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Winaero Tweaker
A universal tweaker software which supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It includes most options available inthe free Winaero apps.
software  freeware  windows  system 
june 2016 by seancojr
Play offline/Save .flv video files from Web browser cache
Extract video files from the cache of your web browsers and save them to local disk.
streaming  video  download  software  flv 
may 2016 by seancojr
Homepage of Crimson Editor - Free Text Editor, Html Editor, Programmers Editor for Windows
Crimson Editor is a professional source code editor for Windows. This program is not only fast in loading time, but also small in size (so small that it can be copied in one floppy disk). While it can serve as a good replacement for Notepad, it also offers many powerful features for programming languages such as HTML, C/C++, Perl and Java.
software  freeware  windows  programming  editor 
april 2016 by seancojr
Sketch - Professional Digital Design for Mac
Sketch is built for modern graphic designers, and it shows in every fibre of the app.
tools  software  mac  design  development 
april 2016 by seancojr
iFastime Video Converter Ultimate - Perfect Digital Multimedia Solution on Windows
Convert all SD/HD/2K/4K video to your desired formats, devices and programs optimized file formats, encode and decode H.265/HEVC codec, output M3U8 for streaming with local HTTP server, create 3D effect movies from both 2D or 3D resources.
video  windows  software 
april 2016 by seancojr
Dependency Walker (depends.exe) Home Page
Dependency Walker is a free utility that scans any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows module (exe, dll, ocx, sys, etc.) and builds a hierarchical tree diagram of all dependent modules.
tools  software  windows  programming 
april 2016 by seancojr
Winstep Nexus Dock and Nexus Ultimate - The Advanced Docking System for Windows
The Nexus dock provides one-click access to frequently used applications, folders and documents.
software  windows  desktop  customization 
april 2016 by seancojr
Clover Brings Chrome-Style Tabs to Windows Explorer - EJIE Technology
Clover is an extension of the Windows Explorer, to add multi-tab functionality similar to Google Chrome browser. After install Clover, you will be able to open multiple folders within the same window, and you can also add folder bookmarks.
software  freeware  windows  explorer 
april 2016 by seancojr
Notes - A place for great ideas.
Notes is the go-to app for all your note taking needs.
software  notes  linux  osx  windows 
april 2016 by seancojr
Synergy - Mouse and keyboard sharing software
Synergy is software for sharing one keyboard and mouse between multiple computers.
software  mac  windows  linux  desktop 
april 2016 by seancojr
DriverStore Explorer [RAPR] - Home
DriverStoreExplorer GUI makes it easier to deal with Windows Vista / Windows 7 driver store. Supported operations include enumeration, adding a driver package (stage), adding & installing, deletion and force deletion from the driver store.
windows  driver  software  removal  sysadmin 
april 2016 by seancojr
Clean Your System and Free Disk Space | BleachBit
BleachBit is an open source junk file cleaning program. It runs on Windows and a large number of Linux distributions, with support for 52 different languages. Cleaning junk files helps to improve a computers speed, maintain your privacy and save disk space.
software  mac  linux  privacy  opensource 
april 2016 by seancojr
Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing
Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for PCs that run Windows. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. An active and growing online community provides friendly help, tutorials, and plugins.
software  freeware  windows  graphics  paint 
april 2016 by seancojr
DS4Windows by Jays2Kings
DS4Windows is a portable program that allows you to get the best experience while using a DualShock 4 on your PC. By emulating a Xbox 360 controller, many more games are accessible.
software  drivers  controller  gaming 
february 2016 by seancojr
Aero Glass for Windows 8.x+
Experience native look of Aero Glass interface on Windows 8.x+. This utility returns the complete glass effect into windows frames.
windows  software  themes 
january 2016 by seancojr
Windows 10
If you need to install or reinstall Windows 10 using a USB or DVD, you can use the media creation tool below to create your own installation media with either a USB flash drive or a DVD. The tool provides file formats optimized for download speed and can be used to create ISO files.
windows  boot  iso  software  tools 
december 2015 by seancojr
Free Opener - Open Over 80 Different File Formats For Free!
Don't spend your time downloading specialty software for each file type you want to open. With Free Opener, open 350+ file types like Microsoft® Office, Adobe® PDF, music and video files with one application. Best of all, it's FREE!
software  windows  download 
december 2015 by seancojr
Fingbox is a cloud system to monitor and manage your networks, based on Fing mobile and desktop Apps.
overlook  network  monitoring  software  tools 
november 2015 by seancojr
Mp3tag - the universal Tag Editor (ID3v2, MP4, OGG, FLAC, ...)
