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TtH • Story • Trinity, by faithunbreakable
Their heads next to each other on the pillow look like night, blood and bleached bones, like chocolate, cinnamon and honey and they make him feel strange and free. [7109]
He slumps against Charlie, too tired suddenly to stand on his own two feet and he laughs. He laughs and laughs and laughs until a soft hand steers his face downward and she asks, Why are you laughing?

He bites back a gasp and stumbles half a step between them and says, I’m too afraid to cry.
fic  b:harrypotter  crossover  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:hp:harry  c:hp:charlie  c:btvs:buffy  theme:angst  theme:h/c  theme:firstkiss  theme:dating  theme:lowselfesteem  theme:love  theme:destiny  p:xvr:buffy/charlie/harry  p:xvr:buffy/charlie  ge:het  ge:multi  mood:quietdesperation  r:pg-13  a:pprfaith  @tth 
november 2014 by scorpionvoices
TtH • Story • Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow
When she wakes in the desert, her first thought is that she must have been out longer than she thought. The last thing she remembers is the quickening of the head hunter that challenged her and then…she died. Stab wound in the gut. And faithful as ever, her hated immortality brought her back. No matter how many times Willow apologizes, Buffy doesn’t think she will ever forgive her friend.

But the fact remains that she wakes not in the alley she died in but in the desert, far from civilization with the faint smell of ozone lingering around her. With a grimace she stands and starts walking in a straight line and random direction. [32,802]
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  crossover  tv:highlander  c:btvs:buffy  c:hl:methos  c:hl:kronos  c:hl:silas  c:hl:caspian  c:hl:duncan  c:hl:joe  theme:stranded  theme:timetravel  theme:immortality  theme:angst  theme:grief  theme:growingold  theme:h/c  theme:love  theme:survival  theme:totherescue!  theme:selfrescue  theme:competency!!!  theme:gods  p:xvr:buffy/methos  ge:het  ge:drama  r:pg-13  a:pprfaith  @tth 
november 2014 by scorpionvoices
they're all blood, you see - minutes to years . Wishlist 2010 . Day 14
Sam wanted normal, all his life, he dreamed of normal. Normal has become sacred in Dean’s mind. Lisa’s normal has become sacred. So he ran. Hunted again even though he swore he never would but what else does he have? The inventory of his life is as follows: One car, cherry condition. One body, slightly abused. One mind, a lot abused. One trunk full of weapons, well used. And one brother, dead.

He makes himself think that word a lot. Dead. It feels empty.
She’s the real reason he stopped counting minutes. He just wishes… he wishes he could have met her before. He wishes she could have known him when he was still a man, instead of this fucked up human shaped piece of clockwork, counting, counting, counting.
ficlet  tv:supernatural  crossover  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:spn:dean  c:btvs:buffy  theme:angst  theme:grief  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:h/c  theme:PTSD  p:xvr:buffy/dean  ge:het  mood:quietdesperation  r:pg-13  a:pprfaith  @lj 
november 2014 by scorpionvoices
Canceling the Apocalypse - Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup) - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
The PPDC had figured out that the kaiju had been here before; what they didn't know was that they were actually Old Ones, the footsoldiers of ancient demon gods. That made them Slayer territory. But even a Slayer can't fight a hurricane alone. [20,200]
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  au:fusion  m:pacificrim  c:btvs:buffy  c:btvs:faith  c:pr:raleigh  c:pr:yancy  c:pr:chuck  theme:fix-it  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:snark  theme:injury  theme:h/c  theme:foundfamily  theme:HEA  warning:characterdeath-sortof  genre:gen  r:pg-13  a:jedi_buttercup  @ao3 
august 2013 by scorpionvoices
Clint/Coulson Prompt Meme - Round 1
Darcy is a Slayer; Coulson is her Watcher. Clint is *supposed* to be the dark, haunted, vampiric love interest, but that's kind of hard to manage when he's so busy stalking Coulson and trying to get him into bed.
u:marvel  m:Avengers12  au:fusion  tv:buffythevampireslayer  post:unfilled  challenge:kinkmeme 
may 2012 by scorpionvoices
drsquidlove: New York
Xander is thirty-seven. Divorced. Two kids. 4000 miles from Sunnydale and his Hellmouth childhood. Also, straight. Only someone forgot to tell Giles. In fact... where the hell is Giles? [142,733]
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  post-series  unread 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
reremouse: Essentially A Partnership
"A life of danger suits Harris. A life on the run. A life on the gray edge of the law. Bounties. Safehouses. Espionage.

