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A New Mode of Living - Perpetual Motion (perpetfic) - Band of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
After the war, Carwood goes home, gets gifted something larger than a bread box, and comes to realize the promise he made to Ron is one he wants to keep. [150,502]

[To this day one of the best and longest BoB fic I have ever read. True to character, sweet but not schmaltzy, hilarious, and poignant, this will always be one of my very favorites.]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  post-series  post-war  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:speirs  c:bob:luz  c:bob:toye  c:bob:winters  c:bob:nixon  theme:aftermath  theme:fixing  theme:friendship  theme:friendstolovers  theme:pets  theme:angst  theme:love  theme:foundfamily  theme:secretlovers  theme:illness  theme:PTSD  theme:homophobia  theme:h/c  theme:family  theme:shenanigans  theme:snark  theme:HEA  l:novel  p:bob:lipton/speirs  p:bob:nixon/winters  p:bob:luz/toye  ge:slash  ge:drama  ge:fluff  r:r  @ao3 
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Teller of Tales; Song of Songs - thedastardly - Band of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
He hopes that he dreams about the mountaintop tonight. He isn’t in the mood to dream of the water, the shore, the everything after, again. [8532]

[Liebgott after the war, after Web.]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  post-war  c:bob:liebgott  c:bob:webster  theme:angst  theme:grief  theme:aftermath  theme:friendship  theme:first-time  theme:love  theme:snark  p:bob:liebgott/webster  ge:slash  r:nc-17  @ao3 
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Expect to Be Scratched - dome_epais - Band of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
He ends up calling the cat Nix.

It’s an accident of nostalgia; one moment he’s thinking of what Nixon must be getting up to these past few months, and the next, the cat is perched on his thigh with his backside to him, demanding attention without acknowledgement.

Winters tells the cat, “Oh, sure, and everything on your schedule, too.” And then the cat is just Nix in his mind. [2004]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  post-series  c:bob:winters  c:bob:nixon  theme:pets  theme:friendship  theme:shenanigans  theme:snark  theme:firstkiss  o:adorable  p:bob:nixon/winters  ge:slash  r:pg  @ao3 
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The Velveteen Soldier - bookstorequeer - Band of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
"Does it hurt?" asked the [Velveteen] Rabbit.
"Sometimes," said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. "When you are Real you don't mind being hurt."

An exploration in Speirs. This is a look at the biggest bad-ass of Easy, from a young age living with his parents in Maine to old age living with his partner, Second Lieutenant C. Carwood Lipton, in Montana. How did he go from being the quiet boy no one wanted on their baseball team in PE (even if he could run the bases faster than anyone else) to being the quiet foster father of four? From being a war hero and CO of Easy Company to being a handyman that all the women in the neighbourhood called upon? From being rumour-riddled and nightmare-haunted to being loved and care-worn? This is the story of how Ronald C. Speirs became Real. [28,944] [Also it's fucking heart-breaking and dense and beautiful. This is as close to poetry as prose can get.]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  c:bob:speirs  c:bob:lipton  characterstudy  theme:angst  theme:grief  theme:growingup  theme:firstmeetings  theme:friendship  theme:homophobia  theme:war  theme:first-time  theme:secretlovers  theme:aftermath  theme:fixing  theme:PTSD  theme:family  theme:adoption  theme:h/c  theme:love  warning:characterdeath-oldage  p:bob:lipton/speirs  ge:slash  r:pg-13  @ao3  favs:bob 
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Gone Are All The Days - rivlee - Band of Brothers, The Pacific [Archive of Our Own]
There were some connections that went deeper than love, blood, and bond. Some people just carried parts of each other souls within them; that’s how it had always been between Merl-Francis and Gene-Baptiste. They knew each other, mind, body, and soul, like no other would ever discover. There was a time, Merl-Francis knew, that Paw-Paw worried it would stop them from seeking out others. There were whispers since they were kids about them being too involved. Merl-Francis never worried; they were a part of each other, that little bolt that kept the whole thing working, but they didn’t make each other complete. Gene-Baptiste now, with his red-headed boy full of a foul mouth and dirty jokes, was getting closer to that complete. There was still more before it all slid into place, still wrinkles of life to smooth on out, but they were getting there. [series]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  crossover  tv:thepacific  au:modern  c:bob:doc  c:pacific:snafu  c:bob:babe  c:pacific:sledge  c:bob:spina  c:pacific:haldane  c:pacific:eddie  c:pacific:burgie  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:first-time  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:growingup  theme:h/c  theme:grief  theme:foundfamily  theme:love  series  p:bob:babe/doc  p:pacific:sledge/snafu  p:pacific:eddie/haldane  genre:slash  genre:drama  r:pg-13  a:rivlee  @ao3 
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A Softer War - twelve_pastels - Band of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
In 1945, Edward Heffron comes home from War. In 1951, Babe punches a guy through a plate glass window, loses half his tastebuds, flees from alligators, and moves in with a doctor. All of these things are related. [5331]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  post-series  c:bob:babe  c:bob:guarnere  c:bob:toye  c:bob:spina  c:bob:doc  theme:PTSD  theme:aftermath  theme:angst  theme:clueless  theme:love  theme:friendship  theme:vacation  theme:first-time  p:bob:babe/doc  genre:slash  r:r  for-kayla  @ao3 
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And They Hummed of Mystery - anchors - Band of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
He forgets. The tree does not. So when Carwood Lipton closes his eyes and they open somewhere else, he doesn't expect it - but it's right, all the same.

