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Forniamo Vantaggio - Birdhouse - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Nathan Ford is a veteran of the Unkind War and the mildly-corrupt sheriff of the land rush town of McRory, while Sophie Devereaux is a brilliant actress heartlessly abandoned by her troupe (or so she'll tell anyone who'll listen). When Alec Hardison and Eliot Spencer ride into town and right into trouble with the banker's Changeling daughter, they bring with them secret pasts that threaten everyone's futures. [17,284]
fic  tv:leverage  au:magicalrealism  au:period  c:leverage:sophie  c:leverage:eliot  c:leverage:alec  c:leverage:parker  theme:questing  theme:undercover  theme:theyfightcrime!  theme:friendship  theme:family  theme:angst  theme:team!  ge:gen  r:pg-13  a:birdhouse  @ao3  for-kayla  c:leverage:nathan 
july 2012 by scorpionvoices
fanart: two fills for Fight Bingo - AstridV - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
For the prompt "Industrial/Construction": Eliot fighting on a scaffold / For "Knives": Sophie, Nate, a dark alley, and a shady guy with a knife
art:fanart  tv:leverage  c:leverage:eliot  c:leverage:sophie  c:leverage:nathan  genre:gen  genre:action  artist:astridv  @ao3 
july 2012 by scorpionvoices
Crowquill - Birdhouse - Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins, Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
They think he won't be a threat if they just remove his voice.

It's where his thrall over people comes from, isn't it? The silver tongue and the gold-pressed words, manipulating and cajoling people into thinking ways they haven't before. Into seeing the tiny little chinks in their own personal armor; into looking at the screens and seeing people, children, instead of entertainment.

Take away his words and the people will stop listening.

He doesn't seem surprised when they come for him. Doesn't fight them – just smiles, something serene and supremely dangerous flickering behind his dark blue eyes.
fic  tv:leverage  au:fusion  b:hungergames  c:leverage:eliot  c:leverage:sophie  mood:quietdesperation  theme:angst  theme:grief  theme:prostitution  theme:permanentinjury  theme:revenge  theme:captivity  theme:sacrifice  theme:scars  theme:transformation  p:leverage:eliot/nathan  ge:slash  ge:drama  r:nc-17  a:birdhouse  @ao3  c:leverage:nathan 
july 2012 by scorpionvoices
longsufferingly: Courtship
"What is this?" she asks.

"Flowers," he says.

She studies him. "Do you want to have sex?"

He blushes, as if she's said something wrong. As if that's not what he was thinking, not at all.

"Naw," he says. "I wanted to give you flowers."

She doesn't know what to say.

She walks off. [938]
ficlet  tv:leverage  oneshot  dialogue  c:leverage:parker  c:leverage:alec  c:leverage:sophie  theme:courtship  theme:clueless  opinion:adorable  episoderelated  opinion:sweet  genre:fluff  p:leverage:alec/parker  genre:het  rating:pg-13  author:longsufferingly  @lj 
february 2011 by scorpionvoices
ignipes: Did you write the book of love?
Eliot sends a text message to Nate: 'dead dead dead dead dead'.

Five minutes later Nate replies: 'keep up the good work! we're counting on you! :)'

The good thing about Nate's newfound sobriety is that his text messages are now 100% more legible than they used to be. It's a lot easier to figure out what he means when there is a correlation between what he wants to say and the keys his fingers hit.

Eliot shoots back: 'after i kill them im coming 4 u.'

Nate: 'super! :)'

The bad thing is that Nate's messages now contain 100% more smiley faces and exclamation points than they used to. [1400]
fic  tv:leverage  oneshot  c:leverage:eliot  c:leverage:nathan  c:leverage:alec  c:leverage:parker  c:leverage:sophie  humor  trope:matchmaking  favs:leverage  opinion:adorable  p:leverage:alec/parker  theme:team!  genre:gen  rating:pg-13  author:ignipes  @lj 
october 2010 by scorpionvoices
ijemanja: Far from the Madding Crowd
Sophie lies back, an arm stretched lazily over the back of the chair, where, he can't help noticing, a bikini top is draped, strings dangling. "Are you telling me someone in a cubicle at the Pentagon is taking snapshots of my breasts as we speak?" she says.

"Just sayin', if they turn up on Google Earth tomorrow I will be saying I told you so. While laughing," Hardison replies.
fic  tv:leverage  humor  c:leverage:alec  c:leverage:sophie  theme:shenanigans  theme:friendship  theme:first-time  unusualpairing  p:leverage:alec/sophie  genre:het  rating:r  comment!fic  @dw 
march 2010 by scorpionvoices

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