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Wherein Will Appear The Name Of Enjolras's Alpha. - Lanna Michaels (lannamichaels) - Les Misérables - Victor Hugo, Les Misérables - Schönberg/Boublil, Les Misérables (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
"My friends," he said. "Patria is my alpha."

"I beg your pardon?" Bahorel asked.

Enjolras slowly surveyed the room, taking in their shock. He frowned thoughtfully. "I was not aware that I had kept this a secret," he said. Then, with rising annoyance, he continued. "No, I know I have not kept this a secret."

They had to admit that was true, although Combeferre said, "Forgive us for thinking you were speaking metaphorically."

Additional Tags: *2013 Trope Bingo *Trope: Secret Relationship *Subverted Trope *Omega!Enjolras *Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics *Patria Is His Mistress *Heats *You Cannot Get Pregnant From A Metaphor (But Enjolras Is Trying) [1034]
fic  b:lesmisérables  c:lesmis:enjolras  c:lesmis:combeferre  c:lesmis:courfeyrac  c:lesmis:bahorel  c:lesmis:joly  c:lesmis:bossuet  opinion:weird  opinion:awesome  LOLZ  length:short  theme:snark  theme:shenanigans  theme:boysaredorks  kink:alpha/beta/omega  p:lesmis:enjolras/patria  p:lesmis:bossuet/joly  genre:slash  genre:crack  rating:pg-13  @ao3 
february 2013 by scorpionvoices
Help - JoJo - Magnificent Seven (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Ezra woke up when he tried to turn over in bed.

It was distressing to slowly realize he wasn't actually *in* bed, but outdoors somewhere. He could hear water crashing over rocks, feel a damn cold wind blowing about his ears.

Hog-tied, too, by the feel of it. It was probably his own fault. And if not, then it was almost certainly Mr. Larabee's. [2554]
fic  tv:magnificentseven  oneshot  c:mag7:ezra  c:mag7:vin  c:mag7:chris  theme:injury  theme:h/c  theme:friendship  length:short  genre:gen  rating:pg  author:jojo  @ao3 
january 2012 by scorpionvoices
flambeau: Over the hills and far away
"I thought M76-677 at first -- all those nice kids, it's about time we went back to say hi."

Rodney nodded. "I think that's an excellent idea." He paused just outside the messhall. "They'd probably like some chocolate."

"Among other things," Sheppard said and pushed the door open. Rodney could smell the fries. "I'm sure they'll be glad to see us again."

"Bringing a bit of excitement into their short lives," Rodney said virtuously, and elbowed Sheppard out of the way so he'd get to the food first. "After all, it's nice to feel welcome somewhere, for a change." [2100]
fic  tv:sga  oneshot  c:sga:rodney  c:sga:carson  c:sga:elizabeth  c:sga:john  theme:friendship  theme:undercover  surprise!  length:short  genre:gen  rating:pg-13  author:flambeau  @lj 
january 2012 by scorpionvoices
Best Care Anywhere - Lexie - MASH (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Father Mulcahy finds his first day at the 4077th M*A*S*H a touch overwhelming. It isn't every day that one is greeted by a sentry in a fur stole and two men who introduce themselves as Captains Degenerate and Pervert. [1312]
fic  tv:MASH  pre-series  c:mash:fathermulcahy  c:mash:burns  c:mash:pierce  c:mash:mcintyre  ensemble  shenanigans  theme:firstmeetings  humor  length:short  genre:gen  rating:pg  @ao3  challenge:yuletide2011 
january 2012 by scorpionvoices
The Wrong Week To Quit Smoking, a Good Omens and Sherlock crossover fanfic by theumbrellaseller - FanFiction.Net
Twenty years ago during the Apocal-oops-never-mind-we'll-come-back-later, a flaming Bentley flew over the heads of several officers from the Met, who were manning a rather ineffective roadblock at the time. One of those officers was a young Greg Lestrade. [2297]
fic  tv:sherlock  crossover  b:goodomens  c:sh:lestrade  c:go:crowley  shenanigans  theme:sliceoflife  theme:snark  humor  length:short  genre:gen  rating:pg-13  ficfromThePit 
december 2011 by scorpionvoices
Ibiki's Apprentice, a naruto fanfic by may wren - FanFiction.Net
The Academy's teachers thought they were getting one over on the Hokage, graduating an ill-prepared Naruto while Iruka was sick. The Hokage knew he was getting one over on the entire village when he assigned Morino Ibiki as Naruto's Jounin sensei. [4595] [Ok, I was genuinely surprised when this turned out to be not that bad. I'm not sure why I clicked it in the first place, but it's actually an interesting, if short, read.]
fic  an:naruto  oneshot  c:naru:naruto  c:naru:ibiki  c:naru:sandaime  shenanigans  opinion:interesting  humor  length:short  genre:gen  rating:pg  ficfromThePit 
december 2011 by scorpionvoices
Degrees of Separation - plingo_kat - Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers [Archive of Our Own]
“I will fry your circuits, dunk you in salt-water, the only thing your motherboard will be good for is a coffee coaster, I am not joking *put that down right now*.”

Dummy winds down with a sad whir, and Tony decidedly does not feel guilty. He didn’t even program emotional simulators in Dummy.

Two days later, a horrible thought surfaces when Jarvis says something offhand about knowledge being viral.

