seancojr + calculator   16 PX to EM conversion made simple. is px to em conversion made simple. Choose your body font size in pixels (px)and out comes a complete pixel (px) to em conversion table, making elastic web design with CSS a snap.
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march 2011 by seancojr
PocketCAS - Home
PocketCAS is a free interface to the open-source Computer Algebra System giac/xcas. xcas enables you to quickly solve complex algebraic problems, e.g. symbolic and numeric integration and derivation of non-trivial functions, solving differential equations etc. It has also a huge support for problems of linear algebra, like solving linear equation systems, multiplying and inverting matrices, finding eigenvalues (and eigenvectors, of course) and much more. If you do statistics or number theory, you will like xcas' great functionality in those areas, too!
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december 2010 by seancojr
Healthy Weight: Assessing Your Weight: BMI: Adult BMI Calculator: English | DNPAO | CDC
This calculator provides BMI and the corresponding BMI weight status category. Use this calculator for adults, 20 years old and older.
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december 2010 by seancojr
Time Converter
Time Converter, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Desert Hot Springs, Indio, Thermal, Thousand Palms, Rancho Mirage, Coachella Valley, Southern California, computer service, requires JavaScript
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december 2010 by seancojr

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