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1stclass_kink: prompt post: round six -- A Moving Sea, by anon
Erik here is a Pacific Sleeper shark and "Shaw" a colossal squid, though the way I've depicted him is actually a little closer to a Humboldt squid, which are smaller, but much more terrifying. Charles of course is a common bottlenose dolphin.

[The au where Charles the dolphin meets Erik the shark and they band together to defeat Shaw, the rabid squid. IT IS PERFECTION.]
fic  u:marvel  co:x-men  m:x-men:firstclass  au:nothuman  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  theme:angst  theme:friendship  theme:questing  theme:aftermath  theme:grief  theme:love  theme:first-time  theme:injury  kink:xenophilia  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:r  challenge:kinkmeme  @lj 
april 2012 by scorpionvoices
I'll see your heart (and I'll raise you mine) - sirona - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
For Kriminalhauptkommissar Erik Lehnsherr, this case will change everything.


A dead genetic researcher, the code she left behind, and attacks on Erik and his partner Alex start the two police officers on a journey from Germany into England and on into America to try and put an end to a mysterious organization from Erik's past. [42,912]
fic  u:marvel  co:x-men  m:x-men:firstclass  au:justalittledifferent  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:alex  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:raven  c:xmen:ensemble  note:casefile  theme:angst  theme:friendship  theme:totherescue!  theme:family  theme:aftermath  theme:fixing  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:RST  theme:first-time  trope:everyoneisgay  p:xmen:charles/erik  p:xmen:logan/scott  p:xmen:emma/raven  p:xmen:alex/armando  p:xmen:azazel/janos  genre:slash  genre:femslash  rating:nc-17  author:sirona  @ao3 
march 2012 by scorpionvoices
If You Liked The Book, You'll Hate The Movie - paperclipbitch - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Modern-Day High School AU. It’s not until Hank realises half the class are glancing towards the back of the classroom with something like nerves and something like schadenfreude that he finds out Alex Summers is back.


“Congratulations,” Mr Lehnsherr says during their next session, “you seem to have finally discovered teenage angst.”

Hank thinks about this, and then says at last: “do I get a gold star for it?”

“No,” Mr Lehnsherr replies firmly. “Tell me the source of your teenage angst so we can nip it in the bud and you can go back to being socially awkward and more attracted to equations than people.” [57,918]
fic  u:marvel  co:x-men  m:x-men:firstclass  au:modern  au:school  c:xmen:hank  c:xmen:alex  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:raven  c:xmen:ensemble  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:depression  theme:family  theme:adoption  theme:domesticity  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:clueless  theme:first-time  p:xmen:alex/hank  p:xmen:charles/erik  p:xmen:raven/sean  genre:slash  genre:het  rating:pg-13  author:paperclipbitch  @ao3  favs:marvel  for-kayla 
february 2012 by scorpionvoices
Little Birds - winterhill - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Bird AU. Erik is a lone kestrel on a mission to destroy the great golden eagle who killed his mother. Charles is an abandoned pet dove with no fear and a dream of making a place where the little birds can fly free. They don’t quite want the same thing, but together they’ll change the world. [35,995]
fic  u:marvel  co:x-men  m:x-men:firstclass  au:nothuman  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  ensemble  trope:partnerbond  theme:grief  theme:angst  theme:cuddling  theme:totherescue!  theme:war  theme:selfrescue  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:family  theme:injury  theme:h/c  theme:differentlyabled  theme:love  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  author:winterhill  @ao3  :D/:| 
january 2012 by scorpionvoices
the cockblocking high school au - Etirabys - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Charles and Erik are roommates, there is UST, Raven is an enabling, sex-positive sibling, they have conversations about manatees, and I promise nothing hurts. |||||

Charles, during his Chemistry class, maps out an imaginary world where it is possible to convert sexual frustration into electrical energy.

He imagines he could power Westchester County while he lives there.

Of course, the applications are so much more interesting, of course. One could lock up a school full of teenage boys and segregate them and run the world off that. What an interesting idea, but of course the parents would stage an uprising. Government subsidies, then. Global warming could stop...

