This Company Could Be Your Next Teacher: Coursera Plots A Massive Future For Online Education
Maggioncalda is also betting on a major expansion in Coursera’s full-degree programs, launched under Levin. It now offers a bachelor’s in computer science from the University of London and 11 master’s degrees, including an “iMBA” from the highly ranked Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois for $20,000, compared with $82,000 an out-of-state student pays on campus. Its university partners say the online degrees aren’t siphoning away brick-and-mortar students but rather attracting nontraditional students who otherwise wouldn’t enroll. “We’ve tapped into a whole different market,” says Gies dean Jeffrey Brown. While Gies’ on-campus program can enroll only 100 MBA students at a time, since the online division launched two years ago it has registered nearly 1,800 students, most of them in their 30s and well into their careers.

Coursera cofounder Andrew Ng co-chairs the board and still teaches Coursera classes on artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Coursera cofounder Andrew Ng co-chairs the board and still teaches Coursera classes on artificial intelligence and machine learning.NHAT MEYER

In offering full degrees, Coursera is challenging an established competitor, 2U, a publicly traded company based in Lanham, Maryland. 2U has built a market cap of $3.7 billion on revenue of $350 million developing 64 online degrees, mostly master’s programs, for 34 universities. It keeps 60% or more of tuition revenue, which supports a marketing team of 250 people. By contrast, Coursera, which charges schools less than half of tuition revenue, relies on its vast user base for marketing.
2 days ago
Study claims Airbnb is great for your neighborhood’s economy, if it’s predominantly white - The Verge
100j Neighborhoods with a booming population of Airbnb guests typically did see a growth in people working for local restaurants, along with a surge in the share of Yelp reviews, which was a measure the researchers used to reconfirm their employment findings. But these findings didn’t carry over into the neighborhoods that were predominantly populated by people of color, even if Airbnb rental numbers were just as high.

The reason, as Rahman told The Washington Post, might be because an “uncomfortable reality” is that some visitors might be less inclined to walk around and check out the local businesses in these neighborhoods, even though they might be drawn to how affordable the housing is. Instead, Rahman
6 days ago
An Investor Argues for ‘Faster + Cheaper’ Education. Does His Formula Add Up? - The Chronicle of Higher Education
I’m acutely aware of this. As I say in the book, I start each chapter with (what I think is) a funny college story as an elegy to what might be lost with faster and cheaper alternatives. I enumerate the potential losses as fun, discovery, serendipity, and an educated citizenry, and discuss each in turn. But my main point is that we cannot afford to revisit the economic plight of millennials on Generation Z and future generations. Millennials have fallen behind prior generations in terms of income, wealth, home ownership, new business creation. It shouldn’t be a surprise that, as a generation, millennials have lost faith in capitalism, and don’t think socialism would be so bad.

The Future of Work

So, in economic terms, the patient is bleeding out on the table. It’s a situation that calls for triage. And the first order of business is to address the economic situation — to make sure students are graduating into good jobs, without too much (or hopefully any) debt. This calls for faster and cheaper alternatives. The other things are critically important, but — as in triage — we
10 days ago
Rifts Break Open at Facebook Over Kavanaugh Hearing - The New York Times
The latest trouble began a week ago, with the testimony of Dr. Blasey and Judge Kavanaugh in Congress. As Judge Kavanaugh testified, one face stood out to Facebook employees: Sitting two rows behind the judge was Mr. Kaplan, a former senior adviser to George W. Bush who had joined the company in a policy role in 2011 and heads up the social network’s Washington office. He had been hired to help counterbalance Facebook’s perception as left-leaning.

Tweets about Mr. Kaplan at the hearing immediately began circulating among Facebook message boards such as “Women @ Facebook,” a communications chat room called “Just Flagging,” and a group called “Wait, what?” where employees can ask public relations questions. Many employees had one query: Why was Mr. Kaplan there, front and center?

