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st_xi_kink: PART TEN [CLOSED] -- our eyes aligned swaddled in our civvies (or, this is the story of the boys who loved you), by tallycola
They had always fought together, they always had each other's back, that was the only thing he was sure of. As far back as he could remember, as far as it mattered, even if only by virtue of both being outcasts. They were both shunned from card games, both the last in line for new boots, rations, liquor, cigarettes. The kid was constantly ridiculed by the other soldiers for his speech impediment, called stupid or worse, even though those big eyes under filthy curls showed far more intelligence to Sulu than anybody else in Regiment Five. Sulu, arguably, got it worse however, for the shape of his eyes, for the way he looked not quite the same as anybody else.
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