Oh god, what if Jarvis *infected* Dummy with, with *emotions*. Jesus Christ. [1661]
fic  u:marvel  co:avengers  m:ironman  oneshot  c:ironman:tony  c:ironman:jarvis  c:avengers:steve  theme:robots  theme:friendship  shenanigans  boysaredorks  length:short  p:marvel:steve/tony  genre:slash  rating:pg  opinion:awesome  @ao3 
october 2011 by scorpionvoices
disney_kink: Prompt Post 2! -- Human AU set in Victorian England, by thisismsmercy
Bagheera is largely happy with his life in England, giving private lessons to good children, tending his plants. His study is filled with almost as many plants as his hothouse is, and it takes him a good half an hour each morning to water them all. It is routine, though, and he is a creature of habit, so he does so cheerfully in between his daily exercise regimen and breakfast. Besides that, Bagheera staunchly feels that any time spent not doing something (even something as menial as watering his ferns) is time wasted. To him, few things are more heinous.
fic  u:disney  m:junglebook  au:period  au:human  comment!fic  disney:bagheera  disney:baloo  theme:friendship  theme:sliceoflife  length:short  genre:slash  rating:pg  challenge:kinkmeme  opinion:awesome  opinion:sweet  @lj 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
helenish: Gratitude
After the third day of useless negotiations, Sheppard and Ronon steal a hovercraft and crash it into the fifth story of the corrections building.
fic  tv:stargateatlantis  oneshot  c:sga:ronon  c:sga:radek  theme:friendship  theme:totherescue!  theme:h/c  length:short  theme:emotionalconstipation  p:sga:radek/ronon  genre:slash  rating:pg  author:helenish  @lj 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
holdouttrout: Five People (or Beings) Who Inhabit the SGC
There's a storage closet on the 19th floor that locks people in, and Nori Harris is probably the only person on base that doesn't know about it. Nori has phenomenal luck. She constantly misses everything exciting that happens on base. She's slept through two separate foothold situations. She has been off-base every time the self-destruct counter came anywhere near zero.

She's been off-world twenty-three times, and never been shot at, drugged, lost, or otherwise in danger.

No one wants her on their team.
fic  tv:stargatesg1  c:sg1:oc  theme:muteness  theme:transformation  theme:superpowers  theme:stranded  minorcharacters  theme:aliens  length:short  genre:gen  rating:pg  favs:sga/sg1  for-cindy  style:fivethings  opinion:awesome  @lj 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
I Want You To Hold Me Back - helens78 - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
It started with a dare; Charles lifting an eyebrow and saying, "I could stop you going over, you know." And of course Erik hadn't quite believed that; at the root of it, orgasm was a physical impulse. Coming was the province of the body and not the mind. Charles could dig into Erik's thoughts, show people images that weren't real, but Erik had spent years honing and mastering his body. It was *his*. [1591]
fic  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:love  @ao3  kink:orgasmdelay/denial  opinion:sweet  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  genre:smut  kink:powers  length:short  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  author:helens78 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
templemarker: Fair-souled and Able-bodied, a cookie for alasse
Bryan had gone on to meet hundreds of other guys, getting attached to all kinds of special forces deployment teams, but these guys--his guys--had always stuck in his head. They went to some lengths to keep up with him, too, making sure they had his email address, leaving him messages on his phone, hauling his ass out to the bar whenever he was back in the country. Bryan had some family, but he didn't see them much; he guessed this must be what it was like, siblings and cousins and half-step-uncles-thrice-removed.

It was nice. [550]
ficlet  tv:generationkill  post-series  c:gk:doc  c:gk:poke  theme:friendship  characterstudy  theme:family  theme:angst  length:short  genre:gen  rating:r  author:templemarker  challenge:yagkyas  opinion:sweet  @lj 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
mark_eduardo: TSN Comment-Fic Party-Palooza-Ganza -- When In Doubt, Call, by black_eyedgirl
Eduardo says, "can you get the phone to his desk?" With this accomplished, he says, "Mark? This is your conscience speaking. I know we haven't spoken in a while."

Chris grins. Mark doesn't seem to notice.

Eduardo says, "Mark. I know you can hear me. I saw the site was down this week. I did think about suing but you know..."

Dustin whispers, "Is he trying to make Mark so mad that he unplugs just so he can kill us all?"

Chris shakes his head. "It's Mark."

Eduardo goes quiet for a moment. "Mark. It was two hours. It's okay."

Still nothing.

“Mark. You want to talk about this? Because you’re scaring the kids, and I was very clear about that in the custody agreement.”
fic  rpf:thesocialnetwork  note:comment!fic  post-movie  c:tsn:chris  c:tsn:dustin  c:tsn:eduardo  c:tsn:mark  genre:fluff  humor  theme:friendship  theme:snark  length:short  p:tsn:eduardo/mark  genre:slash  rating:pg  challenge:kinkmeme  opinion:awesome  @lj  a:blackeyedgirl 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
sherlockbbc_fic: prompting: part iii -- Untitled, by mad_maudlin
Anderson was attempting to reach around Lestrade and shake his finger at Sherlock, or perhaps poke him in the eye. John sighed, and hunted up a pair of latex gloves.

He didn't have much experience with revolvers, of course, but he found it easy enough to load; he swung the barrel back into position, and pressed the buttons that brought up a paper target at the end of the range, as far back as it would go. There was a squeak of shoe leather on tile somewhere behind him, and a yelp, which he ignored. Instead he settled himself into a comfortable stance, the revolver in his left hand, the right hand held above to fan the hammer.

