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Twilio - APIs for Text Messaging, VoIP & Voice in the Cloud
Cloud communications platform for building Voice & Messaging applications on an API built for global scale. Get started with a free trial.
voip  sms  phone  mobile  api 
june 2016 by seancojr
Simperium is a service for developers to move data
everywhere it's needed, instantly and automatically.
data  library  mobile  app  sync 
november 2015 by seancojr
This is a list of guidelines...
css  design  checklist  mobile  webapp 
september 2014 by seancojr
5apps Deploy – HTML5 app deployment and hosting
5apps Deploy is a turn-key deployment and hosting platform for client-side web apps.
hosting  html5  mobile  service  deployment 
june 2014 by seancojr
Dragon Shout App - Skyrim & Elder Scrolls Mobile iOS App
Dragon Shout is a mobile map and journal app for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android devices.
mobile  games  apps  ios  skyrim 
march 2014 by seancojr
VIPRE Mobile Security
Protect your phone or tablet from over 10,000 known Android viruses. Keep hackers away from your personal information.
mobile  virus  protection  security 
november 2013 by seancojr
Tethering for BlackBerry, iPhone & Android |
Tether is an application that allows you to have full Internet access on your laptop anywhere using your smartphone's data plan. No more WiFi hotspots, extra data plans or costly Air Cards!
iphone  mobile  app  android  tethering 
august 2013 by seancojr
Screen Sizes
nifty little database of screen specifications for popular devices: by @typecode
tools  design  mobile  reference  webdesign 
august 2013 by seancojr
Mobile Website Made Easy | Free Mobile Website Design | DudaMobile
Reach more customers with a mobile site. Start now to convert and design your site for free.
website  development  mobile  app 
august 2013 by seancojr
We make it easy for people to order take-out food from restaurants using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.
food  restaurant  take-out  mobile  cloud  platform 
august 2013 by seancojr
Reimagine your content's experience for the touch web
tablet  publishing  ipad  mobile  wordpress 
august 2013 by seancojr
Mobile Atlas Creator (MOBAC)
This application creates off-line atlases of raster maps for various cell phone apps on Android, iPhone and WindowsCE as well as GPS devices (Garmin, Magellan and others)
gps  mobile  maps  android 
june 2013 by seancojr
Solavei offers Unlimited Voice, Text and Data on a nationwide 4G network for $49 a month – plus the chance to earn when you share.
iphone  mobile  cellphone  4g 
june 2013 by seancojr
Build powerful cross-platform apps for iOS and Android using C# and .NET.
mobile  api  android  ios  backend 
april 2013 by seancojr
MobileChief is a powerful and extendable mobile site builder wrapped up in a WordPress plugin. Unlike other WordPress Mobile Plugins, MobileChief doesn't take your existing WordPress site and convert it to a Mobile Optimized Site, rather it lets you create new content in new mobile sites with an intuitive drag and drop interface.
mobile  wordpress  plugin 
april 2013 by seancojr
App Cloud | Mobile App Platform | App Development | Brightcove
App Cloud is a complete platform enabling developers and business people to work together at every stage of app development and growth… and it's always free to get started.
mobile  html5  ios  android  cloud  apps  development  tools 
january 2013 by seancojr
Android Bootstrap
Android Bootstrap includes a full working implementation of Fragments, Fragment Pager, Account Manager, android-maven-plugin, RoboGuice 2, ActionBarSherlock 4, ViewPagerIndicator, http-request, GSON, Robotium for integration testing, API Consumption with an API on and much more.
mobile  android  development  bootstrap  framework 
january 2013 by seancojr
Dwolla empowers anyone with an internet connection to safely send money to friends or businesses. Say hello to the Dwolla network. Start using Dwolla today!
online  money  mobile  payments 
january 2013 by seancojr
Makeappicon - Generate app icons of all sizes in a click!
Makeappicon is a web based tool that resizes and optimizes your icon designs into all formats needed for iOS and Android mobile apps. It supports .jpg, .png & .psd.
design  icon  mobile  generator  ios  android 
december 2012 by seancojr
Snoopy | View-source bookmarklet for iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices
Snoopy is a bookmarklet for snooping on web pages. It's intended for use on mobile browsers (such as Mobile Safari on the iPad) where you can't view-source to poke around under the hood of sites to see how they're built. You might find it useful for your desktop browser, too.
tools  bookmarklet  mobile  javascript 
december 2012 by seancojr
How-To SU
An article and sample code detailing the best ways to call su, as well as common problems and how to avoid them. If you are an app developer making su calls, this is meant for you to read
application  java  development  mobile  android 
november 2012 by seancojr
Crash reports & BigData analytics for Android, iOS, WP & Windows 8 apps | BugSense
BugSense is a service that can be integrated into your apps and seamlessly provide you with near real-time crash data.
