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prettykitty_aya: a sensation of falling
Spencer has grown up with three boys through dreams that cross time.

There's Ryan, the son of an earl, more concerned with horses and reading than rules and regulations of Society. Brendon, abandoned as a young boy and taken under the wing of all the freaks and creeps of the traveling circus L'Elephant D'or. And finally Jon, a farmer's son growing up in a country on the brink of a civil war. However, after a particularly emotional event just as he's set to enter college, Spencer withdraws, shutting his dreams and thus his friends, far away.

Only time doesn't really seem to want to play Spencer's game. [~30,000 words of gut-wrenching, heart-rending perfection. I seriously wanted to cry through the whole thing, and then the ending was just so perfect that I actually teared up. RECOMMENDED!]
fic  rps  p!atd  au:realworld  au:period  patd:spencer  patd:ryan  patd:brendon  patd:jon  theme:destiny  drama  theme:friendship  theme:love  theme:grief  theme:illness  warning:characterdeath-sortof  OT4  gsf  spencer/brendon/ryan/jon  jon/spencer  bandom:  slash  r  prettykitty_aya  RECOMENDED  favs:bandom  favs:bestofthebest  theme:angst  challenge:bandombigbang  opinion:awesome 
june 2010 by scorpionvoices
marksykins: Lately It Occurs to Me
Spencer's looked good to Ryan at times where he really shouldn't have, and he doesn't mean the times where Spencer had weird facial hair or used to look down at his soft belly and sigh when he thought no one was paying attention. No, Ryan's wanted Spencer when Spencer's parents were extending their hospitality to a pitiful skinny kid whose dad drank too much, when they were supposed to be concentrating on getting the band off the ground, when Spencer was excitedly detailing the time he lost his virginity, when Ryan had a girlfriend (or two, he thinks with a wince), or when the band was breaking up and Spencer was pinning him down in the backseat of Ryan's Mercedes, grinding his hips into Ryan's and telling him that he was going to suck Ryan's cock. Ryan's timing has always been very, very bad. [3600]
fic  rps  theyoungveins  p!atd  post-band:TheDivorce  patd:ryan  ryan/spencer  theme:friendship  bandom:  slash  nc-17 
january 2010 by scorpionvoices
emilyray: Real Men Wear Eyeliner
“Is this like Pinocchio, Jon?” said Brendon. “Are you going to transform me into a real boy? Because I think that makes you the fairy.” “Sure,” said Jon. “I’ll be the fairy. I’m a fairy of manliness. Let’s talk about flip-flops.” “Manliness, huh?” said Brendon. “Should I grow a beard? Or, like, scruff? I’ve never tried a beard. Maybe I could rock the manly stubble, like whatsis in Lord of the Rings.” Jon was pretty sure Brendon knew exactly what whatsis in Lord of the Rings was called, but Brendon was experimenting with not being so much of a geek, so he wasn’t about to call him on it. “Sure,” he said. “Beards are cool. You should try it.”
fic  rps  p!atd  oneshot  patd:jon  patd:brendon  patd:spencer  patd:ryan  hilarity  boysaredorks  shenanigans  jon/ryan  bandom:  slash  r  emilyray  crack 
december 2009 by scorpionvoices
ignipes: It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Gets Buried Alive
In which Ryan and Spencer are idiots, their friends are devious, everybody has bad ideas and nobody turns into Batman. **"Why don't I have a pool boy?" Spencer never bothers with hello. "I should have a pool boy to make sure there are no dead birds in my pool when I get home." "I'm coming over, but I'm not going to be your pool boy," Ryan says. "I hope you have food." And Spencer says, "I have a chlorinated dead bird. How hungry are you?"
fic  rps  p!atd  oneshot  patd:ryan  patd:spencer  theme:friendship  humor  theme:love  ryan/spencer  bandom:  slash  ignipes  theme:angst  opinion:awesome  rating:pg-13 
december 2009 by scorpionvoices
nova33: Finding the Words to Say
Superpowers AU, in which Ryan Ross can't help reading people's minds, Jon Walker absorbs energy (and usually controls it perfectly), Spencer Smith shoots ice from his hands and saves melting refreshments, and Brendon Urie sometimes bursts into flames.