In which Lipton is reincarnated as a tree. [2289]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  post-series  c:bob:lipton  theme:aftermath  theme:reincarnation  theme:afterlife  characterstudy  theme:transformation  genre:gen  r:pg  for-kayla 
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redjacket: Years Later
Years later, Babe realizes just how much Gene hates the cold. Part of it is being older, Babe’s bones can’t take it so well now either, but Gene just hates it. He’s a Louisiana boy, does best when it’s not just warm but goddamn sweltering.

“How’d you do it?” Babe asks him, once, waiting for him to bundle up until even his face barely shows.

“Just did,” Gene replies easily, with the same bittersweet, half smile he wears whenever they talk about the war. [7440]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  missingscene  post-series  post-war  c:bob:babe  c:bob:doc  theme:angst  theme:war  theme:friendship  theme:firstkiss  theme:secretlovers  theme:h/c  theme:grief  theme:growingup  theme:growingold  trope:huddlingforwarmth  theme:firstmeetings  theme:aftermath  warning:characterdeath-oldage  p:bob:babe/doc  genre:slash  rating:r  author:redjacket  @lj 
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You had me the moment you called me: Edward











fanvid  tv:bandofbrothers  opinion:awesome  LOLZ  @tumblr 
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Come On, Charlie, Let It Fill Your Soul
Lipton looked at him and couldn’t help laughing. “You’re the only guy I ever saw in my life that got hit with one bullet and got four holes,” he told Compton.

Compton growled, “If I could get off of this tank, I’d kill you.”
quotes  tv:bandofbrothers  c:bob:buck  c:bob:lipton  opinion:awesome  hilarity  @tumblr  crapkaylasendsme 
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Come On, Charlie, Let It Fill Your Soul
You know, I don’t remember you, but if you drop your pants and show me the bullet hole in your butt, I’ll probably remember which one you were.
quotes  tv:bandofbrothers  c:bob:doc  opinion:awesome  hilarity  @tumblr  crapkaylasendsme 
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A classic Joe Toye story is that back in the 1960s... | Money don't buy you love; I'm rich in soul.
A classic Joe Toye story is that back in the 1960s […] he had a misunderstanding with his brother. So Dad took off his leg and started swinging it around, bouncing on his good leg, using his artificial leg as a weapon.
tv:bandofbrothers  quotes  crapkaylasendsme  @tumblr  opinion:awesome  c:bob:toye 
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buffyaddict13: A Destiny that Makes Us Brothers
Skip nods. He feels for his rosary and rubs cool beads beneath sweaty fingers. "Don't suppose either of you guys saw Malark or Penk anywhere, huh?"

"Nah. Aside from you an' Popeye, all I seen are a bunch of cows and dead soldiers. They're makin' me hungry."

Popeye stares at his friend. "Dead soldiers?"

Shifty frowns. "I'm just wonderin', Popeye, were you home nappin' the day God was handin' out brains?"

