Quasar Framework: Vue.js Cross Platform App (4/10): Routes, Pages, Navigation, Layout & Theme - YouTube
Part of a very good tutorial by Danny Connell on Quasar and Vue.js frameworks. This edition covers how to add more pages to an app and navigate between them. Also shows how to make the navigation mobile friendly and how to change the page style as well as many other small but useful touches (eg. how to setup and use SASS in the project).
Quasar  tutorial  Vue.js  webapp  Video  course  DannyConnell  howto  developer  JavaScript 
3 days ago
Home - Documentation
Documentation for the freely available javascript library which allows you to generate a PDF file from within a browser. MIT license, copyright James Hall.
Vue.js  PDF  JavaScript  library  jsPDF  JamesHall 
5 days ago
Routing with Layouts and Pages | Quasar Framework
How to use Vue.js router in conjunction with Quasar based web app pages.
Quasar  Vue.js  framework  Router  layout  webapp  webapplication 
6 days ago
Introduction | Vue Router
Vue.js Router documentation. Learn how to navigate between components.
Vue.js  documentation  manual  example  guide  howto  Router 
6 days ago
Food Standards Agency - Search for food hygiene ratings
Find the FSA rating for every UK restaurant including supermarkets.
food  rating  restaurants  standards  health  UK 
9 days ago
Quasar Framework
A recommended Javascript component framework that works well with Vue.js. Many components can be put together to create modern user interfaces.
Among many pre-built components are steppers, timelines, trees and tables.
framework  app  js  Vue.js  JavaScript  components  UI  webapp  webdev  Design  Quasar  stepper 
23 days ago
Choosing the Right Front-End Framework for Your Vue App
Medium article by Andi Pavllo written in Sep 2018. Quickly goes through Element, Bootstrap+Vue, Vuetify and Quasar frameworks listing the pros and cons of each for styling your Vue web apps.
For me Quasar currently works best as it is not exclusively for Material design and has an OpenSource set of components not tied to a single company.
Vue.js  Article  Element  Bootstrap  Vuetify  Quasar  frameworks  style  stylesheets  Design  components 
23 days ago
Vue Material Design Component Framework — Vuetify.js
An amazing addon component for Vue.js which can be used to implement Material Design concepts in web applications.
Too early to know yet if the extra effort to learn it is worth it.
vuetify  framework  Vue.js  style  MaterialDesign  webapp 
23 days ago
GitHub - PygmySlowLoris/vue-stepper: A simple stepper with simple actions such as next, back and end to perform simple forms.
A Vue component that implements a 'stepper'. That is it presents a sequence of steps and allows a user to click next (or previous) to progress through the steps. Each step could be part of a form to be filled in or pictures etc. Shows an animation to show how far through the process you are.
Vue.js  component  stepper  step  webapp  webdev 
23 days ago
GitHub - surmon-china/vue-quill-editor: 🍡@quilljs editor component for @vuejs
A Vue component that incorporates the Quill structured editor. Very useful for allowing users of an app to create and edit structured (wysiwyg-like)data.
wysiwyg  Vue.js  component  structuredData  editor 
23 days ago
GitHub - vuejs/awesome-vue: 🎉 A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js
The official curated list of awsome things to do with Vue.js.
Things like examples, conferences, podcasts, books etc.
awsome  Vue.js  official  framework  JavaScript  webapp  github  list  examples  resources 
23 days ago
Powering up static sites with Gridsome taxonomies · Codegram
Article by Núria Soriano on how to expand Gridsome's static site generation possibilities with tags. Demonstrates how to add links to related articles by using the power of GraphQL.
Gridsome  static  GraphQL  Taxonomy  Tags  Vue.js  NuriaSoriano 
24 days ago
WhatsApp: How to stay safe on social media - BBC News
Useful BBC synopsis of what to do to make WhatsApp a little more secure depending on how far you want to go.
Basically - Update often, don't backup to Google, use 2FA.
WhatsApp  Security  hacking  BBC  howto  Social  socialsoftware  MFA  2FA 
25 days ago
GitHub - electerious/Ackee: Self-hosted, Node.js based analytics tool for those who care about privacy.