Who the hell cares about global warming. Erik Lehnsherr is quite a distance away, but he's next to the window and he's quite tall. Very noticeable. The sun glances off his hair, turning it gold in places.
fic  u:marvel  co:x-men  m:x-men:firstclass  au:school  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  theme:clueless  boysaredorks  theme:RST  theme:first-time  humor  p:xmen:charles/erik  p:xmen:angel/raven  genre:slash  genre:femslash  rating:pg-13  @ao3 
december 2011 by scorpionvoices
Hell Hath No Limits, or: Erik Lensherr Does One Impossible Thing Before Breakfast - M_Leigh - X-Men: First Class (2011), Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
X-Men AU, Good Omens-style, with Charles as Aziraphale, Erik as Crowley, Jean as the Antichrist, and Raven as a badass motherfucker. You shouldn't need to have read Good Omens to enjoy this, although if you haven't, you should probably prioritize that over this. I mean, seriously. [8658]
fic  u:marvel  co:x-men  m:x-men:firstclass  au:fusion  b:goodomens  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:raven  theme:angels  theme:demons  humor  shenanigans  theme:clueless  trope:matchmaking  theme:destiny  theme:raceagainsttime!  theme:role-reversal  BFFpairing  dorksinlove  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  @ao3  for-kayla 
december 2011 by scorpionvoices
Marching Home - Quietbang - X-Men (Movies), X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
For the prompt: So, comic book Charles was in the Korean War. If one were to do the math, it's incredibly possible that XMFC Charles was in it as well.

He was supposed to have graduated Harvard at 16 (in comics), which means that it would have taken him like 12-14 years to become a Professor.....I'm thinking something was going on in between.

So, it could be before the movie, during the movie, after the movie, it could be General and just Charles or it can be Charles/Erik, or it can be moments with the boys, whatever, just incorporate the fact that Charles has seen war. Been in war. And all that comes with it. [6485]
fic  u:marvel  co:x-men  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  ensemble  theme:PTSD  theme:war  theme:aftermath  theme:grief  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:fixing  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  @ao3  for-kayla 
december 2011 by scorpionvoices
Her Only Mutations Were Her Blue Eyes and Her Auburn Hair - Pookaseraph - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
While sneaking back out of Russia, Erik and Charles stumble across Anya, Erik's presumed dead daughter, and it changes quite a few little things along the way. Fluffy, self-indulgent, fix-it.
fic  u:marvel  co:x-men  m:x-men:firstclass  au:justalittledifferent  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  theme:angst  theme:family  theme:friendship  theme:love  theme:kids  theme:fix-it  genre:fluff  genre:pre-slash  p:xmen:charles/erik  @ao3 
december 2011 by scorpionvoices
Doing Something for Yourself - Pookaseraph - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Erik is a hard working engineer and single dad, Charles runs a local Community Center where Wanda and Pietro spend their time after school. Erik accidentally makes Charles' acquaintance one Wednesday evening when he's running late from work. Erik has no idea if he stands a chance with his new acquaintance, but that isn't going to keep him from falling for the guy. [12,824]
fic  u:marvel  co:x-men  m:x-men:firstclass  au:realworld  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:wanda  c:xmen:pietro  tobetagged 
october 2011 by scorpionvoices
smilebackwards: Shared Custody
As Azazel had been turning to leave, Charles had made a faint, embarrassed throat clearing noise and said, softly, "Do make sure there are a few left for Erik. If he wants them."

Erik is going to eat at least one of the cookies if Azazel has to shove it down his throat.

He picks up one of the boxes Raven isn't devouring and brings it over to where Erik is sitting at the kitchen table, marking locations on a map with pushpins.

"From Charles," Azazel says pointedly, pulling off the top of the box. Erik looks at the cookies but hesitates to reach for one, so Azazel adds, devastatingly, "He specifically asked me to make sure you got at least one."

Erik bites a cookie in half and Azazel leaves the rest of them on the table. [~2900]
fic  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  theme:aftermath  theme:fixing  theme:family  theme:angst  humor  genre:het  genre:slash  rating:pg-13  author:smilebackwards  @lj  c:xmen:azazel  c:xmen:raven  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  theme:shenanigans  p:xmen:charles/erik  p:xmen:azazel/raven 
october 2011 by scorpionvoices
New Beautiful Things Come - Raven (singlecrow) - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Erik runs a kosher bakery. Charles comes in for baked goods. They play chess, eat meringues, people drop other people's keys down the toilet, and there's mutant performance art.
fic  au:modern  tobetagged  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:ensemble 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
smilebackwards: Room and Board
"How long had you been banging your head against the wall before I arrived?" Erik asks curiously after the resident nurse has lain Charles down on a cot and given him two ibuprofen to swallow and an icepack to hold against his head. Boarding school AU. [~4700]
fic  au:school  theme:friendship  theme:h/c  humor  theme:clueless  opinion:sweet  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  theme:boysaredorks  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:r  author:smilebackwards  @lj 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
I Want You To Hold Me Back - helens78 - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
It started with a dare; Charles lifting an eyebrow and saying, "I could stop you going over, you know." And of course Erik hadn't quite believed that; at the root of it, orgasm was a physical impulse. Coming was the province of the body and not the mind. Charles could dig into Erik's thoughts, show people images that weren't real, but Erik had spent years honing and mastering his body. It was *his*. [1591]
fic  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:love  @ao3  kink:orgasmdelay/denial  opinion:sweet  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  genre:smut  kink:powers  length:short  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  author:helens78 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
coffeesuperhero: In Re: Lids on Things
When Charles comes down for tea later and observes the two of them, Erik doling out ingredients, the metal measuring spoons full of flour and milk floating in the air, and Ororo happily using her tiny hands to squeeze water out of shredded potatoes, giggling in utter delight when Erik makes a spoon and a fork dance a minuet across the counter, Charles only smiles knowingly at Erik, as though he knew that the perfect recipe for a fresh start included the care and raising of baby mutants. In return Erik thinks rather loudly that he regrets leaving his helmet upstairs, which makes Charles chuckle so much he nearly spits out his tea.