"He meant the cows, dumbass," Skip says. What he wouldn't give for a steak right about now. Then again, a weapon'd be handy too. [16,500]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  missingscene  ensemble  c:bob:harrywelsh  c:bob:skipmuck  c:bob:shifty  c:bob:blithe  c:bob:winters  c:bob:liebgott  c:bob:doc  c:bob:babe  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:luz  c:bob:malarkey  c:bob:perconte  c:bob:nixon  c:bob:guarnere  c:bob:toye  theme:war  theme:friendship  theme:snark  theme:fixing  theme:angst  theme:aftermath  theme:grief  genre:gen  rating:r  @lj  a:buffyaddict13 
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falseeeyelashes: and chaos is luck

It was half a lie to Dike on Lipton’s part – he doesn’t really think of home, but he does think of other things, things that make his throat feel too tight and the fear too rich, things like growing old and wool sweaters or a cold beer and wrap-around porches or a dog in a study somewhere, a broken carburetor to be fixed, a clogged drain, Sundays after church, but out here, out here in the cold and the hell and the jagged jaws of opened tree stumps they each feel too far gone for him to firmly grasp, to remember (to imagine as once warm possibilities).


Before, Holland was little more than wooden shoes and giant, reaching windmills, the random stuff of childhood legend, but now just a glancing thought of it is enough to make Buck want to vomit.


They pass through and as a city, it cuts a cruel, alien landscape, all broken windows and dust-coated cobblestone.
fic  c:bob:ensemble  theme:war  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:fixing  theme:aftermath  sad  rating:pg-13  tv:bandofbrothers  c:bob:winters  c:bob:perconte  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:buck  c:bob:nixon  c:bob:guarnere  c:bob:toye  c:bob:speirs  c:bob:doc  c:bob:malarkey  c:bob:webster  c:bob:johnnymartin  c:bob:liebgott  c:bob:luz  genre:gen  author:falseeyelashes  @lj  o:beautiful 
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crimsonquills: Hard to Reach Spots
It was impossible not to wonder about them whenever Lipton saw Speirs on the line. Did they work? Could he fly? How did he get them through his clothes? Did they ever catch on doors? Had he been shot in one? Did it hurt? Why were they always so rough and uneven? Bird wings never looked like that.

Lipton never figured he'd learn the answers, though, and he did his best to put the questions out of his mind, especially when he occasionally spoke to Speirs. The man's gaze was hard and cold, and there was something slightly wild about him, like maybe he'd gone totally nuts under that impassive expression. Lipton didn't think he'd take kindly to questioning on such a personal and irrelevant subject. [1478]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  trope:wingfic  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:speirs  crackish  humor  theme:friendship  theme:h/c  genre:gen  rating:g  author:crimsonquills  opinion:sweet  @lj 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
bookstorequeer: The Velveteen Soldier
"Does it hurt?" asked the Velveteen Rabbit.
"Sometimes," said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. "When you are Real you don't mind being hurt." |||||

This is the story of how Ronald C. Speirs became Real. [~29,600] [I was a little hesitant about this one as the Speirs characterization is unusual to say the least, but it's a beautiful story and the writing is almost lyrical in some places.]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  pre-series  missingscene  post-series  c:bob:speirs  c:bob:lipton  theme:love  theme:growingup  theme:angst  theme:friendship  theme:aftermath  theme:family  theme:secretlovers  theme:first-time  theme:war  theme:PTSD  warning:characterdeath-oldage  sad  p:bob:lipton/speirs  genre:slash  rating:r  challenge:bigbang  opinion:sweet  @lj 
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kate_everson: Reverse Pathetic Fallacy
“You still with us there, Sarge?” Malarkey looked like hell, gaunt and battered both physically and emotionally, and Lipton immediately saw the absurdity that he would be asking after *him*, when it should so obviously be the other way around.

“Yeah, boy.” His voice was hoarse, his throat sharply sore, but he managed to rummage up a tilt of his mouth upwards. It wasn’t quite a reassuring smile, but it got the point across.

Malarkey responded with a weak smile of his own, and Lipton tried not to be too concerned, even as his thought started to drift in a strange way, that it didn’t even come close to reaching Malarkey’s eyes. Beside Malarkey, Bull had an unlit cigar tucked between his lips, stubbornly keeping it there despite the still-falling snow that prevented it from staying lit. He saw Lipton’s eyes shift from Malarkey to him, and gave Lipton a steady nod in return. [6333]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  missingscene  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:luz  ensemble  c:bob:doc  c:bob:speirs  theme:illness  theme:friendship  theme:h/c  theme:angst  genre:gen  rating:pg  opinion:sweet  @lj 
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andrealyn: A Love Like The Sea
Joe Liebgott is roused in the middle of the night by a phone call (an intervention in disguise) and ends up anchored down to one place while he tries to reconcile the man he's become with the man who went to war. [6956]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  post-series  c:bob:liebgott  c:bob:webster  c:bob:christeson  theme:friendship  theme:injury  theme:h/c  theme:angst  theme:clueless  theme:firstkiss  theme:love  theme:PTSD  happyending  p:bob:liebgott/webster  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  @lj 
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abyssinia4077: Strength To Carry On
You hear footsteps on the stairs and look up to see Joe, still a bit disoriented by whichever dream woke him, hair disheveled enough to betray how well he didn’t sleep. Joe Liebgott is haunted by ghosts of his own, but unlike yours, who are few and personal, his ghosts are a great multitude of strangers.