Six quick shots boomed through the firing range, and in the aftermath the only sound was John carefully putting the Peacemaker back into the bag.
fic  tv:sherlock  comment!fic  c:SH:watson  humor  length:short  boysaredorks  theme:competency!!!  genre:gen  author:madmaudlin  challenge:kinkmeme  for-kayla  opinion:awesome 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
Daytime TV - valtyr - Marvel Ultimates [Archive of Our Own]
"It's just a toy," Stark said, and Steve looked at him. "You don't have to be grateful or anything; kids wander about with these. You're not obligated to anyone here for anything."

"What are you suggesting?" said Steve carefully, feeling his heartrate pick up just a fraction. If Stark was plotting... something? Against... Steve didn't know anything, and whenever he tried to plan he ran up against walls of ignorance. He could feel the tense muscle jumping in his jaw.

"I'm saying you don't owe anyone anything. Not me, not Fury. Not America. America owes *you*. Just remember that, when people talk to you. Don't be distracted by shiny toys or new costumes or weapons." [936]
ficlet  u:marvel  co:avengers  c:ironman:tony  c:avengers:steve  length:short  genre:gen  rating:pg  author:valtyr  @ao3 
july 2011 by scorpionvoices
grim_lupine: Beginnings
Brad hesitates before he closes in, just for a millisecond—just long enough to think about what might go wrong and then throw those worries aside. Ray follows him through fucking everything, reads his mind like he’s got a goddamn probe in Brad’s brain. Why should Brad start doubting him now?

It is entirely against Brad’s nature to do anything half-assed.
ficlet  tv:generationkill  post-series  c:gk:brad  c:gk:ray  theme:friendship  theme:firstkiss  humor  length:short  p:gk:brad/ray  genre:slash  rating:r  author:grim_lupine  opinion:sweet  @lj 
july 2011 by scorpionvoices
disney_kink: Prompt Post 2! -- Jealousy, by imaginary_golux
Prompt: Sid is over at Andy's house after school for the first time since they have become friends. He notices that Andy writes his name on his toys and becomes jealous, he wants to belong to Andy too.
fic  u:disney  m:toystory  comment!fic  c:toystory:sid  c:toystory:andy  theme:friendship  theme:love  theme:jealousy  length:short  genre:slash  challenge:kinkmeme  rating:pg-13  opinion:sweet  p:disney:andy/sid  @lj 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
emeraldsword: Away Game
Arthur's football team is playing an away match against a team they've not played before, and Arthur has to decide whether or not to admit that he lives with his boyfriend. [1158]
fic  tv:merlin  au:modern  c:merlin:arthur  c:merlin:merlin  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:friendship  theme:comingout  length:short  genre:slash  rating:pg  challenge:lgbtfest  opinion:sweet  p:merlin:arthur/merlin  @lj 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
Is Always, And Is Near - spuffyduds - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Using the helmet is a trip that Charles finds it hard to come back from. ||| Erik’s leaving, he’s *leaving*, and just a few minutes ago Charles was with *everyone*, all his people shining around him and *in* him, he was a constellation of the gifted, they were all the stars sketching the struts of his wings and now he’s going to be alone.

Alone with this bed which was so kind a moment ago and now is too too soft, he’s having trouble getting his face up out of it, it’s trying to *eat* him.

“Rollgh me overmph,” he says, and Erik does, but then he tries to leave again. [696]
ficlet  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  missingscene  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  hilarity  theme:shenanigans  theme:boysaredorks  kink:sleepysex  theme:friendship  theme:love  length:short  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  r:r  a:spuffyduds  @ao3  for-kayla  opinion:awesome  opinion:sweet 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
The Purple Lagoon: To Drive the Cold Winter Away
You don't hate winter, exactly. There's not much point in hating any season, inevitable and fleeting as they are. But winter is not your friend. Winter is an ordeal, something to prepare against and endure. In the old days you stockpiled food, light, warmth, and settled down to wait it out. You remember dances and cheery songs, wassail with pomanders and fireplaces big enough to stand in. Those were the good times, the years of plenty, when feasting and revelry filled the long cold nights and the emptiness they left inside. In the lean times, you only prayed for spring.
fic  tv:highlander  oneshot  c:hl:methos  characterstudy  c:hl:duncan  theme:friendship  theme:holidays  humor  length:short  genre:gen  rating:pg  style:secondperson  opinion:awesome  opinion:sweet  @privatearchive 
may 2011 by scorpionvoices
delphi: unexpected
No such thing as a pleasant surprise, his mother taught him. And maybe she was right.