And so it goes. [~2400]
fic  post-movie  theme:family  hilarity  theme:food  theme:domesticity  theme:friendship  theme:snark  for-kayla  favs:marvel  rating:pg-13  opinion:sweet  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:moira  theme:shenanigans  theme:kids  genre:fluff  genre:gen  @lj 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
trolllogicfics: Souls
"Why are you helping me? You do understand I came here to kill you."

"Yes," Charles says. "But I also know you haven't tried yet."

They're sitting on a bench in the garden, watching the sunset. The sight causes an almost imperceptible change in Charles's features. Almost like he's at peace. Erik reaches for the feeling, but he can't touch it without the soul in his hand.

"Then it's me who's wrong," Erik says. "I'm supposed to have a soul and I don't. I always thought I needed others to survive."

"Oh, my friend, you shouldn't just want to survive. You should want to live. There's a very important difference." [6400]
fic  au:magicalrealism  theme:angst  theme:grief  theme:love  theme:selfrescue  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:raven  theme:fairytale  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:gen  rating:pg  @lj 
september 2011 by scorpionvoices
But The Cat Came Back - twelve_pastels - X-Men: First Class (2011), Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In retrospect, Erik possibly should have been suspicious. All of the mannerisms were the same, the coloring was almost exactly correct, and whiskey in the milk? A dead giveaway.

Although, to his credit, the last thing a man thinks of during the week after he’s broken up with the person who he’s certain is the love of his life is, upon seeing a bedraggled, frantic cat crouching on his stoop on a rainy night, “Oh, look! It’s Charles, and he’s been transformed into a cat by a malevolent government program! I wonder how I can change him back and thereby secure his love forever and ever, amen?” [3848]
fic  au:fusion  humor  trope:animorph  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:angst  theme:clueless  theme:boysaredorks  @ao3  u:marvel  co:x-men  m:x-men:firstclass  tv:sherlock  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:emma  c:SH:mycroft  c:SH:holmes  c:SH:watson  genre:crack  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:r  author:twelve_pastels 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
orange_crushed: Perfection
On Thursday Erik pads down to the kitchens to eat a pile of eggs and rye toast and to bury his head in the freezer under a bag of peas. He's been dreaming the submarine again, watching it vanish before his eyes, rotors spinning, as the world dissolves. In his dreams there is no voice in his head. In his dreams, he drowns. It's overly literal and infuriating and his teeth ache from grinding together. Charles is already there at the counter, playing solitaire and tapping his fingers along to a song nobody else can hear. "Good morning," he says, absurdly pleasant. He's wearing a tidy old man's sweater and pressed slacks, as if it wasn't five in the morning. Erik mocks him half-heartedly for being a health nut, a virtuous little sun-worshiper, for rising early and chasing worms. Charles grins and hums to himself and yawns wide and unembarrassed, like a Labrador.
fic  missingscene  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:h/c  theme:firstkiss  opinion:sweet  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:pg  @lj 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
jukeboxhound: i have a holy duty to unzip your genes
Getting an angel drunk is a little like drinking a fine vintage brandy, one that slides down the throat to curl up warm and bright in the belly. If Charles has a tendency to lose a little of his otherwise strict control on his grace, leaking goodness and the sudden inexplicable need to pet a kitten, Erik magnanimously pretends not to notice. [2100]
fic  au:fusion  theme:angels  theme:demons  theme:establishedrelationship  hilarity  theme:friendship  pitchperfect  opinion:awesome  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  b:goodomens  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  theme:shenanigans  theme:boysaredorks  kink:inebriatedsex  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:r  @lj 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
Alchemy Alice - Bifurcation
Summary: The first thing Erik notices about Charles, after he’s gotten over the shock of there being someone, anyone who is in any way like Erik himself, is that metal hums around him.