You can still remember Landsberg, not that any of you worry about forgetting. Lipton had initially asked you to watch the forest, though you don’t know what threat he imagined from that direction. Joe had joined you, very carefully completely ignoring the camp. In retrospect you think he must have known all along what you were all about to learn.
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  characterstudy  c:bob:malarkey  c:bob:liebgott  theme:friendship  theme:grief  theme:war  sad  theme:racism  theme:PTSD  theme:family  genre:gen  quality:good  for-kayla  style:secondperson  rating:pg-13  @lj 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
likethesun2: Whose Faces I Do Not Recall
The men open their hearts to him, and Maloney doesn’t mind. It’s the job. It’s what he trained to do--as hard, in his way, as they trained. He worked his way through four years toward a degree in religion, three years in a seminary, six months in a parish, six weeks of Chaplain School and three of Jump School, so that by the time he dropped into Normandy with them he knew leaps of faith as well as they. Their trust touches him, but also unnerves him: these young killers-to-be confide in him as guilelessly as the altar boys back home, without even the shield of a confessional screen. Sometimes he looks at them, grimy and grinning under their helmets, and thinks they can’t be much older than those altar boys.
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  oneshot  c:bob:fathermaloney  characterstudy  style:philosophical  style:outsidePOV  c:bob:malarkey  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:doc  theme:war  theme:religion  interesting  genre:gen  rating:pg-13  @lj 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
kaydeefalls: Falling Faintly
"Why didn't you take it?"

Fortunately, Nixon's had plenty of time to prepare his answer. "What, and leave you all alone in that hole?" he retorts. "You'd freeze to death, for one, and you know who Regiment's gonna blame for that. Or worse, Doc Roe'll get on the guys' asses to find you a new foxhole buddy, and you *know* it'll be Lip, and he'll be so damn polite about the whole business it'll hurt. And everyone will know you and Lipton are billeting together, and you just can't do that to the men."

Dick raises an eyebrow.

"Jesus, Dick, it'd be like overhearing your parents fuck."
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  c:bob:nixon  characterstudy  c:bob:winters  theme:friendship  theme:war  shenanigans  humor  theme:snark  theme:angst  theme:firstkiss  BFFpairing  genre:slash  episoderelated  rating:pg-13  @lj 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
hanae0711: Band of Brothers for Newcomers (A Chart)
picspam  tv:bandofbrothers  primer  LOLZ  for-kayla  opinion:awesome  @lj 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
Dead Men and Dreamers
On his first day in Normandy, Speirs discovers the secret of war: death makes no difference. Through all the months he put in with the Army in the States, he always considered the training metaphorical. Men marked as casualties were symbolic: warm bodies willing themselves cold and still for an hour or so. But in real war, he had thought, the dead could not exhume themselves and follow you again.

He was wrong.
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  oneshot  c:bob:speirs  characterstudy  style:philosophical  c:bob:lipton  theme:war  theme:angst  theme:grief  theme:clueless  p:bob:lipton/speirs  genre:slash  rating:r 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
Beneath the Weight of the Sun
There was a bottle in his right hand, a smoke in his left, and Bill raised his both in greeting with a loud hoot when Bull stepped in through the barn door – his face bright and flushed, a few lipstick kisses from the afternoon still visible along his jaw. “Here he is, the man himself! You put up a good fight ‘gainst the ladies there, Bull?”

Bull bowed his head shyly when Johnny sat up. He scrubbed at his face with the back of his hand until nothing was left but a faint pink smudge on his chin. “They took a shinin’ t’me,” he eventually said, the faintest hint of a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

“You’d think they’d never seen a hick before,” Johnny announced. A few of the others snickered in agreement. “Least not one his size.”
fic  missingscene  unusualpairing  theme:firstkiss  theme:friendship  theme:war  theme:angst  humor  opinion:sweet  tv:bandofbrothers  c:bob:johnnymartin  c:bob:bull  genre:slash  rating:r  note:retag 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
buffyaddict13: The Easy Men
* * * AN IMPORTANT FACT: * * *
Each man (or woman) has his own color when he dies.
I watch the sky when they pass to see which color is waiting.

