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A Feast Fit for Heroes - CatKing_Catkin - Critical Role (Web Series) [Archive of Our Own]
When you're traveling with the same group of people for a while, it's important to get to know them. One by one as the weeks go by, Jester asks all her friends the same very important question - namely, "What is your favorite food?"

Everyone has a different answer, and that gives her a lot to think about with regards to them and herself.

But it's all for the sake of one day putting a very important plan into action. [7893]
fic  u:criticalrole  web:criticalrole2  c:cr:jester  c:cr:ensemble  theme:team!  theme:friendship  theme:competency!!!  theme:food  n:characterstudy  ge:gen  r:pg  @ao3 
october 2018 by scorpionvoices
Sleeping in the Knife Drawer - emungere - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Hannibal's an FBI agent. Will's a serial killer. He still has a lot of dogs and dislikes being sociable. Hannibal still wants to wind him up and watch him go. [2945]

[Oooooh, I like this. Seeing what's the same and what's different when Will is the one in a position of power in their relationship is fascinating!]
fic  tv:hannibal  au:justalittledifferent  c:hannibal  c:hannibal:will  theme:role-reversal  theme:firstmeetings  theme:food  theme:UST  theme:snark  theme:angst  theme:seduction  o:awesome  p:hannibal:hannibal/will  ge:slash  r:pg-13  a:emungere  @ao3 
march 2015 by scorpionvoices
On Omelettes - icarus_chained - The Hobbit (Jackson movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo interrupts an argument between Bombur and Dwalin to explain the hobbit approach to ancestral weaponry, and the insanity of more or less the entire Took line.

Or: why frying pans are a hobbit's weapon of choice. [898]
ficlet  b:lordoftherings  c:lotr:bombur  c:lotr:dwalin  c:lotr:bilbo  c:lotr:ensemble  theme:food  theme:shenanigans  theme:snark  n:missingscene  LOLZ  ge:gen  r:pg  a:icarus_chained  @ao3 
march 2014 by scorpionvoices
The Heart of the Matter - kerithwyn - Haven [Archive of Our Own]
"Wait. Are you telling me that you two have been fighting all this time—all those years—over breakfast?"

"Pancakes," Nathan said with dignity, "are clearly the superior breakfast food."

"Waffles, you idiot," Duke said, his voice dripping with disgust. "Anyone with half a brain knows waffles are better. Pancakes are boring." [1027] [Super silly and super cute. Also, knowing these ignoramuses? Super plausible.]
fic  tv:haven  oneshot  c:haven:audrey  c:haven:nathan  c:haven:duke  OT3  theme:snark  theme:boysaredorks  theme:clueless  theme:food  theme:first-time  p:haven:audrey/duke/nathan  ge:multi  ge:crackish  r:pg-13  @ao3 
october 2013 by scorpionvoices
Sweet Tooth - lazulisong - Person of Interest (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
John buys cupcakes on Wednesday. He hasn't had one for a couple five years, but why not? he thinks. [530]
ficlet  tv:personofinterest  c:poi:reese  theme:sliceoflife  theme:food  genre:gen  r:pg  a:lazulisong  @ao3 
april 2013 by scorpionvoices
The Fills Go Ever On (for hobbit_kink) - Chapter 6 - mairon - The Hobbit - All Media Types, The Hobbit (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
"Alright alright, I know there's like a million courting fics out there but I want another one. One where Bilbo is the one doing the courting.
In fact, what I want is Bilbo working hard, collecting fruits, berries and other ingredients during a couple of days and keeping them from the Company in order to be able to cook something splendid, or as splendid as it can go, for his intended.
So yeah, Bilbo cooking for the one he's trying to court and only for him."
ficlet  b:lordoftherings  c:lotr:bilbo  c:lotr:dwalin  theme:food  theme:clueless  theme:courtship  opinion:sweet  p:lotr:bilbo/dwalin  genre:slash  rating:pg  unusualpairing  @ao3  challenge:kinkmeme 
february 2013 by scorpionvoices
In All the Tongues of Men and Angels - coinin - The Losers (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Cougar goes home, goes on a road trip, and learns to cook. [19,089] [This is definitely one of my most favorite Losers fics ever. I've had the tab open for over a month so I can reread it whenever I want.]
fic  m:thelosers10  post-movie  c:losers:cougar  c:losers:jensen  theme:family  theme:angst  theme:illness  theme:grief  theme:friendship  theme:cominghome  theme:food  theme:comingout  theme:first-time  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:love  warning:characterdeath-oldage  p:losers:cougar/jensen  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  @ao3 
january 2013 by scorpionvoices
A Million Darkened Kitchens - zoronoa - The Losers (2010), The Losers - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
For the lovely Coinin and her AMAZING BRAIN! Losers!food AU? I mean, omg! Too bad I can't draw actual food, so you get the scene where Cougar gets to handle dough /o
art:fanart  m:thelosers10  c:losers:cougar  theme:food  opinion:awesome  artist:zoronoa  @ao3 
january 2013 by scorpionvoices
The Hobbit Kink Meme - Prompt Post 2 (Closed to new prompts) -- All This and Bacon Too, by anon
Concentrating on the bacon, Bilbo lost track of Bofur, until he looked around to call him for second breakfast, and was surprised to find him stradling a chair by the table, his chin propped up on his arms, and regarding Bilbo with a strange, somewhat soupy expression.