fic  rps  p!atd  mcr  au:magicalrealism  patd:ryan  theme:superpowers  brendon/spencer  theme:clueless  jon/ryan  humor  theme:friendship  bandom:  slash  theme:angst  rating:pg-13  opinion:sweet 
december 2009 by scorpionvoices
soda_and_capes: Apple Shampoo
“Don't tell me I should be their manager,” Ryan says, glaring at the road. Pete pauses. “Ok. Well, I was about to, but I guess you already know.”
fic  rps  p!atd  au:justalittledifferent  patd:ryan  ryan/spencer  long  theme:love  bandom:  slash  nc-17  theme:first-time  quality:good  soda_and_capes  theme:angst 
august 2009 by scorpionvoices
ignipes: Songs About Drifters
Spencer dropped the pizza boxes directly onto Brendon's chest. "It's all meat. Nothing but meat. Little dead animals all over the pizza. You don't want any of it." "I want all of it," Brendon insisted. "I'm starving. I haven't eaten in forever." "You mean, since four o'clock?" Spencer shoved Brendon's arm and leg aside and sat down, flipped the first pizza box open. The lid smacked Brendon in the nose and hid his face. [Cabin!fic, 1740 words]
fic  rps  p!atd  patd:ryan  patd:brendon  patd:jon  patd:spencer  shenanigans  boysaredorks  hilarity  gen  rating:pg-13 
august 2009 by scorpionvoices
emilyray: Not Exactly What You Planned
Spencer remembered it like this: they were ten, and they were playing with an old half-deflated soccer ball, and Spencer threw it to Ryan, and Ryan didn’t catch it because Ryan couldn’t catch and also because Spencer threw it further than he meant to, and the ball went into the road. Ryan ran after it. Spencer saw the car and ran after Ryan. He didn’t remember anything after that. He didn’t know if Ryan remembered it differently.
fic  rps  p!atd  patd:spencer  patd:brendon  patd:ryan  OT3  ghost!character  humor  theme:friendship  slash  theme:firstkiss  emilyray  opinion:awesome  rating:pg-13 
august 2009 by scorpionvoices
tense_past: Fredericksburg
It's raining in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and Spencer Smith is looking for an umbrella. "How about a Students for Seaborn sign?" Brendon asks, holding it up, navy blue letters on gray posterboard, the university colors. He holds it over his head. "Like this," he says, "to keep dry." "That's not quite what I'm looking for," Spencer tells him, but he does duck undercover to check his phone. "Have you seen the senator?" "Tell him no tie," Brendon reminds him, as Spencer walks away. "They're college kids!" Brendon is always reminding them about the college kids. He says they hold the vote.
fic  rps  p!atd  au:fusion  westwing  theme:futurefic  patd:spencer  patd:brendon  patd:ryan  patd:jon  jon/spencer  short  pre-slash  pg 
july 2009 by scorpionvoices
vic_ramsey: Signs you might be a little slow catching the clue bus.
This is Brendon, Jon and Spencer in Singapore. Where it was so fucking hot, Brendon might have gotten heatstroke. They look rough. (And a little bit hot.) (Hot in the good way.) But mostly rough. Ryan though? FRESH AS A FUCKING DAISY.
