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The Claiming of Grimmauld Place - bixgirl1 - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
[Oh my god. OH MY GOD. This is one of those stories that should represent the fandom. And the amazing creativity of fanlore. Like it's so immense and simple and lovely. I was smiling throughout most of this. Even through the sad bits. Worldbuilding has my heart. But also the way EVERYONE was written. I just can't stop gushing over this. I love it. And I say that honestly. Kudos.]

Words: 74,228
Summary: When Grimmauld Place begins fighting against Harry’s ownership of it, he decides he needs help to train the historic home — but little does he expect that it’ll be Malfoy who’s most suitable for the challenge. However, as Malfoy and Harry get closer, Harry comes to understand that expectations aren’t always the best path by which to guide his heart — and in the process learns just what is needed to make a house a home.
cliche:bonding!  cliche:comingout  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:friendswithbenefits  cliche:jealousy!  cliche:makeover  cliche:magical.creatures!  cliche:meetingfamily  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:pining!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:roommates  fandom:harrypotter  featuring:beings  featuring:courting!  featuring:insecurity  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  pairing:harry/draco  pairing:luna/ginny  pairing:ginny/luna/pansy  rating:nc17  rec:fave  rec:kudos  wordcount:70.000-80.000 
march 2018 by savageneon
Filling Quiet Spaces - WritingEmi - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
[Ok but this had me tearing up and outright sobbing at some parts. This was extremely lovely and I'm eager for the upcoming sequel. Kudos]

Words: 87,103


Dorian is trying to get back into dating, but his hopes and plans are derailed as he finds himself drawn in by a wonderful Qunari couple that he meets, Adaar and the Iron Bull.

Or, a modern Thedas fic where Dorian finds himself in the middle of a Qunari sandwich.
pairing:ironbull/adaar  pairing:adaar/dorian  pairing:ironbull/adaar/dorian  cliche:comingout  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:meetingfamily  cliche:matchmaker!  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:modern  cliche:pining!  fandom:dragonage  featuring:insecurity  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  occupation:professor!  occupation:teachers!  pairing:ironbull/dorian  rating:nc17  sexuality:poly  rec:fave  rec:kudos  psychtopics:depression  topic:death  wordcount:80.000-90.000 
february 2018 by savageneon
oh, i'm gonna let the future in - Thealmostrhetoricalquestion - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
[This was so so lovely. I havent read or seen cursed child so this au was nice. Kudos]



Al doesn’t know what he’s doing. Not just with the new apartment, but with his life in general, and it doesn't help that his family quietly looks down on him. It feels as if they’re always waiting for him to do something spectacular, but without actually expecting it of him. They’ve given up on expecting anything of him.

Al only speaks English, and he sings in the shower, badly. He likes tea, and he cleans when he’s stressed. He sees a therapist. He has a total of two friends, and one of them is his cousin. He isn’t smart; he’s simple.

He wishes that could be enough.
pairing:albus/scorpius  cliche:comingout  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:fakecouple  cliche:jealousy!  cliche:kidfic  cliche:meetingfamily  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:pining!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:sick/hurt  fandom:harrypotter  featuring:courting!  featuring:divorce/breakup  featuring:insecurity  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  occupation:babysitter!  psychtopics:depression  rating:pg13  rec:kudos  rec:fave  wordcount:40.000-50.000  psychtopics:anxiety 
october 2017 by savageneon
Blood of an Englishman - mongoose_bite - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
[This was a brilliantly done crossover with Arthurian Legend. I especially loved the bit with the blood and swords and all the amazing bits I dont want to spoil for you all. Read this. Kudos.]

Words: 70,349

Summary: Harry's brains dried in the hot Kentucky sun. A fly landed on an exposed piece of his skull for a few seconds and then buzzed off. His blood seeped into the dust. In the distance sirens began to wail, and the crisp, elegant click of patent leather oxfords on concrete drew to a halt beside his ruined corpse.

“Oh dear,” someone said sadly, although Harry wasn't alive to hear it. He heard, saw, felt, and was, nothing.

Death is not another country. Death is the deep blue sea.

Or, the one in which Harry is officially dead, actually a wizard, occasionally a small dog, and utterly unable to keep his distance from his young successor.
cliche:amnesia  cliche:immortality  cliche:monsters!  cliche:notdead  cliche:reborn!  cliche:pining!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:reunion  cliche:roadtrip!  fandom:kingsman  featuring:beings  featuring:ghost!  genre:action  genre:angst  genre:crossover  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:fantasy  genre:futurefic  genre:slash  rating:nc17  rec:kudos  rec:fave  wordcount:70.000-80.000  pairing:eggsy/harry  pairing:lancelot/percival 
august 2017 by savageneon
To Honor and Obey by Anon
[Agreed. Although I've mostly been bookmarking on AO3]

Words: 8162

You know what, of course the one Fantastic Beasts story I would bookmark is genderfuck marriage-of-convenience Credence/Graves. Of course. Stunningly well written with an absolutely beautiful depiction of Credence, and with a writer who walks a careful line to show all the control, hurt and tenderness of Graves, too, through Credence's almost crippling fear. Wonderful.
fandom:fantasticbeasts  pairing:credence/graves  cliche:genderswap!  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:het  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:marriage!  cliche:marriageofconvenience  cliche:bonding!  wordcount:1.000-10.000  rating:nc17  rec:good  via:esther_a 
june 2017 by savageneon
Extracurricular Activities |
[This was fun. Mostly gen. Random thing about the fic I liked was the use of 'they' as a pronoun. Literally so easy.]

