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5 days ago
The Status of Theory in Emergency Management:
interesting table on vulnerability as viewed by different disciplines
9 weeks ago
Best Practice, Model, Framework, Method, Guidance, Standard:
A framework is, or contains, a (not completely detailed) structure or system for the realization of a defined result/goal
9 weeks ago
Could adapt this worksheet for the presentations given at the end of intro-
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10 weeks ago
Making Design Thinking Work in Complex Ecosystems – Innovation Excellence
This is marketing material, but has some good messages regarding problems if only limited stakeholders are involved and the challenges of developing solutions for complex ecosystems. Focuses on opportunities rather than solutions. Not necessarily reading material for class, but has material that would be neat to incorporate somehow.
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10 weeks ago
Data with the feels | FlowingData
This discusses integrating system 1 and system 2 thinking in regards to data visualization. Might be a useful resource in preparing for the final paper presentation-- how to (and the importance of) combining the "feels" with the numbers.
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10 weeks ago
Teaching Smart People How to Learn
Interesting article on defensive reasoning, and why successful people have difficulty failing. It is very business-focused, though. Would like to find one that may be more relatable.
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10 weeks ago
How to Shake Up the Discussion Board in Your Online Class
Mentions 3cq model for online discussion (Gernsbacher asks for two of them in each reply):

Compliment — I like that …
Comment — I agree with that, I disagree because …
Connection — I also thought …
Question — I wonder why …
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10 weeks ago
Calling Bullshit.
Interesting looking course from the University of Washington, built around identifying bullshit. May have some value in Intro or Orientation
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10 weeks ago
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