Ackee is a self hosted web application running on Node.js and Mongo DB that provides you with web site analytics. It goes to some length to anonymize the data so you don't collect personal data.
analytics  monitor  monitoring  nodejs  server  serverSide 
5 weeks ago
A Beginner’s Guide to npm — the Node Package Manager — SitePoint
A Sitepoint article by Michael Wanyoike and Peter Dierx. It gives a quick summary of what Node.js is followed by a useful intro to installing it (special advice given for Windows users). They then run through some common npm use cases.
Very good article... could do with a bit more explanation on some of the basics (What is a REPL?)
tutorial  node  nodejs  npm  JavaScript  development 
6 weeks ago
Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Originally designed for serverside applications it is increasingly used to run local applications and utilities too.
node  node.js  JavaScript  runtime  server  serverSide 
6 weeks ago
Czur scanner, scanning with Linux
John Willis showed that although there is not currently a Linux driver for the Czur page scanner you can connect it through USB and use a few commands such as Imagemagick to convert the scans to PDF format. It mentions post processing the images to remove the page curls but doesn't give specifics.
JohnWillis  CZUR  pageScanner  scanner  scanning  Linux  Ubuntu  page 
6 weeks ago
Adactio: Journal—Opening up the AMP cache
Jeremy Keith proposes an idea to redress the perceived drawbacks to using Google's AMP system.
AMP  Google  webdev  JeremyKeith  Adactio 
6 weeks ago
How Web Content Can Affect Power Usage | WebKit
Article giving pointers as to what you can do to minimize web browser energy consumption. Mainly aimed at WebKit browsers but may be applicable to others too.
WebDesign  Web  WebKit  browser  Energy  consumption  efficiancy  power  Design 
6 weeks ago
Bathroom Renovation #6 - Elements Board - YouTube
Skills Builder series on YouTube. This episode covers the use of 'Elements board' which is so much better than plasterboard for bathroom tiling.
bathroom  Tiling  DIY  plumbing  SkillsBuilder  youtube  elementsBoard 
7 weeks ago
Page dewarping
Matt Zucker describes his page dewarping algorithm for turning scans of curled book pages into flat regular pages that not only look nicer but also help increase the accuracy of OCR readers.
python  pdf  algorithms  graphics  OCR  dewarping  MattZucker  image  imageProcessing  scanning  OpenSource  github 
8 weeks ago
Configure screensaver command line
Some arcane commands you can use to modify the Windows 7 screensaver from the command line.
screensaver  Windows  Win7  cmd  DOS  commands 
8 weeks ago
White Plastic Interlocking Slatwall Panel
White Plastic Interlocking Slatwall Panel Kit Contains 4 Panels & 3 Wall Strips
garage  slatwall  storage  shelving  hooks 
9 weeks ago
Garage Wall Storage Kits | Storage Maker
A range of kits that are suitable for garage storage. Our Trackwall and Slatwall Kits offer convenient and easy garage storage which utilizes wall space that would ordinarily be wasted. They can be fitted in most spaces and tailored to your needs by slotting on storage accessories, to create bespoke storage solutions.
slatwall  garage  storage  hooks  shelves  Home 
9 weeks ago
CZUR Support- ET16Plus
CZUR ET16Plus book scanner software official download page.
CZUR  ET16Plus  book  bookScanner  scanner  download  software 
9 weeks ago
Writing Modes And CSS Layout — Smashing Magazine
Rachel Andrew discusses CSS writing modes and how to use them effectively with CSS layout such as grid and flexbox.
RachelAndrew  CSS  CSSWritingModes  writingModes  layout  smashing  Article  grid  flexbox 
9 weeks ago
SCAN UK | PC components and online computer shop
Award winning computer workstation bespoke systems building service.
computer  shopping  components  hardware  workstation  3XS  custom 
10 weeks ago
JVM Library to translate GraphQL queries and mutations to Neo4j’s Cypher
This library parses a GraphQL schema and uses the information of the annotated schema to translate GraphQL queries and parameters into Neo4j Cypher queries and parameters.

Those Cypher queries can then executed, e.g via the Neo4j-Java-Driver (or other JVM drivers) against the graph database and the results can be returned directly to the caller.
neo4j  translator  transpiler  Cypher  GraphQL  Library 
july 2019
Gentle intro to GraphQL in Java World | Java Code Geeks - 2019
Vladimir Dejanovic delves into what is involved in writing a GraphQL flavoured back-end API to your Java application.