And the better class of lawn mowers."

Spike and Xander work well together, and Spike thinks they should expand the partnership to include other forms of entertainment than breaking 15 year old girls out of Reform Schools and stealing the odd talisman.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  tobetagged 
march 2011 by scorpionvoices
tigs: Sticks & Stones (The Fractured Fairytale Remix)
Fairytales didn't end with Little Red Riding Hood's best friend hanging out in the back of the Big Bad Wolf's van, drinking lukewarm Pepsi while watching the wolf strum his guitar, black-painted fingernails picking out chord after chord over and over again.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  oneshot  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:oz  c:btvs:willow  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:werewolves  p:btvs:oz/xander  genre:slash  author:tigs  remix  rating:pg-13  @lj 
january 2011 by scorpionvoices
See Noir Evil, by MMcGregor
They say Xander killed them all. They say Xander’s crazy. Xander says he’s crazy too. It’s only Xander’s imaginary friend who says otherwise. [192,299 words]
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  tobetagged 
january 2011 by scorpionvoices
julia_here: Five Things Xander Harris Didn’t Realize He’d Miss About Sunnydale
His good sixteen ounce by sixteen inch fiberglass handled hammer, the hammer he’d borrowed money from Willow to buy before his first day working construction, the hammer he’d broken in so that the face was beveled exactly right and every time he hit a nail it went straight in, no dings, no rosebuds. It was somewhere in the Sunnydale Crater, hanging from the loop of his carpenter’s apron, on the floor behind the driver’s seat where he’d dropped it after making the last repair to whatever it was at Buffy’s house.

He’d been in Africa for less than a week when he realized that life there demanded a hammer as much as a stake, a hand axe, and a good book of topographic maps, but it took him nearly a month to find one he liked even a little. It was still cold and stiff to his hand, and sometimes the blows went wrong and bent a nail or dented a board. Xander swore that the next time he had a good hammer, it was coming with him to the Apocalypse, no matter how silly it looked.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  post-series  c:btvs:xander  characterstudy  worldbuilding  theme:futurefic  theme:grief  theme:growingup  genre:gen  rating:pg  style:fivethings  @lj 
november 2010 by scorpionvoices
Ethan has always rather liked circuses.

Despite the often militaristic degree of order needed to make the shows go off with as few hitches as possible, there's always something... just a bit closer to his tastes. [2958]
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  crossover  co:x-men  oneshot  c:btvs:ethan  c:xmen:kurt  crossoverpairing  kink:powers  warning:dub-con  trope:sexpollen  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  length:short  author:te  @glassonion 
november 2010 by scorpionvoices
32 Short Fics About Xander Harris, by nwhepcat
Cruising through Xander's life in Sunnydale, and on into Cleveland, one hundred words at a time. A riff on "32 Short Films About Glenn Gould." ||||


It's the second time she's called his name.

"He's not coming back," Xander says. He stares at his hand, the pencil bumping along underneath.

"Oh," she says softly. "Thank you, Xander." She asks no questions.

They never do.