But that there was an exception to every rule was something Ezra Standish happily learned for himself. [201]
ficlet  tv:magnificentseven  oneshot  c:mag7:ezra  c:mag7:buck  theme:first-time  length:short  p:mag7:buck/ezra  genre:slash  rating:r  author:delphi  opinion:sweet  @privatearchive 
may 2011 by scorpionvoices
Pilgrim Soul, by amy
Drunken friends, man-eating couches, gourmet coffee, and ~FEELINGS. Sequel to A Little Nearer.
fic  tv:magnificentseven  au:ATF  c:mag7:ezra  c:mag7:buck  theme:friendship  theme:UST  theme:angst  length:short  p:mag7:buck/ezra  genre:pre-slash  @blackraptor  rating:pg-13 
may 2011 by scorpionvoices
Wagashiya - FFXII drabble, Basch/Larsa
"You might let your hair grow," said Larsa mildly of an eve, as though the thought were lately come. "No one would think it odd by now. Unless the helm prevents you, but no other Judge's cut is so severe." [100]
ficlet  drabbles  g:FFXII  post-game  c:ff12:larsa  c:ff12:basch  length:short  theme:establishedrelationship  humor  p:ff12:basch/larsa  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  @lj 
march 2011 by scorpionvoices
oxoniensis: Porn Battle IX (Dressed to the Nines) -- The Problem with Suburbian Crime-Fighting, by twotiming
"Goddammit," Ray spits, pulling off his t-shirt, ruined by dirt, blood (not all of it his), and sweat. Lots of sweat. "Why don't we ever get any cool villains like the other guys? Where are the bad guys with smoke bombs and hovercrafts and crazy poisons? Shouldn't we be getting all kinds of videos remote-sent to the TV, you know, all 'Ooooh, Rip Fuel and Viking! I've kidnapped, um, your whole family! Come find me in my secret oceanic lair and defeat me, then fuck all my beautiful villainous henchwomen!"
fic  tv:generationkill  comment!fic  c:gk:ray  c:gk:brad  theme:superpowers  theme:establishedrelationship  genre:smut  kink:powers  length:short  p:gk:brad/ray  genre:slash  rating:r  challenge:kinkmeme  @DW 
march 2011 by scorpionvoices
Inside Your Head the Sound of Glass - cm (mumblemutter) - The Losers (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
In the madhouse, what Clay likes to describe as the worst eight months of his life: they drugged him up and once in a while someone came in to ask him if he still felt the need to tear people to shreds. Not in so many words, but Clay's smart. He's been around. They can ask their questions, and he can answer them, and everyone can pretend that he's going to get better someday. That they'll let him go someday.

And then there was the kid who wouldn't stop talking about government conspiracies; who wouldn't stop talking, period. Obsessive compulsive. Paranoid. Clay bribed someone to read his file. Couldn't figure out why a boy without a trail of bodies behind him was even in here to begin with. But then again, not like Clay had ever been convicted of anything.

The kid said "Hey," one day. Popped up like a jack-in-the-box, waved his fingers into Clay's face. "Hey, you. You're the guy. You're the one, right." [1875]
fic  m:thelosers10  au:realworld  c:losers:clay  c:losers:jensen  unusualpairing  c:losers:roque  theme:insanity  theme:sociopaths  opinion:creepy  p:losers:clay/jensen  length:short  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  author:mumblemutter  @AO3  opinion:awesome 
march 2011 by scorpionvoices
Can't Solve People - Elster - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Lestrade's second tactic for dealing with Sherlock is pretending that he is an alien that learned human behaviour from a badly researched book. Sometimes this approach works better than the five-year-old. Today seems to be one of those days. [2040]
fic  tv:sherlock  oneshot  c:SH:lestrade  c:SH:holmes  theme:friendship  humor  shenanigans  boysaredorks  length:short  genre:gen  rating:g  @AO3  for-kayla  opinion:adorable 
february 2011 by scorpionvoices
Der Zauberlehrling, by Mad Maudlin
Ronon sat back on his heels. "I want to learn science."

Rodney wondered if some there had been some sort of gate malfunction, and this was Hell. He sat up, set his tools aside, rubbed his face, and said, "Excuse me?"

Ronon shrugged, causing the bandage over his right shoulder to pull oddly. "I haven't been much help lately. Don't have anything else to do. Thought I could chip in."

Rodney considered this rare display of verbosity for a moment. "And this has nothing to do with, say, crushing boredom in the absence of the ability or opportunity to hit things really hard?"

Ronon seemed to think about this for a minute. "Yeah, that too." [2135]
fic  tv:stargateatlantis  oneshot  c:sga:rodney  c:sga:ronon  c:sga:radek  theme:friendship  humor  theme:shenanigans  length:short  genre:gen  rating:g  author:madmaudlin  @wraithbait  episoderelated 
february 2011 by scorpionvoices
shinetheway: Tables Turned
Dom had seen people get on their knees before. He'd never seen it look *arrogant*. Entitled, even. [656]
ficlet  m:thefastandthefurious  oneshot  c:tfatf:dom  c:tfatf:brian  theme:first-time  genre:smut  length:short  p:tfatf:brian/dom  genre:slash  rating:r  @lj 
february 2011 by scorpionvoices
sheafrotherdon: Eight Solid Hours and a Damn Good Mattress
By the time Hardison and Parker make it out of the bar and upstairs to Nate's loft, Eliot's already sacked out, sitting in the middle of the couch with his head tipped back and his arms flung wide.
ficlet  tv:leverage  oneshot  c:leverage:alec  c:leverage:parker  c:leverage:eliot  humor  theme:shenanigans  theme:snark  genre:fluff  length:short  genre:gen  rating:pg  author:sheafrotherdon  opinion:adorable  @lj 
february 2011 by scorpionvoices
inlovewithnight: Incidents and Accidents
Ryland is the man at Gabe's right hand, literally and figuratively. With great proximity comes great responsibility. And exasperation. And liver damage.
fic  rpf:cs  oneshot  c:cs:gabe  c:cs:ryland  theme:friendship  theme:h/c  theme:fixing  length:short  p:band:gabe/ryland  bandom:  genre:slash  rating:r  rpf:fob  @lj 
february 2011 by scorpionvoices
sam_storyteller: Lost Loves
Peter raised an eyebrow. "You're not usually that upset when people don't get caught," he pointed out.

