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Holding It Together - Liviapenn - The Italian Job (2003) [Archive of Our Own]
This was usually the best part of any caper-- living in the afterglow, flying on adrenaline. So alive.

Right now, though, Rob wasn't feeling anything at all. John Bridger was dead. Steve had tried to kill them all. The gold was gone. He couldn't take it in.
fic  m:italianjob  missingscene  c:ij:handsomerob  c:ij:lyle  c:ij:charlie  c:ij:stella  c:ij:lefty  theme:friendship  theme:first-time  theme:UST  theme:angst  theme:love  trope:huddlingforwarmth  theme:h/c  p:ij:handsomerob/lyle  genre:slash  rating:r  @AO3  author:liviapenn  opinion:sweet 
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