Words: 14,213

A space opera adventure set in a distant future where an undercover agent has to go behind enemy lines to recover a lost ship and a possible traitor.
cliche:kidnapping!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:spacetravel  fandom:original  genre:fanfiction  genre:gen  genre:slash  occupation:spy!  rating:pg13  wordcount:10.000-20.000  rec:good 
june 2017 by savageneon
The Habits of a Lifetime - out_there - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
[This fic was a gem. This author writes Lestrade/Mycroft perfectly. I'm not caught up on Sherlock- y'all, I barely go here. But I didn't feel lost in the story at all. An all around brilliant read. Kudos.]



The idea of Sherlock and Eurus connecting over music, over anything, is terrifying. Mycroft has spent decades watching over Sherlock, talking about their fictional family dog and the myth of the east wind, trying to protect Sherlock from the things he doesn’t remember. He’s worried about Sherlock and stood guard over Eurus, and been worse than useless in the end. He was complicit. While he thought he was juggling both threats, maintaining enough control over the situation to keep everyone safe (mostly Sherlock, but the rest of the world as well), he had allowed the threat to escalate.

In which Mycroft is not an easy man to know and an even harder one to look after. Fortunately, Lestrade is diligent and determined, and knows how to pay attention to people. Where family comes with obligations, but it also cares, even when you don't want them around. Where life mostly goes as expected, but sometimes has unanticipated joys.
cliche:meetingfamily  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:pining!  fandom:sherlockholmes  featuring:abuse  featuring:bullying  featuring:coercion  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  pairing:mycroft/lestrade  rating:r  rec:kudos  rec:fave  wordcount:50.000-60.000  psychtopics:insomnia  psychtopics:mentaldisorders  psychtopics:psychotic! 
june 2017 by savageneon
Settle Down - wearing_tearing, whatthehale - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
[Couldn't finish. Stopped at chapter 9. Writing is too stilted and the fic too long to really get through]



Stiles is a struggling author barely making ends meet.

Derek is a successful architect whose biological clock is ticking.

Enter a surrogacy agency, two packs, and a particularly sticky and toe curling heat week and you get a match made in heaven.
cliche:alpha/omega/beta-dynamics  cliche:pining!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:roommates  fandom:teenwolf  featuring:children  featuring:pregnancy  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  cliche:notdead  genre:slash  kink:mpreg  occupation:architect!  occupation:writer!  pairing:stiles/derek  rating:nc17  rec:ok  wordcount:150.000-160.000 
april 2017 by savageneon
A Single Monk in Good Standing Must be in Want of a Bro - Annie D (scaramouche) - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
[So basically, I've had this saved to read ever since it was posted. But I hadn't seen rogue one until tonight. This was well worth the wait.I kind of wish their story could hover in this time of peace forever. My entire heart. Kudos.]

Words: 20,563

Summary:Baze tries to befriend new arrival Chirrut Îmwe, but accidentally woos him instead.
fandom:starwars  fandom:rogueone  pairing:baze/chirrut  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:matchmaker!  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:pining!  featuring:courting!  genre:fanfiction  genre:fluff  genre:slash  rec:fave  rating:r  rec:kudos  wordcount:20.000-30.000 
march 2017 by savageneon
the king of oak - saltpans - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
[This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the way the author incorporated faerie mythology into this. The writing was rich and the action scenes were grand. I just love this. Can't wait for more of this series. kudos.]



The first thing Percival Graves does after being released back into the world is buy a new wand. He's at Greymalkin's for ten minutes and the only wand that works for him is raw aspen, whiter than bone and so rough that Graves gives himself a splinter conjuring a storm of birds. The wand—dragon heartstring, a most unusual wand for an American wizard, according to a flustered Greymalkin—feels wild, and Graves empties half his wallet on the counter and keeps his hand on his new wand all the way home.

The second thing he does is quit his job, because honestly.

("Grindelwald did his research before he put on your face," Seraphina says reasonably. "And it's not like you're open with your personal life. He has us all fooled."

"He wore scorpion stickpins!" Graves shoots back, somewhat less reasonably.

Seraphina looks at Graves, his pressed creases, his immaculate shirt, the red ruby cufflinks he's wearing to hide the starved brittleness of his wrists. "I'm sorry," she says. It is not enough to make him stay.)

The third thing he does is get jumped by Credence Barebone in an alley.
fandom:fantasticbeasts  cliche:faerie  cliche:pining!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:roommates  cliche:rescue!  cliche:sick/hurt  featuring:insecurity  featuring:torture  genre:action  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  kink:older/younger  pairing:credence/graves  rating:r  rec:fave  rec:kudos  wordcount:30.000-40.000  genre:series 
march 2017 by savageneon
When the Screws Fall Out - Vera (Vera_DragonMuse) - The Breakfast Club (1985) [Archive of Our Own]
[So very lovely.]



"Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place." - John Bender, The Breakfast Club

Their ten year reunion is accidental, a strip club run in with Bender on the stage and Brian in the audience.
wordcount:10.000-20.000  pairing:bender/brian  fandom:thebreakfastclub  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:comingout  cliche:reunion  cliche:roommates  cliche:runaway!  cliche:sick/hurt  featuring:homophobia  genre:fanfiction  genre:futurefic  genre:slash  kink:crossdressing!  occupation:stripper!  rating:nc17  rec:kudos  rec:fave  topic:hiv 
february 2017 by savageneon
A Different Kind - Nuanta - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
[I'm not gonna lie, my eyes rolled hard when I first read the summary. But the author's notes did a lot to ease some of that. The writing was brilliant and I really appreciated the slow burn of this and the world building as well. Would love to see little off shoots in this universe. An enjoyable comfort read.]



Set in a world where scents hold powerful magic, omegas are marginalized and despised, and are treated as slaves. Born into the noble Seguin family, Tyler was sold off to a life of captivity once he presented. Now, the defiant omega finds himself under the supervision of a soft-spoken Knight-Captain, alpha Jamie Benn, who doesn’t let any of his junior knights take advantage of omegas. Not only that, but Jamie seems to care about Tyler’s opinions, wants to change the world…if the system would only let him. When the world turns on its head, though, Tyler will do whatever it takes to prove he deserves his life and his freedom, and maybe a little more.

A story about defying convention, learning to trust, daring to hope, and proving them wrong.
cliche:alpha/omega/beta-dynamics  cliche:camping!  cliche:bonding!  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:mage!  cliche:magical.creatures!  cliche:medieval  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:nonhuman  cliche:pining!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:sick/hurt  cliche:slavefic!  cliche:supernaturalknown  fandom:hockeyrpf  fandom:dragonage  featuring:insecurity  featuring:non-con  featuring:dub-con  featuring:coercion  featuring:bullying  genre:crossover  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  kink:d/s  occupation:librarians!  occupation:soldier!  pairing:seguin/benn  rating:nc17  rec:fave  rec:kudos  wordcount:110.000-120.000 
february 2017 by savageneon
iniquitous fish Passengers AU
[I'm sweating from my eyes.This would have been goddamn amazing actually.]

Words: 1229
Someone else on tumblr pointed out that PASSENGERS might have been a more meaningful movie if it was about just THE ONE person dealing with being alone on the ship for the rest of their life. And if, to cope, they go through and make it a point to learn everything they can about all of the other people on the ship.

And I just keep thinking about this idea.

There are 4999 other people on that ship and what if the protagonist spent the remainder of their life (and they do live their full life) learning about each of them.

They took an interest in their hobbies so that they could have some sort of connection to them.

As their sanity flexed in an effort to cope, they could have had these really involved imaginary conversations with the crew about their interests. And by the end of their natural life they will have known everything they could have ever known about these other 4999 people.
fandom:passengers  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:angst  genre:futurefic  genre:gen  site:tumblr  wordcount:1.000-10.000 
december 2016 by savageneon
pathology of a good man - sevenfoxes - Lucky Number Slevin (2006) [Archive of Our Own]
[Strangely enough. This is how I pictured it.]



About a year into it, he finally asks her.

Absolutely nothing precipitates it. She's patched up bullet wounds, scrambled to pack her shit half-asleep at four in the morning because they're not safe, washed clothes soaked in blood that belongs to neither of them. But it's a sunny morning in Oregon, eating eggs and toast in the small kitchen of their house when he asks.
fandom:luckynumberslevin  cliche:roadtrip!  cliche:sick/hurt  genre:action  genre:fanfiction  genre:futurefic  genre:het  rating:r  rec:fave  topic:death  wordcount:1.000-10.000 
december 2016 by savageneon
And like the cycle of the year, we begin again - katherynefromphilly - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
[This was an absolutely glorious read. In depth future fix-it fic. Kudos.]



For many long years Merlin waited.

For the other part of his soul, for the other half of his life. He was born to serve Arthur. So that meant he was also born to wait. Even if it took a thousand years. Even if the wait seemed never to end.

Until one day, suddenly, it did.


Set after the Merlin Series 5 Finale "Diamond of the Day".
Canon Compliant. In Character. Arthur Pendragon Returns

When Arthur stumbles from the Lake of Avalon 1,500 years after his death, he finds a world unlike the one he knew. Faced with the loss of everyone he loved, and the threat of impending prophecy, Arthur must quickly learn what it means to be not just a king, but the Once and Future King. Merlin does all he can to guide him in this journey, even as he struggles to hide his love for his king, and to conquer his fear of losing him again.

Story includes sass, banter, horseplay, and True Love.
wordcount:210.000-220.000  fandom:merlin  bodymod:scarrification  cliche:bonding!  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:faerie  cliche:immortality  cliche:mage!  cliche:magical.creatures!  cliche:mistakenidentity  cliche:modern  cliche:officeromance!  cliche:notdead  cliche:nonhuman  cliche:pining!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:reunion  cliche:rescue!  cliche:sick/hurt  cliche:sleepy!  cliche:mediacoverage  featuring:insecurity  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  pairing:merlin/arthur  rating:nc17  rec:fave  rec:kudos 
november 2016 by savageneon
one above and one below - trepan - Jennifer's Body (2009) [Archive of Our Own]



It's boring being dead.

It's okay for the first part, when she's still so full of rage and hurt that her mind is one big X. That just fuels her determination to hold really, really still while her mother sobs and the police arrive to arrest Needy.