A/N: this is is my contribution to the Wanted crossover subgenre, and is drawn from a couple of prompts, primarily this one from [info]1stclass_kink : "Charles has a killer in his head and he's not afraid to use him. Wesley doesn't mind letting Charles take the reigns in between the fun parts as long as he gets some action so it all works out. Cue BAMF!Charles/Wesley action!" and also this one from [info]xmen_firstkink : "Charles has terrible insomnia. When he's "asleep"? He's Wesley Gibson (McAvoy from Wanted). Basically, we're talking Charles with Fight Club-style fugue states, and when he's not Charles, he's Wesley, complete with bullet bending, time slowing and rapid healing. And assassinating!" [~9500]
fic  au:fusion  trope:oneandthesame  theme:DID  theme:friendship  theme:firstkiss  theme:selfrescue  theme:angst  happyending  for-kayla  rating:pg-13  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  m:wanted  c:wanted:wesley  opinion:interesting  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  a:alchemyalice  @lj  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:raven 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
Mosaic - isabeau - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
"Fine, then," Charles says in a surge of semi-hysterical anger. "You want me to show you? Here." And he opens his mind, flinging memory after memory: the overheard thought that started this, his own conviction that Erik would find out, the hopeless way he's been clinging to their relationship and pretending it's normal; earlier relationships, mentally overwhelming even with all his shields up and in place, physically overwhelming but not in a good way; the hollowness of pretending, pretending to Raven that he's had a good evening out and pretending to partners that he's enjoying himself and pretending to society that he's as normal as he looks; confusion and flat misunderstandings and the faint hope that one day he'd grow up enough to understand.

A lifetime's worth of memories and feeling, each one thrown at Erik like a dart, with the strength of Charles's fear behind them. [6278]
fic  theme:angst  theme:asexuality  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:love  @ao3  rating:pg-13  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  author:isabeau 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
entangled_now: Any Day Now
"Molecular destabilisation," he admits. "Though that's just a guess. And for future reference, you should avoid surprising anyone with the ability to separate atoms at the molecular level, and then be grateful that they have the self-control to leave biological organisms intact."

"Uh huh," Raven agrees. "So, I'm going to assume by all that, that you got your clothes destabilised."

Charles will not look sadly down at himself again. Also, he will accept that today was his own fault and no one else's. "Something like that, yes."

"And there were no pants?" Raven asks, as if they can often be found randomly lying around, in case there's a shortage. Or an emergency.

"There were no pants," he says firmly. "I looked." [3800]
fic  oneshot  humor  theme:friendship  theme:first-time  theme:angst  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:raven  c:xmen:erik  theme:shenanigans  genre:smut  kink:crossdressing  kink:wallsex  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  author:entangled_now  @lj 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
It Better Be What You Want - helens78, isabeau - X-Men: First Class (2011), Wanted (2008) [Archive of Our Own]
For the xmen_firstkink prompt here:

So I just watched Wanted and putting aside all other feelings about the movie, I like burning need some Xavier/Wesley butting heads and then having angry argumentative McAvoy-on-McAvoy sex.

Wesley: "Violence saves the world! I only gain self-respect through massive bloodshed. Also, fuck chess, probably." Charles: "My charisma comes natural, I will always oppose violence as a resolution, my accent will destroy you and make tea from your corpse. HEY, WHAT'D YOU SAY ABOUT CHESS??"

Bonus if Erik walks in on them at any stage and is like "I am confused and aroused." [5839]
fic  crossover  oneshot  ot3  crossoverpairing  theme:first-time  trope:doppleganger  theme:establishedrelationship  @ao3  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  m:wanted  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  c:wanted:wesley  genre:smut  kink:powers  kink:roughsex  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  author:helens78  author:isabeau 
august 2011 by scorpionvoices
Towne Hardware & Supply - helens78 - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
«You're going to pay for this when we get home,» Erik sends out, slipping out of his jacket and holding it carefully-- and, he hopes, casually-- in front of him. It's a lost cause, really, he can't avoid it, he can only hide it. A simple hardware store, and all he can think of is what he could do with all the things inside it. He could probably take over a small country with four or five buckets of ten-penny nails. Throw in a gross of circular sawblades, and he could probably take over a larger country. No wonder he's hard. [3145]
fic  theme:establishedrelationship  humor  @ao3  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  kink:D/s-elements  kink:powers  genre:smut  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  author:helens78 
july 2011 by scorpionvoices
xmen_firstkink: THE X-MEN FIRST CLASS KINK MEME: PROMPT POST -- Charles Xavier: Criminal Mastermind (or Criminally Drunk), by averzierlia
It isn’t the giggling, Erik can handle that, as creepy as it is.

It isn’t even the way that Charles is panting on his neck, hot breath stirring the soft hairs there.

It’s the fact that Charles keeps trying to put his hands down Erik’s pants.

He’s had to handle a lot of things in his life, but a drunk telepath that can’t keep his hands to himself is going to be the thing that does him in, because Charles is projecting, happinesscontentmentlifeisgood, and he keeps trying to, as he put it, ‘share that happiness with Erik’.

