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liviapenn: Kirk, Spock, Bones & Uhura: the new OT4
The point I was going to make to wee_warrior, though, is that if you watched the movie and came away thinking of Uhura as "just a love interest" then you totally missed out on her dynamic with *Kirk*, which is now right up there with the classic Spock-Bones relationship in terms of being important to the franchise.

And the thing is? If you dismiss Uhura as "just a love interest" then you absolutely need to also dismiss Bones as "just a BFF" who is only there to emotionally support Kirk during the Kobayashi Maru, sneak Kirk aboard the Enterprise, and defend Kirk to Spock when he's not there to do it himself. So basically, he literally does nothing, either on a character OR a plot-related level, that isn't about serving Kirk's emotional or plot-related needs in some way.
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