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7iris: Two can be as lonely as one.
Brian blows out a silent breath. He looks away from Gerard's face and finds Bob watching him, mild and steady. His face goes hot, but Bob just closes his eyes. Gerard is like that when he's drunk, open and affectionate, but it doesn't mean anything--he never seems to remember when he's sober. It doesn't stop Brian from thinking about it later, jerking off in the shower, about what would have happened if he'd kissed Gerard back.
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july 2009 by scorpionvoices
impertinence: now I'm trying to think of the bizarre things Gerard probably asks people to do in bed. not just vampire makeup or whatever, but jazz hands? abba on in the background? playing dead? HMM. [the one with brian and geeway!sex-chicken]
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august 2008 by scorpionvoices
Because cheshireempress told me I should
he knows Patrick, he's known a 100 Patricks, and they're the people who if they don't find those one or two tried and true friends to pull them out they go further and further into themselves and into self-destructive patterns.
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