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dresden_kink: Overflow Post -- A Birthday Ballad, by anonymous
The one where The Ballad of Tam Lin is the key. |||

I possessed little doubt that I was watching Dresden sink either into cold detachment or madness. It was simply too soon to determine which. His smiles were still the same, and I knew his eyes well enough to catch the intended meaning--- but it was that sameness, that feeling that I was watching recorded emotions displayed by a living suit of armor for posterity’s sake, which first gave me a sense of disquiet. I’d shaken a dead man’s hand before, and it was reminiscent of trading barbs with this Harry Dresden.

It wasn’t something I was willing to accept.
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september 2011 by scorpionvoices
dresden_kink: Round Three IS CLOSED -- Little Fill, by grenegome
I’d sell you some crap about diamonds in the rough if I thought you’d buy it, but everyone’s the same. They can’t see it, damned if I know why. Sure, there’s the baggy clothes, and the scruffed up hair and the shadows under his eyes and the persistent stubble and the touch-me-and-I’ll-bite attitude, and the bruises, and the scars, and the fact he’s always running into or away from a fight... but isn’t that all part of the charm? It’s not like it masks even the base physical attractions, the long strong lines lines of him, the warm eyes, the generous mouth... and the rest of it, well, it’s not something you can hide under scruff and insolence. He’s a fucking beacon. He throws more power away lighting a candle than most wizards could hope to raise in a week of ritual meditation. And he’s only just waking up to the fact that his every action ripples through the supernatural world in ways it shouldn’t.
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dresden_kink: Round Three -- The Top Ten Reasons Harry Dresden Hates Latin, by anon
4) The ablative takes too much explanation. If he has to choose between figuring out whether it's taking about companionship, motion away from, time during which, means by which, or any of the apparently 1000 other damn things it can mean, Harry would rather have a beer.
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scribe_protra: Dresden Files Kink Meme!
My phone went off. I reached for it, yanking my eyes away from her sashay across the stage.

(is that who it looks like???)

Hendricks despises text speak and excessive punctuation. He must have been even more startled than I was.

(didnt know he could actlly lose 5clck shdw), I responded.

"What the fuck is that?" Russo demanded, jerking a hand at the stage.

"The perfect distraction to allow us to talk in peace." I put my phone down on the table, tugging it close, and turned my attention back to Russo, drawing his away from the show. “You were saying, about Ohio?”

I watched the stage out of the corner of my eye: the magician wrapped up her lip synch with a shower of fake snow, and spread her arms wide for the crowd. "Hello, darlings! My name is Devine Copafeel--" of course it was.
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