He can't believe he's never noticed that before.
fic  drabbles  tv:buffythevampireslayer  missingscene  post-series  c:btvs:xander  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:grief  theme:injury  genre:gen  rating:r  opinion:sad  favs:btvs/ats 
october 2010 by scorpionvoices
reremouse & savoytruffle: In From The Cold
In From The Cold is an all human AU set in a nameless big city. Twenty-year-old Xander Harris has been on his own for years. He lives in a run down building, one bedroom apartment which isn't much - but it's his. He meets and befriends a homeless young Englishman named William who comes with unexpected complications - named Spike. Xander's life is about to get more complicated than he ever expected.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  au:realworld  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:spike  c:btvs:william  OT3  theme:runningaway  theme:grief  theme:love  theme:first-time  theme:friendship  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  length:novel  quality:good  author:reremouse  author:savoytruffle  theme:angst  @lj 
june 2010 by scorpionvoices
ship_manifesto: 'A couple of guys': Oz, Xander, and What Could Be
Oz and Xander are a study in contrasts and relationality. Signifier and signified, green eggs and ham, chords major and minor, dork and loner, talkative and meditative, hyena and wolf. They are doubles of each other, but this is not to say that they are opposites. In a social group that includes, at various times, Giles, Angel, and Spike, Oz and Xander are more alike -- in age, outlook, and loyalty -- than not.
tv:buffythevampireslayer  post:manifesto  post:primer  p:btvs:oz/xander  post:meta  episoderelated  opinion:sweet  @lj 
march 2010 by scorpionvoices
reremouse: Fifteen Minutes In The Very Exciting Life Of The Modern Watcher
Warnings: Domesticity, a lack of direction, no plot, no climax, no bacon and eggs. || Xander wanders, appealingly naked, back into the bedroom. "So what's on today's agenda, Watcher Prime?" "Watching." And currently appreciating the view. "Very funny." Xander hitches his jeans closed and zips them.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  post-series  c:btvs:giles  c:btvs:xander  dialogue  hilarity  theme:dorksinlove  theme:domesticity  theme:establishedrelationship  p:btvs:giles/xander  genre:slash  author:reremouse  rating:pg-13  opinion:sweet  @lj 
february 2010 by scorpionvoices
delilah_joy: The Twinkie Affair
Could also be called the Twinkie Seduction. In which Giles accidentally (probably) uses Twinkies as a sign of affection, and Xander is soooo onto him.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  post-series  c:btvs:giles  c:btvs:xander  theme:comingout  humor  theme:boysaredorks  genre:slash  rating:pg  p:btvs:giles/xander  theme:angst  @lj 
february 2010 by scorpionvoices
kindkit: Unaccommodated Man
Summary: Of monsters and men. **Notes: Remember the bit in "Phases" where wolf!Oz attacks Giles, Buffy, and Willow? Well, this story presumes that Giles got bitten in that attack.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  tobetagged 
february 2010 by scorpionvoices
reremouse: Wet (Things to do in Denver when you're dead)
Warnings: Post-apocalypse, rallying humanity, mules, goats, boats, eels, a sense of humor, steam, a train, a tent, word games and a lot of rain. **"When the world ended, it wasn't so much an end as a line in the sand the world double dog dared him to cross. It wasn't fire and brimstone, nukes and international warfare. It was...wet. It was the world waking up from a long nap in the sun and shaking itself like a dog with fleas, then plunging into cool running water to wash away the unwary rabble. The world ended with earthquakes, sinking land masses, a flood. And began wet."
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  au:future  post-apocolypse  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:spike  theme:vampires  p:btvs:spike/xander  theme:establishedrelationship  humor  theme:shenanigans  genre:slash  author:reremouse  rating:pg-13  @lj 
december 2009 by scorpionvoices
reremouse: At Ease
Warnings: Riley, Graham, Riley/Graham, maple doughnuts, post limb-loss, a homeless vet and the persistence of getting up again. [I adore this version of Riley, who is not in any way uptight, and who is more of a spastic, lovable figure.]