She does pose a little, though. They're going to document this, after all. Maybe they'll put her crime scene on the news. Or in the yearbook.
fandom:jennifersbody  cliche:notdead  genre:femmeslash  genre:crack!fic  genre:fanfiction  genre:futurefic  genre:horror  rating:nc17  rec:good  wordcount:1.000-10.000  pairing:needy/jennifer  kink:threesome! 
october 2016 by savageneon
Bargaining - proantagonist - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
[Now THIS is the Loki redemption story of my heart. Beautifully crafted and detailed time-travel fix-it (sorta). I especially loved the further development of the Jotun storyline. Brilliant. A wonderful read that I highly recommend. Kudos]

Words: 110,464

Faced with an eternity without his brother, Loki strikes a bargain to change the past. Post TDW.


Translation into Русский available: Торги by Hallgerd

Warnings: Violence, language, green-eyed snarkiness with a substantial bit of crazy. You know. The good stuff.

The summary implies a character death, so I feel I should include that in the warning section. But the summary also speaks of Loki's intent to see the past changed. That being said, there are plenty of brotherly feels (the non-slashy kind) to be had in this story. Worry not, Thor fans.
cliche:adoption  cliche:bonding!  cliche:demon!  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:notdead  cliche:possesive!  cliche:runaway!  cliche:shapeshifter  cliche:reunion  cliche:rescue!  cliche:sick/hurt  cliche:timetravel!  cliche:undercover!  cliche:universes!  fandom:thor  featuring:beings  featuring:abuse  featuring:insecurity  genre:action  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:gen  rating:pg13  rec:fave  rec:kudos  wordcount:110.000-120.000  series:bargaining 
october 2016 by savageneon
The Shadow of Violence - tofsla - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
[This was an interesting read. It focused more on questioning artificial intelligence/humanity rather than romance. Or rather it used romance (and love really) to explore AI/humanity. Highly recommended.]



Dorian Pavus, looking for a way to escape his family, meets the Iron Bull, looking for information. Each has something the other wants, and their attempts to make use of each other lead them all across Tevinter Territory and into another kind of danger altogether. At the same time, both of them struggle with pasts they can only partly remember. Who or what are they, and what do they want to be?

A sci-fi romance, with Venatori interruptions.
bodymod:modifications  cliche:amnesia  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:nonmagic  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:runaway!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:pining!  cliche:telepathy  cliche:spacetravel  fandom:dragonage  featuring:insecurity  featuring:humanoid!  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:action  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  kink:d/s  occupation:spacepirates/merchants  pairing:ironbull/dorian  rating:nc17  rec:fave  wordcount:40.000-50.000 
september 2016 by savageneon
His To Hold - Mirtai - Smallville [Archive of Our Own]
[This was such a brilliantly well done Regency fic.]

Words: 140,137

Part 1: Wherein Acquaintance is Struck under Dramatic Circumstances and Nature takes its Course

Part 2: Wherein Correspondence Is Exchanged Between Various Dramatis Personae

Part 3: Wherein Mysteries are Revealed, and Matters Resolved to the Satisfaction of All Save the Undeserving
cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:comingout  cliche:marriage!  cliche:meetingfamily  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:pining!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:rescue!  fandom:smallville  fandom:dccomics  featuring:courting!  featuring:insecurity  featuring:drugs/alcohol  featuring:divorce/breakup  genre:au  genre:slash  genre:fanfiction  genre:het  genre:regency!  pairing:clark/lex  rating:nc17  rec:fave  wordcount:140.000-150.000 
september 2016 by savageneon
The Dragon Rises - Footloose, mushroomtale - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
[I have missed long glorious Merlin fic like this. This was an all-around delight. The amazing lore, characters, anachronism, dystopian themes, Faeries and the art. OH MY GOD THE ART! I loved this entire trip, and even though it's over 100k in length, I could happily read a never-ending series of this. I also loved how the time period was indeterminate (to me anyways). Phenomenal. Kudos.]



If Into the Badlands met The Once and Future King, this is the story that would be told:

Merlin has three strikes against him: he's one of the last surviving members of the grove of Ironwood, he's renowned as the dread sorcerer Emrys, and there's a large reward hanging over his head like Damocles' sword. After decades of running, there's nowhere left to go. His dream of peace -- Ironwood's dream -- seems impossible to achieve until he meets the young son of a thane whose greatest secret is a traitorous desire for more than the tyranny that runs rampant throughout the Kingdoms of Albion.

It was disaster that brought the world to this. It's war that will cleanse it of its sins. But it is prophecy that heralds the day when the guardian of the realm can wear his mantle once again, and when the King of Kings will rise to take the throne that is rightly his.
bodymod:tattoos  cliche:bonding!  cliche:dystopia  cliche:faerie  cliche:jealousy!  cliche:mage!  cliche:nonhuman  cliche:notdead  cliche:pining!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:psychic  cliche:runaway!  cliche:sick/hurt  cliche:rescue!  cliche:supernaturalknown  fandom:merlin  featuring:insecurity  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:action  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  pairing:merlin/arthur  rating:r  rec:fave  rec:kudos  wordcount:120.000-130.000 
september 2016 by savageneon
versus - Unpretty - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]

Words: 1368

Superman's fingers were laced together, his index fingers pressed to his mouth as he assessed the situation. There was a metaphorical fire in his eyes, as opposed to the literal fire that was sometimes in his eyes.

"I'm going to have to fight you," he said finally.