VladimirDejanovic  GraphQL  API  Java  serverSide  backEnd  JavaCodeGeeks  Article  howto 
july 2019
A library for creating directed graph editors
A react component for editing directed graphs. Allows you to create/delete nodes and relationships.
graph  directedGraph  node  edge  editor  Library  D3 
july 2019
Graph Editor
A directed graph editor based on D3 drawing library.
graph  directedGraph  editor  D3  demo 
july 2019
Graphviz - Graph Visualization Software
An OpenSource directed graph drawing tool. It isn't a freehand tool that let's you draw arbitrary pictures. Instead it takes a text description of the graph and draws it from that. You may hand craft the text file or take it from another program. It has several algorithms for laying out the diagram and many options for choosing the shape and size of each node etc. You can save the resulting diagram as PDF or SVG etc.
visualization  tools  graph  graphs  directedGraph  drawing  tool  OpenSource 
july 2019
GraphQL Playground
Excellent free GraphQL IDE for designing and debugging GraphQL servers.
You can download the desktop app or use the web version.
GraphQL  IDE  debugging  debug  Design  server  serverSide 
june 2019
Explaining GraphQL Connections – Apollo GraphQL
Caleb Meredith gives some background regarding GraphQL connections and some GraphQL schema design suggestions including how to implement edges and edge properties. Good read.
GraphQL  Apollo  edge  property  properties  cursor  schema  connections  designPattern 
june 2019
Secret Sauce of Neo4j: Modeling and Querying Graphs
Excellent talk by Neo4j Field Engineer Max De Marzi. Watch this to understand what makes Neo4j so fast for some types of query and what makes it better than relational databases. More importantly he shows what sort of modelling mistakes to avoid.
neo4j  graph  Database  node  relationships  modeling  data  youtube  bigData  howto  tutorial  query  queryBuilding 
june 2019
Introduction - Apollo Docs
Apollo Client is the best way to use GraphQL to build client applications. The client is designed to help you quickly build a UI that fetches data with GraphQL, and can be used with any JavaScript front-end.
Apollo  Library  js  JavaScript  API  GraphQL 
june 2019
How to get your GraphQL Java server up and running in no time
Interesting article by Prithviraj Pawar which wets the appetite for implementing a Java based GraphQL interface for your application.
GraphQL  Java  summary  interface  howto  API 
june 2019
ONgDB - Open Neo4j Enterprise - The Graph Foundation
The free and open source Neo4j Enterprise project

Open Native Graph DB (ONgDB) is a non-restrictive fork of Neo4j, the world’s leading Graph Database.
neo4j  ONgDB  OpenSource  project  fork 
june 2019
Neo4j is Open Core – Now What? - The Graph Foundation
The Graph Foundation has been formed to keep alive the idea of an OpenSource version of Neo4j.
neo4j  licence  TheGraphFoundation 
june 2019
Using the Neo4j-GraphQL plugin with Neo4j Desktop
Excellent overview of the Neo4j plugin and how to do basic GraphQL queries, setup a schema and hints at how to do more advanced computed fields by embedding commands in the schema.
neo4j  GraphQL  plugin  youtube  tutorial  howto 
june 2019
GraphQL Specification Versions
Top level web page with links to the latest versions of the GraphQL specification.
GraphQL  specification  documentation  version 
june 2019
How to GraphQL - The Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL
A comprehensive and free tutorial on everything GraphQL.
tutorial  dev  GraphQL  Database  API  schema  REST 
june 2019
Neo4j and GraphQL - Neo4j Graph Database Platform
Notes on GraphQL and how it can be used to interact with Neo4j
neo4j  GraphQL  API 
june 2019
A fast dependency manager (recommended for Gridsome).
development  js  npm  yarn  developer  dependency  make  JavaScript 
june 2019
Your API Choice Could Make Or Break Your Company...
