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Jakub Linowski, a UI designer. Developed a interactive sketching notation template for Adobe Illustrator and Omnigraffle
design  usability  UI 
january 2011 by scherly
Arc90 Lab
Nice tools like "HashMask", a visual representation of a pwd, "Readability" displays the main part of a multi columns web page, ...
technology  usability  design  arc90 
june 2010 by scherly
Wired 11.09: PowerPoint Is Evil
excerpt from the article of E. Tufte: "At a minimum, a presentation format should do no harm. Yet the PowerPoint style routinely disrupts, dominates, and trivializes content. Thus PowerPoint presentations too often resemble a school play -very loud, very slow, and very simple."
powerpoint  usability  presentation  visualization  tufte 
march 2009 by scherly

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