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Tarot for Hackers - Christine Dodrill
Blog post on the cool intersection between programming and tarot.
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11 days ago by seanclynch
Corner Garage Co-op
Cool, inspiring project for a co-op + mechanics bay.
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5 weeks ago by seanclynch
Fan Is A Tool-Using Animal | Idlewords
Great narrative on fandoms and how they utilize tools.
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9 weeks ago by seanclynch
Cr1tikal's Father's Hobby
A video that reminds us why the internet is amazing.
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october 2018 by seanclynch
What It Takes To Become The World's Best Whistler - YouTube
Amazing commentary on finding your ratpeople and the journey of whistling.
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july 2018 by seanclynch
Jerry's Map
One of my favorite things on the Internet.
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november 2014 by seanclynch
JoergSprave Slingshots
This channel is all about launchers. Most of them are powered by rubber, a fascinating material that converts muscle energy into kinetic energy! But we also ...
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october 2014 by seanclynch
dwarf fortress.txt (dwarfort_txt) on Twitter
The latest from dwarf fortress.txt (@dwarfort_txt).
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september 2014 by seanclynch
Mindcrackers first videos : mindcrack
I haven't seen this done before, so i figured i'd make a list of the mindcrackers first videos I apologize if i messed anything up The list includes...
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september 2014 by seanclynch
Dwarf Fortress - Boatmurdered
Let's Play Dwarf Fortress - Boatmurdered by Various
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august 2014 by seanclynch
▶ A Tale of Internet Spaceships - YouTube
A Tale of Internet Spaceships is a documentary about Icelandic sci-fi MMO game EVE Online, its dedicated community and the sometimes complicated relationship...
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july 2014 by seanclynch
The Holographer : The New Yorker
It’s not an easy time to be a holographer, but Jason Sapan sees himself as preserving a valuable tradition.
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may 2014 by seanclynch
Pallets // Whitewood under Siege
Cabinet Magazine a quarterly of Art and Culture
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may 2014 by seanclynch
Alternative Reddit community.
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february 2014 by seanclynch
Eve Online wages largest war in its 10 year history | Polygon
A massive battle involving more than 2,200 players in main battle is underway in CCP's massively multiplayer online game Eve Online, easily the largest battle in the game's decade-long history,...
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january 2014 by seanclynch
You're invited to John Dunsworth's house for a bit of how-to and a little show-and-tell.
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january 2014 by seanclynch
- is an online community in respect and relation to chip music, art and its parallels.
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december 2013 by seanclynch
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