GraphQL vs Rest. The argument put forward is that for more complex applications a GraphQL api makes a lot more sense than Rest. One reason for this is the lower complexity and less duplication involved in making changes to GraphQL based interfaces when changes are required.
graphQL  REST  API  designPattern  serverSide  Database  graph 
june 2019
Gridsome - Static Site Generator for Vue - YouTube
Andre Madarang takes you through the process of creating a static web site in Gridsome at lightning speed.
Gridsome  Vue.js  static  youtube  AndreMadarang 
june 2019
Typora — a markdown editor, markdown reader.
A sophisticated markdown editor and viewer. Free during Beta period.
markdown  writing  app  editor  viewer  application  tool 
june 2019
Data Modeling Concepts and Techniques | Neo4j
A simple look at how to structure a graph database. Doesn't deal with how to model certain relationships.
modelling  neo4j  graph  graphdb  database  relationships  howto 
june 2019
CSS Grid Generator
Web-based tool for quickly setting up a basic grid and generating the CSS code to implement it.
grid  tools  webdev  generator 
may 2019
Zdog · Round, flat, designer-friendly pseudo-3D engine for canvas and SVG
Round, flat, designer-friendly pseudo-3D engine for canvas & SVG. Lets you design 3D models which can be displayed on a web page and interacted with.
canvas  3d  Design  SVG  tool  illustrations  drawing  Zdog 
may 2019
Everything about LEDs: Basics of High Power LED Lighting
A good overview of what you need to know about high power LED lighting.
LED  lighting  tutorial  howto  Luxeon  Cree 
may 2019
Who is the main female singer? : TwoStepsFromHell
Useful conversation covering the vocalist singers used by TwoStepsFromHell
singer  Music  vocalist  TwoStepsFromHell 
may 2019
LT3952 - 60V LED Driver with 4A Switch Current - 3952fb.pdf
The LT®3952 is a current mode step-up DC/DC converter with an internal, 60V, 80mΩ DMOS power switch. The LT3952 is specifically designed to drive high power LEDs in multiple configurations. It combines input and output current regulation loops with output voltage regulation to operate as a flexible current/voltage source.

This part was shown combined with the LT3965 to drive multiple PWM controlled high power LEDs.
LT3965  LT3952  dimming  LED  psu  Design  pdf  circuit  IoT 
may 2019
Software Testing Tools - TestRail
TestRail is a test management, test execution & results tracking application. Full integration with dozens of issue and test automation tools.
TestRail  test  testing  application  tool  webapp  webapplication 
may 2019
GL Text Rendering 101
This article is intended as a high level architectural overview of the path from a text-field entry in a style specification to pixels on a screen. The primary audience is new maintainers or contributors to mapbox-gl-native and mapbox-gl-js, although it may also provide useful context for power users of Mapbox GL who want to know how the sausage is made.
mapping  font  fonts  rendering  SDF  signedDistanceFields  howto  mapbox  MapboxGL 
may 2019
Create colorful and bright LED light with a matrix dimmer (MAGAZINE) - LEDs
Article from LEDs Magazine showing how using the LT3965 matrix led dimmer can save on circuitry and produce accurate lighting. Published 22/09/2016 and written by Keith Szolusha one of Linear Technology's engineers.
LT3965  LED  dimming  magazine  Article  matrix  LinearTechnology  KeithSzolusha 
may 2019
Application Failed to Initialize - finally fixed for me - www.makemkv.com
Makemkv is a very useful BluRay ripping program for Linux. Unfortunately, version 1.14.* stopped working for me. This article had the answer. Apparently some old libraries got copied into a directory and removing them solves the issue.
makemkv  bug  solution  fix  libraries  ripping  bluray 
may 2019
Best Open Source Rich Text Editors - Code Briefly
Pankaj Sood lists the best opensource rich text editors in his opinion. Interestingly he starts off with Quill.
rich  text  editor  PankajSood  CodeBriefly  list  lists  OpenSource  review  reviews 
april 2019
Quill - Your powerful rich text editor
A modern opensource modular rich text editor.
text  editor  wysiwyg  js  Quill  richtext  format 
april 2019
10 open source task management and time tracking applications for Android | Opensource.com
Joshua Allen Holm shares his list of 10 apps for Android phones that can help you get organized, keep track of the time you have spent on a task, and make sure you meet your deadlines.