Mp3tag is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to edit metadata of audio files.
software  music  audio  mp3  tagging 
august 2015 by seancojr
KeyFinder | Magical Jelly Bean
The Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder is a freeware utility that retrieves your Product Key (cd key) used to install windows from your registry.
key  software  identity  windows  tech 
august 2015 by seancojr
Help science by making the processing power of your computer available to researchers while you're not using it.
science  research  computer  software 
july 2015 by seancojr
Open Broadcaster Software - Index
Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source software for recording and live streaming. Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other providers or record ...
software  screencast  streaming  video  opensource 
april 2015 by seancojr
GraphicsMagick Image Processing System
GraphicsMagick is the swiss army knife of image processing.
software  image  graphics  library 
september 2014 by seancojr
Win8.1SE Downloads Page
Win8.1SE builds a lightweight Win8.1 OS in Ram or a Win8.1 PE environment using a Windows 8.1 DVD, x86 or x64 architecture.
windows  recovery  software 
september 2014 by seancojr
LinuxLive USB Creator
LinuxLive USB Creator is a free and open-source software for Windows. It will help you in your journey of discovery with Linux.

For you, LiLi creates portable, bootable and virtualized USB stick running Linux.
tools  software  linux  portable  usb 
september 2014 by seancojr
Mp3tag - the universal Tag Editor (ID3v2, MP4, OGG, FLAC, ...)
Mp3tag is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit metadata of common audio formats.
software  music  freeware  mp3  id3 
february 2014 by seancojr
MusicBrainz Picard - MusicBrainz
MusicBrainz Picard is a cross-platform (Linux/Mac OS X/Windows) application written in Python and is the official MusicBrainz tagger.
software  music  mp3  tagging  metadata 
february 2014 by seancojr
Simple. CloudApp allows you to share images, links, music, videos and files.
sharing  software  mac  osx  cloud 
january 2014 by seancojr
Tomahawk, the killer open-source music app that enables cross-platform music streaming.
music  software  opensource  windows  linux 
december 2013 by seancojr
The Best Tools to Easily Perform Remote Tech Support
There are a million and one remote tech support options out there. We’ll look at the best ones here, whether you need to walk them through downloading one over the phone or want to set up remote access ahead of time.
software  pc  tech  support 
november 2013 by seancojr
VIPRE Internet Security - Save on PC Lifetime Licenses Today!
VIPRE Antivirus is the best anti virus protection that doesn't slow down your PC. Defend your data with the leading antivirus software and Internet security today.
virus  protection  software  internet  security 
november 2013 by seancojr
Simple sharing for files, links, text and screenshots. Built on the awesome CloudApp service. In one little app for Windows.
sharing  software  windows  storage  cloud 
october 2013 by seancojr
HashCheck Shell Extension
The HashCheck Shell Extension makes it easy for anyone to calculate and verify checksums and hashes from Windows Explorer.
hash  software  windows  utilities  md5 
october 2013 by seancojr
HiAlgo - HiAlgBoost GPU Accelerator
HiAlgoBoost is a software, an addition to 3D games. It makes the gameplay smoother, with smaller lag. It effectively increases the power of your video card (GPU), so you don't have to buy a more expensive one.
games  fps  tweaking  software  skyrim 
october 2013 by seancojr
ViceVersa Software: File Synchronization, File Replication, Windows Backup Software
ViceVersa PRO helps you synchronizing and backing-up your files, documents, photos across computers and disks.
software  backup  windows  synchronization 
october 2013 by seancojr
PhotoRec - CGSecurity
PhotoRec is an open source file data recovery software designed to recover lost files including video, documents and archives from hard disks, CD-ROMs, and lost pictures (thus the Photo Recovery name) from digital camera memory.
tools  recovery  software  photography  opensource 
september 2013 by seancojr
Informly - Beautiful client reports for freelancers & web agencies.
