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jae kayelle: Trust
Wasn't like Mal had declared his undying love for Jayne, and Jayne hadn't declared a thing. He had just sat down and let it happen. Surprised him as much as anyone but he wasn't going to say no. He kind of liked this situation they were presently in.

"I don't get it." Apparently Simon finally found his voice. "How can he do that with Jayne of all people?"

"I agree with Wash," Kaylee said. "It is cute." [677]
ficlet  firefly  firefly:jayne  firefly:mal  ensemble  humor  theme:friendship  gen  pg  @fireflyarchive  opinion:sweet 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
mosca: Like Describing the Alphabet
In which Mal unbuilds some walls, Jayne learns to kiss on the mouth, and nobody gets left behind. [41,754] [without a doubt my favorite Firefly fic. EVER. The characterization of Mal and Jayne is beautiful, and while I don't necessarily agree with the characterization of Simon and Inara, I can see where the author is coming from. This is a wonderful story about love and mistakes and relations between two *men*, with all the joy and angst that can entail.]
fic  firefly  long  firefly:mal  firefly:jayne  shenanigans  humor  boysaredorks  theme:clueless  theme:first-time  theme:angst  theme:jealousy  theme:love  jayne/mal  slash  nc-17  @fireflyarchive  favs:firefly  favs:bestofthebest  for-kayla 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
haven1984: Life
"I proved that I have blood, it's all on the floor," she murmurs to him before the blackness takes her. [4406] [an interesting take on characterization of River and the crew, but definitely not without its flaws.]
fic  firefly  oneshot  firefly:river  firefly:jayne  firefly:mal  firefly:simon  ensemble  theme:angst  theme:selfharm  theme:family  theme:fixing  gen  short  @fireflyarchive  rating:pg-13 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
emella: Halfway
Simon had the most quarrel with Jayne; they were almost polar opposites, two hazardous chemicals thrown together into the same beaker. For eight months Simon and Jayne never got along; instead they sniped, baited, and mocked each other. [4436] [as with all song-fic I bookmark (where-in 'all' means 'the few'), the lyrics are included in the word count even though I skip over them when I reread the fic.]
fic  firefly  oneshot  post-movie  firefly:simon  firefly:jayne  theme:friendship  theme:clueless  theme:first-time  slash  nc-17  @lj 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
aldiara: Fathom A River
Rhyme: a random assimilation of sound. Pretty but ultimately useless, and yet highly treasured. Art: the eternal paradox. The ceaseless attempt to imprint beauty on the mundane.

River knows they are watching her. She is a liability. Roles - people distribute them with such ease, as if they enjoyed acting out a play. The leader, the soldier, the joker, the innocent, the traitor, the priest, the courtesan, the healer. She knows that there is a role waiting for her, if she should choose to take it: the oracle. So far, she has not chosen so. Does not know if she ever will. Oracles are by tradition brittle, but she is a kaleidoscope of shards. For her, foretelling futures is just another way to hold the past at bay. What Simon calls 'gifted' and the Captain, in his blunter but more precise way, calls 'creepifying' is, for her, just another much-needed source of distraction. [7668]
fic  firefly  oneshot  firefly:river  ensemble  firefly:simon  firefly:jayne  characterstudy  worldbuilding  theme:holidays  theme:angst  theme:psychic  theme:first-time  humor  jayne/simon  slash  r  @fireflyarchive  favs:firefly 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
dex: Babysitter
"I reckon as long as he makes an honest woman of her, it's alright." Jayne said, lips quirking. Mal's eyes opened slowly to the sight of most of his crew standing in the common room, staring at him cradling River in his arms. [1938]
fic  firefly  oneshot  firefly:mal  firefly:river  characterstudy  worldbuilding  humor  theme:friendship  theme:grief  theme:fixing  short  gen  pg  @fireflyarchive  opinion:sweet 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
sevenfists: Weight and Motion
There was a pulse of light, a blue flash, and then the air split somehow, like a seam ripping open, and a man came stumbling out of the breach, clutching a pistol. [~25,000]
fic  firefly  crossover  supernatural  spn:dean  firefly:mal  crossoverpairing  ensemble  theme:angst  theme:grief  theme:family  theme:first-time  theme:stranded  slash  nc-17  author:sevenfists  @lj  favs:crossover 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
Something's stewing, and Mal's not too pleased when he finds out what it is. [aka the one where Jayne strikes out for greener pastures and they have a hell of a time replacing him]
fic  firefly  oneshot  firefly:mal  ensemble  firefly:jayne  team!fic  theme:friendship  gen  r 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
Brought to the Edge and Always Crossing the Lines - edenbound - Firefly [Archive of Our Own]
Simon began by searching for someone to help him save River. When he failed to save her, he decided he would go to any lengths to get a second chance. In the course of things, he finds himself on Serenity anyway. He is not particularly welcome, but that doesn't matter. Only River matters. [18,802]
fic  firefly  au:justalittledifferent  firefly:simon  characterstudy  theme:angst  theme:grief  theme:h/c  theme:transformation  theme:assassins  theme:sacrifice  warning:characterdeath  gen  edenbound  favs:firefly  for-kayla  @AO3  rating:pg-13 
april 2011 by scorpionvoices
cho_malfoy: Storytelling
Every couple has their story. Zoë and Hoban Washburne, first mate and pilot of Serenity, are no exception.
