  clustering  cluster  javascript  documentation  information  howto  markerclusterer  markers 
january 2011 by searchmeister
gmaps-utility-library-dev - Project Hosting on Google Code
Repository of utility libraries that can be used with the Google Maps JavaScript API v2.
googlemaps  google  maps  javascript  library  api  map  opensource 
january 2011 by searchmeister
Querydsl - Querydsl - Mysema Source
A Java framework for constructing type safe SQL queries through a criteria api
query  querybuilding  api  sql  querydsl  java  framework 
december 2010 by searchmeister
Faceted Search |
A set of Drupal modules which implement faceted search capabilities on a Drupal based web site.
drupal  search  faceted  facetedsearch  api  facets  taxonomy  cms  module  modules 
october 2010 by searchmeister
jFLAC - About
Home page for the jFLAC project which provides a java library for decoding FLAC lossless audio files.
api  audio  java  multimedia  opensource  programming  sound  flac  decoders  jFLAC  project 
july 2010 by searchmeister
jersey: Home
Jersey is the open source, production quality, JAX-RS (JSR 311) Reference Implementation for building RESTful Web services.
jax-rs  jsr311  java  jersey  restful  rest  api  framework  programming  webdev 
january 2010 by searchmeister
Jena Semantic Web Framework
The new home for the Jena semantic web library after HP decided to stop its involvement.
rdf  jena  java  library  framework  api  semanticweb 
december 2009 by searchmeister
PrettyTime - Timestamp format for Java | OcpSoft
Neat Java library that lets you format elapsed durations in human readable terms. So it can output strings like "3 days ago".
prettytime  java  library  utility  project  date  time  framework  api  programming  opensource  format 
july 2009 by searchmeister
Jackrabbit SPI
Description of the 'SPI' API and how it fits within the JackRabbit content repository architecture. It is mainly concerned with reducing the amount of network traffic that has to otherwise pass between an application and the repository in order to perform a task.
spi  api  jackrabbit  repository  apache  jcr 
march 2009 by searchmeister
Hippo CMS - JCR Examples - Hippo Open Source Enterprise Content Management
Hippo CMS page describing how to access and directly manipulate the CMS7 JCR API. Useful example Java snippets given.
hippo  cms7  cms  jcr  repository  api  java 
march 2009 by searchmeister
Google-safe-browsing - Client specification for the Google Safe Browsing v2.1 protocol
Specification for the Google Safe Browing API. This is the API used by Firefox to download the list of phishing and scam web sites so it can warn users before they visit a site.
phishing  scam  websites  google  api  application  security  browser  protocol  firefox  safebrowsing 
february 2009 by searchmeister
About the Google Suggest Explorer
Useful info on how to interface to Google Suggest.
tool  howto  google  suggest  autocomplete  api  keywords 
january 2009 by searchmeister
The Movie Reviews API
The New York Times has released a developer api (limited to 5000 downloads per day) for accessing movie reviews.
api  LinkedData  NewYorkTimes  reviews  data  dataSource  nytimes  movies  rest 
december 2008 by searchmeister
Cloudmade is the front end for openstreetmap apis and data. It exists to help promote openstreetmap data by funding mapping parties and holding promotional events. It is also heavily involved in developing apis that allow other developers to make the most of the data on mobile or web based applications.
opensource  api  maps  service  geography  gps  osm  cartography  opendata  cloudmade  map  mapping  data  openstreetmap  geospatial  geo 
november 2008 by searchmeister
WebDAV Resources
The resource site for WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning). WebDAV is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol to allow information to be collaboratively written to as well as read from a web server. Very useful for Web content management systems (CMS).
webdav  webdev  server  serverSide  standards  reference  documentation  api  CMS  http  protocol 
september 2008 by searchmeister
Simple API for XML. Quite an old API now but has the significant advantage over the DOM API in that it doesn't require the whole XML document to be built in memory before you can do work with it. It forms the heart of Cocoon's pipeline concept.
SAX  API  project  standard  resource  howto  Java  Cocoon  xml  programming 
june 2008 by searchmeister
Simple Logging Facade for Java. An interface which allows developers to switch between different logging systems.
SLF4j  Java  logging  api  log4j  Library  framework  developer  opensource 
may 2008 by searchmeister
UserAPI - mulgara semantic store - Trac
Details on how to use the new connection interface sported by Mulgara 2.0
mulgara  mulgara2  connections  interface  api  protocol  triplestore  tutorial  howto  documentation 
may 2008 by searchmeister
Chronos is a small java project written in 2005 that implements date recurrence. It can be used to support RFC2445 iCalendar recurrence or something more sophisticated.
