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Together with You - miamicamie (miamicamiw) - Dirk Pitt - Clive Cussler [Archive of Our Own]
Well shit. He'd been overthinking this the whole time. He'd do anything for Dirk anyway, because he cared about the man. Sure he genuinely cared about others-Rudi Gunn, Admiral Sandecker, Mama Giordino- but this was...deeper. He respected them, even loved them, but he'd follow Pitt to hell and back with a spring in his step. There had never not been a time when it wasn't the two of them. They saw each other almost everyday, and ususally ate lunch together. God only knew how many times Dirk had dropped off with his head on Al's shoulder on long flights, or how many knots Pitt had coaked out of Giordino's shoulders after particularly brutal salvage days. Simple fact: he was going to spend the rest of his life with this man anyway, and hadn't he awlays wondered just what it was that made women so fond his friend? Hadn't he envied most of them, and always had a faint dislike for Loren Smith? Could it really be that simple? [4412] [Needs a serious beta for typos, but other than that reads just like a Clive Cussler novel (to my amusement), complete with casual sexism, improbable escapes, and an over-use of simile.]
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