fic  firefly  tobetagged  lgbtfest 
june 2010 by scorpionvoices
Glass Walls
Summary: Simon, Jayne, prison. A bit of a possible future. ***Notes: I wanted to write an AU where Simon, River and Jayne don't get away from the Feds in Ariel. This isn't quite that, but it is a prison story, set some time after Objects in Space.
fic  firefly  au:justalittledifferent  theme:futurefic  firefly:jayne  worldbuilding  firefly:simon  drama  theme:captivity  theme:insanity  sad  theme:grief  gen  r  warning:characterdeath  quality:good  favs:firefly 
july 2009 by scorpionvoices
pentapus: Command in Fancy Clothes
A while back, I asked for short dialogues as prompts for short comics, and [info]thetruebard, who has a lovely knack for capturing the swagger and cadence of the firefly cast, came up with a script that I love. Imagine a world in which Methos finds himself traveling on Serenity...
art  fanart  webcomic  firefly  crossover  highlander  hl:methos  firefly:river  humor  cute  gen  pentapus  rating:pg-13 
may 2009 by scorpionvoices
Desert Dunes
The desert, to many of the people who've grown up there, is a place full of life and beauty -- if you know how to see it. To the youngest boy in the Hayden Cobb clan, the desert is a barren waste of heat and sand.
fic  firefly  firefly:jayne  worldbuilding  pre-series  little!character{s}  thinky  gen  pg  jameswalkswithwind 
may 2009 by scorpionvoices
Prodigal, a Firefly fanfic
PostMiranda, the crew adjust to the changes in their lives and their 'verse. As the storms caused by the Miranda Clip escalate, the families they left behind have to be faced as a new one comes together on Serenity. Last in the Horseshoe Nails series. {my least favorite of the series, but still pretty good. provides a happy ending, and brings more flesh to Jayne's past.}
fic  firefly  firefly:jayne  firefly:river  unusualpairing  theme:family  worldbuilding  drama  het  series:horseshoenails  ficfromThePit  theme:angst  rating:pg-13 
march 2009 by scorpionvoices
Miranda, a Firefly fanfic
The Big Damn Movie, but the altered bonds between the crew make it play out very differently as old relationships strengthen and new ones are formed. Fourth in the Horseshoe Nails series.
fic  firefly  firefly:jayne  firefly:river  unusualpairing  theme:friendship  theme:UST  theme:clueless  theme:family  team!fic  drama  theme:h/c  theme:insanity  het  r  quality:good  long  series:horseshoenails  ficfromThePit  theme:angst 
march 2009 by scorpionvoices
Bank Job, a Firefly fanfic
A teaparty, a card game, a bank robbery and the last appearance of the Blue Hands. River and Jayne's relationship begins to take shape. Covers an alternate version of 'Serenity: Those Left Behind'. 3rd in the Horseshoe Nail series.
fic  firefly  firefly:river  firefly:jayne  theme:friendship  cute  theme:UST  theme:clueless  hilarity  theme:snark  gen  pre-het  r  drama  quality:good  series:horseshoenails  ficfromThePit 
march 2009 by scorpionvoices
Kinship, a Firefly fanfic
Jayne gets more attached to River, Simon and Inara become friends, and Mal is most unhappy. This is a sequel to 'Two Gorram Days',covering the time between 'Objects in Space' and 'Serenity: Those Left Behind'. PreRayne. 2nd in the Horseshoe Nail series.
fic  firefly  firefly:jayne  firefly:river  theme:friendship  cute  shenanigans  hilarity  theme:snark  gen  series:horseshoenails  ficfromThePit  rating:pg-13 
march 2009 by scorpionvoices
Two Gorram Days, a Firefly fanfic
Jayne is left all alone with a bad leg and a crazy girl for two days. It doesn't go as badly as it could. First in the Horseshoe Nail series.
fic  firefly  firefly:jayne  firefly:river  shenanigans  theme:friendship  cute  hilarity  gen  series:horseshoenails  ficfromThePit  rating:pg-13 
march 2009 by scorpionvoices
roga: What Kind Of Week Has It Been
Frozen in his spot, Chase couldn't stop staring at the hovering ship. It lowered a ramp. And spoke. "Who the hell opened the gorram ramp? Somebody close the damn thing now! Close the ram—wait, wait! Pull back, you're going to hit that boy's—"
fic  housemd  crossover  firefly  house:chase  hilarity  gen  favs:crossover  for-kayla  opinion:awesome  rating:pg-13 
june 2008 by scorpionvoices
Making God Laugh
Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, but three times is... Well. Three times would mean something.
fic  firefly  post-series  firefly:simon  firefly:jayne  humor  romance  theme:love  slash  r  favs:firefly  theme:angst  opinion:sweet 
june 2008 by scorpionvoices
In The Box
Not everybody who captures the Serenity crew is an evil torturing fiend... although a sense of humour can be almost as bad. Short standalone for comedic purposes. (Bwaahahahahahahahahha!!!!!!!)
