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Talitha Cumi - Raven (singlecrow) - MASH (TV), His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman [Archive of Our Own]
"Don't be afraid," Hawkeye says. "Don't be afraid. Trust the scientific method. They'll slug it out in peer review. I can't wait."

Of daemons, and enduring distance. [6289]
"I was always told," BJ says carefully, "that there are no American witches."

"You were told right." Hawkeye covers his eyes with one hand, speaking into the air. "A small town in Maine, near the – near the border. Near, ah, more borders than one. There's a place, there, close to where I grew up." His voice is getting slower and more melodic, as though he's reciting something he was taught long ago. "If a girl wants something more than what she has, and she's willing to pay for it, she goes to that place. She leaves her daemon on the bank, where the cloud-pine grows. She goes down and unties the little boat. She steps onto the boards and rows out across the water, across that world's water, deep, black, shining. It will hurt, rowing across that water, like heartbreak and leaving and other things, things you're too young to know yet, my love, my love. She rows across that water and when she returns, when she climbs out of the boat onto the bank where the cloud-pine grows, everything is changed."
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