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  post-series  c:btvs:riley  c:btvs:graham  theme:injury  theme:comingout  theme:DADT  theme:friendship  theme:firstkiss  genre:slash  favs:btvs/ats  author:reremouse  rating:pg-13  @lj 
december 2009 by scorpionvoices
stoptocheer: The Mind and the Heart: A Giles/Xander Manifesto
It's a wonder, when you think about it, that Giles and Xander, two of the core four of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, don't get slashed a lot more than they do. It seems like when it comes to shipping the two of them, fandom members have two major objections to the idea. The first is that it's wrong because Giles is Xander's father figure. Most Giles/Xander shippers, it seems, accept this as gospel and work past it somehow. Which is great, but I disagree with the concept entirely.
post:manifesto  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:giles  p:btvs:giles/xander  post:meta  genre:slash  for-amanda  opinion:awesome  @lj 
december 2009 by scorpionvoices
reremouse: Comics, Cosmetics and Coconut Slick
So basically, William and Xander were High School sweethearts. When William went away to London for a study abroad program and Xander stayed in Sunnydale to start his own business, they promised to remain faithful. They've talked to each other every day since. Today, William's coming home. Surprises await Xander. || Written for the [info]bloodclaim 2005 Color, Sound and Random Object Ficathon for [info]tjgoldstein who asked for human AU, adult rating, the color ginger, a barking dog, a tampon, human William, Xander's parents being accepting of his relationship. No perfect first time sex, no *mine!* sex.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  au:realworld  c:btvs:xander  theme:shenanigans  hilarity  genre:smut  p:btvs:spike/xander  theme:love  theme:establishedrelationship  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  favs:btvs/ats  author:reremouse  theme:angst  opinion:sweet  @lj 
december 2009 by scorpionvoices
mireille719: The Full Xander Harris Experience
"We hang out," Xander said. "And then you'll understand that I'm completely serious when I tell you that I am one hundred percent, completely and totally, straight." / "You're one hundred percent, completely and totally, insane."
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  tobetagged 
december 2009 by scorpionvoices
ship_manifesto: “We Go Back”: Giles/Ethan
One thing I’ve found about RPGs is they are very emotionally involving, and to play one character falling in love with another, you must get into their mind and their heart and see that character through their eyes. Thus, you tend to fall in love as well. And so I fell for Ethan. And I think, to truly love G/E, you must love Ethan. It helps to love Giles, of course, but Ethan is what makes or breaks the ‘ship in one’s heart. Giles/Ethan is his story, it is his undying and possibly hopeless love and obsession.
post:manifesto  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:giles  c:btvs:ethan  genre:slash  @lj 
december 2009 by scorpionvoices
greatforce: Night Mail
Xander, Oz, and a late night train ride, all covered in an ambiance of warmth and movement and gentle motion. Delicious.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:oz  p:btvs:oz/xander  theme:establishedrelationship  post-series  length:short  opinion:beautiful  theme:comingout  genre:slash  rating:r  oneshot  @lj 
december 2009 by scorpionvoices
yin_again: voices carry
"The Masai tribesmen told me that hyenas are capable of understanding human speech. They follow humans around by day, learning their names. At night, when the campfire dies, they call out to a person. Once they separate him, the pack devours them." ~The Pack ||| Spike swears he's seen Xander Harris lurking about, swears it. He thinks he sees a flash of dark hair, tanned skin; a glimpse of a tall man with an eyepatch, and how many of those do you see in L.A.? But he turns quickly toward those flashes and nothing's there. Vaunted vampire senses don't help...super sharp eyes and the sense of smell God gave a shark don't seem to make any difference and after a few days it's starting to get on his nerves.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  post-series  c:btvs:spike  p:btvs:spike/xander  theme:feral  genre:smut  theme:first-time  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  @privatearchive 
