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it's him.
#no you don’t understand #this is legit the plot of teen wolf
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august 2012 by scorpionvoices
Thor Loki by ~iammovan on deviantART
*Very* cool Thor and Loki fanart. It's so loosely painted it's almost abstract, and yet the poses are so dynamic!
art:fanart  m:thor  c:thor:loki  c:avengers:thor  art:style-digital  art:drawings  @deviantart 
july 2012 by scorpionvoices
Point Blank - Art: Cougar - For Pistolbunny
Inspired by Pistol's We Know How It Works (the world is no longer mysterious) Losers fic. If you haven't read it, then I have no idea what you're even doing here.

art:fanart  art:drawings  co:thelosers  m:thelosers10  c:losers:cougar  opinion:AWESOME  for-kayla  for-cindy  @lj 
march 2012 by scorpionvoices
_bounce_: untitled
Howl's Moving Castle. Old Sophie and the Scarecrow walking along the lane!
art:fanart  b:howl'smovingcastle  art:drawings  opinion:awesome  challenge:yuletart  @lj 
july 2010 by scorpionvoices
Pride and Prejudice by *palnk on deviantART
"Elizabeth, feeling all the more than common awkwardness and anxiety of his situation, now forced herself to "speak"; and immediately, though not very fluently, gave him to understand that her sentiments had undergone so material a change, since the period to which he alluded, as to make her receive with gratitude and pleasure his present assurances." [WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.]
hilarity  LOLZ  favs:art  for-kayla  opinion:awesome  art:fanart  b:pride&prejudice  art:digital  art:drawings  ge:het  r:pg  @deviantart 
may 2010 by scorpionvoices
fangs up by *speep on deviantART
Um, it's cobra starship, and they came here to make you dance tonight?
art:fanart  art:drawings  ensemble  artist:*speep  rpf:cs  @deviantart 
january 2010 by scorpionvoices

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