development  mobile  android  ios  bug_tracking 
november 2012 by seancojr
How To Market Your Mobile Application | Smashing Mobile
How do you get people to talk about your app—and, ideally, how do you get them to buy it and show it to their friends?
mobile  apps  business  marketing 
november 2012 by seancojr
Free Mobile Performance Testing with Akamai's Mobitest
Blaze Mobile Performance Test uses real iPhone and Android agents to conduct a performance analysis of browsing your website on a mobile device.
tools  development  mobile  testing  performance 
october 2012 by seancojr
Best Mobile Designers In The World | Scoutzie
Scoutzie is a curated community for the best mobile designers in the world. Our goal is to make finding and showcasing mobile designs easy and beautiful. Iphone, Ipad, Android and Windows, we have it all.
mobile  apps  design  inspiration  network  designers 
april 2012 by seancojr
Kendo UI - The Art of Web Development
Kendo UI Web is a framework for modern HTML UI. Engineered with the latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript standards, it delivers everything needed for client-side, jQuery-powered development in one integrated, compact package.
html5  javascript  mobile  ui  framework 
february 2012 by seancojr
Android Commander
Android Commander is a small, very fast and intuitive application for Windows. It allows you to easily mange files and apps on your rooted Android device via ADB, without typing any command and mounting the SD card.
android  mobile  root  file-management  adb  development 
february 2012 by seancojr
Device Detection with WURFL
This tutorial will introduce you to WURFL and demonstrate how it can be used for device detection and cross-platform mobile web development.WURFL is a Device Description Repository (DDR) which serves as a central source of device information for mobile web applications.
mobile  webdev  programming  tutorials 
february 2012 by seancojr
Swipe JS - a lightweight mobile web slider
Swipe is a lightweight mobile slider with 1:1 touch movement & other cool stuff.
javascript  mobile  slider  touch 
february 2012 by seancojr
Freecode maintains the Web's largest index of Linux, Unix and cross-platform software, and mobile applications.
linux  cross-platform  software  mobile  applications  development  open_source 
february 2012 by seancojr
Summary of Your Social News Feeds - Summify
Summify creates a beautiful daily summary of the most relevant news from your social networks, and delivers it to you by email, web or mobile
social  news  feeds  email  web  mobile  twitter  facebook  google 
october 2011 by seancojr
CodeGuard for Android and CodeGuard-WS for your workstation
A utility for managing your secret pin codes and login account passwords.
android  backup  codes  encrypted  manager  mobile  password  pin  storage  sync  windows  wireless 
april 2011 by seancojr
DHTMLX Touch - HTML5 JavaScript Framework for Mobile and Touch Devices
DHTMLX Touch is an HTML5-based JavaScript library for building mobile web applications. It’s not just a set of UI widgets, but a complete framework that allows you to create eye-catching, cross-platform web applications for mobile and touch-screen devices.
device  dhtml  framework  interface  javascript  jquery  mobile  touch  ui  web 
march 2011 by seancojr
960 Grid on jQuery-Mobile - merge flexibility with jquery-mobile ease
jquery-mobile-960 is a port of 960 grid to jquery mobile. It merge the flexibility of, and the ease of jquery mobile. It aims to bring more flexibility to jquery-mobile layout and thus make it easier to use on tablets.
960_grid  css  jquery  mobile  tablet 
march 2011 by seancojr - Blog to app generator
Do you want to generate a mobile application of your blog as a native app in Android market? makes it possible!
android  apk  application  blogging  generator  mobile  wordpress 
march 2011 by seancojr
Ownskin - Android Live Wallpaper
Create your own mobile Live wallpaper, theme, wallpaper, flash with our free online mobile content creator. Supported phone include Nokia, SonyEricsson, Samsung, Apple Windows mobile, BlackBerry and Android.
android  creator  live_wallpaper  mobile  theme  upload 
february 2011 by seancojr
ADB for dummies - AndroidSamurai
Android related support brought to you by AndroidSamurai
adb  android  development  linux  mobile  sdk  tools 
february 2011 by seancojr
TechNama — TN is for Technology
TechNama Blog is about Gadgets, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Apps, Softwares, Games, Web , Applications and all sort of Tech updates and Downloads
blog  downloads  games  mobile  pc  technology 
january 2011 by seancojr
Manage all of your dispersed files from any of your devices
anroid  chrome  devices  dropbox  file_sharing  google_docs  mobile  search  storage  synchronization 
january 2011 by seancojr
personal CRM from your inbox and mobile phone - sensobi
Stay on top of your important relationships.

Record notes. Set follow up reminders. See who is falling off your radar. Never lose touch. All from your email inbox.

Sensobi. The future of Personal Relationship Management.
address_book  blackberry  contacts_management  crm  e-mail  follow_up  mobile  phone  reminder 
december 2010 by seancojr
Droid Explorer
A tool to manage your rooted android device with the simplicity of Windows Explorer.
android  mobile  open_source  software  tools  programming 
december 2010 by seancojr
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