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a stained glass variation of the truth - madnessiseverything - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
“Did it hurt?” Jester asks, her voice high-pitched with excitement. Mollymauk grins, teeth on display.

“Just the right amount.”

“Like, on the neck seems pretty fuckin badass,” Beauregard cuts in, “but that looks like a lot of work and pain.”

And Caleb doesn’t know what in the gods’ name moves him to answer in Mollymauk’s stead. “After a short while you grow used to the pain.” He notices the heads of the three loudest members of their rag-tag group snapping up to look at him, but keeps his eyes focused on the last swig of ale in his cup. Scheiße, how many has he downed since they came in here? “It’s really the time that takes a toll on you.” [7072]
fic  u:criticalrole  web:criticalrole2  c:cr:caleb  c:cr:jester  c:cr:beau  c:cr:ensemble  theme:scars  theme:PTSD  theme:team!  theme:h/c  theme:foundfamily  w:abuse-past  ge:gen  r:pg-13  @ao3 
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survival of the fittest - cywscross - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
Sakura is thirteen, still a Genin, lost in the middle of Earth Country, lugging an unconscious Chuunin around, and so far beyond scared that she’s moved right on to pissed off. [24,790]
Shikamaru sighs in a way that somehow conveys both fond exasperation and grim concern. “Between the two of us, you're worse off than I am now, and you're still the one carrying me around.”

“I’m fine,” Sakura automatically deflects, and Shikamaru doesn't argue. They both know the truth what with the evidence right in front of them, that Sakura is too pale and too thin, just like Shikamaru, and with way too many torture-inflicted injuries to really belong anywhere except in a hospital bed. But she’s also the only one of them who still has two working legs which means she’s still their only way of moving forward.
fic  an:naruto  c:naru:sakura  c:naru:shikamaru  theme:stranded  theme:selfrescue  theme:captivity  theme:injury  theme:scars  theme:competency!!!  theme:friendship  w:torture  ge:gen  ge:action  r:pg-13  @ao3 
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Thirty-Eight Days and Counting - thecommodore_squid - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
It didn’t escape him that Steve shared his assumed last name. “Are you gonna be my cousin?” Bucky asked dully.

Steve frowned. “Husband, actually,” he said easily, holding up his left hand to show a typical golden band.

Bucky scowled and closed the door.

An AU in which Bucky is put in the witness protection program and Steve is the agent hired to protect him/pretend to be his husband. [40,292]

[Honestly, I really loved this. Bucky and Steve are both broken in their own ways, and they don't have a life-long friendship to fall back on. Also, the way they're both so excited about successfully getting through social interactions with the so-called 'normal' people on their block made me just about die laughing.]
fic  u:marvel  m:captainamerica  au:realworld  c:cap:bucky  c:avengers:steve  c:avengers:clint  c:avengers:natasha  c:ironman:tony  c:cap:sam  theme:PTSD  theme:undercover  theme:injury  theme:snark  theme:shenanigans  theme:domesticity  theme:friendship  theme:pining  theme:firstkiss  theme:angst  theme:captivity  theme:totherescue!  theme:fixing  theme:scars  theme:brainwashing  theme:HEA  trope:amnesia  trope:pretendSO  w:torture  p:cap:bucky/steve  ge:slash  ge:drama  r:r  @ao3 
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Love Is for Suckers - Potrix - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Life isn’t a fairytale, Bucky isn’t the roguish yet lovable protagonist, and Tony definitely isn’t his Prince Charming.

No, in reality, Bucky takes his clothes off for money, and Tony is just another customer. The fact that they keep falling into bed together proves nothing, and a candle in the middle of the table doesn’t automatically make a dinner a date.

Bucky doesn’t get that lucky, this isn’t some cheesy rom-com, and real life doesn’t work like that.

Right? [17,201]
fic  u:marvel  m:ironman  m:captainamerica  au:realworld  c:cap:bucky  c:ironman:tony  c:avengers:steve  theme:scars  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:first-time  theme:snark  theme:love  theme:family  theme:HEA  k:metal/ink  p:marvel:bucky/tony  ge:slash  r:nc-17  @ao3 
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Wilton's Bakery - machine_dove, Sproings - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
After an accident leaves him injured and unable to perform, Clint Barton's life seems bleak. Things start to change after he meets the strangest man by accident (and he was in the circus, Clint knows strange). Sometimes life's a trial, and sometimes you just have to hold on and hope you survive the ride. [9622] [Cliche, but hella entertaining.]
“GODDAMIT WADE, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!” Clint was waving around the paper-wrapped...thing he found in the walk-in. It was...squishy. And the smell was indescribable, which was really saying something considering he had spent most of his life living in close quarters with animals and people who thought personal hygiene was a suggestion and not a requirement.

“My haggis!” He sounded delighted.

“Why the fuck do we have haggis in a bakery?”

“Haggis doesn’t need a reason, Clint. Haggis just is.”

It said a lot about what his life had become, Clint thought, that this somehow made perfect sense.
fic  u:marvel  m:Avengers12  co:deadpool  au:realworld  au:bakery/coffeeshop  c:avengers:clint  c:deadpool:wade  theme:permanentinjury  theme:depression  theme:h/c  theme:friendship  theme:fixing  theme:scars  theme:love  theme:shenanigans  theme:clueless  theme:boysaredorks  theme:friendstolovers  theme:firstkiss  o:adorable  unusualpairing  p:xvr:clint/wade  ge:slash  ge:fluff  r:pg-13  @ao3 
march 2016 by scorpionvoices
criminals do it better - blackkat - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
Obito snatches up the abandoned bottle, jogs three steps, and hurls it with all the force he can manage at the back of the white-haired litterer’s head, snarling, “Hey, asshole! It’s called recycling!” [23,772 words in the series so far] Why did it take me so long to read this?! I *adore* it.]
“Oh my god, why do you let me talk?” Kakashi groans, face-down on Asuma’s coffee table. There's a drink in his hand, but it isn’t nearly big enough to make him forget the humiliating mortification of three hours ago. “Oh my god, why do you let me out in public?”

“Ten years since high school and I'm still trying to work that out,” Genma says amusedly from where he’s lounging on the couch, because he’s unrepentantly a bastard and definitely not one of Kakashi's friends in any way, shape, or form. “So, were they hot?”

