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Touchbase - Scheduling Assistant
Personal scheduling assistant for Gmail and Google Apps. It helps you schedule meetings and phones easily, directly from your inbox.
scheduling  calendar  gmail 
april 2013 by seancojr
Smart Calendar Assistant for Gmail | Boomerang Calendar
What if a barely noticeable, unobtrusive tool could boost your email productivity and help you keep your schedule current? That's the promise of Boomerang Calendar
gmail  calendar 
april 2013 by seancojr
CloudMagic - a better life with every search
Put your mind at ease. Magically find anything when you need it the most.
gmail  search  google  cloud  email 
october 2012 by seancojr
Gmail Notifier Pro - Professional Gmail notifier for Windows
Gmail Notifier Pro is a Windows application capable of checking multiple Google Gmail accounts for new mail and display notifications. Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google News, Google Docs, Google+ and RSS/Atom feeds are also supported.
In addition to the Google services, Gmail Notifier Pro provides notifications for the webmail services Microsoft Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail.
gmail  software  windows  webmail  notification 
december 2011 by seancojr
The ultimate backup solution for Google Apps | Backupify
Backupify uses "Cloud" to secure online accounts through backup and archiving services.
backup  cloud  facebook  gmail  google  twitter 
august 2011 by seancojr
GoogSysTray: An app to help manage Google addiction
Googsystray is a system tray app for Google Voice, GMail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, and Google Docs. It notifies on new messages, alerts, etc., and provides basic services quickly.
alerts  apps  calendar  docs  gmail  google  notification  reader  system_tray  voice 
february 2011 by seancojr
Better Gmail with ActiveInbox - Get email under control & get things done
Love email again with the Gmail Plugin that helps you stay on task, achieve inbox zero and GTD, manage projects and turn Gmail into a productivity ...
add-ons  browser  gmail  gtd  organization  plugins  tracking 
january 2011 by seancojr
The Best Gmail Web Apps - Add More Features to Gmail
You can add new features to your Gmail mailbox in multiple ways.
apps  for_suzisshopper  gadgets  gmail  google  labs  web 
december 2010 by seancojr
OtherInbox - Save your Inbox for real people
We create free, innovative tools to make email better. Effortlessly organize the email you want and stop the email you don't. Does your inbox need an upgrade?
antispam  e-mail  inbox  productivity  gmail  tools 
december 2010 by seancojr
Social personalized homepage - the easiest way to read, see, discover and share your favorite things on the Web.
aggregator  ajax  blog  desktop  feed  gmail  homepage  news  pageflakes  portal  reader  rss  social  start_page  technology  tools  web  web2_0  widgets 
december 2010 by seancojr
E-Mail Icon Generator
E-Mail Icon Generator For GMail, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL and many more!
button  design  e-mail  generator  gmail  hotmail  icon  logo  nexodyne  service  signature  tool  tools  web  yahoo 
december 2010 by seancojr
GmailerXP is the be-all-end-all utility app for Google's Gmail service.
e-mail  gmail  google  mail  software  tools  windows 
december 2010 by seancojr
flurry - Mobile email for everyone
FREE Mobile Email and RSS. The fully featured version is completely free--no time limit. Supports Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL and all POP3 and IMAP services. Data traffic is compressed and messages are stored on your phone, saving you time and money. Sign
aol  e-mail  flurry  free  gmail  hotmail  imap  imported  kedavix  mobile  phone  pop3  rss  yahoo 
december 2010 by seancojr

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