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st_xi_kink: PART FOUR [CLOSED] -- untitled, by raphaela667
A week into his tenure at the Academy, Jim Kirk drops out of his Tactics class because - quote - his professor is an asshole. He cannot be persuaded to rejoin the class, and he cannot be persuaded to take it over the intranet. Chris finds a loophole that says if Kirk can prove fluency in at least three Federation languages and pass a second year Tactics exam, possibly while doing the hula, then he can skip the first year requirement. He takes it to Kirk, who sighs, says he can speak Lurisian and Standard, and that he's not doing the hula. His roommate growls that he'll do what's goddamned asked of him.

Kirk grumbles right back, but he eventually agrees.

So, the next thing Chris has to do is get Spock of Vulcan to do him a favor.
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