picspam  p!atd  patd:ryan  patd:brendon  patd:spencer  patd:jon 
july 2009 by scorpionvoices
softlyforgotten: And Some You Do For
Brendon Urie is lonely, Spencer Smith and Jon Walker are bored, and life in Thornton Hill seems like it's never going to be anything but mundane. Then a mysterious stranger sets up shop on Main Street, and suddenly everything is a little more magical. (AU.) [45,174]
fic  rps  p!atd  au:magicalrealism  patd:brendon  patd:ryan  patd:spencer  patd:jon  theme:friendship  drama  hilarity  theme:snark  bandom:  gen  pre-slash  long  softlyforgotten  illustrated  art  fanart  tardis80  favs:bandom  theme:angst  challenge:bandombigbang  rating:pg-13 
june 2009 by scorpionvoices
I Dream a Nation of You
It wasn't supposed to be like this; Jon and Helia were going to leave in the middle of night, silent and unnoticed. But now there were Government patrolmen on their heels, and it dawned on Jon that the time for simple getaways had passed. (Or, a steampunk story about dragons and the boys who ride them.) [46,000 words, but I got so absorbed in the story that it seemed like it only took me 5 minutes to read. This is the first of the new BBB stories I've read, and it sets the mood perfectly.]
fic  rps  p!atd  mcr  au:realworld  patd:jon  patd:brendon  patd:ryan  patd:spencer  drama  theme:h/c  theme:love  bandom:  slash  foxxcub  challenge:bandombigbang  rating:pg-13 
june 2009 by scorpionvoices
ignipes: Relativity of Simultaneity
Space opera AU. A sequel to Parallax and Halo Orbit. There are times Ryan can't remember where the metal ends and the flesh begins. [8,800]
fic  rps  p!atd  au:futuristic  patd:ryan  worldbuilding  drama  bandom:  slash  nc-17  ryan/spencer  brendon/jon  ignipes  series:parallax  theme:robots  theme:angst 
june 2009 by scorpionvoices
For Keeps
He sees Ryan, and Brendon knows that Ryan would be like one of those t-shirts that's been washed way too many times, so worn-through it's almost translucent, with a few real holes showing through to skin, but soft. Soft and just the perfect fit, clinging to your skin in all the right places. [19,682]
fic  rps  p!atd  mcr  au:realworld  patd:brendon  patd:ryan  brendon/ryan  mood:quietdesperation  theme:grief  srs.bzns.  theme:family  warning:rape  theme:injury  theme:h/c  theme:love  bandom:  slash  r  series:forkeeps  theme:angst 
march 2009 by scorpionvoices
no one belongs here more than you
Wherein Ryan writes a concept album, expresses his pain through his fashion choices and almost Ryan's his way out of the only place he belongs.
fic  rps  p!atd  patd:ryan  theme:clueless  patd:spencer  patd:brendon  patd:jon  theme:h/c  spencer/brendon/ryan/jon  gsf  OT4  bandom:  pre-slash  r  srs.bzns.  liketheroad  favs:bandom  theme:angst 
september 2008 by scorpionvoices
rain_dances: With No Handlebars, or, A Little Less Molly Ringwald, A Little More Shore Leave
This is Ronon, in case anyone is wondering. He's basically really hot. And well, just think about how hilarious and cute he'd look with Ryan. I mean, really. Also imagine him hanging out with Pete Wentz. Great, huh? [that's pretty much exactly what this story is about. AND IT IS AWESOME!!]
fic  rps  p!atd  crossover  sga  patd:ryan  sga:ronon  theme:establishedrelationship  hilarity  shenanigans  crack  bandom:  slash  r  for-kayla  rain_dances  band:fob  opinion:sweet 
august 2008 by scorpionvoices
makesomelove: Places I want to stick my dick: Brendon!
Places I want to stick my dick: Brendon! Circumstances preventing me from sticking my dick in Brendon: I have never met him, I will never meet him, I don't have a dick, I'm not sure he'd be into having a dick in him, ZACK WOULD TERMINATE ME.
journal:entry  p!atd  patd:brendon  patd:ryan  hilarity  picspam  boysaredorks  favs:bandom  for-kayla 
august 2008 by scorpionvoices
blackboggart: Bandom art :D
Three Panic fanarts, being individual portrait drawings of Brendon, Spencer, and Ryan. O_____O SO. AMAZING!!!
art  fanart  p!atd  patd:brendon  patd:spencer  patd:ryan  pretty  digital  paintings  drawings 
july 2008 by scorpionvoices
take this pink ribbon off my eyes
In which Bren turns into a boy, and Ryan is at least partially responsible.
