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Okay, OBVIOUSLY I am not done talking about Sid/Andy and all this Toy Story fic nonsense. There should be a fandom for these two, because they are essentially like Eames/Arthur in terms of open-ended canon and very, very little backstory (because let's face it, Toy Story is NOT ABOUT THEM). Want to have the boys have drunken makeouts on Prom night? Want Sid to teach Andy how to skateboard? WANT AN AU WHERE ANDY GOES INTO CORPORATE AMERICA AND SID IS HIS SWEATY, SHIRTLESS, BUFF MECHANIC? The possibilities are endless.
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august 2011 by scorpionvoices
disney_kink: Prompt Post 2! -- Jealousy, by imaginary_golux
Prompt: Sid is over at Andy's house after school for the first time since they have become friends. He notices that Andy writes his name on his toys and becomes jealous, he wants to belong to Andy too.
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