These colors are my distraction, my salvation in a job that never ends. I suck each taffy sunset; I lick each lemon dawn. I savor the darkness between them.

When a man from Easy Company died, he had his own color. But together, as a unit, the men shone silver. Those men were the exact shade of a perfectly still lake, of a full moon. They were the color Hans Hubermann’s eyes. They were the color of a dented cup, shared between soldiers. They were the color of wings on a jacket. Of a broken spoon. [~4000] [I am not ashamed to admit that this fic made me cry. And I don't mean like a Single Solitary Tear, I mean like bawling like a toddler who just discovered gravity by falling down the stairs. This is absolutely beautiful; A++, highly recommended.]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  crossover  b:thebookthief  c:bob:ensemble  opinion:beautiful  style:philosophical  style:outsidePOV  style:firstperson  warning:characterdeath-canon  sad  theme:war  quality:amazing  for-kayla  recomended  rating:pg-13  genre:gen  @lj  a:buffyaddict13 
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sidrin: Been Here Before
“Have you lost your fucking mind?” Joe shouted from the other side of David’s bed. Everything David was taking to Iraq had to fit in one backpack and was spread out between them.

“No,” David replied evenly, but he shoved his shaving kit into one of the side pockets of the bag with a little more force than necessary.

Joe continued on unabated, “You volunteered to go into a war zone without a gun. You keep telling me you’re not stupid so you must have lost your mind.” [needs a beta for grammar and spelling, but it's legible and interesting enough that the grammar is mostly just a minor annoyance.]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  au:fusion  tv:generationkill  c:bob:webster  c:bob:liebgott  c:gk:nate  c:gk:brad  c:gk:ray  c:gk:walt  theme:war  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:h/c  theme:DADT  theme:clueless  theme:first-time  boysaredorks  trope:matchmaking  p:bob:liebgott/webster  p:gk:brad/nate  p:gk:ray/walt  genre:slash  genre:pre-slash  rating:r  @lj 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
Come On, Charlie, Let It Fill Your Soul
“He told me Liebgott was a great soldier and a very nice man. After the war was over my dad and many others tried to contact him to no avail. They simply did not know where he was. As the years passed I guess he faded away.”

-Gene Guarnere, son of Wild Bill
tv:bandofbrothers  quotes  sad  c:bob:liebgott  crapkaylasendsme  art:fanart  @tumblr 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
ex_likethesu695: Each Man Does Not Die
Carwood Lipton, going to war, believes from the very start that he will die. It's a secret he stores away covertly, like the dirty magazines or extra smokes the other men hide in their footlockers. He knows his responsibility to them as soon as he makes sergeant, before most of the other NCOs have even sewn on their stripes. So if sometimes he's lying in his dim bunk on charge of quarters and he wonders how it would feel to take a bullet in the throat, he never says anything. He owes it to these boys, he thinks as he listens to the sound of their slumber behind the door (never considering that most of them are his own age); he owes it to them to keep this watch over their dreams. Let them feel themselves invincible.
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  missingscene  characterstudy  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:luz  theme:war  theme:angst  theme:friendship  theme:firstkiss  unusualpairing  theme:h/c  p:bob:lipton/luz  genre:slash  for-kayla  opinion:awesome  rating:pg-13  @lj 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
sound_of_bells: and eventually the stars will be revealed
Really the only adverse effects of nearly dying are his skull-splitting headache and the sudden urge to empty the entire contents of his stomach every hour or so along the roadside. This process is less than attractive, especially when he’s got no food in his stomach to retch up a few hours in and just hacks up discolored spittle. He thinks drily that he has come a long, long way from Yale, and wishes he had some water on him to rinse out his mouth. He peers into the neck of his flask apprehensively and this might be the first time in his life that Lewis Nixon hasn’t been eager to knock back some alcohol.

“Here,” Winters mutters, and passes him his canteen.