Kakashi thinks of sharp-edged black eyes full of life, shaggy black hair against pale skin, a leanly muscular body, an angular face filled with righteous indignation and then familial fondness in turns, and glumly agrees, “The hottest.”

“And they hate you now?” Genma wants to know. (He’s merciless, and Kakashi can't remember why he even vaguely likes him.)

Kakashi moans his agreement, not having the strength to so much as lift his head. Damn it, the guy was amazing. Gorgeous, passionate, funny, clever…and Kakashi, of course, had to open his big fat mouth and shove his foot all the way in. Fuck.

“What are we talking about?” Asuma takes a seat in the recliner, dropping a platter of chips and dip on the table to the left of Kakashi's ear.

Genma, of course, grins. “Kakashi's complete inability to interact with the rest of the population,” he says without an ounce of remorse, passing Asuma the bottle of scotch.
fic  series  an:naruto  au:realworld  c:naru:obito  c:naru:sasuke  c:naru:kakashi  c:naru:ensemble  LOLZ  theme:shenanigans  theme:snark  theme:dating  theme:friendship  trope:everyoneisgay  theme:scars  theme:boysaredorks  theme:injury  theme:competency!!!  theme:love  p:naru:kakashi/obito  p:naru:naruto/sasuke  p:naru:madara/tobirama  ge:slash  r:r  a:blackkat  @ao3 
december 2015 by scorpionvoices
Mulan. Love your scars | MeryChess on DeviantArt
**||** [1 still image]


Stunning realistic Shang and Mulan. They are mostly naked with Shang kneeling and kissing the very end of the scar slanting down Mulan's rib cage. The simple weight of her hair, the slope of her breast, the blue and gold shine of the fabric in the lower corner, the width of the scar itself - it's a stunning and memorable image.
art:fanart  u:disney  m:mulan  c:disney:shang  c:disney:mulan  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:scars  theme:love  p:disney:mulan/shang  ge:het  r:pg-13  @deviantart  via:blueMeridian 
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Blackbird - Chapter 1 - emungere - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"I'm not the only one who enjoys your company, Will. Others watch you rebuff offers of friendship, or more, and are perhaps more wary of impinging on your solitude. You are left with me because I am more persistent and more sure of myself."

"Must be nice."

"You are equally sure of yourself, in your own way. Sit, please, and turn your face toward the light."

Will sat in the leather chair nearest the window and leaned back. "I'm not left with you." He poked at the shape of his next sentence, tested it, and said it anyway. "If anything, I'm right with you."


How the first season might've gone if Will and Hannibal had been boning. [88,892]

[Honestly, I have nothing to say but DAMN. I couldn't read this all in one shot; it was just too heavy. Instead of it taking me a couple of hours to read, it took me three days. It's good! And it really feeds my Will-Graham-is-an-emotionally-compromised-BAMF kink.]
fic  tv:hannibal  episoderelated  c:hannibal:will  c:hannibal  c:hannibal:freddie  c:hannibal:alana  c:hannibal:beverly  theme:seduction  theme:first-time  case-file  theme:murder  theme:injury  theme:secrets  theme:scars  theme:competency!!!  theme:h/c  k:D/s  k:blood/painplay  k:marking  p:hannibal:hannibal/will  ge:slash  ge:drama  r:nc-17  a:emungere  @ao3 
march 2015 by scorpionvoices
Where All Ladders Start - emungere - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Post S1. "Will is slowly losing his mind in the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. He makes a deal with the devil to get out." // The one where Hannibal and Will fuck with each other's heads and then kind of rehabilitate each other. in a way. [43,416]
fic  tv:hannibal  c:hannibal:will  c:hannibal  c:hannibal:beverly  c:hannibal:freddie  theme:captivity  theme:totherescue!  theme:runningaway  theme:undercover  theme:first-time  theme:angst  theme:unhealthyrelationships  theme:injury  theme:scars  theme:love  theme:transformation  theme:domesticity  theme:murder  theme:HEA  p:hannibal:hannibal/will  ge:slash  ge:murderfluff  r:nc-17  a:emungere  @ao3 
march 2015 by scorpionvoices
tactile authority - silvercobwebs - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Wade finds a weak spot. Peter finds a bigger one. [2328]
Peter is still getting used to the way Wade's mind works (or doesn't) so he listens to him ramble whilst settling back on his lap. There's only half the truth in that little confession, he can feel it. On impulse, he moves his hand again, up against the thin cotton and strokes below a nipple and Wade's babble is cut short as he gasps. 'Fuck! For the love of little baby cheeses Pete!' He grabs Peter's wrist and squeezes a warning. 'You nearly made me, I mean... uh,'ve got really cold hands,' he lets go quickly, shoving Peter from his lap but it's too late. Peter knows.

'Sissy break! Gotta go pee!' Wade haphazardly clambers over the couch and the bathroom door slams.
fic  u:marvel  co:spiderman  co:deadpool  c:spiderman:peter  c:marvel:wadewilson  theme:dating  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:first-time  theme:angst  theme:h/c  theme:scars  p:marvel:peter/wade  ge:slash  r:r  a:silvercobwebs  @ao3 
november 2014 by scorpionvoices
almostnever: A Place On The Corner
"The hell of it is, Radek was right. John's been trying out healthier recipes for weeks now, because seriously, Rodney eats more pastries and junk food than can possibly be good for him. He doesn't seem to be gaining weight from it-- he has the same sturdy, softish build now as the first time John saw him. John suspects that's because Rodney's diet was just as bad before he ever started coming to the bakery.

But John's the one making the pastries now, so he knows exactly how much sugar and butter Rodney's scarfing down and chattering through. And it's not like John's going to cut him off, so he goes with plan B: tricking him into eating healthier stuff." [8853]
fic  tv:stargateatlantis  au:bakery/coffeeshop  c:sga:john  c:sga:rodney  c:sga:radek  c:sga:ensemble  theme:snark  theme:permanentinjury  theme:scars  theme:angst  theme:shenanigans  theme:boysaredorks  theme:courtship  theme:clueless  theme:love  p:sga:john/rodney  ge:slash  ge:fluff  r:pg-13  @lj  series:foster's 
february 2014 by scorpionvoices
A Season for Every Activity - Arsenic - Chalion Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]
Moments of every day life and family set post-Curse.
Supper is Palli's first full meal in days. He skipped more than sleep out on the road. He finds himself tipsy quicker than is his habit. When the dining party disperses, Caz hauls Palli from his seat, laughing. "It's a new grape they've cultivated in Ibra. Goes straight to the head."