Which seems to involve sticking his hands down the front of Erik’s pants while he’s driving.
fic  comment!fic  humor  theme:first-time  rating:pg-13  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  theme:boysaredorks  theme:shenanigans  theme:inebriation  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  challenge:kinkmeme  @lj 
july 2011 by scorpionvoices
cupiscent: and miles to go before I sleep
There was something niggling at Erik, though, and he stared at Charles, mulling it over, until an eyebrow lifted over those bright blue eyes. "You're so fucking helpful all the time," Erik stated, "because it irritates you when people are irritated."

Charles blinked, but his face didn't really twitch, and of course, you'd become an old hand never giving away a thing, when you might be in danger of responding to something no one had said aloud. A masterpiece of bland, Erik could appreciate that, it was just a little disappointing to have it turned upon him.
fic  missingscene  theme:roadtrip  theme:friendship  characterstudy  opinion:awesome  rating:pg-13  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  opinion:interesting  genre:gen  author:cupiscent  @lj 
july 2011 by scorpionvoices
Alchemy Alice: Duct Tape Makes You Smart
“You,” Erik says coolly, “Really need to take me off your emergency contact list.”

Still squinting, Charles turns gingerly and surveys him. Erik looks good, as always. Suave and trim and exactly how a spy should look, which is why he never quite managed to be one. Charles, on the other hand, knows that he looks professorly and unassuming. It’s one of his most useful qualities. “And yet, you’re here,” he points out.

“So I am. I needed to get out of Europe anyway.”

“Ah. How’s the gunrunning for terrorists going?”

Erik glares. “I sell to causes, not terrorists. And business is booming, thank you.”

Right. Charles should probably not antagonize the one contact he has in the city he’s been dropped in when he’s…when he’s…

It all comes flooding back.


His eyes have gone comically wide, he knows, because Erik’s glare has shifted into raised eyebrows and curiosity. “What?” he inquires.

“I’ve been burned.” [~4800]
fic  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  au:fusion  tv:burnnotice  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:hank  theme:spies  theme:shenanigans  theme:angst  theme:pastrelationship  theme:snark  theme:injury  theme:captivity  theme:sliceoflife  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  genre:drama  r:pg-13  a:alchemyalice  @lj 
july 2011 by scorpionvoices
literen: Of kittens and teacups and love
Maybe Erik has thought about it, once or twice, very quietly because Charles and his uncanny mind-reading skills are not to be underestimated. He's thought about telling Charles that he's maybe perhaps a little bit sort of in love with him but he's never actually done anything because it seems like an epically bad idea. Charles is the best thing that's ever happened to him, despite the cats and the bad tea addiction and the fact that he drags Erik to watch bad movies just so they can fling popcorn at the screen together. Erik doesn't want to risk all of that by making things between them awkward with some ill-timed confession. And, even if Charles went all teary-eyed and said 'I've loved you since I laid eyes on you, my friend, let's get married and live in my ridiculously big family mansion and run a kitten orphanage', then what? [~5000]
fic  au:realworld  au:university  theme:friendship  hilarity  theme:clueless  theme:domesticity  theme:first-time  theme:love  for-kayla  rating:pg-13  opinion:sweet  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  theme:shenanigans  theme:boysaredorks  genre:fluff  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  @lj 
july 2011 by scorpionvoices
soundslikej: your position on the bridge (as it burns)
He returned home on a Wednesday, and Moira was gone by Sunday. Only Sean began to ask where she'd gone, and he was silenced by a swift kick under the table by Alex that Charles pretended he hadn't felt.

That night, he sat awake alone in his study, glass of scotch in his hand, and he didn't think about the last time he'd been here. He didn't think about much at all, except for how the surroundings were so much more pleasant than a hospital room, and it was nice to be back in his own clothes, and –

*Black or white?*

The thought was abrupt, emerging out of the darkness, hard-edged and brittle, and Charles nearly failed at keeping a grip on his glass for a moment. He took a moment to steady himself before replying. *A sad state of affairs if this is the best use he can think to put you to, Miss Frost.* [~4500]
fic  post-movie  theme:injury  theme:angst  theme:aftermath  theme:friendship  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:grief  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  theme:psychic  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:r  @lj 
july 2011 by scorpionvoices
Not What I Was Expecting (So Much Better), by lazulisong
Erik is a very rich (new money), very lonely VP of some Fortune 500 company who needs a nanny for his two kids. Charles is a struggling grad student who, estranged from his asshole family (except for his sister), needs some extra money.

fic  au:realworld  theme:family  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:domesticity  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:food  hilarity  WiP  @ao3  opinion:awesome  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:wanda  c:xmen:pietro  theme:kids  theme:shenanigans  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  author:lazulisong 
july 2011 by scorpionvoices
temperance_k: Desperate Measures
Prompt: The inhabitants of Charles' estate (Charles, his conniving younger sister Raven, his adorable but mischievous adopted children, and their live-in handyman Erik) have been growing restless. To keep the children from destroying everything in sight, Charles comes up with a scavenger hunt of sorts. The objective? To find his "heart" (which is actually a heart-shaped photo of everyone).