Batman rubbed at the bridge of his nose. Between the gloves and the mask, it was not a very effective stress reliever. "No," he said, "you're not."

"You're leaving me no other choice."

"Out of all the reasons that you could possibly want to throw me into the sun--"

"What?" Superman was aghast. "I said fight, why are you going straight to starmurder?"

"I'm sorry, did you have something else in mind? Were you just going to knock me over until it accepts you as its alpha."

Superman made a face. "Ducks don't have alphas." He knelt down closer to Batman's boots. "Do they?"

The duckling peeped. It seemed content enough to be at least close to Batman, after having spent five minutes frantically chasing after him, little feet slapping against the pavement
fandom:dccomics  genre:fanfiction  genre:gen  genre:fluff  genre:funny  rec:fave  rating:g  wordcount:1.000-10.000 
august 2016 by savageneon
Just A Face On A Train - katherynefromphilly - Spider-Man (Movies - Raimi) [Archive of Our Own]


As she approached the actually rather unremarkable looking young man, she felt a swell of doubt. Was he really who she’d thought he was? Spider-Man had been a giant of a man, someone she could easily imagine at the front of her train, gripping hundreds of webs with power enough to crush the train car into the shape of his body.

This boy looked barely able to carry his overstuffed backpack. With his Oxford shirt and jeans and neatly combed hair, he could have been the poster child for a 1950s science scholarship. Not someone you imagined facing down an eight-armed psychopath on a speeding train.

Half convinced she’d imagined the whole thing, Maggie crossed the diner and stepped up to his table. After a moment he noticed her, lifting his attention from an open book full of equations and cracker crumbs to look right at her.

All doubt vanished when Maggie looked into his blue eyes and round face. It was him. No question. It was Spider-Man, right here at her table, waiting to order breakfast from her.


Originally posted on Based upon the beautifully written "train scene" in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2.
cliche:rescue!  cliche:sick/hurt  cliche:reunion  fandom:spiderman  genre:fanfiction  genre:futurefic  rating:pg13  rec:kudos  rec:fave  wordcount:10.000-20.000 
august 2016 by savageneon
Pretentiously Kawaii • unpretty: unpretty: tim drake’s snapchat is...
Words: 1974

tim drake’s snapchat is 90% him making bruce wayne do normal middle-class american things and filming the results. popular youtube compilations include the one where they’re at denny’s at two in the morning and tim keeps trying to get bruce to order a moon over my hammy just so he’ll have to say it, the one where they’re at disneyworld and bruce gets increasingly frazzled culminating in him actually physically picking up gaston for reasons no one can entirely recall, and everyone’s favorite series “bruce wayne doesn’t understand walmart”
fandom:dccomics  genre:fanfiction  genre:funny  wordcount:1.000-10.000  rec:fave  site:tumblr  via:theautomaticlady 
august 2016 by savageneon
Shitty, Year 3 - petals42_tumblr (rosepetals42) - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
[I read this on Tumblr and I cried when I read it then too. This was such a great friendship fic, and though it's AU now I know for sure this would've been canon had Shitty even remotely disliked law school. Kudos.]


Shitty is Jack’s best friend. And Jack knows that means different things to different people, but to him it means that Shitty is the strongest person he’s ever known. Shitty holds him together, and, even though Jack knows he doesn’t need it anymore, there is still a part of him that Shitty knows better than anyone. Even Bitty.

Maybe that’s why this is so terrifying.

As Jack starts playing in the NHL, he hears from Shitty less and less. Which is wrong, of course. When Jack realizes, he sets about fixing it.
cliche:rescue!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:sick/hurt  fandom:checkplease  cliche:college!  featuring:insecurity  genre:gen  genre:fanfiction  cliche:comingout  genre:au  rating:pg13  rec:fave  rec:kudos  wordcount:1.000-10.000 
august 2016 by savageneon
Blueshift - Tassos - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
[I love this. Fics aren't usually in Bones' POV but this was a lovely read about how he grew through starfleet. Deals with depression and a touch of self-destruction. Just great.]


Summary:When Leonard shows up at Starfleet Academy, he wonders just how drunk he was when he met with the recruiter. He has no friends, misses his kid, and if drowning his sorrows doesn't kill him, PT will. Then he meets Jim Kirk again.
cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:comingout  cliche:kidfic  cliche:longdistance  cliche:roommates  fandom:startrekreboot  genre:fanfiction  featuring:insecurity  featuring:drugs/alcohol  featuring:divorce/breakup  genre:angst  genre:slash  pairing:kirk/mccoy  rating:nc17  sexuality:poly  rec:fave  psychtopics:self.harm/self.loathing  psychtopics:mentaldisorders  wordcount:20.000-30.000 
august 2016 by savageneon
Our Brother's Keeper - welshforlesbian - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
[I tried to finish this, i really did. But I hate full epistolary fics like this. What I managed to read I liked, but I couldn't. Maybe one day I'll finish this. doubtful. But if you like letter fic this is for you.]


Summary:Percy's behaviour is decidedly odd, and it seems to be exacerbated by a particular Gryffindor Keeper. So Fred and George call on the "advice" of their big, somewhat distant, brother Charlie. Shenanigans ensue.
fandom:harrypotter  pov:outsider  genre:gen  genre:fanfiction  genre:epistolary  pairing:percy/oliver  rec:couldntfinish  wordcount:10.000-20.000 
july 2016 by savageneon
What Keeps the Stars Apart - MangoMartini - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
[A nice light hearted percy/ollie fic. Though it follows the trend of being too brief. Bit of confession of feelings and a shag and cut.]


