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Die With Me
Interesting small, novel community that only allows chat at low battery.
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yesterday by seanclynch
Why Some Platforms Thrive and Others Don’t
Great explanation of technical network properties and their latent effects on the community.
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9 weeks ago by seanclynch
Fan Is A Tool-Using Animal | Idlewords
Great narrative on fandoms and how they utilize tools.
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9 weeks ago by seanclynch
Open Collective
Very cool concept for internet-based associations with a budget. I'd like to use/explore this idea a lot more.
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december 2018 by seanclynch
Ask HN: Best Self Hosted Comment System? | Hacker News
Great thread with tons of links to self-hosted comment systems. Strikes me that all of these systems deal with the same basic data structures, yet there are so many solutions. If only the data was transferable btwn domains?
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october 2018 by seanclynch
Kind Communications Guidelines | FSF
Guidelines and mission statements I've learned can be quite valuable to community management, interested to see how this works out.
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october 2018 by seanclynch
Build Your Community |
A website for automatically building community sites. Gotta keep an eye on this one.
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october 2018 by seanclynch
Show HN: Mastodon, a federated microblogging network | Hacker News
The original 'show hn' post for mastodon, the decentralized twitter. Great to see the feedback and initial reaction of internet folks.
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september 2018 by seanclynch
Forum Best Practices (Jive Forums)
Really nice guide on classical online communities with minimal proprietary shenanigans.
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june 2018 by seanclynch
Some kind of hybrid Nextdoor Maps Quora Foursquare beast. Would be interesting to see if it's a long-term google project or quickly abandoned.
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june 2018 by seanclynch
Instances — The Fediverse Network
Really cool site, a search engine of the decentralized web. Fun to peek around - there should be a stumbleupon-like site for this.
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june 2018 by seanclynch
Talkyard is an open source q&a, discussion and chat platform. Seems aimed at the same crowd as disqus, discourse and co. (but open source).
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may 2018 by seanclynch
StumbleUpon is Closing after 16 Years
Interesting HN discussion on StumbleUpon and old-web discoverability and its modern counterparts.
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may 2018 by seanclynch
Hubzilla Development
A lot going on with this page, but I'm definitely intrigued.
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may 2018 by seanclynch
What Good Is ‘Community’ When Someone Else Makes All the Rules? | Hacker News
Excellent discussion about online communities and the more nebulous definition of community in general.
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may 2018 by seanclynch
The Sierra Network - The Digital Antiquarian
Really cool blog post on the history of the Sierra Network, with an interesting approach to visualizing a digital community.
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may 2018 by seanclynch
Hello: A new social network founded by Orkut's creator | Hacker News
HN discussion about Hello, great feedback about what techies want out of a social network.
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may 2018 by seanclynch
Don’t Fix Facebook, Replace It | Hacker News
Excellent discussion on the state of Facebook in early 2018. Decentralization and P2P are clearly a trend in the tech community.
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may 2018 by seanclynch
Hypertext Town
Intriguing community software - harkening back to Tilde Community I think. But definitely going to keep an eye on it.
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may 2018 by seanclynch - Home
Forums for Hackernews folks. Interesting idea, more discussion here:
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may 2018 by seanclynch
Short messages with people within 1km of you. Very similar to some previous ideas. More discussion:
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may 2018 by seanclynch
e1ven/Tavern: Tavern
Mentioned in a hackernews comment, sounds right up my alley.
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may 2018 by seanclynch
A forum/twitter-like chat client for communities.
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may 2018 by seanclynch
Open Collective
A new way for organizations to form and do business. Has some potential for code for philly maybe?
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may 2018 by seanclynch
A distributed social network built with IPFS and ethereum.
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may 2018 by seanclynch
Philly Makers Map
This page demonstrates a chunk of the philly tech community, in a map-based interface. Also see
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may 2018 by seanclynch
What brings you to Hubski?
Some internal discussion on the best parts of Hubski.
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april 2018 by seanclynch
Reddit's r/Place: The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny - YouTube
This gave some serious goosebumps, an internet anthem - memorializing one of the best stories of reddit.
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april 2018 by seanclynch
Fediverse Party
Great site with limited info about a bunch of different decentralized social networks.
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march 2018 by seanclynch
Create a community and keep them engaged, interesting interface.
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january 2018 by seanclynch
Still thinking/looking at this one.
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january 2018 by seanclynch
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