Chronos  rfc2445  recurrence  java  calendar  Algorithm  opensource  programming  icalendar  ical  api  temporal  owl 
march 2008 by searchmeister
google-rfc-2445 - Google Code
A recurrence parser for RFC-2445 (iCal) statements. Uses Joda time library.
api  calendar  code  ical  Java  Joda  opensource  recurrence  time  temporal  rfc2445  icalendar  google 
march 2008 by searchmeister
simile-widgets - Google Code
New home for the simile group widget code after some members started leaving MIT.
AJAX  api  MIT  simile  widget  timeline 
march 2008 by searchmeister
The Future of XML Processing
Big claims! 1.5 to 2 times faster than a SAX parser. Less memory etc. One to keep an eye on?
xml  parser  api  library  Java  indexing  sax 
february 2008 by searchmeister
How To Build Your QuickBooks Application In Java
Article with links showing how to hook up a Java application to Quickbooks using a Java to Com bridge.
Quickbooks  java  application  api  howto  intuit 
january 2008 by searchmeister
Building QuickBooks Applications with the Java DOM
Article describing one possible way to get access to Quickbooks via a Java application.
quickbooks  java  api  dom  application  programming  accounts 
january 2008 by searchmeister
Deploying your own Slippy Map - OpenStreetMap
Wiki notes on how to deploy your own OpenStreetMap on your own web page with a Google maps style interface. For high traffic volumes you should consider hosting the data yourself too.
openstreetmap  mapping  api  gui  maps  opensource  gps  geo  webdev 
december 2007 by searchmeister
Mapstraction - a javascript library to hide differences between mapping APIs.
A javascript library interface that allows you to write mapping software without having to worry about which organizations map data you are going to use. Also works with OpenStreetmap yay!
javascript  maps  mapping  openstreetmap  googlemaps  yahoomaps  google  api  interface  geo  opensource  tools  webdev  browser  mapstraction 
december 2007 by searchmeister
OpenSocial - Google Code
Platform APIs for building social web applications. Google backed and set up so you don't actually need a server to get started. (Huh!)
opensocial  google  api  web2.0  social  socialnetworking  community  platform  framework 
november 2007 by searchmeister
opencsv - an open source csv parser for Java
A tiny opensource Java library dedicated to making it easy to read and write csv (comma separated values). Nice work and well documented.
java  csv  parser  opensource  library  Programming  code  api 
november 2007 by searchmeister
Trippi is a Java library that lets you to decouple your application from one of a number of supported triplestores. Sounds similar to RDF2Go.
trippi  rdf  Java  Database  SemanticWeb  sql  spo  semweb  triplestore  semantic_web  interface  api  mulgara  sesame  kowari  sparql 
november 2007 by searchmeister
RDF2Go is an abstraction over triple (and quad) stores. It allows developers to program against rdf2go interfaces and easily choose or change the triplestore later.
RDF2Go  RDF  triplestore  java  semanticweb  semweb  interface  api  hyena  jena 
october 2007 by searchmeister
RT The big picture of Servlet Service Framework
Notes from Grzegorz Kossakowski on implementing ROA and RESTful services using the new Cocoon (Cocoon 2.2).
cocoon  c22  REST  api  GrzegorzKossakowski  ROA 
august 2007 by searchmeister
SOFA - Simple Ontology Framework API
A Java ontology manager API which is independent of the storage medium. One of the APIs implemented by Mulgara.
java  ontology  api  project  semanticweb  triplestore  sofa  framework 
august 2007 by searchmeister
Programming to the OWL API (pdf)
Lecture notes (2007) giving an overview of what the OwlApi is and its advantages. Looks like a potential winner when it comes to creating Java based projects based on ontology reasoning and manipulation. Swoop, Jena, Pellet and Protege-4 use it.
ontology  Library  Java  tool  software  project  api  interface  rdf  xml  owlapi  owl  swoop  jena  pellet  protege  inference  filetype:pdf  media:document 
july 2007 by searchmeister
The OWL API is a Java interface and implementation for the W3C Web Ontology Language OWL. Version 1.1 now supports OWL 1.1 and supports axioms throughout for a simplified interface. Looks like a winner to me.
api  owl  W3C  semanticWeb  Java  owlapi  library  opensource 
july 2007 by searchmeister
How can I use Pellet with Jena?
FAQ for the correct way to connect Pellet to Jena (i.e. not through the DIG interface!)
pellet  jena  reasoner  DIG  api  interface  owl  rdf 
june 2007 by searchmeister
An RDF based resource of world wide place names together with lots of other info like long, latitude, population etc. Can also be used as a concept holder URI.
maps  geocoding  Geo  gis  googlemaps  database  api  geolocation  rdf  mashup  semanticweb  social  gazetteer  dataSource 
december 2006 by searchmeister
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