fic  rps  p!atd  au:gender  patd:jon  patd:ryan  brendon/pete  trope:sexswap  humor  bandom:  het  slash  nc-17  weird  theme:angst  band:fob 
march 2008 by scorpionvoices
The Ones You Can Count On
Bill kept trying to poke Mike in the shoulder and Mike kept trying to catch his finger and most of their words were interspersed with hearty laughs that settled in Ryan’s stomach like something warm and sweet.
fic  rps  p!atd  tai  patd:ryan  tai:william  tai:carden  OT3  onetime  smut  theme:h/c  bandom:  slash  nc-17  favs:bandom  theme:angst  opinion:awesome 
march 2008 by scorpionvoices
where the blame lies
It was, of course, all Pete’s fault. Patrick would have probably happily existed without noticing just how pretty Ryan Ross was if Pete hadn’t mentioned it. But he did. And that’s why it was all Pete’s fault.
fic  rps  p!atd  fob:patrick  patd:ryan  patd:brendon  OT3  theme:first-time  hawt  theme:friendship  hilarity  bandom:  slash  nc-17  band:fob  opinion:sweet 
february 2008 by scorpionvoices
When He Catches his Reflection
When asked, which isn’t often, Brendon turns it into an uncomfortable joke about monogamy and a Mormon upbringing. It’s fairly simple, in the most complicated way. Ryan belongs to the tours.Shane belongs to Vegas.
fic  rps  p!atd  patd:brendon  patd:ryan  patd:shane  OT3  theme:UST  theme:first-time  bandom:  slash  r  quality:good  RECOMENDED  theme:angst 
january 2008 by scorpionvoices
Just a Phase
Brendon keeps accidentally having these really awesome foursomes. It *really* isn't a problem, but people are starting to worry anyway. :D
fic  rps  p!atd  patd:brendon  patd:spencer  patd:ryan  patd:keltie  OT4  crack  hilarity  bandom:  slash  het  r  favs:bandom  opinion:awesome 
january 2008 by scorpionvoices
Planned Mistakes
It was like he was stuck in some awful version of telephone where he was involved in an affair with Mikey Way that he'd managed to keep secret from *everyone*. Including, apparently, himself.
fic  rps  mcr  p!atd  patd:ryan  mcr:mikey  fob:pete  OT3  bandom:  slash  pg  hilarity  WiP  band:fob  opinion:sweet 
december 2007 by scorpionvoices
Second Star to the Right
All Patrick remembered was that this boy, *Peter*, had flown to his window (the first sign, Patrick thought, that he must be mad or dreaming) and proceeded to talk to him of a place where boys never grew old.
fic-thing  rps  p!atd  au:fusion  fairytale  pete/patrick  patd:ryan  humor  cute  bandom:  slash  pg  band:fob  opinion:sweet 
december 2007 by scorpionvoices
somewhere over the rainbow
"...[Ryan] then told me that if the last album was Moulin Rouge then the new record was going to be The Wizard Of Oz." *That's all the explanation I have. This is so silly I wasn't even going to post it, then I remembered that I have no shame.
ficlet  rps  p!atd  mcr  tai  au:fusion  crack  patd:ryan  patd:spencer  bandom:  gen  humor  weird  ignipes  movie  band:fob  rating:pg-13 
december 2007 by scorpionvoices
Blind in Exile
“The deal was that I got to set you up on a blind date,” Pete says, pouncing, knocking Patrick off balance. “And I meant blind.” “Of course you did,” Patrick says. “I really should have seen that coming.”
ficlet  rps  p!atd  fob:patrick  patd:ryan  theme:first-time  humor  short  bandom:  slash  r  band:fob 
december 2007 by scorpionvoices
here, where the daylight begins (or, the journey of ryan ross and what happened next)
Ryan finishes the book two years, five months, and fourteen days after Panic ends. It takes up twelve black notebooks; each one is five inches by eight-and-a-half inches, with one hundred and twenty blank pages, unlined.