"It's delicious," Palli tells him, with what he suspects is more earnestness than the situation strictly calls for. This is affirmed when Caz bites his lip in a way so as to prevent more laughter.

Palli thinks he should stop talking, but when Caz says, "It is good to see you, old friend," Palli admits, "I was ready to come home."

Palli awakens with a very mild headache and the extreme urge to cut his own tongue out. *Home*. Bastard wept.


[BEST. EVER. Not only does it clear up certain points I didn't *quite* get when I read the book, it also implicitly sets Palli up for an OT3some with Caz and Betriz, which is now the pairing of my heart even though I hadn't considered it before. MAGIC.]
fic  b:chalion  post-book  c:chalion:bergon  c:chalion:iselle  c:chalion:palli  c:chalion:betriz  c:chalion:cazaril  theme:aftermath  theme:friendship  theme:love  theme:marriage  theme:kids  theme:h/c  theme:scars  theme:clueless  theme:HEA  p:chalion:betriz/cazaril  p:chalion:bergon/iselle  ge:het  ge:multi  r:pg  a:arsenic  @ao3  challenge:yuletide2013 
january 2014 by scorpionvoices
Higher Learning - _backpages_ (backpages) - Banlieue 13 (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Geography, Ancient History, and the International Language with Leïto and Damien. (Or the one where Leïto and Damien compare old scars.) [1003]

[It's always nice to get new fic for my favorite obscure fandom.]
fic  m:banlieue13  post-movie  c:b13:leito  c:b13:damien  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:scars  theme:h/c  theme:sliceoflife  p:b13:damien/leito  ge:slash  r:pg-13  @ao3  challenge:yuletidemadness2013 
january 2014 by scorpionvoices
We're flesh and bone (when we're all alone) - timtom - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
In the universe where Knifehead rips through the right side of Gipsy's hull instead of the left and it's Raleigh they find in the ocean later on, the story still plays out, except this time it's Yancy Becket living his brother's life. [8126]
fic  m:pacificrim  au:canondivergence  c:pr:yancy  c:pr:mako  c:pr:stacker  c:pr:raleigh  c:pr:chuck  c:pr:herc  theme:family  theme:grief  theme:injury  theme:scars  theme:angst  theme:friendship  theme:sacrifice  warning:characterdeath  warning:characterdeath-canon  ge:gen  r:pg  @ao3 
december 2013 by scorpionvoices
Coeur de Loup - ConstanceComment - Les Misérables (2012), Les Misérables - All Media Types, Les Misérables - Victor Hugo [Archive of Our Own]
One is a former convict, former mayor, and hobby conman. The other is former prison guard, former detective, and trained attack dog. They fight crime.

In which Valjean and Javert go haring across France together in an immaculately old Lancia Gamma to the tune of muffled gunshots, things that go bump in the night, creaky bedsprings, irregular phone calls to their girlfriend/dispatch, and aggressively disco 80s hits.

fic  b:lesmisérables  au:fusion  tv:supernatural  c:lesmis:valjean  c:lesmis:javert  c:lesmis:fantine  OT3  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:shenanigans  theme:PTSD  theme:scars  theme:angst  theme:love  theme:snark  opinion:adorable  p:lesmis:javert/valjean  p:lesmis:fantine/javert/valjean  genre:drama  genre:action  genre:multi  r:pg-13  a:constancecomment  @ao3 
august 2013 by scorpionvoices
A Wolf in Mortal Clothing, a thor fanfic by evandar | FanFiction
Agent Coulson is not what he seems. He is much, much more than a government agent and has every reason to fear the opening of the Bifrost. The last time Thor came to Midgard, he did so to pick a fight with Jormungandr. (Fenris!Coulson/Hawkeye, First in 'Children of Loki' series) [9718]
fic  u:marvel  m:thor  c:marvel:coulson  c:marvel:fury  c:thor:darcy  c:thor:loki  c:thor:jormungandr  c:thor:fenrir  c:thor:hel  trope:oneandthesame  missingscene  theme:family  theme:secrets  theme:angst  theme:captivity  theme:scars  theme:undercover  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:immortality  p:marvel:clint/coulson  genre:slash  r:pg-13  ficfromThePit  via:stallionoffire 
may 2013 by scorpionvoices
The Hobbit Kink Meme - Prompt Post 8 -- Belonging Nowhere, by elsajeni
He is determinedly grown-up about it, as best he can be: puts an arm around his brother's shoulders and listens, and doesn't start crying even when Bombur does, and says, "It's all right, it really is. We can't expect you to starve yourselves to keep us."

Then he wishes he hadn't said anything, because that starts Bifur crying, too, and he can't bear that; all his grown-up resolve collapses, and he bursts into tears himself, stumbles forward to fling his arms around his cousin's neck. Bombur follows an instant later, and they stay that way for a long time, all three of them holding tight to each other and weeping into each other's shirts.
fic  b:lordoftherings  pre-series  c:lotr:bofur  c:lotr:bifur  c:lotr:bombur  theme:family  theme:angst  theme:fixing  theme:growingup  theme:scars  theme:role-reversal  theme:permanentinjury  theme:h/c  theme:cominghome  genre:gen  rating:pg-13  @lj  challenge:kinkmeme 
march 2013 by scorpionvoices
Through the Glass - dentalfloss - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
“Thoughts, Coulson?” Fury asked, finger tapping idly on Barton’s file.

“He’s dangerous. He has trust issues that we may not be able to breach, he will not like working with others, he will lie to us about his motivations every chance he gets and, most likely, be successful every time.” Coulson’s gaze drifted back to the empty chair Barton had chosen earlier, boxed in the corner yet protected on as many sides as possible. “It won’t be easy, but if we can win his loyalty he has the potential to be the asset we’re looking for.”