The children are obviously distraught to learn that Charles' heart has been "stolen" and are more than willing to search every last inch of the property to reclaim it. When they finally do, they are quite confused to find a chunk of it missing.

Unbeknownst to Charles, Raven decided to play matchmaker instead of just hiding the heart, sick of all the sexual tension between him and Erik. She cut out the little portion of the photo with Charles and Erik in it and delivered it to Erik. (Bonus if Erik is horribly confused.)
fic  au:realworld  theme:family  theme:friendship  theme:love  theme:clueless  trope:matchmaking  favs:marvel  for-kayla  opinion:adorable  opinion:awesome  opinion:sweet  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:raven  c:xmen:ensemble  theme:romance  theme:kids  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:pg  author:temperance_k  @lj 
july 2011 by scorpionvoices
iphignia939: the ghost of a lease on a better world
Sometimes Charles wonders if he didn't have some sort of break on the beach.

It feels that way at strange, random moments: that this is all a complicated fantasy he's created, and is projecting out into the world, like a particularly indulgent film. Telepath or no, he's still not entirely sure how it happened.
fic  theme:fixing  theme:friendship  theme:aftermath  theme:family  theme:angst  theme:totherescue!  pre-slash  series:m.i.n.a.s.f.s.  for-kayla  rating:pg-13  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:ensemble  p:xmen:charles/erik  author:iphignia939  @lj 
july 2011 by scorpionvoices
The World Outside Was Hungry - tzigane, Zaganthi (Caffiends) - X-Men (Comicverse), X-men - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
An AU where Charles and Erik meet at college in NYC and together set out to discover why they have these amazing powers. The story follows them in slices over the next fifty or so years and chronicles their heartbreaks, their joys, their mistakes, and their triumphs. A++ read! [58756]
fic  au:justalittledifferent  theme:firstmeetings  theme:friendship  theme:first-time  theme:angst  theme:love  theme:captivity  mood:quietdesperation  theme:aftermath  theme:domesticity  theme:grief  theme:role-reversal  theme:sacrifice  theme:selfrescue  theme:sliceoflife  @ao3  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  genre:drama 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
pidgeoned: if the moon fell down
fill for a prompt on [info]1stclass_kink: "Charles runs a small private school at the Xavier estate. As an initiation, Raven, Alex, and Sean make new kid Hank ring the doorbell of the recluse down the road."
fic  au:realworld  theme:firstmeetings  for-kayla  opinion:sweet  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:sean  c:xmen:raven  c:xmen:alex  c:xmen:hank  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  opinion:cute  theme:shenanigans  theme:boysaredorks  theme:kids  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:pre-slash  rating:g  author:pidgeoned  @lj 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
Heated From The Inside - helens78 - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Hank's suggestion for ways to experiment with his magnetism gives Erik some very naughty thoughts indeed. Who better to try them out on than Charles? [2943]
fic  theme:establishedrelationship  theme:friendship  humor  @ao3  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  genre:smut  kink:powers  kink:toys  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:nc-17  author:helens78 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
Don't Try This At Home - oliviacirce - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: You can't make me love you, Erik thinks, except Charles probably could.

Notes: Warnings—oh god this fandom—for dubious consent, mind control, and the holocaust. Additional warnings for sex, telepathy, manpain, miscommunication, learning the wrong life lessons, characters being assholes, and institutional misogyny. I like to think of this as the story in which Charles incepts Erik into a supervillain. [5011]
fic  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  missingscene  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:emotionalconstipation  theme:first-time  kink:powers  warning:dub-con  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  r:nc-17  a:oliviacirce  @ao3  for-kayla  reaction:;_; 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
cathalin: Rescue
Charles nods. Perhaps something in his expression is off, because the General adds, “Oh, not for anything terrible. We’re not going to hurt them or anything. Just get them help. And get them out of positions where they could influence people.” He leans forward. “Though, I do wonder... With all the work going on now on mutations and genetics, I imagine it’s quite possible to treat it medically.”

In the elevator after he’s left, Charles notices that his hands are curled into fists. His nails have left indentations in the palms of his hands. He uncurls them one finger at a time and counts the floors to the lobby. [~3300]
fic  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  oneshot  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  tobetagged 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
niched: Shelter
Nudging the door open, slightly, Erik watches him from a distance, through the reflection, as Charles cleans the wound without fuss. Unexpectedly, a rush of affection that shoots through Erik. *I need to take care of you*. The urge is sudden, incomprehensible, and he lunges forward, as if to help.