Summary:Percy Weasley attends his brother George's wedding, even though he has doubts as to if he's really wanted there. The night takes a turn from bad to worse to surprisingly better when he runs into his old best friend, Oliver Wood, whom he hasn't spoken to in five years.
cliche:comingout  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:pining!  fandom:harrypotter  featuring:insecurity  genre:fanfiction  genre:futurefic  genre:slash  pairing:percy/oliver  rating:nc17  rec:good  wordcount:1.000-10.000 
july 2016 by savageneon
Acts of Kindness - Trojie - RocknRolla (2008) [Archive of Our Own]
[Well fuck. This was one of those things I never really thought of, but after reading it makes perfect sense. Goddamn I wish there was a bigger fandom for this. Kudos.]


Summary:Bob's goin' to prison in the morning, most likely, and One Two's got his head up his own arse. Well, Mumbles isn't gonna let a mate go down without a decent send-off.
fandom:rocknrolla  pairing:handsomebob/mumbles  cliche:friendswithbenefits  cliche:pining!  featuring:unrequited  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  rating:nc17  rec:kudos  wordcount:1.000-10.000  kink:hands!  kink:d/s 
july 2016 by savageneon
Gretna Green - graceandfire - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
[oh my heart.]



Originally written for Space Married: An impoverished but titled James T. Kirk is betrothed against his will to Nero, who's evil (of course), but who has enough money to restore the Kirk name. Kirk runs away and is rescued by one Leonard "Bones" McCoy, freshly back from the wars.

In other words, Regency crack fic.
wordcount:1.000-10.000  cliche:kidnapping!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:pining!  cliche:marriage!  cliche:arrangedmarriage  fandom:startrekreboot  featuring:coercion  genre:fanfiction  genre:regency!  pairing:kirk/mccoy  rec:fave  rating:pg13 
july 2016 by savageneon
The Case of Leonard McCoy - AceOfSpades - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
[This was an absolutely amazing read. Mystery and friendship and secrets and trust. Worldbuilding is something I love and especially in my first love, STar Trek, that they got the federation and new worlds right. I love this. And then the Bones mystery. kudos.]


Summary:The first thing Jim noticed about McCoy, and what started him on this whole messy path, was that McCoy was just a little…off.
cliche:amnesia  cliche:doppelganger  cliche:comingout  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:mistakenidentity  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:nonhuman  cliche:pining!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:touchstarvation  cliche:immortality  fandom:startrekreboot  featuring:courting!  featuring:divorce/breakup  featuring:insecurity  featuring:drugs/alcohol  featuring:humanoid!  featuring:prejudice  genre:angst  genre:action  genre:fanfiction  genre:gen  genre:slash  pairing:kirk/mccoy  rating:r  rec:fave  wordcount:80.000-90.000  rec:kudos  genre:crossover  fandom:doom 
july 2016 by savageneon
Worlds Apart - siny - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
[This was too long and melodramatic. Ended up just skimming most of it. Unsatisfying.]



Derek Hale, Heir Prince of Betonia and Italy, meets Stiles Stilinski, college boy.
cliche:nonmagic  cliche:notdead  cliche:marriage!  cliche:mistakenidentity  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:arrangedmarriage  fandom:teenwolf  genre:fanfiction  occupation:royalty!  pairing:stiles/derek  rating:nc17  rec:meh  wordcount:90.000-100.000 
july 2016 by savageneon
The Sum of Their Parts - holdmybeer - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
[READ THIS. This is everything I have ever wanted from a post-hogwarts fic. Long plotty platonic OT3 with ruthless! and powerful! Trio. I can't begin to pick apart my favourite parts of this, just know that it is indeed a favourite. Kudos and starred to re-read in the future. And I would love it if the author wrote more in this verse, though it really isn't necessary. Brilliant.]


Summary:For Teddy Lupin, Harry Potter would become a Dark Lord. For Teddy Lupin, Harry Potter would take down the Ministry or die trying. He should have known that Hermione and Ron wouldn't let him do it alone.
cliche:arrangedmarriage  cliche:bonding!  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:kidfic  cliche:kidnapping!  cliche:magical.creatures!  cliche:mediacoverage  cliche:rescue!  cliche:reunion  fandom:harrypotter  featuring:insecurity  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:action  genre:futurefic  genre:fanfiction  genre:gen  rating:r  rec:fave  psychtopics:mentaldisorders  wordcount:130.000-140.000  cliche:telepathy  rec:kudos 
july 2016 by savageneon
embellishing my elegance and eloquence - American(ish) Wizards - American(ish) Wizards
[Oh. This may just be everything I ever wanted.]

American(ish) Wizards

Ok but pueblo schools where vaquero children go and learn to read and write and tell where water’s going to be in 3 months; they’re open year round but each student only has to come for 9 months so they can still help with the cattle drive

Northwest longhouses where everyone sits together and tell stories and show carvings; the carvings move and some of them tell their own stories, the totem poles out front speak if you’re polite. Salmon come from the river and go back to the river, everyone has their preferred spell for netting salmon

The Cherokee are still in Georgia. They have a very nice clapboard school, two hundred years old, educates all the Cherokee children from all over the country and nobody else. They are very secretive about it and insist it’s actually in Oklahoma.