Fury agreed, though neither of them would ever dream that they already had Barton’s loyalty, or that the price it cost was so steep. [70,417]
fic  u:marvel  m:Avengers12  pre-movie  post-movie  c:avengers:clint  c:marvel:coulson  c:avengers:natasha  c:avengers:steve  c:avengers:ensemble  c:marvel:fury  c:marvel:sitwell  theme:angst  theme:trapped  theme:mindcontrol  theme:assassins  theme:depression  theme:firstmeetings  theme:injury  theme:h/c  theme:captivity  theme:totherescue!  theme:runningaway  theme:scars  theme:selfharm  theme:team!  theme:friendship  theme:cominghome  genre:gen  rating:pg-13  @ao3  length:long 
february 2013 by scorpionvoices
give me the run and around - isawet - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
AU where the signature of your soulmate is inked on your ringfinger. Tony loses his in an accident, and when he meets Darcy he doesn't realize she's his soulmate. Darcy recognizes his signature on her finger and thinks he's rejecting her by not mentioning it. [1465]
fic  u:marvel  m:Avengers12  c:ironman:tony  c:thor:darcy  trope:soulmates  theme:injury  theme:scars  theme:shenanigans  theme:clueless  theme:dating  p:marvel:darcy/tony  genre:het  rating:pg-13  author:isawet  @ao3 
february 2013 by scorpionvoices
Surviving the Cut - snowdarkred - Torchwood [Archive of Our Own]
Lisa Hallett survives the Battle of Canary Wharf with her humanity intact, Ianto Jones is scarred forever, and Captain Jack Harkness is a little too fascinated by the two people sent to take over Torchwood Three. [9857]
fic  tv:torchwood  c:tw:lisa  c:tw:ianto  c:tw:jack  theme:aftermath  theme:PTSD  theme:scars  theme:permanentinjury  episoderelated  theme:fixing  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:firstkiss  OT3  p:tw:ianto/lisa  p:tw:ianto/jack/lisa  genre:multi  genre:drama  rating:pg-13  author:snowdarkred  @ao3 
january 2013 by scorpionvoices
no gods are present, no wings no halos - paxlux - Skyfall (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
He's been in chains for four days now. His left eye is swollen shut, his jaw clicks, he can't breathe through his nose. He wakes and swallows blood. His shoulders burn like slow matches under his skin. His legs are fucking useless.


(He’s been in Q branch for six days now. He can’t leave. He won’t. Someone moved a cot into the room, under the monitors. Moneypenny maybe, she comes down to hover and talk at Q. But he doesn’t know what she’s saying; he’s lost all sense of language. Communication is purely a visual thing, a visceral thing, it’s moving, living, lines and code and symbols he interprets.

He needs latitude, longitude. It’s become his mantra.

Latitude, longitude. Latitude, longitude.

He isn’t good at losing things.) [5665]
fic  m:bond  c:bond:007  c:bond:q  theme:captivity  theme:angst  theme:raceagainsttime!  theme:h/c  theme:revenge  theme:first-time  theme:scars  theme:transformation  p:bond:007/q  genre:slash  rating:r  author:paxlux  @ao3 
january 2013 by scorpionvoices
Pizza And A Movie - Closer - Suits (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In an alternate universe, Harvey's still a lawyer but Mike's not a pot runner -- he's a deliveryman for Rollo's Pizza and Ribs, which happens to be Harvey's favorite pizza place. Once Harvey finds out his pizza guy is a genius, Mike's life takes a few turns he would not have expected. [30,117]
fic  tv:suits  au:justalittledifferent  c:suits:mike  c:suits:harvey  c:suits:donna  c:suits:jessica  theme:friendship  theme:boysaredorks  theme:shenanigans  theme:injury  theme:h/c  theme:competency!!!  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:dating  theme:domesticity  theme:first-time  theme:officeromance  theme:scars  theme:RST  theme:snark  theme:HEA  p:suits:harvey/mike  genre:slash  rating:r  author:closer  @ao3 
january 2013 by scorpionvoices
Just Act Normal - zosofi - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
If someone had told Stiles back in high school that he would be an Oscar winning actor by the time he turned 25, he would’ve probably told Scott to punch them. The thing is, though…they would’ve been right.

Which makes returning to Beacon Hills, center of all that is supernatural and better left avoided, all the more awkward. [78,575]
fic  tv:teenwolf  c:teenwolf:stiles  c:teenwolf:derek  c:teenwolf:ensemble  theme:futurefic  theme:angst  theme:PTSD  theme:friendship  theme:pack  theme:vacation  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:snark  theme:injury  theme:romance  theme:RST  theme:scars  theme:shapeshifters  theme:competency!!!  theme:first-time  theme:love  kink:roughsex  kink:wallsex  p:teenwolf:derek/stiles  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  @ao3 
january 2013 by scorpionvoices
Only Good for Legends - leupagus, screamlet - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
That epic AU where Spock never joined Starfleet; instead he became a cop who arrests Jim Kirk twenty-three times in two years for being a public nuisance. Also featuring the zany adventures of Amanda Grayson, Winona Kirk, Leonard McCoy, T'Pring, T'Pau, and Sybok. Covers the four years preceding Star Trek Reboot, the events of the movie, and some five years and change afterwards. [149,677 words; no, that is not a typo]
fic  u:startrek  m:startrek09  c:startrek:spock  c:startrek:kirk  c:startrek:winona  c:startrek:amanda  c:startrek:sybok  c:startrek:numberone  c:startrek:pike  c:startrek:t'pring  c:startrek:bones  theme:angst  theme:friendship  theme:snark  theme:family  theme:injury  theme:shenanigans  theme:boysaredorks  theme:clueless  theme:aftermath  theme:cuddling  theme:cultureclash  theme:domesticity  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:first-time  theme:love  theme:h/c  theme:HEA  theme:raceagainsttime!  theme:scars  p:startrek:kirk/spock  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  author:leupagus  author:screamlet  @ao3  length:novel 
january 2013 by scorpionvoices
Hunters and Heroes - TamrynEradani - Supernatural, The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Clint and Dean cross paths when Dean is hunting a werewolf and Clint is tracking a serial killer and their targets happen to be the same person. They return to their respective professions after the incident, but they keep in contact and keep each other sane through the daily struggles of their lives. They grow closer and they fight and eventually they save the world together. [115,863 words for the series so far; it currently stands at three parts]
fic  tv:supernatural  crossover  u:marvel  m:Avengers12  c:spn:dean  c:avengers:clint  theme:boysaredorks  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:dating  theme:first-time  theme:fix-it  theme:grief  theme:injury  theme:h/c  theme:family  theme:lowselfesteem  theme:PTSD  theme:raceagainsttime!  theme:resurrection  theme:role-reversal  theme:runningaway  theme:sacrifice  theme:scars  theme:sleepingwiththeenemy  theme:snark  theme:totherescue!  theme:RST  theme:cominghome  p:xvr:clint/dean  p:xvr:natasha/sam  p:xvr:castiel/steve  genre:drama  genre:action  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  @ao3 
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Blue, an avengers fanfic by meganechan720 | FanFiction
U obediently walked over to his charging station, where Tony watched the small blond boy be suddenly confronted with the reality that he no longer had a power jack to hook into the wall socket. He stood there for three long seconds before turning to Tony, brown eyes wide and panicked.

