toolpath generation in your browser
cnc  gcode  js  cam  svg  toolpath 
4 weeks ago
cncjs | cncjs
simple Javascript cnc controller
CNC  javascript 
4 weeks ago
98-242 NPPL old programming languages
let's build a simple fortran compiler!!!
july 2017
convert simple bitmaps to C header definitions
bitmap  code  arduino 
july 2017
firmware updater for linux
linux  firmware  device 
may 2017
Internet Archive: download.info.apple.com
all of Apple's FTP site, circa late 2012
mac  classic 
february 2017
BASIC Computer Games
most of the first book of David Ahl's "BASIC Computer Games"
basic  ahl  games  retrocomputing 
december 2016
old doc from compuserve
dithering  graphics 
december 2016
awesome arduino noise library
arduino  audio  library  teensy3 
october 2016
ESP8266 BASIC - Home
interactive basic interpreter for ESP8266
esp8266  basic 
september 2016
Arduino Snippets: DL1414 LED Character Display | The Smell of Molten Projects in the Morning
Ed's rather nice writeup on using these; uses dual shift registers (74HC595)
2416  arduino 
august 2016
8080/Z80 Instruction Set
the grand 8080/Z80 Instruction Set comparison
z80  8080  amstrad  speccy  cp/m 
august 2016
Interfacing a Siemens DL2416T | Arduous
programming for the 2416 display - NOT SUPER USEFUL
led  2416  ascii  alphanumeric 
august 2016
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