"She should be," Neal said. He looked...almost angry. "You shouldn't -- it's just -- it's not right," he said. "It...look we, they, whatever, what I used to be, we have an image to uphold. We have a reputation. Someone like that, doing that, it's wrong. She needs to be stopped."

Peter set the file down and looked at Neal curiously. "How do you know it's not her?"

Neal met his stare with defiance. "Because I met Carmen Sandiego, and that woman is not Carmen Sandiego."
fic  tv:whitecollar  crossover  randomfandom  c:whitecollar:neal  c:whitecollar:peter  c:whitecollar:elizabeth  legends  humor  theme:boysaredorks  theme:snark  length:short  genre:gen  rating:pg  author:sam_storyteller  @DW  favs:bestofthebest  favs:crossover  for-kayla 
january 2011 by scorpionvoices
doctorv: The Batman
He turned to face Batman then, the fondness in his expression leeching away. "You're still a legend where I come from."

"I don't want to know--" Batman started.

"Something to scare kids at night." Michael continued viciously. "'Be good or The Batman will get you.' I nearly wet myself when I first met you. Even after I got to know you better you still made me nervous when you loomed. I couldn't shake the feeling you were trying to decide whether or not to eat my soul." He stared down at his feet and smiled. "Ted thought that was funny, too. But then, he wasn't from Gotham, so what'd he know?"
fic  u:DC  co:batman  c:dc:boostergold  c:batman:batman  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:grief  c:dc:bluebeetle  genre:gen  rating:pg  length:short  @lj 
december 2010 by scorpionvoices
Hair of the Dog - derryderrydown - DCU - Comicverse, Outsiders [Archive of Our Own]
There's this really annoying thing about being halfway in love with Dick. By the time both of them are drunk enough that Roy's willing to do something about it, he's completely *incapable* of doing something about it.

Which is why it's getting increasingly familiar to wake up on a couch, somehow entangled with Dick, and with a marching band playing in his skull. [451]
ficlet  u:DC  co:batman  c:batman:dick  c:dc:roy  theme:inebriation  theme:friendship  theme:UST  theme:emotionalconstipation  length:short  genre:slash  rating:pg  author:derryderrydown  @AO3 
december 2010 by scorpionvoices
slartibartfast: Happiness Is
At some point which neither of them can quite name, they start sharing a bed in a regular sort of way. Mohinder just comes home one night and settles down in the bed beside Matt like it's the most natural thing in the world.

Maybe it is. [842]
fic  tv:heroes  c:heroes:matt  c:heroes:mohinder  theme:first-time  theme:family  theme:romance  theme:domesticity  c:heroes:molly  genre:fluff  length:short  p:heroes:matt/mohinder  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  opinion:sweet  @lj 
november 2010 by scorpionvoices
zelda_zee: Maybe Croatia Wasn't All That Bad
When you’re a spy, you need to be able to remember everything - faces, names, details that might seem unimportant at the time, but that could end up being the difference between a long, eventful life and a short, messy death. A good spy has an extensive database in his head that includes every encounter he’s ever had, with every contact, in every corner of the globe at any point in his career, cross-referenced and searchable by subject, name, date and keyword.
fic  tv:burnnotice  crossover  tv:leverage  c:bn:michael  c:leverage:eliot  crossoverpairing  theme:spies  theme:role-reversal  p:xvr:eliot/michael  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  length:short  @lj 
november 2010 by scorpionvoices
Ethan has always rather liked circuses.

Despite the often militaristic degree of order needed to make the shows go off with as few hitches as possible, there's always something... just a bit closer to his tastes. [2958]
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  crossover  co:x-men  oneshot  c:btvs:ethan  c:xmen:kurt  crossoverpairing  kink:powers  warning:dub-con  trope:sexpollen  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  length:short  author:te  @glassonion 
november 2010 by scorpionvoices
drsquidlove: Ex Turpi Causa
A lawyer offers to bring Simon and River their freedom. Simon thinks they'd be better off taking their chances on Serenity. || "Wesley wanted to shake him. He wanted to wrap his fingers around those arms and press the sense into him. 'Countless young men and women have entered the Academy. Every one of them had parents who signed their children over and then looked the other way. Only River had a brother like you. Do you still not get it? River isn't unique. You are.'" [3680]
fic  tv:firefly  crossover  tv:ats  oneshot  c:ats:wesley  c:firefly:simon  crossoverpairing  c:firefly:river  ensemble  theme:totherescue!  theme:immortality  theme:first-time  theme:family  theme:angst  theme:fixing  p:xvr:simon/wesley  genre:slash  rating:r  author:drsquidlove  length:short  @lj 
november 2010 by scorpionvoices
mandolin13: Self Defense 101
If you know your natural reaction to an unexpected move might include a distraction technique like an ear strike, or brachial stun…keep your hands occupied.

It may sound slightly clinical, but that’s just the way it is with you. With anyone else just like you. You perform the moves like an expert. You do everything as if it comes naturally. You bury your hands in thick hair. You press lips against lips before being pulled so tightly against the other’s body you break away. Fingers tightening on clothing. Fingers fumbling at fastenings.