“Thanks,” Nixon says. Winters doesn’t leave, even after Nixon has sloshed and spit and given the canteen back to him, stands hovering like a mother hen, and Nixon has to crack a smile at that, the image of Winters as a bird as unappealing as the chicken. [2767]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  missingscene  c:bob:nixon  c:bob:winters  theme:friendship  theme:war  theme:angst  theme:love  theme:injury  p:bob:nixon/winters  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  @lj 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
septicimic: Broken Glass
Sometimes he looks at the sky, and it's not the same sky he left behind in Pennsylvania, not the same sky he dropped out of over France and Holland. And sometimes Nix catches him when he's somewhere else, and brings him back; and sometimes it takes a crash, and blood on his fingertips.
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  post-series  post-war  c:bob:winters  c:bob:nixon  theme:PTSD  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:h/c  theme:aftermath  p:bob:nixon/winters  genre:slash  rating:pg-13 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
destina: Finding Home
The telegram arrives at the nitration works on a Tuesday morning.


Nix folds the telegram twice with a shaking hand and puts it carefully in his pocket.

At 4:15 Nix shoulders on his overcoat and heads downtown, worrying the folded piece of paper in his pocket. Already the edges are worn, smooth against his fingertips.

The train is a few minutes late. When it stops at the station, it discharges a thin stream of passengers, mostly women in veiled hats with children clinging to their hands. Dick is last off, just another indistinct grey blur of overcoat, trousers, shiny black shoes, but then he lifts his hat to reveal a shock of red hair. Nix pulls in a slow breath and starts toward him. Dick turns, as if he knows right where to find Nix. Always has, Nix thinks. [4900]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  oneshot  post-series  post-war  c:bob:nixon  c:bob:winters  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:love  theme:first-time  BFFpairing  p:bob:nixon/winters  genre:slash  rating:r  opinion:sweet  @lj 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
Kettlebottom, by bonetree
First Sergeant Carwood Lipton goes looking for a black horse. A missing scene in the Ardennes.
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  missingscene  characterstudy  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:speirs  tobetagged 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
garnettrees: Easy Co. Wakes Up Gay
Joe Liebgott woke up gay, thought about for a while, and scratched out "make little Liebgotts" on his list of Things To Do After The War. He then went looking for Webster.

Bull Randalman woke up gay, smoked a cigar, and wondered how many cute enlisted men he could fit into a potato sack.

Cobb woke up gay, but it made absolutely no difference, as no one liked him anyway.

Eugene Roe woke up gay, and was rather pleased. He was, after all, extremely pretty.
fic  c:bob:ensemble  hilarity  trope:wokeupgay  trope:everyoneisgay  for-kayla  opinion:awesome  tv:bandofbrothers  genre:crack  c:bob:nixon  c:bob:winters  c:bob:webster  c:bob:perconte  c:bob:liebgott  c:bob:bull  c:bob:guarnere  c:bob:malarkey  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:doc  c:bob:luz  c:bob:babe  c:bob:speirs  p:bob:nixon/winters  p:bob:lipton/speirs  p:bob:liebgott/webster  genre:slash  rating:pg  @lj  p:bob:babe/doc  note:retag 
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Running in Circles - Abyssinia - Band Of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
There is, of all things, a piano in the middle of the street and it twangs angry notes as bullets hit it, demanding an explanation for why it's in the middle of a war. Perconte has no answer for the question that's also running through his head. [5392]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  pre-series  missingscene  c:bob:perconte  c:bob:luz  characterstudy  theme:friendship  theme:war  theme:family  theme:grief  theme:angst  theme:fixing  @ao3  favs:bandofbrothers  for-kayla  a:abyssinia  rating:pg-13  genre:gen 
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Written in the Stars - Abyssinia - Band Of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
A few weeks in, I wasn't the only one surprised when Lipton managed to field strip an M-1 in under 90 seconds. Sobel was surprised too, but as much as he cursed he couldn't take away the promised early night if Lipton could do it. [9849]
fic  post-series  missingscene  theme:war  theme:friendship  characterstudy  theme:grief  theme:aftermath  theme:fixing  theme:afterlife  @ao3  for-kayla  style:firstperson  a:abyssinia  opinion:awesome  rating:pg-13  tv:bandofbrothers  c:bob:luz  c:bob:lipton  genre:gen 
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A Matter of Inches - Abyssinia - Band Of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
The bullet in Holland doesn't miss Nixon by much. ||||

He's tired -- the lines on his face betray how much he feels each of today's casualties and dislikes the biter taste retreat leaves in his mouth. You think you should be helping him but the dead can't help the living. [805]
ficlet  missingscene  theme:friendship  theme:war  theme:angst  @ao3  style:secondperson  a:abyssinia  episoderelated  rating:pg-13  opinion:sweet  tv:bandofbrothers  c:bob:nixon  c:bob:winters  genre:gen 
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In Giving We Receive - greenapple - Band Of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
There’s no magic here, that’s what you’d thought. You try to keep them from bleeding to death before the real doctors can stitch them up back at battalion aid, that’s all you do. Give them a little care, gentle hands, and let them float above the pain for a while.