There’s a voodoo school in New Orleans and a Beauxbatons branch in New Orleans and a traditional African school in New Orleans and a catch-all native run school in New Orleans. They don’t acknowledge each other’s existence.

The oldest European school is in Massachusetts except that the NYC school maintains they weren’t really a school until they got their charter in 1704 and so therefore the NYC school came first. There’s a very expensive school in DC that’s not any better than the black teachers teaching healing for free on the streets

If you want muggle studies there’s nowhere better than Waterrise which has branches in San Francisco and Los Angeles, they specialize in magic that can be performed on and around muggles without detection. It is very very hippie.
fandom:harrypotter  fandom:meta  genre:fanfiction  site:tumblr  via:kit12123 
july 2016 by savageneon
MWPP - angryspaceravenclaw - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
[I vaguely remember reading a part of this. Glad it's finished. Was a good read but the end was a little abrupt. Or maybe I was just expecting a more drawn out last couple of chapters]

Words: 184,044

"It began with four boys, and one compartment."

Spanning across time, through the first war, and into the second. The years were both kind and cruel for ones called Marauders, and for ones who came after. But they knew friendship, and sorrow, and love, and joy. And sometimes it was only things things which allowed them to survive--if that's all they could do. Survive.
cliche:pining!  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:notdead  cliche:rescue!  cliche:reunion  cliche:roommates  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:mwpp  featuring:insecurity  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:fluff  genre:slash  pairing:remus/sirius  pairing:james/lily  rating:nc17  rec:fave  wordcount:180.000-190.000  pairing:james/regulus  author:ladyfaceelena/angryspaceravenclaw 
july 2016 by savageneon
A Little Bit Closer - marswithghosts (cautionzombies) - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
[This was absolutely lovely drawn out relationship and social media fic. Lovely character voices all around really.]



Eric Bittle's To-Do List:

1.) Frame Masters in Library and Information Science diploma and send to Mama, because she never understood the lack of sleep and abuse of caffeine, but she sent cookbooks and money for good chocolate, bless her.
2.) Throw away every last highlighted article, graded paper, and syllabus, because they are no longer needed, thank the sweet Lord.
3.) Promote the library's new periodic reading series, because it wasn't the capstone project for nothing.
4.) Harass Boston Bruins star Jack Zimmermann into taking a picture for @BPLWestEnd to promote the reading of his new children's book, Jacky's Bad Days.
5.) Do not ogle Boston Bruins star Jack Zimmermann's ass.
6.) Fail step five. Repeatedly.
cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:comingout  cliche:kidfic  cliche:jealousy!  pairing:zimmerman/parson  pairing:zimmerman/bittle  cliche:meetingfamily  cliche:mediacoverage  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:possesive!  cliche:pining!  cliche:sick/hurt  fandom:checkplease  featuring:courting!  featuring:insecurity  featuring:homophobia  featuring:non-con  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:futurefic  genre:slash  kink:asphixiation!  occupation:librarians!  occupation:baker!  psychtopics:mentaldisorders  rating:nc17  rec:fave  wordcount:100.000-110.000  psychtopics:anxiety  psychtopics:depression 
june 2016 by savageneon
Stately Homes of Wiltshire - waspabi - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
[Oh I loved this one. Dreamy mystery fic with a slow friends to lvoers. I liked how portraits were explained in this one and Harry's reaction. Also I adored the fact that Harry was a poc in this, and how not a big deal! it was. Awesome fic all around.]

Words: 57,594

Summary:Malfoy Manor has mould, dry rot and an infestation of unusually historical poltergeists. Harry Potter is on the case.
cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:pining!  cliche:rescue!  fandom:harrypotter  featuring:beings  featuring:courting!  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:futurefic  genre:slash  occupation:cop!  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc17  rec:fave  wordcount:50.000-60.000 
june 2016 by savageneon
It's Probably Nothing - stonelions - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]

Summary:A brief and anxious glimpse into the Gentle Beasts Both 'verse future. The gang is on vacation in Whistler, and Dorian misses a phone call.
pairing:cullen/dorian  cliche:nonmagic  cliche:sick/hurt  fandom:dragonage  featuring:insecurity  genre:au  featuring:hospital  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  rating:pg13  rec:fave  wordcount:1.000-10.000  genre:series 
june 2016 by savageneon
Gentle Beasts Both - stonelions - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
[I was a bit of a mess reading this. I knew it was gonna be an emotional read, but the author never let it get too despondent. Very lovely. Kudos.]


Summary:Cullen is a construction worker newly diagnosed with cancer. He befriends Dorian at a meditation group shortly after, and the two hit it off. Mostly a quiet, steady romance with a lot of hurt/comfort mixed in.
cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:comingout  pairing:cullen/dorian  cliche:modern  cliche:nonmagic  cliche:pining!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:sick/hurt  fandom:dragonage  featuring:hospital  featuring:courting!  featuring:insecurity  featuring:divorce/breakup  featuring:unrequited  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  occupation:builder  pairing:ironbull/dorian  rating:nc17  rec:fave  psychtopics:ptsd!  wordcount:40.000-50.000  genre:series  rec:kudos 
june 2016 by savageneon
Falling and The Fallen - IamShadow21 - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
[I usually back away when I see 2nd person, but this is gripping. Very lovely]



You're in some kind of convalescent home in New York when you're visited by two men in uniform.