"What is it?" Bilbo asked, puzzled, looking about his person.

Bofur smiled. "Have I told you how much I love you?"

Bilbo rolled his eyes. "Bacon is what you love."
ficlet  b:lordoftherings  post-movie  c:lotr:bilbo  c:lotr:bofur  theme:domesticity  theme:food  theme:dorksinlove  p:lotr:bilbo/bofur  opinion:cute  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  @lj  challenge:kinkmeme 
january 2013 by scorpionvoices
I'm alive and I'm free (who wouldn't want to be me?) - TLvop - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Basically, this is a reverse-chronological character study about Clint Barton the ex-budgie and his feelings about food & community.

Alternative title: Food Is Tasty And So Are Friends (Metaphorically) [2698]
fic  u:marvel  m:Avengers12  pre-movie  c:avengers:clint  c:avengers:natasha  c:marvel:coulson  theme:team!  theme:food  theme:transformation  theme:shapeshifting  theme:shenanigans  theme:snark  trope:animorph  opinion:adorable  p:marvel:clint/natasha  genre:het  rating:pg  @ao3 
november 2012 by scorpionvoices
Hoarding, or Food for the Soul - flashwitch - The Avengers (2012), Marvel Avengers Movies Universe, Marvel, Marvel (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
It starts with Clint and a packet of biscuits slipped into a pocket. Tony notices things, he catalogues things. And he slowly becomes resigned to living with a group of people who hoard and hide food.

It doesn't help that he has his own issues. [3100]
fic  u:marvel  m:Avengers12  c:ironman:tony  c:avengers:clint  c:avengers:natasha  c:avengers:steve  c:avengers:bruce  c:avengers:thor  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:food  theme:abuse-past  theme:drugeuse-involuntary  warning:torture-past  theme:PTSD  theme:team!  genre:gen  genre:fluff  opinion:sweet  rating:pg  @ao3 
october 2012 by scorpionvoices
well, let the drum beat drop - jonesandashes, pollyrepeat - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Pepper leaves, and there’s no more pizza, and Thor’s already talked about Jane, and Tony suspects all of them realize, abruptly and simultaneously, that they actually have no idea what to do now. He is, in fact, pretty certain that they’re just a few minutes away from someone deciding to say something about the weather. It’s probably going to be him.

Romanoff murmurs something to Barton, very quietly, and he says something back that Tony can’t quite make out.

Bruce takes a generous swig of his water, and chuckles to himself about something. Possibly about this. Tony glares at him; Bruce is unbothered. Yes, Tony thinks, absolutely about this. He decides that Banner’s sense of humour might be suspect.

“So how about that sky today,” says Tony, and hates himself.

“What an impressive shade!” Thor says, gamely. Thor is kind of the best.

Romanoff raises an eyebrow at him. Him, Tony, specifically, not Thor, even though Thor is *right there*, about to *describe blue*.

Great. [4357]
fic  u:marvel  m:Avengers12  post-movie  c:ironman:tony  c:avengers:bruce  c:avengers:thor  c:avengers:clint  c:avengers:natasha  c:avengers:steve  theme:food  theme:team!  theme:friendship  theme:snark  theme:shenanigans  theme:aftermath  theme:boysaredorks  opinion:awesome  genre:gen  rating:pg  author:pollyrepeat  @ao3 
may 2012 by scorpionvoices
Sherlock BBC Kink Meme - Prompting: Part XIV -- Ducks!, by anonymous
Crowley watched one of the ducklings nip at their 'Uncle' Sherlock's tail feathers. "I'm naming that one Moriarty," he said. "He'll grow up obsessed with trying to better Uncle Sherlock, it'll be better than a Greek tragedy."