Until you’d seen what Captain Winters done in Carentan with the blind boy, and God hadn’t spoken through you in a long while, but you remember, and you know what it looks like when you see it.

It’s easy to be wrong, in a place like this. The Captain makes you remember that the kind word ain’t so little a thing. He makes you remember, that magic is only another word for love. [1550]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  pre-series  c:bob:doc  characterstudy  style:philosophical  style:secondperson  interesting  quality:good  genre:slash  rating:r  @ao3 
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We Never Trained For This At Toccoa - newredshoes - Band Of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
“So,” the cat says at last. “I would like to make it known that this is really far more awkward for me than it could ever be for you.”

Winters goes very still, his hand resting on the Persian’s back. The cat twists on his shoulder and blinks up at him.

“Any chance you could get my Vat 69 open?” [1350]
fic  c:bob:ensemble  trope:animorph  hilarity  theme:shenanigans  theme:boysaredorks  theme:snark  theme:friendship  for-kayla  favs:bandofbrothers  @ao3  opinion:awesome  tv:bandofbrothers  genre:crack  c:bob:winters  c:bob:nixon  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:luz  c:bob:buck  c:bob:doc  c:bob:liebgott  genre:gen  rating:pg  author:newredshoes  note:retag 
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falseeeyelashes: the green grass stretches
there are not real words to phrase how the savagery and things like battle make more sense than this; it is simple though. [2203] [amazing Speirs characterization; highly recommended.]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  oneshot  c:bob:speirs  characterstudy  theme:marriage  theme:war  theme:angst  genre:het  rating:pg  author:falseeyelashes  for-kayla  opinion:awesome  @lj 
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sidrin: Objects Found
In the Civil War it was said you couldn’t keep a Cajun in the Confederate Army. They went to fight like they were told, but after a while would just walk home.

Eugene Roe likes to think it was because none of them were with Easy Company; that, or they weren’t medics.

Eugene hurts, but it’s simply a matter that everyone around him does too. And when the others are hurt and cold he has to fix it. It’s just convenient that he’s so busy fixing them he doesn’t have to think about how much he hurts.

His hands hurts, but he pulls pieces of exploded tree from Sisk’s leg.

His feet are sore, but he finds boots for Toye.

He wishes he could just stop, and Gordon gets hit and is paralyzed.

Eugene gets tired and looks up to find Winters staring. He knows Winters hasn’t slept, won’t sleep until the war ends, but Eugene tells him to anyway.

Even when Eugene has nothing to do, he waits and prays. He knows something will come up.
fic  style:philosophical  characterstudy  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:love  theme:war  theme:grief  theme:fixing  quality:good  favs:bandofbrothers  for-kayla  opinion:awesome  tv:bandofbrothers  u:mythology  c:bob:doc  c:bob:babe  p:bob:babe/doc  genre:slash  rating:r  @lj 
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softshinythings: A Heart Will Always Go One Step Too Far
Speirs and Lipton are the proud fathers of Shifty, a quiet, shy boy who is sometimes too kind for his own good. Add in Liebgott and Webster as the bickering uncles and Skinny as the best friend/as-good-as-related cousin, and things are bound to get a little crazy. From infancy to graduation, this dysfunctional family works to love each other through thick and thin. [19,200]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  tobetagged  crapkaylasendsme 
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Hope For Heaven Where We Land - tearupthesky - Band Of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
"You seeing what I'm seeing, Major Winters? Private O'Keefe!" Nix roars gleefully. He breaks out of Dick's hold and stomps up the front steps, prodding the dazed kid with his boot. "Private, what's your first goddamn general order?" O'Keefe struggles to his feet, scrambling like a crab, nearly wetting himself on the spot when his eyes fix on Dick over Nix's shoulder.

"No excuses!" Nix shouts when the kid opens his mouth. "Get your ass up that hill, double time!" he orders, gesturing vaguely toward the Alps. He taps his bare wrist in O'Keefe's face emphatically. "The clock's ticking, soldier!"