All the while, in the back of your head you’re calculating angles.
fic  tv:burnnotice  oneshot  style:secondperson  c:bn:michael  c:bn:sam  p:bn:michael/sam  length:short  interesting  characterstudy  genre:slash  rating:r  favs:randomfandom  @lj 
october 2010 by scorpionvoices
teh_helenables: Speaking Only to You
Lorne tries to contain a homophobic situation. || “Wow,” Zelenka finally says, walking to stand by McKay. “I have heard of people this stupid, but have never seen them in real life. Is like spotting a unicorn.”
fic  tv:stargateatlantis  oneshot  c:sga:lorne  c:sga:parrish  c:sga:john  c:sga:rodney  c:sga:radek  c:sga:ensemble  c:sga:oc  theme:DADT  theme:homophobia  theme:angst  humor  p:sga:lorne/parrish  p:sga:john/rodney  genre:slash  rating:pg  quality:good  length:short  author:teh_helenables  @lj 
october 2010 by scorpionvoices
“Your bugs,” Hinata all but whispers, voice wavering only slightly. Shino holds himself still, not sure he understands, not quite daring to hope that she means what he wants to think she does. “You- you can feel through them, can’t you? You can feel more.” One of her fingers runs nervously around the hem of his sleeve, her eyes dropping to follow it before rising back to his face. “Use them.”
fic  an:naruto  comment!fic  c:naru:shino  c:naru:hinata  theme:first-time  kink:powers  genre:het  rating:r  length:short  challenge:kinkmeme  @lj  p:naru:hinata/shino 
september 2010 by scorpionvoices
inception_kink: Prompt Post No. 1 -- Irrisistable Force/Immovable Object, by barkinmad
Five time Arthur and Ariadne did something really fucking adorable together. LIKE GO TO THE CARNIVAL WHERE ARIADNE IS ALL RAINBOWS AND ARTHUR IS MR. GRUMPY PANTS
fic  m:inception  comment!fic  c:inception:arthur  c:inception:ariadne  shenanigans  humor  :D/:|  pairing:inc:ariadne/arthur  length:short  genre:het  rating:pg  opinion:adorable  style:fivethings  @lj 
july 2010 by scorpionvoices
emiliglia: Misery Loves Company
The glass was half-empty when Matt felt someone brush his elbow, and he turned to see the redhead taking a seat to Matt's left.