"There's already a Moriarty, dear," Aziraphale said, obviously trying to break the news gently. He paused. "Well, there was," he corrected. "He threatened Sarah at some point in the courting stages, John went to Sherlock and, well, there was a weir involved."

"You've brought me a *murderous threesome of ducks*," Crowley said, delight in every syllable. "It's like you've known me for six thousand years or something."
fic  b:goodomens  au:fusion  tv:sherlock  au:nothuman  c:go:crowley  c:go:aziraphale  c:SH:watson  c:SH:holmes  c:sh:sarah  OT3  theme:friendship  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:food  hilarity  shenanigans  p:sh:john/sarah/sherlock  genre:crack  genre:slash  genre:het  rating:pg  challenge:kinkmeme  @lj 
february 2012 by scorpionvoices
Two Out of Three (Ain't Bad) - plingo_kat - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
It blindsides him one morning in the middle of his customary third cup of coffee; Steve walks through the door in loose cotton pants, shirt pulled up to wipe the sweat off his face from his usual morning workout, and Tony thinks: adorable. [9448]

[Oh god, I cringed all the way through this and had to resort to just skimming every third scene because OMG TONY HOW DO YOU FAIL SO HARD AT LIFE. I also cackled all the way through it, so the cringing isn't a comment on the quality of the fic, but more a comment on how horrendously dumb Tony is. And the art at the end *makes up for everything*.]
fic  u:marvel  co:avengers  m:Avengers12  c:ironman:tony  c:avengers:steve  c:avengers:clint  c:ironman:pepper  c:ironman:rhodey  c:ironman:jarvis  theme:clueless  theme:angst  theme:friendship  theme:courtship  theme:dating  theme:food  theme:cuddling  theme:firstkiss  hilarity  p:marvel:steve/tony  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  author:plingo_kat  @ao3 
january 2012 by scorpionvoices
The Stars and Scones Bakery and Coffee Shop - LuciaZephyr - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher [Archive of Our Own]
In which Harry is the best baker in Chicago, but still ends up starting a few fires along the way. [42,865] [Man, I don't even know what to say about this one. I mean, LuciaZephyr always delivers the quality, but this is just ridiculous. It's so very very rare that an author manages to convincingly tackle PTSD in all its heart-wrenching details and still make the story about *the people*, not about their trauma. Harry has PTSD; the PTSD does not have Harry. And this Harry has PTSD out the wazoo, but he's still a person, and he has a life and a family and friends and regular customers and an awareness that he may be messed up, but that's no reason to stop living. God, this is such a refreshing story, and it made me swing between hysterical laughter, quiet weeping, and pretty much everything in between. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and it's a magic-less au so even if you're not familiar with the canon you should still be able to fully enjoy it.]
fic  b:dresdenfiles  au:magicless  au:career  c:dresden:harrydresden  c:dresden:bob  c:dresden:johnmarcone  c:dresden:thomas  ensemble  theme:angst  theme:friendship  theme:PTSD  theme:family  theme:h/c  trope:pretendSO  theme:abuse  theme:aftermath  theme:fixing  theme:clueless  theme:competency!!!  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:drugabuse  theme:long-lost-relatives  theme:love  theme:first-time  theme:food  p:dresden:dresden/marcone  p:dresden:gard/hendricks  genre:slash  rating:r  author:luciazephyr  @ao3  for-kayla  favs:dresdenfiles 
january 2012 by scorpionvoices
5 Foods Steve Rogers Never Had Before Tony Stark - witblogi - The Avengers (2012), Captain America (2011), Iron Man (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“C’mon take a bite, I’m dying in the suspense here.” Tony tossed his now empty peel into the sink - Steve was pretty sure that wasn’t where it was supposed to go - and continued to chew lazily.

When he finally did take a bite, the flavor was subtle, sweet, and matched the cool texture against his tongue. It was exactly how he’d always thought it’d be but could never actually realistically imagine. Like a first kiss, you know it’s going to be lips, warm, maybe wet but you don’t actually know the feeling until it’s happening, too fast and too long all together -

“Jesus this is like watching food porn. Remind me to introduce you to new food all the time.” [4301]
fic  u:marvel  co:avengers  m:captainamerica  post-movie  style:fivethings  c:avengers:steve  c:ironman:tony  theme:friendship  theme:team!  shenanigans  theme:food  theme:firstkiss  opinion:adorable  p:marvel:steve/tony  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  @ao3 
january 2012 by scorpionvoices
coffeesuperhero: In Re: Lids on Things
When Charles comes down for tea later and observes the two of them, Erik doling out ingredients, the metal measuring spoons full of flour and milk floating in the air, and Ororo happily using her tiny hands to squeeze water out of shredded potatoes, giggling in utter delight when Erik makes a spoon and a fork dance a minuet across the counter, Charles only smiles knowingly at Erik, as though he knew that the perfect recipe for a fresh start included the care and raising of baby mutants. In return Erik thinks rather loudly that he regrets leaving his helmet upstairs, which makes Charles chuckle so much he nearly spits out his tea.