productivity  android  task  taskmanagement  tool  tools  list  lists  app 
april 2019
Use Asana to manage your team’s work, projects, & tasks online · Asana
Asana is the work management platform teams use to stay focused on the goals, projects, and daily tasks that grow business.
collaboration  productivity  tools  projectmanagement  management  project  task  taskmanagement  timeline  asana 
april 2019
Best Task Management Software | 2019 Reviews of the Most Popular Systems
Over a hundred task management applications listed with short overview and link to more detail. Who knew there were so many to choose from!
list  task  manager  utilities  utility  tool  tools  2019  reviews 
april 2019
Hikvision - No Plug-in on Chrome & Firefox - Dynamic CCTV
Announcement that a new firmware version from Hikvision solves the previous problem of having to mess around with browser plugins in order to see live view screens.
Firmware for I Series NVR: Firmware V4.1.50 and up.
Personally I can't get playback to work though with V4.1.63.
Hikvision  cctv  firmware  update  bug  plugin  announcement  news 
april 2019
Latest HikVision Firmware for -I NVRs - new V4.1.70 (76XX, 77XX, 96XX NI-I) - updated 19th February 2019 | IP CCTV Forum for IP Video, network cameras & CCTV software
Use-ip announcement page for the latest firmware releases for Hikvision series I NVRs.
Note that as this was written the following message was being shown: "there have been many reported issues arising from the latest firmware releases - we do not currently recommend upgrading beyond V4.1.63"
Hikvision  firmware  update  news  release  NVR  cctv  bug 
april 2019
How To Solve Hikvision and Google Chrome Compatibility Issues
It seems HikVision use an outdated API to display video on browsers like Chrome. This article and the comments below it have some suggested workarounds. The main solution seems to be to install an extension called 'IETab'... However later firmware releases fix this issue and support video natively.
Hikvision  cctv  Chrome  browser  NPAPI  camera  solution  issues  howto  Security 
april 2019
Hikvision NVR – Activation / Initial Setup / Add Cameras / Continuous Recording
A very useful video from Newfiebort on how to setup the Hikvision 7600 range of PoE NVRs with Cameras. He covers an aspect of setup not covered in the manuals namely that the 7600 series NVRs automatically activates each Hikvision camera you plug into the PoE ports. This is important as otherwise you need to somehow provide power to each camera in order to manually activate it and a PSU is not supplied.
Hikvision  cctv  newfiebort  youtube  Video  setup  howto  NVR  PoE  camera  DVR  Security 
april 2019
Mexco 182mm Dry Core Drill Slotted X90 Range - A10DC182 » Product
Product page for the 182mm diameter Mexco diamond core drill with SDS fitting.
SDS  core  drill  tool  Mexco  Sitebox  diy 
march 2019
Download Recuva | Recover deleted files, free!
Recuva is a recommended free piece of software capable of recovering deleted files from various file systems including NTFS.
Recuva  filesystem  ntfs  deleted  Recovery  tool 
march 2019
TBS, TBS-6902 "DVB-S2" dual tuner,"PCIe" satellite HDTV reception card
A PCIe card that accepts dual satellite inputs and has software for both Windows and Linux to record satellite programs for later playback.
satellite  PCI  card  dual  tuner  DVB-S2 
march 2019
Responsible JavaScript: Part I · An A List Apart Article
Jeremy Wagner talks about using Javascript responsibly on a web page.
webapp  JavaScript  Design  WebDesign  ALA  Article 
march 2019
Home - Shelly Cloud
Shelly is a company specializing in smart home lighting controllers (Shelly RGBW2) as well as cameras and sensors.
smarthome  hardware  Shelly  IoT  cameras  switches  LED  lighting  controllers 
march 2019
Wireframing Tool for Professionals - WireframeSketcher
WireframeSketcher is a wireframing tool that helps designers, developers and product managers quickly create wireframes, mockups and prototypes for desktop, web and mobile applications. It’s a desktop app and a plug-in for any Eclipse IDE.
tool  wireframing  wireframesketcher  sketching  UI  prototyping  mockups 
march 2019
Home - Pencil Project
The Pencil project is a multi-platform open source GUI prototyping tool. It allows you to design a wireframe version of a web application to create mockups.
software  mockup  ux  Pencil  project  Design  tool 
march 2019
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