“Let’s assume for a minute that our VP of Policy understands how senate hearings work,” one program manager said in a post about Mr. Kaplan that was reviewed by The Times. “His seat choice was intentional, knowing full well that journalists would identify every public figure appearing behind Kavanaugh. He knew that this would cause outrage internally, but he knew that he couldn’t get fired for it. This was a protest against our culture, and a slap in the face to his fellow employees.”
12 days ago
The Suffocation of Democracy | by Christopher R. Browning | The New York Review of Books
The fascist movements of that time prided themselves on being overtly antidemocratic, and those that came to power in Italy and Germany boasted that their regimes were totalitarian. The most original revelation of the current wave of authoritarians is that the construction of overtly antidemocratic dictatorships aspiring to totalitarianism is unnecessary for holding power. Perhaps the most apt designation of this new authoritarianism is the insidious term “illiberal democracy.” Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey, Putin in Russia, Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines, and Viktor Orbán in Hungary have all discovered that opposition parties can be left in existence and elections can be held in order to provide a fig leaf of democratic legitimacy, while in reality elections pose scant challenge to their power. Truly dangerous opposition leaders are neutralized or eliminated one way or another.

Total control of the press and other media is likewise unnecessary, since a flood of managed and fake news so pollutes the flow of information that facts and truth become irrelevant as shapers of public opinion. Once-independent judiciaries are gradually dismantled through selective purging and the appointment of politically reliable loyalists. Crony capitalism opens the way to a symbiosis of corrupti
13 days ago
Why Amazon is fighting for $15
The difference, I think, reflects Bezos’s besting Mark Zuckerberg when it comes to command of American politics. Amazon’s bet is essentially that Republicans will appoint pro-business ideologues to regulatory agencies and the federal judiciary no matter what, so corporate America is basically golden with a GOP administration in power regardless of any particular company’s public image. Zuckerberg, by contrast, is bending over backward to make sure his platform is friendly to right-wing propaganda broadcasts as if he thinks that will earn him some favors
15 days ago
the geography of friends
Use in 189 to see how ties work -- and how they map across states.
20 days ago
Opinion | Through a glass, darkly - Livemint
The Faraar ending was even more perplexing. The bandaged Bachchan ghost whom I thought only I had seen (and had long been haunted by) turned out to be a widowed grandmother dressed in a white sari, who picks up the boy and holds him in her arms, turning away from the camera, in the last shot. Looking at the scene in the light of day, on YouTube, I couldn’t for the life of me see how I had been fooled; apart from the child and the old woman, Sharmila Tagore and Sanjeev Kumar were in the scene too, and the camera kept cutting to their reactions. There was nothing ambiguous about it.
20 days ago
Almost Human: The Surreal, Cyborg Future of Telemarketing - The Atlantic
How telemarketing is being reinvented with humans using bots and scripts
4 weeks ago
Opinion | ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ Is a Myth - The New York Times
For the most part, though, the Democratic agenda remains decidedly center-left: Raise taxes on the rich, and use the money to help the middle class and poor. Protect civil rights. Expand educational access. Regulate Wall Street, and fight climate change. Expand health insurance using the current system. And compromise with Republicans when necessary.

The radical agenda is the Republican agenda: Make climate change worse, unlike almost every other conservative party in the world. Aggravate inequality. Sabotage health-insurance markets. Run up the deficit. Steal a Supreme Court seat. Keep dark-skinned citizens from voting. Protect Trump’s lawlessness.

If you consider yourself a moderate — whether you lean slightly right or slightly left — your choice in this year’s midterms is clear.
4 weeks ago
Opinion | We’re Measuring the Economy All Wrong - The New York Times
Wow! Great piece on how we need new statistics. Use in 100g on statistics
polarization  teaching 
5 weeks ago
The Policymakers Saved the Financial System. And America Never Forgave Them. - The New York Times
Great piece by Neil Irwin on how the policy-makers succeeded and failed at the same time; they had the right right policies but they failed to control the public meanings
5 weeks ago
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