Informly connects to Google Analytics (and more) and provides monthly reports to keep recurring clients happy.
software  business  app  finance 
september 2013 by seancojr
How To Uninstall HP Quick Start Menu
Want to remove HP Quick Start menu and replace it with a better Start menu program such as ViStart, Start Menu 8, or Classic Shell? Follow these instructions.
hp  software  windows  guide 
august 2013 by seancojr
Free IT Community, Help Desk, and Network Monitoring - Spiceworks
Get everything IT for free from Spiceworks: a community of IT pros, and an app with network monitoring, help desk, active directory, and more!
software  monitoring  network  management 
august 2013 by seancojr
Uranium Backup | Tape, SQL, ESXi backup software with VSS support
The most complete backup software, appreciated by tens of thousands of users across the world.
Protect your data no matter what!
backup  tape  solution  image  nas  sql  software 
august 2013 by seancojr
Autotext - Text Expander for Windows - Snippets Organizer
PhraseExpress, the Text Expander for Windows, helps you to speed up your typing tasks in any editor by saving lots of keystrokes.
tools  software  freeware  windows  productivity 
august 2013 by seancojr
MultiBit • Secure lightweight international Bitcoin wallet
MultiBit is a secure, lightweight, international Bitcoin wallet for Windows, MacOS and Linux
software  bitcoin 
august 2013 by seancojr
BundleHunt Mega Ebook Design Bundle
We bring you the highest quality bundles at the lowest prices.
software  bundles  ebooks 
august 2013 by seancojr Free Downloads: ACID Xpress
ACID Xpress is a free, 10-track version of ACID software for music recording, editing and mixing.
software  music  mp3  audio  mixing  recording  freeware 
august 2013 by seancojr brought to you by Sony Creative Software
The ACIDplanet® online service ( produces a weekly electronic podcast and also hosts podcasts created by members of its ProZone™ service. is a great source for free mp3 content.
software  music  audio  community 
august 2013 by seancojr
Pamela for Skype – Call and video recording – easy and quick
Free, reliable and easy to use Skype audio and video recording software.
tools  software  recorder  skype  recording 
august 2013 by seancojr
Mp3 tag editor Tag&Rename - edit tag in mp3, wma, mp4 files, automatic discogs and freedb import
Tag&Rename is a music files tag editor that easily handles all popular digital audio formats.
software  music  utilities  mp3 
august 2013 by seancojr
Sequel Pro
equel Pro is a fast, easy-to-use Mac database management application for working with MySQL databases.
database  software  mysql  mac  osx 
august 2013 by seancojr
Help Stanford University scientists studying Alzheimer's, Huntington's, Parkinson's, and many cancers by simply running a piece of software on your computer.
research  software  science  biology  distributed 
august 2013 by seancojr
Online Data Backup - Offsite, Onsite, & Cloud - CrashPlan Backup Software
CrashPlan lets you automatically back up your hard drive to another computer, for free. The paid version of CrashPlan offers secure cloud storage, in addition to local backups, and continuous, minute-by-minute backup.
software  backup  mac  windows  storage 
july 2013 by seancojr
PNGGauntlet - PNG Compression Software |
PNGGauntlet is a simple Windows app that compresses PNG files, decreasing their size to increase web page performance. It will let you drag in any number of PNGs and run them through three lossless compression algorithms – PNGOUT, OptiPNG, and DeflOpt. This produces the smallest possible PNG images, without any sort of distortion or image data loss.
tools  software  windows  image  optimization 
july 2013 by seancojr
RaidCall-100% FREE Group Communication Software- IM, Group Communication and Voice Chat
RaidCall is a free, elegant and simple tool that allows you to instantly communicate with groups of people.
chat  communication  software 
july 2013 by seancojr
Elgg - Open Source Social Networking Engine.
Elgg is an award-winning social networking engine, delivering the building blocks that enable businesses, schools, universities and associations to create their own fully-featured social networks and applications.
software  social  community  php  open_source 
july 2013 by seancojr
News |
Each DriverPack is a package of drivers for a particular category of hardware. There are for example DriverPacks for Sound devices and for Graphics devices. For each of these DriverPacks we include every device driver of that category. On top of that, we solve tricky problems — such as driver conflicts — for you.
tools  software  drivers  windows  installation 
june 2013 by seancojr
BitTorrent Labs
Sync unlimited files between your own devices, or share a folder with friends and family to automatically sync anything.
application  bittorrent  software  sync  privacy 
june 2013 by seancojr
KiTTY is a fork from version 0.62 of PuTTY, the best telnet / SSH client in the world.