Charles senses it, too. Turning back briefly, he shakes his head, smile soft, eyes crinkling. “’s all right.” *And - you’ve got that backwards*.

Backwards. It takes Erik the better part of the afternoon to understand what Charles means by this statement. Far longer for him to begin accepting it.

*I need to take care of - *

*You need to take care of - *
fic  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  oneshot  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  theme:first-time  theme:angst  theme:love  opinion:beautiful  theme:lowselfesteem  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  r:nc-17  for-kayla  opinion:sweet  reaction:;_;  @lj 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
londondrowning: all the fears you left behind
“Pull the trigger.”

Charles tilts the gun to the side, looking at it contemplatively. “I know that you’re right,” he says, finally. “You do have a point.”

“Good boy,” Erik says, grinning. “Can you save the rest of your pontificating until after breakfast?”

“However,” Charles says, sternly. “As we already know you can deflect anything that’s aimed at you, and since I can’t stand to aim at a person, why don’t we try a different approach? ”

He angles the gun beneath his chin and suddenly there is nothing funny here, nothing at all.

“Stop that,” Erik growls, laughter utterly gone. “*Stop that immediately, Charles*.”

“It’s the same principle, really,” Charles says serenely. “I trust you.” [2290]
fic  missingscene  oneshot  theme:friendship  theme:love  theme:angst  characterstudy  theme:establishedrelationship  for-kayla  reaction:;_;  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  rating:r  author:londondrowning  opinion:beautiful  @lj 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
pidgeoned: i'll build you a fire
More cracky fluff, I guess. This was supposedly a response to a prompt on [info]1stclass_kink but then it went awry. Post-missile crisis, Charles (has a nervous breakdown) is nesting. Yeah, idek. This was supposed to be C & E: Mutants In Heat but idk what happened. Basically, Charles and Erik live in relative harmony with the children and Charles realizes a few things about himself, besides his love of housework. Meanwhile, Erik builds something (not a fire despite what the title suggests). [3747; CHARLES CLEANS ALL THE THINGS, FREAKS OUT ERIK AND THE KIDS, AND WEARS TASSELED LOAFERS. BASICALLY THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER.]
fic  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:ensemble  theme:shenanigans  hilarity  theme:boysaredorks  theme:friendship  theme:love  theme:family  genre:crack  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  r:pg  for-kayla  pidgeoned  opinion:awesome  opinion:sweet  @lj 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
smallacts: our hearts won't rust
"He wants to hold the face of the man whose thoughts he is even now struggling to keep separate from his own, wants to share with him the greatest truth and cruelest lie Charles knows - that he isn’t alone, that neither of them are, not if they don’t want to be." ||| AU. Charles meets Erik during a summer abroad when he is 17. [8753]
fic  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  au:justalittledifferent  oneshot  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:raven  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:first-time  theme:love  theme:totherescue!  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  r:r  genre:drama  a:liketheroad  genre:action  @lj 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
imogenediease: even more of exactly the same
“Why are you afraid?” Charles asks, and Erik laughs, mirthless.

“You’re terrifying,” he says, and it’s the most honest he’s ever been to a man who can dive into the worst corners of his mind and come out unscathed.
fic  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  missingscene  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:first-time  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  r:nc-17  a:imogenedisease  @lj 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
imogenedisease: wait to watch the fire
Charles is exhausting, enthusiastic about everything, endlessly optimistic, endlessly excited, gathering children around him and telling them stories, stories of what they are, stories of what they could be, if they’d like to. Stories like fairytales, of endless power, endless opportunity, all stretched out to be plucked and nurtured.

They are not the children of fairytales. They are soldiers, even if Charles doesn’t see it, if he refuses to see where this will lead. Endless power, endless opportunity, and billions who’d flinch if one of them so much as sneezed. Endless power, endless opportunity, and yet Erik had been an experiment, skin splitting under a whip, under knives he hadn’t yet had the power to push away.
fic  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  missingscene  c:xmen:erik  characterstudy  c:xmen:charles  theme:friendship  theme:first-time  theme:love  theme:angst  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  r:r  a:imogenedisease  for-kayla  @lj 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
zamwessell - Cheers
The bartender came around again and Charles yelled, “Give this admirable man three scotches!” in great excitement, nearly tumbling from his stool, so that Erik had to reach out a hand to keep him from falling.

“And get him a cola,” Erik hissed.

“Don’t want a cola,” Charles grunted. “Colas for girls. ‘M not a girl. My name’s Xavier. Charles Xavier.”

“Wonderful memory training you must have at Oxford,” Erik murmured.

“Aw Erik you’re so boringly sober,” Charles whispered. “So buttoned up. Or is it down. Buttoned. Someone ought to unbutton you. I’ve been trying but it seems I have not succeeded. You are still definitely and definitively buttoned.”

