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queeniegalore: Big Pimpin'
The fact was, even though Ray was fucking Walt daily (sometimes TWICE daily), Ray still liked the ladies. He didn't actually want to sleep with anyone who wasn't a blond haired, blue eyed Marine, but that didn't mean he couldn't LOOK, ok. And Walt was the same. They were devoted to each other, but Jesus Christ, if a man couldn't enjoy a few beers at the local strip club, and maybe a lapdance or six, then what the hell had they gone to war for? Ray had spent fifty years next to Colbert in a Humvee putting his life on the line for the rights of all Americans to ogle women climbing up and down a pole in their drawers. That was just facts.

Also, it made Walt horny.
ficlet  generationkill  comment!fic  gk:ray  gk:walt  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:snark  humor  smut  boysaredorks  shenanigans  ray/walt  slash  r  queeniegalore 
april 2011 by scorpionvoices
thelosers_kink: CLOSED - Round 1 -- Five times someone walked in on Cougar and Jensen (and one time they didn't), by anon
5. Roque

With Roque, it was just a thing of ongoing denial.

“I will cut your dick off if you do that again where I can see,” he said the first time.

The second. “Seriously. Singing soprano, both of you.”

The third time, he didn’t say anything, just threw his knife at them before leaving. Jensen knew he wasn’t serious, though, because it didn’t actually hit them. It didn’t even nick Cougar’s hat.
fic  thelosers  comment!fic  losers:jensen  losers:couger  losers:pooch  losers:clay  losers:aisha  losers:roque  losers:jolene  humor  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:comingout  cougar/jensen  slash  r  style:fivethings 
december 2010 by scorpionvoices
inception_kink: Prompt Post No. 11 -- Early Returns, by anon
"There's free food on election night," Dom says, pleading. "There might even be free pizza on election night."

Ariadne, who drops by long enough to drop off a handful of roughed-up charts, says, "Dom, please, I think we can all see that Arthur doesn't actually eat food."

Arthur slaps the charts out of her hands. "Are you sure you want to be pissing me off before I keep you from embarrassing yourself with these?" he asks, already spotting two split infinitives, where someone had made an obvious their/they're mistake, and a weird line-break issue that would introduce profanity onto page five.

"Arthur, I know you're too much of a consummate professional and love me too well to ever be that petty," she coos at him, and presses a kiss to his cheek before dropping a dollar in the sexual harassment jar and darting off back to the design bloc, where graphics and photo and layout have hogged every window with natural light claiming somehow that they need them for work. [NEWSPAPER AU!!!]
fic  inception  au:realworld  comment!fic  inception:arthur  inception:cobb  inception:eames  inception:ariadne  inception:yusuf  inception:mal  ensemble  shenanigans  hilarity  LOLZ  theme:snark  theme:angst  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:officeromance  theme:fixing  slash  r  kinkmeme  for-kayla  opinion:awesome  pairing:inc:arthur/eames 
december 2010 by scorpionvoices
leupagus: Date Night
Steve makes a face as he shifts around on his side of the bed. Even he's not sure what he's trying to say, really. "I was just thinking, you know. Maybe this weekend, if you're free. There's a nice restaurant in Kailua, I just thought--"

"Is it that place we all took Gracie to last month, with the deep-fried mahi?" Danny asks, rolling onto his back with a low groan. Steve gets distracted for a second, remembering all the things he did to Danny to make that noise happen this morning. "She liked that place. Sure, we'll pick you up around what, seven tomorrow?"

"No, I meant--" but Danny's already getting out of bed, hobbling toward the shower, and the day's started.
fic  hawaii5-0  comment!fic  h50:steve  h50:danny  h50:grace  theme:clueless  trope:stealth!dating  humor  danny/steve  slash  r  leupagus  @DW  opinion:sweet 
december 2010 by scorpionvoices
sherlockkink: Cutie, by anon
Watson does not have the skill set of Sherlock Holmes, and, were he blindfolded and taken somewhere, he would not likely be able to tell how he got there. He doesn't even get the chance to put it to the test -- One day he is walking down Baker St and a club makes quick acquaintance with the back of his skull. He passes out, and wakes up in darkness and dampness, tied to a chair.
fic  sherlockholmes  comment!fic  SH:watson  oc  theme:captivity  theme:angst  theme:h/c  holmes/watson  theme:firstkiss  slash  r  kinkmeme  w:torture 
october 2010 by scorpionvoices
inception_kink: Prompt Post No. 1 -- Sharp Dressed Man, by annundriel
Eames never knew watching a man dress could be so...alluring. He's mesmerized by the three-piece suits and braces and cufflinks that Arthur likes to wear.
fic  inception  comment!fic  inception:eames  inception:arthur  fluff  romance  smut  theme:establishedrelationship  humor  slash  r  pairing:inc:arthur/eames 
july 2010 by scorpionvoices
inception_kink: Prompt Post No. 1 -- Coastal
Arthur is actually from a trailer park in like...Alabama or some really southern state. He got rid of his accent and acts all suave motherfucker to hide his humble beginnings, but when Eames fucks him, he loses control and his accent comes back full swing.
fic  inception  comment!fic  inception:arthur  characterstudy  worldbuilding  inception:eames  theme:first-time  slash  r  favs:inception  opinion:awesome  pairing:inc:arthur/eames 
july 2010 by scorpionvoices
impertinence: now I'm trying to think of the bizarre things Gerard probably asks people to do in bed. not just vampire makeup or whatever, but jazz hands? abba on in the background? playing dead? HMM. [the one with brian and geeway!sex-chicken]
comment!fic  mcr:brian  mcr:gerard  weird  O.o  humor  bandom:  rps  mcr  r  impertinence 
august 2008 by scorpionvoices
The One Where Frank and Gerard Can't Have Sex Because They're Both Bottoms and Extremely Pathetic
fic-thing  rps  mcr  frank/gerard  crack  comment!fic  hilarity  LOLZ  bandom:  slash  r 
february 2008 by scorpionvoices
pearl_o: early!mcr, gerard/frank, not into it
between all the anti-depressants and then the drinking and drugs later, I think it makes a lot of sense to think of Gerard as just not, well. Getting it up.
fic  rps  mcr  frank/gerard  comment!fic  theme:first-time  bandom:  slash  r  hilarity  pearl_o  theme:angst 
december 2007 by scorpionvoices

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