november 2009 by scorpionvoices
yin_again: the expanding universe
Xander's tiny, sly smile turned into a big, sly grin, and it made him look... dangerous. Dangerous and a little mean. And hot. And somehow the universe knew that Spike had a thing for dangerous and mean and hot, and that thing was located in his pants.
ficlet  tv:buffythevampireslayer  au  c:btvs:spike  theme:firstkiss  p:btvs:spike/xander  hilarity  genre:slash  rating:r  length:short  opinion:awesome  @privatearchive  author:yin_again 
november 2009 by scorpionvoices
savoytruffle & reremouse: Tango
Xander was out of witty one liners about being beside himself. Feeling like half a man. Having a handsome devil for a roommate.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  au:justalittledifferent  c:btvs:xander  trope:doppleganger  kink  theme:first-time  humor  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  author:savoytruffle  author:reremouse  episoderelated  @lj 
october 2009 by scorpionvoices
Accidental, by ladycat777
“Um. Hi?” Willow is as red as her hair, the flush covering not just her face but her neck, and shoulders, and most of her breasts. Which still aren’t covered up.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  hilarity  tobetagged 
october 2009 by scorpionvoices
the pearl: freak show
I built this cage over fifty years ago, y'know. The wood's still the same from when I had my first geek, back when we toured all over the South and the Plains with a sharp eye and a wide smile. The chains are loose and rusty, but that's okay, 'cause they're just for show. If you're gonna have a wildman in the show, you gotta have the chains, even if he's the most mild-mannered one you've met, even with that goddamned scary half-dog half-man face of his
ficlet  tv:buffythevampireslayer  style:outsidePOV  post-series  c:btvs:oz  worldbuilding  genre:gen  author:dympha  rating:pg-13 
october 2009 by scorpionvoices
The Proof Series, by Karen
This is the story of a boy named Xander who thinks he might be gay. This is also the story of a boy named Oz who thinks he might be gay. But without any real angst. No break ups.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  unread 
october 2009 by scorpionvoices
puca dentata: Shadow Boxing
Xander lets the door fall shut behind him, sending metal echoes through the stairwell. It seems to have taken him a moment, as it always does, to come to some sort of decision. Oz mentally cusses at Xander, because he knows that once Xander has made up his mind in something, it's damn hard to deter him.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:oz  worldbuilding  theme:friendship  humor  p:btvs:oz/xander  genre:slash  quality:good  happyending  theme:angst  rating:pg-13 
october 2009 by scorpionvoices
sheila: Halycon and On and On
Oz didn't smile, quite. "I have no sense of humor." Xander did smile. "You're so full of it." "I'm insulted." He still didn't smile. "I am full of nothing. I'm totally, utterly innocent. And humorless. I am the human equivalent of oatmeal."
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  au:justalittledifferent  c:btvs:xander  p:btvs:oz/xander  humor  theme:undercover  theme:friendship  genre:slash  quality:good  favs:btvs/ats  rating:pg-13 
october 2009 by scorpionvoices
The Girl Series, by Pet
Spike unexpectedly turns into a girl. After indulging in a good panic, he decides to make the most of it.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:spike  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:ensemble  trope:sexswap  hilarity  theme:seduction  p:btvs:spike/xander  genre:het  rating:nc-17  opinion:hawt 
september 2009 by scorpionvoices
van shopping
Xander stopped and stared at him. "Let me get this straight. You came all the way out here, sold your van, and unless you buy a new one — today — you're not gonna be able to get home?" Oz shrugged. "Pretty much covers it." Xander gaped. "But...But what if you don't find a van?" Oz shrugged again. "Don't know," he said. He looked towards the vans again. "Never happened before..."
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:oz  p:btvs:oz/xander  length:short  missingscene  genre:slash  rating:pg  theme:firstkiss  humor 
august 2009 by scorpionvoices
Something Worthwhile, by Mhalachai
"Are these people worth killing for?"

