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[info]emilyray: wow, I want four different version. Brendon as the human would be hilarious, he would be SO EXCITED about getting to SPARKLE. on the other hand, Spencer! would be grumpy about it! [info]ignipes: hee! he does not want any of this vampire shit, thank you.
chat!fic  bandom:  p!atd  gsf  OT4  spencer/brendon/ryan/jon  patd:spencer  theme:werewolves  theme:vampires  hilarity  lolz.forever  for-kayla  ignipes  emilyray 
september 2008 by scorpionvoices
The bed dips again, and Brendon doesn't have guess who it is. Jon is totally predictable like that; if there is cuddling to be done, he'll do everything short of wearing a t-shirt that says "I Want To Be The Little Spoon" to get in on that action. [1150]
fic  rps  p!atd  patd:brendon  spencer/brendon/ryan/jon  gsf  OT4  humor  hilarity  cute  bandom:  slash  pg  ignipes 
june 2008 by scorpionvoices
Ryan declares, "You're Elmer's glue. The Elmer's glue that holds together the multi-colored construction paper of our lives." Jon nods. "Sticky, white, water soluble and edible. That's our Spencer." Spencer stares. Jon doesn't even smile. (3420 words)
fic  rps  p!atd  crack  theme:love  spencer/brendon/ryan/jon  gsf  OT4  bandom:  slash  hilarity  ignipes  favs:bandom  opinion:awesome  rating:pg-13 
march 2008 by scorpionvoices
ignipes: Your Wish Is Granted
*~7000 words of magical-cloning-schmoopy-crackfic-thing.* "'Spencer,' Brendon said slowly, looking at each of them in turn, 'what exactly did you wish for?'
fic  rps  p!atd  crossover  spencer/brendon/ryan/jon  theme:first-time  gsf  ot4  crack  hilarity  bandom:  slash  r  favs:bandom  ignipes  quality:good  movie  opinion:awesome 
january 2008 by scorpionvoices

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