“I've heard misery loves company,” the man said without preamble. He hadn't brought a drink with him and held up one finger in the in-a-minute gesture to the bartender when she came over to see if he wanted anything. [2210]
fic  tv:life  tv:standoff  crossover  c:standoff:matt  c:life:charlie  theme:first-time  length:short  crossoverpairing  p:xvr:charlie/matt  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  author:emiliglia  @lj 
june 2010 by scorpionvoices
glorious_spoon: Bring Your Alibis
Everyone gets into the life somehow. || "Contrary to popular belief, Eliot has never been a member of the United States armed forces. He wasn't a Marine. He wasn't Black Ops. He's never worked as a mercenary."
fic  tv:leverage  pre-series  c:leverage:eliot  characterstudy  theme:transformation  genre:gen  quality:good  length:short  author:glorious_spoon  genre:action  rating:pg-13  @lj 
june 2010 by scorpionvoices
damalur: bedside manner
By the time they reached Bones's quarters he'd been raging at a volume just below a low roar anyway. It'd only seemed natural for Spock to follow him inside to continue the — "debate" was such a benign word — the dustup, and of course Bones had stripped off his shirt, since it was covered in effluvia from three separate species. There must have been a clearer progression between ranting at Spock and being pinned under seventy-odd kilos of Vulcan commander, but Bones sure as fuck can't make heads or tails of it.
fic  u:startrek  m:startrek09  length:short  c:startrek:bones  c:startrek:spock  theme:snark  hilarity  p:startrek:bones/spock  unusualpairing  genre:slash  rating:r  favs:startrek  author:damalur  opinion:awesome  @lj 
may 2010 by scorpionvoices
The GreyLAW Database - Enough
Uryuu prefers Kurosaki’s animosity to the distant friendship he offers others. They will never feel the fierce burn of Kurosaki's full attention. They will never know the purity of his hatred. They will never see this part of him, the part that belongs to Uryuu and no one else.
fic  oneshot  c:bleach:ichigo  c:bleach:ishida  quality:good  an:bleach  genre:smut  kink:roughsex  theme:fuckbuddies  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  length:short  @greylaw 
may 2010 by scorpionvoices
acaramelmacchiato: Quod Erat Demonstrandum
One of McCoy’s more fun hobbies is the unspoken competition he is having with Jim to make Spock’s head explode. Jim has been taking the same approach for weeks: he does illogical things when Spock is around. McCoy likes to think he is more subtle.
fic  theme:friendship  unusualpairing  hilarity  LOLZ  favs:startrek  for-kayla  @DW  a:acaramelmacchiato  u:startrek  m:startrek09  length:short  c:startrek:bones  c:startrek:kirk  c:startrek:spock  theme:boysaredorks  theme:shenanigans  p:startrek:bones/spock  genre:slash  rating:r 
may 2010 by scorpionvoices
sheffiesharpe: Highlights
Summary: Hockey and smut. Slightly cracky, by concept alone. Author's Note: I like hockey a lot. I went to an AHL game tonight. Basch and Vossler wanted to play, too.
fic  au:sports  oneshot  humor  g:FFXII  c:ff12:basch  c:ff12:vossler  p:ff12:basch/vossler  length:short  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  genre:crack  author:sheffiesharpe  @IJ 
april 2010 by scorpionvoices
fools_game: It's All So Clear to Me Now
She liked the plant, because it was hers, because she’d bought it when it was just a few green shoots in a pot of dirt and now it was glossy green and spilling over the sides of the pot and about to bloom, because she watered it and took care of it and kept it in the sun. “It’ll need a bigger pot soon,” said Eliot, with that funny, gentle smile he got sometimes. “It’s gonna outgrow that little thing.” He and Hardison were hiding in her office to keep out of the way of Nate and Sophie, because they were doing their sexual-tension thing again and it made everyone uncomfortable.
fic  tv:leverage  length:short  c:leverage:parker  characterstudy  theme:family  theme:love  p:leverage:alec/eliot  p:leverage:nate/sophie  c:leverage:ensemble  theme:team!  genre:gen  rating:pg-13  opinion:sweet  @lj 
march 2010 by scorpionvoices
cephiedvariable: Semantics
Shikamaru was a good son despite everything. He did it all right- he took Temari home and let her have dinner with his parents. His mother tapped her chopsticks together anxiously throughout the entire meal and his father kept looking Temari over and giving his son fleeting glances of approval. [1224]
fic  an:naruto  length:short  naruto:shikamaru  naruto:temari  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:romance  humor  theme:marriage  theme:family  genre:het  rating:pg-13  opinion:sweet  @lj 
march 2010 by scorpionvoices
yin_again: Flirt
I called for prompts and [info]nimnod said: "Do something completely different- instead of them getting together quietly and there being much stuff about secrecy, have Rodney become openly gay and flirt with John much like he does with Sam, only less adeptly (haha). How to make this work I am not sure, but it could be very funny (I can just see John's expression - initially thinking he's insane and then gradually secretly starting to wonder if it's not actually *such* a bad idea.)" This sorta fits the bill.
fic  tv:sga  length:short  sga:rodney  sga:radek  sga:john  hilarity  humor  pairing:sg:john/rodney  genre:pre-slash  favs:sga/sg1  author:yin-again  for-hannah  rating:pg-13  @lj 
march 2010 by scorpionvoices
A Simple Man
As a general rule, Ikkaku thought it was better to have uncomplicated wants. Setting the bar of expectations low, some might say, but years on the road with Yumichika had taught Ikkaku to appreciate food that wasn't rotten, a place to sleep that wasn't likely to expose you to the elements or get you killed, and the occasional company in bed that you didn't have to pay for. Gradually, he'd added to the list, and it had come to include nights like these, sitting around with a bunch of guys that he knew would have his back when the inevitable bar fight broke out, and in the meantime would drink good booze and tell stories that got bigger with each retelling.
fic  c:bleach:ikkaku  c:bleach:kira  theme:first-time  humor  c:bleach:yumichika  shenanigans  boysaredorks  an:bleach  length:short  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  author:thehoyden  @privatearchive 
january 2010 by scorpionvoices
darksideofstorm: Backslide.
He's never quite grown out of hero fairytales, even if they come bound up in orange covers and no one's ever read them out loud. (Kakashi goes back to ANBU.) [483]
ficlet  an:naruto  oneshot  naruto:kakashi  characterstudy  worldbuilding  theme:grief  length:short  genre:gen  favs:naruto  theme:angst  rating:pg-13  @lj  o:beautiful 
january 2010 by scorpionvoices
seperis: one am
Adam thinks a lot of the more inexplicable changes in his life can be explained when you start with the fact Kris began his sexual life straight and never really got over some of the habits from it.
fic  oneshot  c:ai:adam  c:ai:kris  shenanigans  theme:injury  hilarity  theme:establishedrelationship  opinion:awesome  rps:americanidol  length:short  genre:slash  rating:pg  author:seperis  pairing:rps:adam/kris  @lj 
january 2010 by scorpionvoices
This Is Our Place, a Naruto fanfic
"Do you realize how disturbing it is to our allies that the most powerful ninja in our village calls a chuunin 'sensei'?" Sasuke asks dryly.

"They'll get over it," Naruto says cheerfully.
fic  an:naruto  post-series  theme:futurefic  pairing:an:naruto/sasuke/sakura  theme:establishedrelationship  OT3  theme:friendship  length:short  genre:slash  genre:het  humor  ficfromThePit  author:sunfreak  rating:pg-13 
january 2010 by scorpionvoices
Family Duty, a Magnificent Seven fanfic
ATF Universe. When Ezra sees a picture of Vin's mother, he is positive he's seen her before. But where?
fic  tv:magnificentseven  c:mag7:ezra  c:mag7:vin  theme:long-lost-relatives  length:short  theme:friendship  genre:gen  rating:pg  ficfromThePit  opinion:sweet 
january 2010 by scorpionvoices
such_heights: Whatever You Want
The trouble is, Merlin thinks, he probably should have twigged a lot sooner that sleeping with Arthur on any kind of regular basis was going to involve holding his hand and slowly undoing twenty years of Pendragon-style total repression.
fic  tv:merlin  c:merlin:merlin  oneshot  kink:spanking  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  length:short  p:merlin:arthur/merlin  @dw 
january 2010 by scorpionvoices
roga: Post Lambert, Ergo Propter Lambert
"You know we can't do anything about it," Josh said. "The White House does not call up Good Morning America and tell them who to put on their show."
fic  crossover  c:westwing:josh  c:westwing:donna  ensemble  c:ai:adam  hilarity  shenanigans  opinion:awesome  rating:pg-13  tv:westwing  rps:americanidol  length:short  genre:gen  @lj 
january 2010 by scorpionvoices
ethrosdemon: Prostitution is Revolution
Gabe's got bad luck about self-awareness regarding his own feelings and an ocean of accidental broken hearts in his wake. He really doesn't see it until it's too late and he's got another angry person accusing him of stringing them along. He's not stringing anyone along by having casual sex and being friendly about it afterwards. He's just *being friendly* afterwards. Being friendly isn't a declaration of intent. Ryland told him he should learn to “tone down” the friendly thing. Ryland, basically, told Gabe to learn to be a douche.