A bots-to-humans story. [13,958]
fic  u:marvel  m:ironman  m:Avengers12  c:ironman:tony  c:ironman:pepper  c:ironman:dummy  c:ironman:u  c:ironman:jarvis  theme:transformation  theme:kids  theme:angst  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:family  theme:grief  theme:growingup  theme:h/c  theme:robots  theme:scars  theme:selfharm  theme:PTSD  theme:establishedrelationship  p:ironamn:pepper/tony  genre:het  rating:pg  ficfromThePit  reaction:;_; 
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the penguin job - irnan - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Constable Sally Greenwood's had a long day. The Vicar calling to tell her about giant stuffed animals being sighted waddling purposefully down Holly Lane is... well, let's just say she has a fairly good idea who the culprits are. [2209]
fic  b:harrypotter  post-series  post-war  next-gen:hp  c:hp:oc  c:hp:harry  c:hp:ginny  c:hp:james(II)  c:hp:albus  c:hp:lily(II)  style:outsidePOV  theme:kids  theme:shenanigans  theme:PTSD  theme:scars  theme:family  p:hp:ginny/harry  genre:fluff  genre:het  rating:pg  author:irnan  @ao3 
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Crowquill - Birdhouse - Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins, Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
They think he won't be a threat if they just remove his voice.

It's where his thrall over people comes from, isn't it? The silver tongue and the gold-pressed words, manipulating and cajoling people into thinking ways they haven't before. Into seeing the tiny little chinks in their own personal armor; into looking at the screens and seeing people, children, instead of entertainment.

Take away his words and the people will stop listening.

He doesn't seem surprised when they come for him. Doesn't fight them – just smiles, something serene and supremely dangerous flickering behind his dark blue eyes.
fic  tv:leverage  au:fusion  b:hungergames  c:leverage:eliot  c:leverage:sophie  mood:quietdesperation  theme:angst  theme:grief  theme:prostitution  theme:permanentinjury  theme:revenge  theme:captivity  theme:sacrifice  theme:scars  theme:transformation  p:leverage:eliot/nathan  ge:slash  ge:drama  r:nc-17  a:birdhouse  @ao3  c:leverage:nathan 
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Children of the Cobb by wastelandrose, a firefly fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Jayne Cobb whored three laps around the 'verse. His nine illegitimate children showing up on Serenity don't really surprise anyone aside from him. But why are the kids on the run from the Alliance? What will they mean for the Second Unification War? AUish [125,522]

[Abandoned WiP, but absolutely worth reading as it is. This fic has some of the most enjoyable ocs I have ever encountered, a very engaging plot, extremely funny dialogue, and a family sort of vibe that just makes me all happy to think about. I was sad when it ended and not all of the plot strings had been tied up, but I was satisfied that I knew where the story was going and I could build what happened next in my head as I moved on to other things. Definitely worth giving a shot if you have the time to spare and enjoy Jayne Cobb being a dumbass with a sense of honor buried somewhere down deep.]
fic  tv:firefly  c:firefly:jayne  c:firefly:river  c:firefly:mal  c:firefly:ensemble  c:firefly:oc  theme:futurefic  theme:kids  theme:angst  theme:runningaway  theme:family  theme:h/c  theme:snark  theme:shenanigans  theme:totherescue!  theme:PTSD  theme:war  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:scars  theme:long-lost-relatives  theme:growingup  p:firefly:jayne/river  p:firefly:kaylee/simon  p:firefly:wash/zoe  p:firefly:inara/mal  genre:het  rating:pg-13  length:novel  ficfromThePit  WiP-abandoned 
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Clean Steam and Sky - Aris Merquoni (ArisTGD) - Pirates of the Caribbbean, Pirates of the Caribbean [Archive of Our Own]
Steampunk AU. In a world of strange, wonderful, and somewhat mystical things, the Empire needs to bear Civilization to Her farthest shores. And how else to do that than with the massive Library Airships, bearing all the knowledge of the Realm to Her Citizens? Captain Jack Sparrow is appreciative of the effort, but he's much more interested in the head librarian.
fic  series  m:piratesofthecaribbean  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:angst  theme:scars  theme:shenanigans  theme:friendship  humor  theme:inebriation  p:potc:norrington/sparrow  genre:slash  rating:r  @ao3  c:potc:jack  c:potc:norrington 
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red, red, gold - pprfaith - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
She should have told the truth, she thinks. Later. She should have said, “How would I know?”

Should have said, “Everything I am, I made myself.”


She did.

That’s the only thing you really need to know about Tasha Fucking Stark: everything she possesses, she bled for. [4159]
fic  u:marvel  m:ironman  m:Avengers12  au:gender  c:ironman:tony  c:ironman:pepper  c:avengers:steve  c:avengers:natasha  c:avengers:bruce  c:thor:loki  theme:growingup  theme:sacrifice  theme:scars  theme:drugabuse  theme:PTSD  theme:angst  theme:friendship  theme:family  theme:competency!!!  theme:cominghome  characterstudy  p:marvel:steve/tony  p:marvel:clint/natasha  genre:het  rating:r  author:pprfaith  @ao3 
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I Am Judas - Sidney Sussex (SidneySussex) - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
"I hit him, Clint. I hit him back," Barney whispers, and he's crying again, like he's done something wrong, like it's some kind of sin to raise a hand against this man who is not, and never was, a father.

Clint rests his hands on Barney's back, his head against Barney's chest, and whispers, "It's okay. It's okay."

And it is, because it's always okay when Clint says it is.