fic  firefly  crack  hilarity  LOLZ  humor  gen  favs:firefly  for-kayla  ficfromthepit  opinion:awesome  rating:pg-13 
may 2008 by scorpionvoices
Halfway Between One Unification Day and the Next
The surest way to tell someone is a Browncoat? They think gender matters when it comes to who you sleep with. And neither Simon nor River know quite how to react to that. The war is long over, but Simon isn’t sure for which side he would have fought.
fic  firefly  firefly:simon  worldbuilding  interesting  gen  lgbtfest  rating:pg-13  yakyakyak:sexuality 
april 2008 by scorpionvoices
Suffer the Little Sea Change To Come Unto Me by Executrix
Shaw wrote several "disquisition plays," where the characters just sit around and talk about a subject. He did write a play called "Getting Married," but did not write one called "Getting Bottom Surgery," although given a chance he might have.
fic  firefly  interesting  theme:genderfuck  gen  lgbtfest  sad  theme:angst  rating:pg-13 
april 2008 by scorpionvoices
Carbon, Pressure, Time
Even when a job's going right, Mal can find himself some trouble. Simon wants to find out more, but River already knows. Set post-Serenity.
fic  firefly  firefly:mal  firefly:simon  worldbuilding  post-series  interesting  gen  pg  short  RECOMENDED  lgbtfest  yakyakyak:sexuality 
april 2008 by scorpionvoices
Happy Paws
“String string string string string string string string string string string string string string!” Jayne says, now up on his hind legs. Simon gives in to the urge and swats him. River puts out newspaper for them both.
fic  firefly  firefly:simon  firefly:jayne  hilarity  crack  trope:animorph  slash  pg  LOLZ  favs:firefly  opinion:awesome 
march 2008 by scorpionvoices
Thoughts Colored Ugly
Ugly thoughts first bring River to Jayne's door and then drive Jayne to leave Serenity rather than face his own fears and needs, but he's faced with a River who is not willing to let him go out there and get hurt.
fic  firefly  firefly:river  firefly:jayne  kink  restraints  D/s  theme:love  long  hawt  het  nc-17  quality:good  RECOMENDED  favs:firefly  theme:angst 
february 2008 by scorpionvoices
Time Fugitive by fajrdrako
“Past tense, future tense. Always running. He lost his memories. He lost his courage. He lost his Doctor. He needs to find them all again. Then he can have his present tense back.”
fic  firefly  crossover  torchwood  firefly:mal  tw:jack  onetime  quality:good  theme:stranded  slash  nc-17  humor 
january 2008 by scorpionvoices
iphigni939: the sound of one hand clapping
Ascended!Wash, for LC, who had the idea before I stole it. Because I am a bad, rude girl.
fic  firefly  crossover  sg1  au:justalittledifferent  firefly:wash  firefly:zoe  trope:amnesia  theme:futurefic  humor  short  quality:good  gen  pg  iphignia939 
november 2007 by scorpionvoices
idyll: Harsher and Kinder Both
Simon watches the broad back in front of him relax. River hums quietly and speaks to Simon with her head still lowered over the man's. "His name is Ronon Dex, and he's one of mine." She looks up at Mal with a challenge. "And now one of yours." (2,213 word
fic  firefly  crossover  sga  firefly:simon  sga:ronon  theme:h/c  slash  r  short  idyll  o:beautiful 
october 2007 by scorpionvoices
It's Wrong to Wish on Space Hardware
Zoe was raised in the black and there was a whole of stuff which didn't make sense if you were raised up there. Take nursery rhymes: there weren't no boughs to break, there weren't no woods for bears to hide in, and what in the hell was a tuffet anyways?
ficlet  firefly  firefly:mal  firefly:zoe  post-war  style:philosophical  humor  theme:friendship  pre-het  favs:firefly 
august 2007 by scorpionvoices
The Big Bang and Everything After
serenity's crew finds rodney in a cryo-chamber; rodney's confused
fic  firefly  crossover  sga  sga:rodney  firefly:river  het  rating:pg-13 
may 2007 by scorpionvoices
When Boredom Strikes
pure PWP, just the guys alleviating their boredom.
fic  firefly  m/s/j  smut  kink  slash 
may 2007 by scorpionvoices
Outside World
"Ogle?" Mal says in mock indignation. "I do not ogle. Jayne may ogle." At these words the big merc waggles his eyebrows suggestively at Simon. Mal points to himself, and says archly, "I admire."
fic  firefly  OT3  m/s/j  short  humor  theme:establishedrelationship  slash  firefly:simon  rating:pg-13 
april 2007 by scorpionvoices
Fun and Games
"Zoe wants to spend some quality time with Wash, so I decided to let her out of this one." We both smile at the thought of Zoe requiring the Captain's permission for anything.
fic  firefly  OT3  m/s/j  theme:undercover  slash  nc-17 
april 2007 by scorpionvoices

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