Dick watches with his fist pressed against his mouth as O'Keefe nods and trips his way off the porch, "Sir, yes, Sir-"ing all the way. He lets the kid go about twenty paces before calling out and ordering him straight back to his billet.

"You spoil the kids, Dick," Nix says, holding the front door open for him. "They're never going to learn any respect with you undermining me like that."
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  c:bob:winters  c:bob:nixon  theme:friendship  shenanigans  theme:inebriation  boysaredorks  hilarity  theme:war  p:bob:nixon/winters  genre:pre-slash  rating:pg-13  @ao3 
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OFFICEWORKS - Renne - Band Of Brothers, Generation Kill [Archive of Our Own]
"The depth and breadth of Carwood's knowledge of Ron Speirs could fit on the back of a postage stamp. Or possibly the head of a pin." ||| Carwood Lipton is assigned to E Company's new team leader to assist with the transition. Rumours abound. [16,639]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  crossover  tv:generationkill  au:modern  au:realworld  c:bob:lipton  c:bob:speirs  theme:clueless  theme:lowselfesteem  theme:angst  theme:first-time  theme:UST  theme:officeromance  p:bob:lipton/speirs  genre:slash  rating:r  @ao3 
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Officer's Poker - emocezi - Band Of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
It was the end of the third hand, and Lipton could feel something different in the air tonight. He wasn't quite sure what it was, but it might have had something to do with being in the Eagle's nest, Hitlers private hotel. Nixon looked sly, well, slyer then usual. He had a smirk that never seemed to leave his lips, even when he sipped his VAT 69. [1565]
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  tobetagged 
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Les Mains Des Guérisseurs (The Hands of Healers) - emocezi - Band Of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
Sometimes, Gene Roe thinks, his hands are only warm when they're covered in the blood of the men he's meant to keep alive. He's not the only man in the woods of Bastogne without gloves. And it would take more time then he has to pull off his gloves to administer a syrette of morphine.
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  tobetagged 
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buffyaddict13: Wonderland
Anybody could slap a bandage over a bleeding wound. But to fix somebody with wounds you couldn't see? That was badass. That was Marine, yo. Instead of NVGs and GPS and comms, you used your own mind to try and heal somebody else's. ||| Ray Person, George Luz and Simon Tam are nurses at a psychiatric hospital.
fic  tv:generationkill  tv:bandofbrothers  tv:firefly  crossover  au:realworld  au:modern  tobetagged 
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Berlin by Christmas
He had boarded the train without a backward glance to his old life, and, once seated, didn’t even bother to crane his neck to watch the platform disappear in a sea of smoke and white handkerchiefs.

This is why Nixon knows he will not make it home. You don’t live if you have nothing to which you can return.
fic  tv:bandofbrothers  tobetagged 
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buffyaddict13: A Devil Dog in Baggy Pants
Josh Ray Person is a US Marine. He thinks he knows what war is. He thinks he knows what friendship means. He thinks there’s no such as time travel. Ray is about to find out he’s wrong on all three counts. [~31,800 words of sheer Ray amazingness. I was skeptical at first, as time travel fic is far from my favorite genre, but I'm really glad I gave it a shot. This story is funny and moving and heart-breaking and just all-around REAL feeling, and it's just perfect.]
fic  tv:generationkill  crossover  tv:bandofbrothers  c:gk:ray  ensemble  theme:timetravel  theme:trapped  theme:transformation  theme:friendship  theme:war  theme:angst  theme:grief  genre:gen  rating:r  favs:crossover  for-kayla  @lj  a:buffyaddict13 
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exsequar: Meet the boys of Easy Company
I've spent the last few weeks rewatching the whole of Band of Brothers in 720p HD (unfff) and capping the shit out of it in preparation for what may be an epic picspam if I ever get my act together. I really have spent far too many waking hours on this project, but you know, it's really not hard on the eyes, so I haven't exactly minded. ;) So here is what may be considered several things - a primer for anyone who hasn't seen BoB (it's NON-SPOILERY), an exceedingly pretty overview of the cast for anyone who already loves it, and a simple delight for the senses because let me tell you, some of these caps are stunning. God bless 720p.

So if you like pretty men, particularly ones in uniform, have I got a treat for you. Twenty-six of them, to be precise.
post:picspam  media:pics  post:primer  tv:bandofbrothers  journal:entry  author:exsequar  @lj 
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