Barney stops crying, slowly and with deep, shuddering breaths that shake them both. He stops and Clint tells him, again and again, it's okay, it's okay, because Barney looks after him and keeps him safe and does everything for him, and this is the only thing Clint knows how to do in return; the only thing that Clint can do that Barney can't.

When things are wrong, Clint makes them right again. [4909]
fic  u:marvel  co:avengers  m:Avengers12  c:avengers:clint  characterstudy  c:marvel:coulson  theme:abuse  theme:growingup  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:superpowers  theme:grief  theme:scars  theme:sacrifice  theme:love  p:marvel:clint/coulson  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  author:sidneysussex  @ao3 
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Sidekick - Chapter 1 - Closer - Suits (TV), Marvel, Marvel (Movies), Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Harvey Specter wasn't the rich renegade badass that plucked Mike from his potential life of crime.

Tony Stark was. [46,573]

[SO. AMAZING. Tony is a person! Mike is competent! Thor tells the worst Yo Mama jokes ever! Everyone is emotionally constipated! Peter Parker exists, which is enough to win me over by itself! Ugh, I love this fic.]
fic  u:marvel  m:ironman  crossover  tv:suits  c:ironman:tony  c:suits:mike  c:ironman:pepper  c:suits:harvey  c:avengers:ensemble  theme:angst  theme:sliceoflife  theme:family  theme:domesticity  theme:friendship  theme:clueless  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:captivity  theme:competency!!!  theme:totherescue!  theme:theyfightcrime!  theme:cuddling  theme:first-time  theme:scars  theme:love  theme:h/c  theme:transformation  theme:snark  opinion:awesome  trope:everyoneisgay  p:xvr:mike/tony  p:xvr:harvey/tony  p:marvel:clint/coulson  p:xvr:donna/steve  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  author:closer  @ao3 
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Team Dynamics, Family, and Other Things That Will Hurt You - Pistol - The Losers (2010), The Losers - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Cougar keeps popping up next to Jensen after that. And much like Jensen's sudden influx of facial hair, Jensen decides to keep him.

The others initially shoot Cougar questioning looks which get ignored. After several days everyone seems content that their team is still a finely tuned instrument of badassery and explain the change in dynamics in their own unique ways.

Jensen is honestly a bit concerned at the way some of their minds work.


It's strange, but Jensen finds a routine with Cougar. It's almost comforting.

If they're on the move, Jensen knows without looking that Cougar is at his four. If they're making camp, he knows Cougar will be bunking down next to him. If Jensen starts to ramble, Cougar will only hush him if it might endanger the mission or if Hajjar is starting to twitch. Which really, he should probably get that looked at by a doctor, 'cause it's getting bad.

And when Jensen has food in his hand, he knows Cougar is there looking at it longingly from under his hat.

He's not stupid. He knows the food is why Cougar keeps popping up, but he finds he doesn't mind. If anything, it's leverage, 'cause no one but him is offering to share their rations with Cougar.
fic  co:thelosers  m:thelosers10  pre-movie  c:losers:jensen  c:losers:sisterjensen  c:losers:cougar  c:losers:beth  c:losers:pooch  c:losers:roque  c:losers:clay  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:abuse  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:family  theme:h/c  theme:homophobia  theme:injury  theme:grief  theme:cominghome  theme:captivity  theme:team!  theme:totherescue!  theme:PTSD  theme:scars  theme:snark  theme:aftermath  theme:fixing  theme:cuddling  theme:RST  theme:first-time  kink:restraints  kink:metal/ink  kink:marking  theme:love  warning:characterdeath-sortof  note:happyending  p:losers:cougar/jensen  p:losers:jolene/pooch  genre:slash  genre:drama  rating:nc-17  author:pistol  @ao3  challenge:anteup  favs:losers  favs:bestofthebest  for-kayla  for-cindy  w:torture 
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Disclosures - gqgqqt - The Avengers (2012), Marvel Avengers Movies Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Phil Coulson is miserable, distrusted by most of SHIELD, and still doesn't remember why.

It's only going to get worse before it gets better. [67,870]

[This is masterfully crafted, guys. It's an angst-fest, but it's just so well written that it never veers off the cliff of melodrama. It's a long road to the end, but it's worth it.]
fic  u:marvel  co:avengers  m:Avengers12  c:marvel:coulson  c:avengers:clint  c:avengers:natasha  c:thor:loki  trope:amnesia  theme:angst  theme:friendship  theme:PTSD  theme:captivity  theme:h/c  theme:injury  theme:lowselfesteem  theme:raceagainsttime!  theme:scars  theme:sacrifice  theme:love  theme:aftermath  theme:firstkiss  theme:roadtrip  warning:permanentinjury  p:marvel:clint/coulson  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  author:gqgqqt  @ao3  favs:marvel  w:torture 
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Touch - alexandriabrown - Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Ethan glanced over at Benji, frowning a bit as Benji shook out his hands. It was at least the third time that he’d done that in the last hour, not that Ethan was counting. [2577]

[Kayla, in honor of Valentine's Day I bring you fresh hand!porn to enjoy at your leisure. I didn't write it, obviously, but people don't make the chocolates they give either, so it's the presentation that counts.]
fic  m:missionimpossible  post-series  c:mi:ethan  c:mi:benji  theme:friendship  theme:officeromance  theme:angst  theme:scars  kink:hands  humor  boysaredorks  p:mi:benji/ethan  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  a:alexandriabrown  @ao3  for-kayla 
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Jack-in-the-Box - esteefee - Sherlock Holmes (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
After Holmes returns there are recriminations. And then changes, subtle and insidious. There might be a plot afoot. If only Holmes were more of a detective. [11,213] [post-Game of Shadows; the one where John and Mary decide that they need to seduce Sherlock, but they go about it too subtly and he doesn't notice.]
fic  m:sherlockholmes09  post-movie  c:SH:holmes  c:SH:watson  c:SH:mary  OT3  theme:injury  theme:friendship  theme:sacrifice  theme:scars  theme:angst  theme:seduction  theme:clueless  theme:love  theme:first-time  p:SH:john/mary  p:SH:john/mary/sherlock  genre:slash  genre:het  rating:nc-17  author:esteefee  @ao3  for-kayla  for-hannah 
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So Leave me Here and Call me Lucky - lc2l - Jumper (2008) [Archive of Our Own]
Griffin grits his teeth against the electricity pulsing through his body and tries not to black out again.