Teyla slowed. She deliberately put her arms to her sides. "These are people worth dying for."

And now Faith had her answer.

"Why are you here?" Teyla asked softly.

Faith switched the grip on the stick in her right hand, holding it like a stake. "Maybe I'm looking for something worth dying for." [10,978]
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  post-series  crossover  tv:stargateatlantis  c:btvs:faith  theme:friendship  theme:injury  theme:shenanigans  humor  genre:gen  author:mhalachai  theme:angst  rating:pg-13  @wraithbait 
august 2009 by scorpionvoices
Dr. Livingston, I Presume?
Once or twice, after they discovered exactly what Tara meant to Willow, and they discovered exactly why it was Oz had wolfed out and attacked her, Buffy and Xander had asked a question. Did Willow think that Oz would have reacted in the way he did if Tara had been another guy? Was it somehow worse for him because he'd lost Willow to a woman? She answered only that she knew for certain Oz didn't care about that sort of thing. It was the fact he'd lost her, no matter to whom, and that was that. When they asked her just how she could know for *certain* she would just smile and say she did.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:willow  c:btvs:oz  p:btvs:oz/willow  humor  kink:voyeurism  kink:publicsex  genre:het  genre:slash  rating:r  length:short  theme:love  missingscene  episoderelated 
august 2009 by scorpionvoices
The Giles Thing series, by drsquidlove
Xander meets the teenaged Ripper, and his relationship with Rupert Giles will never be the same again. This is kind of an ode to that look Xander gets in his eye when his life is imploding.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:giles  theme:timetravel  hilarity  theme:snark  theme:first-time  length:novel  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  theme:angst  tobetagged 
july 2009 by scorpionvoices
twigcollins: summertime and the living's easy
A portrait of post-series Andrew with all his baggage and insecurities, all his bravery and guilt. He doesn't know how to move forward, and it makes my heart hurt for how he thinks that he's coping.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  post-series  c:btvs:andrew  worldbuilding  theme:grief  genre:gen  quality:good  theme:angst  rating:pg-13 
june 2009 by scorpionvoices
umad learns sumerian
"I want to learn Sumerian," she said. "A ton of the stuff that's really old and important for research is in it, and I can never find translations." The rest of them don't think about it but one of these days life or death is going to come down to having someone who can read cuneiform. And she'll be ready.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:dawn  worldbuilding  opinion:interesting  genre:gen  quality:good  episoderelated  rating:pg-13  @privatearchive 
june 2009 by scorpionvoices
kaygrr: Survivors
After the events of Chosen, the survivors from Sunnydale end up at a hotel, looking to rest and recuperate. At the same time, Scott Summers, needing some time to himself, needs some time alone and ends up in California. He checks into a hotel and notices something strange about the other guests…
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  crossover  m:x-men1&2&3  u:marvel  c:btvs:xander  c:xmen:scott  c:xmen:logan  ot3  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  theme:friendship  theme:clueless  theme:love  quality:good  favs:crossover  theme:angst  opinion:awesome  @lj 
june 2009 by scorpionvoices
Good Guy Bad Guy series
In a post-Chosen, post-NFA, non-comic canon compliant world, Xander's working with the Council and Spike's working with Angel. Somehow they keep running into each other.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  p:btvs:spike/xander  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:clueless  humor  theme:boysaredorks  genre:slash  rating:r  author:reremouse  series  @lj 
october 2008 by scorpionvoices
Cuddly Predators
Xander brings home a kitten, and suddenly it seems like Spike is spending a lot more time around him. But is he interested in the kitten, or something else? Very cute - definitely fluff, but I enjoyed the characterizations. Linked to the first part, but all parts are linked together.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:xander  p:btvs:spike/xander  c:btvs:spike  theme:romance  humor  hilarity  theme:first-time  theme:clueless  genre:slash  rating:r  favs:btvs/ats  author:entrenous88  @lj 
september 2008 by scorpionvoices
Cracking Code Giles
Xander was proud that after a year of sharing the man’s bed every night, he was one of the few people who could claim to read and speak fluent Giles, even crypto Giles. Post ep for the S4 episode "Doomed" and a fanfic of a fanfic, specifically Antennapedia's wonderful Apples, Oranges, and Pears. [5300]
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:giles  p:btvs:giles/xander  theme:injury  theme:h/c  theme:love  genre:slash  oneshot  favs:btvs/ats  rating:pg-13  opinion:sweet  @privatearchive 
september 2008 by scorpionvoices
That just went to show how much Xander knew - or didn't know. He didn't even know sheep could have tails, and yet here he was, heading off to become a real watcher. There was just something wrong there. Or possibly a whole lot of things. [sequel to Watchmen]
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:giles  theme:first-time  genre:drama  theme:destiny  humor  theme:h/c  theme:friendship  genre:slash  rating:r  quality:good  for-kayla  @lj 
september 2008 by scorpionvoices
Xander finds out what it means to be a watcher and seriously considers going back to being the guy who fixes the windows.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:giles  genre:drama  pre-slash  theme:friendship  quality:good  theme:angst  rating:pg-13  @lj 
september 2008 by scorpionvoices
Faith shows up in Sunnydale with her watcher, Wesley, and a pissed off Kakistos on their tail.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  au:justalittledifferent  c:btvs:giles  c:ats:wesley  tobetagged 
september 2008 by scorpionvoices
Changes, by Tabaqui