Gabe doesn't see anything happening with Patrick. Pete has other ideas.
fic  rpf:cs  rpf:fob  c:cs:gabe  c:fob:patrick  c:fob:pete  hilarity  theme:clueless  shenanigans  p:band:gabe/patrick  bandom:  genre:slash  rating:r  length:short  author:ethrosdemon  @lj 
december 2009 by scorpionvoices
megyal: Kamikaze
Frank darts in and out, like a sharp little amused knife to stab at Bob's person with giggling kisses and brace surprisingly strong arms around him in a quick hug. He's a kamikaze kisser, disregarding Bob's semi-annoyed grunts quite easily and going in with great resolve to get what he wants. Bob stopped being semi-annoyed five hundred kisses ago.
fic  rps  band:mcr  c:mcr:bob  p:mcr:bob/frank  theme:friendship  theme:UST  sad  bandom:  genre:slash  rating:pg  theme:love  length:short  author:megyal  theme:angst  @lj 
december 2009 by scorpionvoices
greatforce: Night Mail
Xander, Oz, and a late night train ride, all covered in an ambiance of warmth and movement and gentle motion. Delicious.
fic  tv:buffythevampireslayer  c:btvs:xander  c:btvs:oz  p:btvs:oz/xander  theme:establishedrelationship  post-series  length:short  opinion:beautiful  theme:comingout  genre:slash  rating:r  oneshot  @lj 
december 2009 by scorpionvoices
xylodemon: Deliverance
He's a force, a *presence*, this man who's bound to them by blood and faith and a handful of words. Their father, if only for a year -- the eight months before he left their ma and the not-quite five since Rocco died. He's an angel, bloodied and fallen, a chiseled statue of a saint, imposing and silent in the back of a blessed church. They kill with him and they pray with him and they believe in him, but they do not know him. Connor doesn't love him yet, and he doesn't think Murphy ever will.
fic  m:boondocksaints  post-movie  c:bds:connor  p:bds:connor/murphy  kink:incest  genre:slash  rating:r  length:short  author:xylodemon  @lj 
december 2009 by scorpionvoices
anonymous: Adrenaline -- Porn Battle VI (The Undiscovered Country)
Fi grins, and Michael doesn't have a chance to register just how dangerous her expression is before she's off his lap and walking towards Sam, moving like a born predator. "Perfect timing, Sam," she says, and she's slipped back into her natural accent, practically purring her words. "Michael's being *boring*. You're not boring, are you, Sam?"
fic  tv:burnnotice  note:comment!fic  c:bn:michael  c:bn:fiona  c:bn:sam  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:first-time  ot3  p:bn:fiona/michael  p:bn:fiona/michael/sam  genre:slash  genre:het  genre:smut  rating:r  length:short  challenge:kinkmeme  @lj 
november 2009 by scorpionvoices
yin_again: the expanding universe
Xander's tiny, sly smile turned into a big, sly grin, and it made him look... dangerous. Dangerous and a little mean. And hot. And somehow the universe knew that Spike had a thing for dangerous and mean and hot, and that thing was located in his pants.
ficlet  tv:buffythevampireslayer  au  c:btvs:spike  theme:firstkiss  p:btvs:spike/xander  hilarity  genre:slash  rating:r  length:short  opinion:awesome  @privatearchive  author:yin_again 
november 2009 by scorpionvoices
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theme:grief  theme:h/c  theme:holidays  theme:homophobia  theme:illness  theme:immortality  theme:inebriation  theme:injury  theme:insanity  theme:jealousy  theme:kids  theme:long-lost-relatives  theme:love  theme:marriage  theme:muteness  theme:robots  theme:role-reversal  theme:romance  theme:secretlovers  theme:selfrescue  theme:shenanigans  theme:sliceoflife  theme:snark  theme:sociopaths  theme:spies  theme:stranded  theme:superpowers  theme:team  theme:team!  theme:totherescue!  theme:transformation  theme:undercover  theme:UST  theme:werewolves  trope:amnesia  trope:oneandthesame  trope:sexpollen  tv:ats  tv:bones  tv:btvs  tv:buffythevampireslayer  tv:burnnotice  tv:doctorwho  tv:firefly  tv:generationkill  tv:heroes  tv:highlander  tv:leverage  tv:life  tv:magnificentseven  tv:MASH  tv:merlin  tv:psych  tv:sga  tv:sherlock  tv:smallville  tv:standoff  tv:stargateatlantis  tv:stargatesg1  tv:supernatural  tv:teenwolf  tv:torchwood  tv:westwing  tv:whitecollar  u:DC  u:disney  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