And so it goes. [~2400]
fic  post-movie  theme:family  hilarity  theme:food  theme:domesticity  theme:friendship  theme:snark  for-kayla  favs:marvel  rating:pg-13  opinion:sweet  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:moira  theme:shenanigans  theme:kids  genre:fluff  genre:gen  @lj 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
Not What I Was Expecting (So Much Better), by lazulisong
Erik is a very rich (new money), very lonely VP of some Fortune 500 company who needs a nanny for his two kids. Charles is a struggling grad student who, estranged from his asshole family (except for his sister), needs some extra money.

fic  au:realworld  theme:family  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:domesticity  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:food  hilarity  WiP  @ao3  opinion:awesome  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:wanda  c:xmen:pietro  theme:kids  theme:shenanigans  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  author:lazulisong 
july 2011 by scorpionvoices
suchdisguise: If One Has Not Dined Well
Danny opened the door wearing an apron.

"What the ever-loving fuck," Steve said, his jaw dropping.

The apron said "Kiss the chef." There was sugar on Danny's nose.

"OK, fine, yes, I'm ridiculous," Danny agreed, having the decency to look equal parts ashamed and indignant, "But just you wait 'til you've tasted it." [1402]
fic  hawaii5-0  h50:steve  h50:danny  theme:food  theme:friendship  hilarity  shenanigans  theme:firstkiss  danny/steve  slash  for-kayla  for-cindy  style:fivethings  rating:pg-13 
december 2010 by scorpionvoices
kitsune_tsuki: The Life You Save
The fact that Steve McGarrett has something of an obsessive personality doesn't come as a surprise to Danny. [2197]
fic  hawaii5-0  oneshot  h50:danny  h50:steve  hilarity  theme:food  theme:friendship  theme:firstkiss  shenanigans  boysaredorks  danny/steve  slash  kitsune_tsuki  @DW  opinion:awesome  rating:pg-13 
november 2010 by scorpionvoices
pennyplainknits: Prompt meeee
Prompt: ALEC/ELLIOT, Elliot is still very manly but trying to win Hardison's love via baked goods. He may or may not go into this thinking he just wants in Alec's pants.
fic  tv:leverage  comment!fic  c:leverage:eliot  c:leverage:alec  theme:clueless  theme:seduction  theme:food  hilarity  theme:shenanigans  theme:boysaredorks  p:leverage:alec/eliot  genre:slash  author:pennyplainknits  rating:pg-13  @lj 
september 2010 by scorpionvoices
The Symbology of Orange Juice - facetofcathy - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
"You know, if you two just had sex, you wouldn't have to express your desire and your fear of intimacy through theatrical bickering," Parker said.

"You're cleaning that up," Eliot said to Hardison, pointing at the orange juice he'd just sprayed the counter with.

"I think Parker should clean that up," Alec said, and glared at her.

"I didn't do it, why should I?" she said. She picked up a piece of bacon out of her bowl and bit half of it off and smiled sweetly. [823]
fic  tv:leverage  c:leverage:eliot  c:leverage:alec  c:leverage:parker  ot3  genre:fluff  theme:shenanigans  theme:friendship  theme:snark  theme:seduction  theme:food  p:leverage:alec/eliot/parker  genre:multi  author:facetofcathy  opinion:adorable  rating:pg-13  @ao3 
september 2010 by scorpionvoices
ifreet: a change is as good as a rest
Sometimes, Matt forgot how much Charlie liked fruit.

Which, okay, might seem ridiculous, since everyone who met Charlie knew he liked fruit. Hell, he'd be willing to bet that a good number of people who'd never set eyes on the man knew he was crazy for fruit. It was near the top of the list of Things Known about Charlie Crews: cop, ex-con, rich, likes fruit.
ficlet  tv:life  tv:standoff  crossover  c:standoff:matt  c:life:charlie  theme:establishedrelationship  humor  theme:food  p:xvr:charlie/matt  crossoverpairing  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  opinion:sweet  @lj 
june 2010 by scorpionvoices

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