KiTTY is only designed for the Microsoft Windows platform.
ssh  windows  software 
june 2013 by seancojr
ClamTk Virus Scanner
ClamTk is a graphical interface for Clam Antivirus. It is designed to be an easy-to-use, lightweight, on-demand desktop virus scanner for Linux.
linux  anti-virus  software  scanner  clamav 
june 2013 by seancojr
An alternative software repository comprising only free, open source software.
software  foss  apps  android 
june 2013 by seancojr
SEOmoz is now Moz. Software and Community for Better Marketing. - Moz
Meet We're obsessed with better marketing. Our mission is to build analytics tools and a community that make it possible for anyone to do.
seo  marketing  tools  software 
june 2013 by seancojr
ZipInstaller: Install Windows applications from ZIP file
The ZipInstaller utility installs and uninstalls applications and utilities that do not provide an internal installation program. It automatically extracts all files from the Zip file, copies them to the destination folder you select, creates shortcuts in the start menu and in your desktop, and adds an uninstall module to allow you to automatically remove the software in the future.
tools  software  utilities  installation 
june 2013 by seancojr
Document Management | Open Source Collaboration Software | Alfresco
Alfresco is the open platform for business critical document management and collaboration.
software  java  cms  collaboration 
may 2013 by seancojr
A Couple of Sublime Text Tips
For someone that is new to ST2, it can be hard to get going. I thought I could occasionally highlight tips to get started with Sublime Text 2. There's nothing to be afraid. Sybliime Text is your friend.
software  shortcuts  programming 
may 2013 by seancojr
StartIsBack - real start menu in Windows 8
StartIsBack restores original Windows 7 start menu with all its features: search, jump lists, drag&drop, pinned and recently used apps, fully customizable settings.
windows_8  software 
may 2013 by seancojr
WinWGet - download manager based on wget for Windows
WinWGet is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Wget. It is FREE. It will keep track of your downloads - add, clone, edit, delete jobs. It will not make coffee for you! It is expected from you to know what options you need, yet it comes with reasonable defaults.
software  wget  windows  download 
may 2013 by seancojr
GameWisp | Cloud Saves and Community
Save, Sync, and Share your adventures like never before. Your game saves, mods, screenshots, and videos are now in the cloud.
games  sync  software  dropbox 
april 2013 by seancojr
About - Rapid Environment Editor
Rapid Environment Editor (RapidEE) is an environment variables editor. It includes easy to use GUI and replaces small and inconvenient Windows edit box.
software  windows  utilities  environment  editor 
april 2013 by seancojr
WinSCP :: Free SFTP and FTP client for Windows
WinSCP is an open source free SFTP client, FTP client, WebDAV client and SCP client for Windows. Its main function is file transfer between a local and a remote computer. Beyond this, WinSCP offers scripting and basic file manager functionality.
ftp  ssh  software  windows  sftp  opensource 
april 2013 by seancojr
Fog Creek Copilot - Home
Copilot helps you fix someone's computer problems by letting you connect to their computer, see what they see, and control their mouse and keyboard to help fix the issue.
tools  software  windows  support  remote 
january 2013 by seancojr
BatchUpdater for Google - Update Google Contacts and Calendar information in batch quickly and smartly
BatchUpdater for Google lets you update Google Contacts and Calendar information in batch quickly and smartly.
batch  update  google  calendar  software 
january 2013 by seancojr
AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk
AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk was designed to take advantage of your system memory to create a virtual drive enabling additional performance enhancements to your PC.
amd  ramdisk  memory  software 
january 2013 by seancojr
OptiPNG Home Page
OptiPNG is a PNG optimizer that recompresses image files to a smaller size, without losing any information. This program also converts external formats (BMP, GIF, PNM and TIFF) to optimized PNG, and performs PNG integrity checks and corrections.
software  compression  graphics  png  optimization 
december 2012 by seancojr
ImageOptim — make websites and apps load faster (Mac app)
ImageOptim optimizes images — so they take up less disk space and load faster — by finding best compression parameters and by removing unnecessary comments and color profiles. It handles PNG, JPEG and GIF animations.
software  compression  images  osx 
december 2012 by seancojr
Free reference manager and PDF organizer | Mendeley
Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research.
research  software  tools  collaboration  reference 
december 2012 by seancojr
VideoLAN - VLMC, open source video editor
VideoLAN Movie Creator is a non-linear editing software for video creation based on libVLC and running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X!
software  open_source  video  slideshow 
november 2012 by seancojr
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