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k: I Already Own My Own Body of Water
Ziva is idly watching the buttocks of the two women running in front of her, neither with the speed or the stride to be regular runners, when one simply stops and bends over, grabbing her hips. Panting, complaining. "Hodgins doesn't care what I look like," the whiner is saying as Ziva dodges the sudden obstacle and keeps running. "Really, honey, I'm done," she says.

Ziva glances and sees the other runner looking up at her. She has rather striking eyes, Ziva thinks, and then focuses ahead on the path. [Two of the bluntest characters on television meet by chance and strike up a friendship. Sheer genius, and well executed!]
fic  tv:ncis  crossover  tv:bones  c:ncis:ziva  c:bones:brennan  crossoverpairing  theme:friendship  theme:first-time  humor  genre:slash  genre:femslash  rating:r  favs:crossover  for-kayla  opinion:awesome  @privatearchive 
july 2010 by scorpionvoices
mijan: And All The King's Men
Summary: "How many times can you patch up something before you realize that it's too fucking broken to fix, Bones?"

When a training simulation uncovers something that Cadet Jim Kirk was never meant to remember, it breaks him. Leonard McCoy can't sit by and watch Jim crumble. When asked what he's willing to do to get the old Jim back, Leonard has only one answer. "Anything." [63,000]
fic  u:startrek  m:startrek09  pre-movie  c:startrek:bones  theme:h/c  c:startrek:kirk  theme:PTSD  theme:friendship  theme:love  theme:injury  theme:captivity  genre:gen  rating:r  quality:good  favs:startrek  challenge:bigbang  for-kayla  theme:angst  @privatearchive 
november 2009 by scorpionvoices

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