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She frowns, a little perplexed line between her brows as she takes in the strained smile on Danny's face. "Is something wrong?"

Danny shakes his head. "No, honey, why would anything be wrong?"

"Because you only stutter when Steve's around," she says bluntly, setting Steve off again because the man has no goddamn sense of decorum. "Did you hit your head on something? Do you need a doctor?"

Danny's about to say something, but Steve breaks in with "Doctor," said in this breathy gasp that guarantees that Danny is going to get Kono to break into his high school records so he can find some embarrassing shit on him that he is going to blow up to poster size and hang up all over the office. "I'm fine, Gracie," he sighs, feeling defeated by this entire day. "It's just a dad thing. You'll understand some day when you have kids."
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