He's twenty four. If he dies today, he's lived eighteen years longer than the average.

He once met a jumper who was fifty seven. An old man who survived by never jumping—walking from place to place and playing the normal human for all it was worth. If Griffin hadn't tracked him down, no one would ever have found him.

If Griffin skews the statistics at twenty four, how much would a fifty seven year old change the average? Enough that most jumpers die a week or two after their first jump? [3611]
fic  m:jumper  pre-movie  post-movie  c:jumper:griffin  theme:growingup  theme:runningaway  theme:scars  warning:characterdeath-inevitable  genre:gen  rating:pg-13  @ao3  challenge:yuletide2011 
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rabbitprint: A Neighborhood For Cats
AU, modern day, Malik/Leonardo. The military gives Malik his discharge papers. His mother gives him a cat named Altaïr. [11,866]

[So, pretty much the only thing I know about Assassin's Creed is that it involves a lot of rooftops and ambushes and ambushes from bushes, which this fic supplies plenty of, so it rang true to me. *shrug* Also it's a hilarious love story with a curtain-ending that gives you zero details about whether the clueless protagonist ever realizes that he's basically moved in with his boyfriend, they just haven't gotten around to the sex yet. I actually kinda liked the ending, because it left plenty of room for me to imagine more shenaniganery down the road. :D]
fic  g:Assassin'sCreed  au:modern  au:realworld  au:nothuman  c:ac:malik  c:ac:leonardo  c:ac:altair  c:ac:ezio  theme:injury  theme:grief  theme:differentlyabled  theme:aftermath  theme:depression  theme:scars  theme:pets  theme:clueless  theme:domesticity  humor  theme:friendship  theme:family  POV:CoC  p:ac:leonardo/malik  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  @dw  opinion:awesome  favs:randomfandom 
december 2011 by scorpionvoices
Sleeping Dogs Lie, by Perryvic and Zaganthi
They all skipped over Greg. He wasn't as big a name, Greg was 'just' a CSI, not the supervisor, not the guy with the reputation and hey, Jim thought Gil was great too, but he also thought they were going to be lucky to get even one of them back. [180,631(!!!!)]

[By far the longest single fic I've ever read in this fandom, and one of the darkest I've ever made it all the way through. This is a story about kidnapping, torture, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, long-term captivity, PTSD, desperate measures, escape, self-rescue, severe injuries, severe depression, loads and loads of angst, and a ton of love and trust and joy. This isn't one of those stories written just for the shock factor; it follows Greg and Grissom from just before they're taken 'til a year after the fact, and it deals frankly with issues of consent, the mentality of rape victims, PTSD, severe depression, and a host of deep issues that many authors would hand-wave away. This is not light reading, but if you're in the mood for a dark h/c fic with a dawning happy ending, this could be the one for you.]
fic  tv:csi  c:csi:grissom  c:csi:greg  theme:captivity  theme:abuse  theme:angst  theme:h/c  theme:selfrescue  theme:depression  theme:injury  theme:PTSD  theme:love  theme:raceagainsttime!  theme:scars  warning:rape  happyending  c:csi:brass  OT3  genre:drama  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  @privatearchive  w:torture 
november 2011 by scorpionvoices
the_dala: Scars Are Souvenirs You Never Lose
They’re not the kind of scars that give a man character – a pathetically romantic notion in a society where the most invasive surgery leaves nary a mark on the skin. Some have faded to white but the thicker, deeper ones are shiny-pink still. He’s read about ritual scarification in some Earth societies but here there is none of the symmetry usually found in such marks: they’re scattered at random over the planes of Jim’s face. They are ugly and painful and McCoy can’t doctor, magic, or curse them away.
fic  u:startrek  m:startrek09  post-movie  c:startrek:bones  c:startrek:kirk  theme:scars  theme:angst  theme:injury  theme:h/c  theme:lowselfesteem  theme:love  BFFpairing  p:startrek:kirk/mccoy  g:slash  r:nc-17  the_dala  @lj 
march 2011 by scorpionvoices
zillah_fic: Weapon Of Choice
The one where Roque survives, Clay finds him, and then they hash it out. It's a happy ending for a very angsty pairing! [~2750]
fic  thelosers  post-series  losers:roque  losers:clay  theme:injury  theme:angst  theme:scars  theme:emotionalconstipation  @DW  pairing:los:clay/roque  genre:slash  rating:r  author:zillah 
december 2010 by scorpionvoices
wideworldsend: All I Need
He'd forgotten some things; a lot of things, in fact, like how to read and walk and not piss all over himself when he needed to go to the bathroom. But he remembered important things, like his name, and a few things he could recall so well they seemed more real than the pale walls of the hospital.

'You were poisoned,' they told him, speaking up so he could hear.

He didn't remember that.

'You're a hero.'

Nor that.

'You saved Harry.'
fic  b:harrypotter  post-war  c:hp:ron  c:hp:hermione  c:hp:harry  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:sacrifice  theme:friendship  theme:love  theme:scars  theme:PTSD  theme:injury  theme:illness  theme:angst  theme:firstkiss  theme:selfharm  OT3  p:hp:harry/hermione/ron  genre:slash  genre:het  author:madmaudlin  rating:pg-13  @lj 
november 2010 by scorpionvoices
glorious_spoon: Where You Start
He lines his pens up in a row across the top of his desk, one blue, two black, one purple (from Stella, for his birthday), three highlighters (all pink, arranged in descending order of newness).

Sometimes they get moved, and he has to line them up again, one by one, pen by pen, one precise inch from the edge of the desk. He unplugs his computer when he isn't using it, pushes his chair in, arranges the wheels so that they form a perfect square on the tile floor.

If anybody at the labs notices, they don't say a word.
fic  csi:ny  pre-series  missingscene  csi:adam  characterstudy  worldbuilding  theme:abuse  theme:angst  theme:scars  gen  favs:csi-lv/m/ny  glorious_spoon  episoderelated  rating:pg-13 
october 2010 by scorpionvoices
inception_kink: Prompt Post No. 1 -- Yusuf, by chibi_lurrel
Yusuf has exactly five scars that mar his dark skin that have traceable origins, all from glass. He likes to think of himself as well traveled, even before falling in with Cobb and his gang of bandits, but each place he has lived has left a memory that is tangible.
fic  inception  comment!fic  pre-series  inception:yusuf  characterstudy  worldbuilding  theme:scars  gen  style:fivethings  rating:pg-13 
july 2010 by scorpionvoices
ceresi: The Business of Sex
He'd freely admit that this was weird. Shino was always weird, of course, in that slightly intense way he had, but Kiba was partially responsible this time, and so. Very weird.