“Maybe I’m zipped,” Erik returned, grinning. Charles seemed to think this was the funniest thing he had ever heard. He hit Erik repeatedly on the knee.

The cola arrived, nestled between three scotches. Erik drank off one of them in a single gulp, possessed by the vague hope that it might make Charles make more sense.
fic  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  hilarity  theme:boysaredorks  theme:shenanigans  genre:fluff  theme:inebriation  theme:friendship  theme:first-time  inebriatedsex  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  r:r  for-kayla  opinion:awesome  @lj 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
Subtle Touch - cassiejamie - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Charles knows what's going on when Erik, after days of malaise and ill temper, has a coughing fit while attempting to lift Kurt Marko's old Indian Powerplus: bits of metal from all over the garage lift from their places, some tumbling away and some slamming into brick and wood and glass. [1142]
fic  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  theme:friendship  theme:illness  theme:h/c  humor  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  @ao3  r:pg-13  opinion:sweet 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
pidgeoned: the hazards of love
There were rumours going around of a new attending transplanted from England.

Last Erik heard, the attending had telepathic abilities and could bend spoons with his mind, but the nurses on the third floor were unreliable, especially when it came to performing a lavage, so he took what they said with a grain of salt.

He didn’t usually entertain gossip, but would overhear certain things from time to time: 'Do you think he’s single?' or 'I heard he was filthy rich'. Once, he’d caught a glassy-eyed intern muttering to herself, 'his hair smells like lilacs'.

Admittedly, Erik was intrigued, but not enough that he would go out of his way to press for real information. The rumours would die down eventually, that much he knew from experience. [6500]
fic  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  au:realworld  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:charles  humor  theme:friendship  theme:angst  theme:shenanigans  theme:boysaredorks  theme:first-time  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  a:pidgeoned  opinion:adorable  r:pg-13  @lj 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
we believe in the sum of ourselves - liketheroad - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
He’s made his peace with Erik’s war, and wants only to minimize the damage, not to the world, but to Erik himself. (Alternate ending fix-it fic) [3811]
fic  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  theme:friendship  theme:love  theme:angst  theme:aftermath  theme:fixing  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  a:liketheroad  @ao3  r:pg-13  opinion:sweet 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
Getting Your Frustration Out Of My System - helens78 - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Erik thinks of getting off like just another bodily function; half the time he doesn't even remember to do it. He's used to the low-level sexual frustration, but it's making Charles crazy. [1761]
fic  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  oneshot  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  theme:friendship  theme:shenanigans  humor  kink:masturbation  kink:powers  theme:first-time  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  r:r  @ao3  for-kayla  a:helens78  opinion:awesome 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
smilebackwards: Date Night
Summary: Erik thinks he would be more touched at the children's obvious investment in his and Charles' relationship if it didn't imply such a lack of confidence in his abilities.

Note: Written for this [info]1stclass_kink prompt. Basically, the kids try to help Erik date Charles. Erik is not amused. [~3000]
fic  oneshot  theme:dating  theme:friendship  theme:family  hilarity  opinion:adorable  rating:pg-13  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  c:xmen:erik  c:xmen:alex  c:xmen:sean  c:xmen:raven  c:xmen:hank  c:xmen:charles  theme:shenanigans  theme:boysaredorks  theme:romance  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  author:smilebackwards  @lj 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
1stclass_kink: Prompt Post: ROUND TWO -- Ghost In the Machine, by sabrina_il
Erik insists that Charles not go into any sort of situation without testing the full extent of his abilities. Because of Erik's unyielding faith in his dear friend, he offers himself as the subject to be experimented upon.
fic  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  comment!fic  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  theme:friendship  theme:fixing  missingscene  kink:powers  kink:restraints  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  r:r  challenge:kinkmeme  for-kayla  opinion:0.0  @lj 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices
Is Always, And Is Near - spuffyduds - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
Using the helmet is a trip that Charles finds it hard to come back from. ||| Erik’s leaving, he’s *leaving*, and just a few minutes ago Charles was with *everyone*, all his people shining around him and *in* him, he was a constellation of the gifted, they were all the stars sketching the struts of his wings and now he’s going to be alone.

Alone with this bed which was so kind a moment ago and now is too too soft, he’s having trouble getting his face up out of it, it’s trying to *eat* him.

“Rollgh me overmph,” he says, and Erik does, but then he tries to leave again. [696]
ficlet  u:marvel  m:x-men:firstclass  missingscene  c:xmen:charles  c:xmen:erik  hilarity  theme:shenanigans  theme:boysaredorks  kink:sleepysex  theme:friendship  theme:love  length:short  p:xmen:charles/erik  genre:slash  r:r  a:spuffyduds  @ao3  for-kayla  opinion:awesome  opinion:sweet 
june 2011 by scorpionvoices

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