fic  rps  p!atd  mcr  mcr:gerard  patd:ryan  theme:futurefic  post-band  bandom:  slash  quality:good  band:fob  rating:pg-13  o:beautiful 
november 2007 by scorpionvoices
Still Places I Haven't Been
Later, in the quiet, in the dark: "What if I had wanted you all to myself?" "Yeah, I've seen the way you look at Spencer. I didn't think it was very likely."
fic  rps  p!atd  patd:jon  patd:ryan  spencer/brendon/ryan/jon  gsf  OT4  short  bandom:  slash  nc-17  theme:first-time  theme:angst  o:beautiful 
october 2007 by scorpionvoices
it ain't personal, strictly business
brent realized that he was straight and left, and he was the first one to tell ryan that it's okay to like girls, and ryan started getting ideas and brendon didn't like that, but it was too late. now they've lost brent and ryan is still the token straight
fic-thing  rps  p!atd  patd:ryan  patd:brendon  patd:spencer  patd:jon  patd:brent  gsf  OT4  chat!fic  hilarity  crack  bandom:  slash  gigantic  rating:pg-13 
october 2007 by scorpionvoices
Romantic Rights
“Did you write songs that never made it onto the record?” “Yes,” he says, and it’s too late to take it back now. “What about?” she asks, stretching her shark-like grin a little wider. “Brendon,” Ryan answers, and that’s really al
fic  rps  p!atd  ryan/brendon  patd:ryan  theme:comingout  bandom:  slash  pg  theme:angst 
october 2007 by scorpionvoices
and of your etcetera
Ryan and Spencer aren't any different toward each other than they were when Brent was around; Jon doesn't say a word, just smiles and smiles. Brendon knew he liked Jon.
ficlet  rps  p!atd  ryan/spencer  patd:ryan  patd:spencer  patd:jon  patd:brendon  OT4  gsf  bandom:  slash  favs:bandom  rating:pg-13  opinion:sweet 
october 2007 by scorpionvoices
two truths and a lie
Half of the women turned to look at Jon. “Yous got no intermural dialogue, shithead,” Joe whispered nearly falling out of the camp chairs. It was a good thing both of their bands had hours till they were on.
fic  rps  p!atd  mcr  patd:brendon  patd:ryan  patd:jon  OT3  patd:spencer  fob:patrick  hilarity  bandom:  slash  r  band:fob 
october 2007 by scorpionvoices
Nobody Nose
Spencer sighed and went back to firmly not watching. Jon, ever his comrade in suffering and long-suffering, patted his knee and offered him a gossip magazine.
fic  rps  p!atd  patd:ryan  patd:brendon  hilarity  short  bandom:  slash  r 
october 2007 by scorpionvoices
"What?" he asked, immediately going on the defensive. "It's not like I said anything bad. I like Spencer. She's an amazing drummer. I'm just saying that some people might not, that's all." Ryan blinked at him some more.
ficlet  rps  p!atd  patd:brendon  patd:ryan  hilarity  bandom:  gen  favs:bandom  short  comment!fic  lordessrenegade  rating:pg-13 
october 2007 by scorpionvoices
acquiescence hard gained
Spencer was in charge. He made plans and talked the talk. Jon noticed that right off. Ryan had the words. Brendon had the voice. But Spencer. Spencer had the control. It took Jon a little longer to notice that perhaps Spencer didn’t want that role.
fic  rps  p!atd  jon/spencer  patd:ryan  patd:brendon  D/s  gsf  OT4  bandom:  slash  nc-17  favs:bandom 
september 2007 by scorpionvoices
or: panic! on the oregon trail "Three days from Chimney Rock they realize something is missing. Namely, Brent. They left Brent at Chimney Rock."
fic  rps  p!atd  mcr  patd:brendon  patd:spencer  patd:ryan  patd:jon  crack  hilarity  gen  favs:bandom  band:fob  rating:pg-13 
september 2007 by scorpionvoices

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