Shino was only slightly miffed when Kiba pulled off his sunglasses, inspecting his eyes curiously. They were more or less like he'd expected, round and light brown, as unreadable as dark circles of glass ever were. His jacket was open slightly, revealing his throat.

"Are you pale all over?" Kiba asked aloud, not entirely innocently.

Shino's eyebrow twitched slightly. Kiba spoke Aburame fluently; he was pretty sure that translated into a grin. [2026]
fic  an:naruto  naruto:kiba  naruto:shino  theme:friendship  theme:first-time  theme:scars  humor  pairing:an:kiba/shino  genre:slash  rating:r  opinion:sweet  @lj 
may 2010 by scorpionvoices
manic_intent: [art/fic] Textures in the Dark
A/N: blindfic AU for [info]aefallen . Summary: There is something about the Queen of Dalmasca's knight that fascinates Balthier. [4,842]
fic  art:fanart  g:FFXII  au:justalittledifferent  missingscene  c:ff12:balthier  c:ff12:basch  theme:blindness  theme:scars  theme:firstkiss  humor  shenanigans  p:ff12:balthier/basch  genre:slash  author:manic_intent  theme:angst  rating:pg-13  @lj 
may 2010 by scorpionvoices
ariadnes_string: The Things We Say With Our Hands
It was disconcerting knowing that he was the object of such intense observation, so many minute calculations. But Watson found, to his surprise, that the sensation was not entirely unpleasant. And so he held his peace whenever Holmes ushered them into a hansom even though they were only a few blocks from home, or discreetly took his arm in jostling crowds.
fic  theme:friendship  theme:h/c  theme:injury  theme:scars  theme:firstkiss  opinion:sweet  b:SherlockHolmes  c:SH:watson  c:SH:holmes  genre:slash  rating:r  a:ariadnes_string  @lj 
april 2010 by scorpionvoices
bratfarrar: Wild Nest, No Prison
Rodney and Ronon are arguing over whether the scars from Rodney’s highschool chemistry lab should count as battle scars—Rodney asserting quite loudly that he’d spent the year fighting the idiocies of his so-called ‘teacher’, and trying to keep from being blown up by his pothead classmates. Ronon seems bemused but refuses to concede the point. Teyla had early on made a few attempts to smooth things over, but is now simply pretending not to laugh at them, skin crinkled at the corners of her eyes and around her mouth, luminous in the firelight. In a few minutes, John will step in and distract Rodney with his own scars and the story of when he’d stabbed himself in the foot with a pitchfork and of the time he’d ripped open his arm trying to climb down a plum tree one-handed while cradling a basket of fruit. He has other scars, real ones with too much history behind them, scars that don’t look like scars, but they have no place here.
fic  sga  au:magicalrealism  sga:john  characterstudy  worldbuilding  metal/ink!fic  theme:scars  team!fic  gen  pg  sad  theme:friendship  quality:good  trope:wingfic  opinion:sweet 
march 2010 by scorpionvoices
mijmeraar: Down to your bones
“This one,” Reid’s propped up on a desk and Morgan’s bent down, leant against it, short sleeves climbing up his arms, revealing another scar. It’s small, circular, faded over time, and when Reid moves his finger round it, round again, his touch is less gentle, less afraid. Morgan looks over, distracted with his work, but Reid’s looking at him, straight though him, and he surrenders. “Bullet,” Morgan says, straight up, not surprised when Reid’s expression remains still. He stares right on, no sympathy, no shock, just stares and stares until Morgan breaks, until Morgan just wants to talk, “During my undercover stint. We had some … misunderstandings.”
fic  criminalminds  cm:reid  cm:morgan  morgan/reid  theme:scars  worldbuilding  short  slash  rating:pg-13 
september 2009 by scorpionvoices
tigriswolf: a reason to start over new
Eliot has a scar across his belly-button. It’s been there so long he actually forgot about it until Hardison’s fingers trail along his torso and catch on it.
fic  leverage  leverage:eliot  worldbuilding  eliot/alec  ensemble  theme:abuse  theme:scars  theme:h/c  theme:friendship  sad  slash  theme:family  quality:good  srs.bzns.  favs:leverage  for-kayla  for-amanda  tigriswolf  rating:pg-13 
july 2009 by scorpionvoices
John makes a mark on a new canvas of skin.
ficlet  sga  ronon/sheppard  kink  theme:scars  romance  nc-17  smut  slash 
may 2007 by scorpionvoices
I wonder sometimes, as we're making love, as we're twined together in the heat of passion, if he thinks of her, misses her, wants her still.
ficlet  duesouth  fraser/rayk  theme:injury  theme:scars  theme:abuse  romance  slash  theme:angst  rating:pg-13 
may 2007 by scorpionvoices

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theme:secrets  theme:seduction  theme:selfharm  theme:selfrescue  theme:shapeshifters  theme:shenanigans  theme:sleepingwiththeenemy  theme:sliceoflife  theme:snark  theme:stranded  theme:superpowers  theme:survival  theme:team!  theme:theyfightcrime!  theme:totherescue!  theme:transformation  theme:trapped  theme:undercover  theme:unhealthyrelationships  theme:vacation  theme:war  theme:werewolves  theme:zombies  the_dala  tigriswolf  trope:amnesia  trope:everyoneisgay  trope:oneandthesame  trope:pandemic  trope:pretendSO  trope:soulmates  trope:wingfic  tv:arrow  tv:csi  tv:firefly  tv:hannibal  tv:leverage  tv:psych  tv:sherlock  tv:stargateatlantis  tv:suits  tv:supernatural  tv:teenwolf  tv:torchwood  u:criticalrole  u:disney  u:marvel  u:startrek  unusualpairing  via:blueMeridian  via:stallionoffire  w:abuse-past  w:torture  warning:characterdeath  warning:characterdeath-canon  warning:characterdeath-inevitable  warning:characterdeath-sortof  warning:permanentinjury  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