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Portrait Of The Artist - Suzie_Shooter - The Musketeers (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Present day AU. Trying to get his life back together after losing his house and his job through his drinking, Athos is at rock bottom - at least until he meets Porthos. Athos then has to decide whether to risk losing him again by admitting to the addiction he's still struggling with - and that's not the only problem that's about to get in the way of their budding relationship.

Written for the prompt of "Athos is taking life drawing classes to help him get over his alcohol withdrawal and Porthos is the model."
Genre:Slash  saved  Fandom:The-Musketeers  Pairing:Athos/Porhos  Type:TV  30k-40k  Other:Sexual-dysfunction  Other:Addiction 
7 weeks ago by scarface133
Last of Them - gaelicspirit - The Musketeers (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Set post Season 1. It’s an unwritten rule of the Musketeers not to delve too deeply into another man’s past; it’s simply enough to be one of the brotherhood. But when their Captain goes missing, the Musketeers realize the only way to save him is to learn what he’s kept hidden for so long. And these men would willingly go through Hell to rescue the man who at one time saved them all.
saved  Genre:Gen  Fandom:The-Musketeers  30k-40k  Type:TV  other:Rescue-missions 
7 weeks ago by scarface133
Cross - lightgetsin - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher [Archive of Our Own]
“Because,” Dresden said, “you’re going to bring me back.” He hesitated, looking somewhat sour. “You’re the only one who can, apparently.”
Fandom:Harry-Dresden  Pairing:Harry/Marcone  Genre:Slash  saved  Type:Book  30k-40k 
11 weeks ago by scarface133
Choose Us Every Time - Lissadiane - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
When Barney Barton dies and leaves behind two feral children who’ve never seen the inside of a classroom, it’s just the last fuck up in a life marked by fuck ups.

Clint knows all about the government’s extensive networks of foster families, though, and he’s determined to do his best to keep Kate and Lila out of it.

But he might need a little help. Luckily, Bucky’s got some experience with feral children.
Genre:Slash  Fandom:Avengers  Fandom:mcu  Pairing:Bucky/Clint  30k-40k  Saved  Other:Kidfic  Other:FakeDating 
december 2019 by scarface133
Worth Waiting For - Lissadiane - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Clint Barton is an angry 15-year-old former circus brat with a whole bunch of grudges when he's sent to live with Coulson and Fury on a tiny farm in the middle of the country, and he has every intention of stealing the silverware and taking off to whatever prison they're keeping his brother in as soon as humanly possible. He's got no time for three meals a day, for shoes without holes in them, for making friends with cows or goats or stray dogs, or friends and found families.

A Green Gables AU.
Saved  Genre:Slash  Fandom:Avengers  Fandom:mcu  Pairing:Bucky/Clint  30k-40k 
december 2019 by scarface133
Big Me (But It's You I Fell Into) - waketosleep - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Jim Kirk, a man of long drives and large personality, stumbles into a career in the PGA Tour. Fame, fortune and notoriety await him as Jim collects national media attention, groupies, a new best friend, the ire of the first lady of pro golf, and also, maybe, the love of his life.
saved  Genre:Slash  Fandom:Star-trek  Pairing:Kirk/Spock  30k-40k  Type:Movie  other:sports 
june 2019 by scarface133
The Dead Detective - DiscordantWords - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
John Watson has spent the last three years of his life simply going through the motions. A chance encounter with a man claiming to be a stranded spy changes everything.
slash  Fandom:Sherlock  Pairing:John/Sherlock  Type:TV  30k-40k  Genre:Slash 
february 2019 by scarface133
A Fistful of Steves: This Town Ain't Big Enough - Raikishi, teaberryblue - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
When Tony Stark takes a bullet intended for Steve Rogers, he wakes up in a world entirely peopled by alternate incarnations of everyone's favorite Star-Spangled Man.

Welcome to Stevechester, Population: Steve
Fandom:mcu  Fandom:Avengers  Pairing:Steve/Tony  slash  saved  Type:TV  30k-40k 
february 2019 by scarface133
Behind Bars - sara_holmes - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Reasons that Bucky has vowed never to get involved in Steve’s fights ever again: 1. He’s landed himself in jail, 2. The jail is in the ass-end of Latveria, 3. The only other American within a hundred clicks is an asshole, 4. Said asshole happens to be his cellmate and Bucky’s stuck with him.
Fandom:mcu  Fandom:Avengers  Pairing:Bucky/Clint  slash  saved  Type:Movie  30k-40k 
february 2019 by scarface133
The Good Neighbor - FortinbrasFTW - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Nelson and Murdock tackle a particularly challenging case, a case that would be much easier if Matt didn't have a new neighbor who apparently just can't help making his life that much more miserable.
Fandom:Daredevil  Pairing:Frank/Matt  saved  slash  Type:TV  30k-40k 
february 2019 by scarface133
Side by Side - greygerbil - Law & Order: SVU [Archive of Our Own]
Rafael Barba and his old childhood friend Eddie Garcia decide to stay in contact after the events of the New York mayoral election blow over. Eddie's interest in Rafael changes, however, and Rafael has to get used to that as well as the fact that he is also starting to become involved in the life of Eddie's little son, Manuel. Meanwhile, their jobs intrude on their lives with dangerous consequences.
Fandom:SVU  Pairing:Barba/Eddie  slash  saved  Type:TV  30k-40k 
february 2019 by scarface133
Sticks and Stones - JenKristo - Rick and Morty [Archive of Our Own]
Evil Morty has experienced a lifetime of suffering under the hands of Ricks. But when he's assigned to a pure and gentle ‘Doofus’ Rick, he begins to question his purpose in life.
Type:TV  Type:Cartoon  Fandom:Rick-and-morty  Genre:Slash  Pairing:Rick/Morty  Saved  30k-40k 
february 2019 by scarface133
Love & Happiness - howdyspacebuddy (eigengrau) - The Nice Guys (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Sex, drugs, murder, turkey- when a routine case turns deadly three days before Thanksgiving, it's up to March and Healy to get to the bottom of things.
30k-40k  Genre:Slash  saved  Fandom:the-nice-guys  Pairing:March/Healy 
february 2019 by scarface133
Mud Knights - ladyshadowdrake - The Dresden Files - All Media Types, The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher [Archive of Our Own]
John had obviously managed to take care of himself just fine before he met me, and he had Cujo the Linebacker to take care of whatever he couldn't himself (though I got the impression that John was perfectly capable of handling most threats). I'd only known the man for a few hours and I'd apparently already dragged him into my friend circle whether he wanted to be there or not – all of that meant that it was my job to keep him safe.
Fandom:Harry-Dresden  Pairing:Harry/Marcone  saved  Genre:Slash  Type:Book  30k-40k 
october 2014 by scarface133

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