AU. Epic retelling of Buffy - Season 4 on. Xander and Spike fall in love. They begin to build their own "pack" including Oz, Tara and Dawn, as they search for a place to call home. Very long and heavy on the telepathic love thing, but I like it anyway
fic  au:justalittledifferent  OT3  OT4  theme:pack  quality:good  k:blood/knifeplay  favs:btvs/ats  tv:buffythevampireslayer  p:btvs:spike/xander  length:long  c:btvs:oz  theme:feral  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  author:tabaqui 
august 2008 by scorpionvoices
Out of Africa
It was inevitable that sooner or later, Xander Harris would end up in charge of a houseful of Slayers.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  theme:futurefic  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:spike  post-series  theme:PTSD  theme:friendship  genre:slash  rating:r  multichaptered 
june 2008 by scorpionvoices
Snakes in a Crypt
Spike shrieks and jumps like a surprised cat. He ends up clinging upside down to the ceiling. Xander looks down at the snakes slithering around his feet and then looks up at Spike and wishes he was a vampire too. Vampires were springy.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:spike  p:btvs:spike/xander  hilarity  LOLZ  theme:shenanigans  genre:slash  rating:r  for-kayla  author:suki_blue  @lj 
may 2008 by scorpionvoices
This One Time in Egypt..., by frkwerewolf
One moment he was sitting next to a pyramid and the next he had some feral looking redhead pinning him to the ground. Xander had a feeling his vacation had just turned interesting. Written for a friend at my livejournal. Xander/Bill.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  crossover  b:harrypotter  c:btvs:xander  c:hp:bill  crossoverpairing  humor  theme:feral  genre:slash  rating:r  favs:crossover  theme:werewolves  p:xvr:bill/xander  @tth 
april 2008 by scorpionvoices
Some of Xander's more primitive instincts are coming to the surface, leaving Giles to deal with something he's always wanted but never expected.
fic  theme:UST  theme:first-time  theme:friendship  a:10thmuse  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:giles  theme:feral  p:btvs:giles/xander  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  @privatearchive  note:retag 
february 2008 by scorpionvoices
There were times, Giles decided, when being the ‘adult’ of the group well and truly sucked, as his erstwhile charges liked to say. He watched as the girls fussed over and tickled Xander, who had no shame and clearly enjoyed the attention.
fic  post-series  theme:UST  theme:first-time  humor  a:10thmuse  theme:angst  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:giles  p:btvs:giles/xander  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  @privatearchive  note:retag 
february 2008 by scorpionvoices
Civilised Conversations
The boys take a walk and Spike discovers something about Xander, and something about himself. Mid Chosen.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:spike  theme:friendship  humor  quality:good  worldbuilding  genre:slash  rating:pg-13 
january 2008 by scorpionvoices
Oz asks for Xander's help and Xander learns about Oz, the wolf, and sense memory/memory sense.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:oz  c:btvs:xander  theme:first-time  theme:feral  theme:friendship  kink:xenophilia  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  hawt  author:te  series:strays  opinion:0.0 
november 2007 by scorpionvoices
Harmless Wolf Fun
Xander was Oz's friend, and friends helped their friends out, right? So if a friend happened to be burying his face in the other friend's neck, that was okay, wasn't it? And if the friend then crawled into said friend's lap, that was okay too, right?
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:oz  hilarity  genre:slash  theme:feral  rating:pg-13  @lj  admin:retag 
november 2007 by scorpionvoices
Brass Knackers
Spike takes a joke too far, and Xander is just too pissed off to back down. A series of stories - completed - that cover from the first time they have sex to the point that Xander realizes he's in love. All short story length.
list  tv:buffythevampireslayer  p:btvs:spike/xander  c:btvs:spike  c:btvs:xander  hilarity  LOLZ  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  series  theme:love 
october 2007 by scorpionvoices
After dancing around each other for a while, Xander decides he's had enough and finally just takes what he wants. Spike isn't objecting.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  au:justalittledifferent  p:btvs:spike/xander  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:spike  genre:smut  theme:first-time  kink:D/s  humor  genre:slash  rating:nc-17 
october 2007 by scorpionvoices
entrenous88: Stake Out
“Can’t two guys share an apartment and spend all their time together without people jumping to conclusions?” Xander griped to the room in general. [2252]
fic  tv:angel  tv:buffythevampireslayer  post-series  c:ats:gunn  c:btvs:xander  hilarity  theme:stakeout  theme:snark  theme:shenanigans  theme:friendship  theme:clueless  theme:firstkiss  theme:boysaredorks  n:unusualpairing  p:xvr:gunn/xander  ge:slash  r:pg  a:entrenous88  @lj 
september 2007 by scorpionvoices
Immortal Convergence
A renegade immortal on the Hellmouth puts Sunnydale in danger, and it's up to the Scooby Gang and some visitors from Seacouver to put things right.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  crossover  tv:highlander  c:ats:wesley  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:spike  OT3  hilarity  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  favs:crossover 
august 2007 by scorpionvoices
Your Horoscope for Today
"A troll." "Hey, chaos demon here." Xander studied Spike's shellacked head for budding antlers, saw none. There was also a distinct lack of slime. The literal kind, anyway. "Since when?"
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  au:justalittledifferent  p:btvs:spike/xander  trope:amnesia  c:btvs:spike  c:btvs:xander  genre:slash  theme:romance  rating:nc-17  @privatearchive 
may 2007 by scorpionvoices
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