Captain Steve Rogers, killed in action, they say, and that's how you learn his name.

An AU where Bucky Barnes falls and is found by the Howling Commandos.
cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:kidfic  cliche:amnesia  cliche:pining!  cliche:reunion  cliche:rescue!  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:ironman  featuring:insecurity  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:het  genre:gen  rating:nc17  rec:fave  wordcount:10.000-20.000  pairing:bucky/peggy  pairing:bucky/natasha 
june 2016 by savageneon
Emrys Ascending - tricksterity - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
[I love crossover fics, but this was too much of a fix it fic with minimal plot or tension. I didn't really connect with the characters though the OCs were a nice touch.]

Words: 110,030

In the depths of the Crystal of Neahtid, Merlin sees the resurrection of Lord Voldemort, an event that will tip the balance of the world so far out that only he has the power to intervene and set it right, or stop it from ever happening. For that, he'll have to pose as a student and attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The only problem is

, he's been chosen instead of Cedric Diggory as a Triwizard Champion, and there's a recently reborn Arthur Pendragon in Gryffindor House.
pairing:merlin/arthur  cliche:bonding!  cliche:immortality  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:pining!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:reunion  cliche:amnesia  cliche:undercover!  fandom:harrypotter  fandom:merlin  featuring:courting!  genre:au  genre:crossover  genre:action  genre:fanfiction  sexuality:transgender!  rating:pg13  wordcount:110.000-120.000  rec:ok 
june 2016 by savageneon
In This World or the Next - Lissadiane - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
[I love this, some parts felt rushed but this was great.]



Derek wakes up to the smell of frying bacon and brewing coffee on an ordinary morning in his ordinary life, but he can't help but shake the feeling that he's forgotten something important. It probably has to do with the three wishes he'd been granted by the fae after saving the life of their fairy prince, and possibly also the sheriff's missing son.

In which Derek Hale learns that sometimes being given what we want more than anything else has disastrous consequences.


Dedicated to Skoosiepants, who requested a story in which Derek is given three wishes. This is sort of that story.
cliche:amnesia  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:faerie  cliche:mistakenidentity  cliche:notdead  cliche:pining!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:universes!  fandom:teenwolf  featuring:insecurity  genre:au  cliche:timetravel!  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  pairing:stiles/derek  rating:r  psychtopics:ptsd!  psychtopics:insomnia 
may 2016 by savageneon
Lagavulin and Guinness - Snarfle - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
[So this was fairly dark in the kind of way that was hinted at by the movie. But still managed to be heartwarming.]



Plenty of people had looked down on Eggsy throughout his life. He had gotten fairly used to it. Didn't mean it was fair, but he knew how these things worked. What really sucked was that the new Arthur was worse than the old one.

“Eggsy grimaced. He didn’t know how to explain to Harry – who seemed like he hadn’t been discriminated against a day in his life – that the new Arthur kept giving him what amounted to suicide missions, and that he was currently bleeding out in a warehouse because of the deliberately bad intel she had given him.”

Also featuring: Dean is harder to get rid of than Eggsy thought, his mum is going off the deep end, there are way too many nefarious plots in play, and Eggsy is really beginning to wish that Harry would stop holding his hand and kiss him instead.
fandom:kingsman  cliche:kidnapping!  cliche:comingout  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:notdead  cliche:officeromance!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:pining!  cliche:rescue!  featuring:abuse  featuring:coercion  featuring:bullying  featuring:insecurity  featuring:torture  featuring:prejudice  genre:action  genre:fanfiction  genre:futurefic  genre:slash  kink:older/younger  pairing:eggsy/harry  rating:nc17  rec:good  wordcount:160.000-170.000 
may 2016 by savageneon
Not Part of the Plan - Annie D (scaramouche) - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
[After about 3 years, this behemoth is finally done. Very satisfying read.]

Castiel's spent most of his adult life keeping his head down and staying out of trouble. This is a deliberate choice on his part, because as a cousin of the King, he'd rather stay unimportant and forgotten. This changes abruptly when King Michael decides that he has a better use for Castiel: he is to be wed to a noble member of the neighboring Republic, as part of an agreement between their two nations.

Castiel knows he has to obey, but that doesn't mean he won't rebel in what small ways he can. Unexpectedly, his actions end up having far-reaching consequences.

Words: 311,677
Works: 7
pairing:dean/castiel  fandom:supernatural  cliche:bonding!  cliche:arrangedmarriage  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:comingout  cliche:fakecouple  cliche:kidnapping!  cliche:longdistance  cliche:marriage!  cliche:mediacoverage  cliche:meetingfamily  cliche:modern  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:nonmagic  cliche:notdead  cliche:pining!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:reunion  cliche:roadtrip!  cliche:sleepy!  cliche:wedding!  featuring:prejudice  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:action  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  genre:series  occupation:radiojockey!  occupation:royalty!  rating:nc17  rec:good  wordcount:310.000-320.000 
may 2016 by savageneon
If I Knew You Were Coming, I'd've Baked a Cake - Pitry - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
[This is lovely]


Summary:It was funny to call it normal, but life can be funny sometimes: that was what Lavender had said, and Dudley, who knew he wasn’t very clever, was bound to agree with her.
cliche:werewolf!  cliche:undercover!  fandom:harrypotter  genre:futurefic  genre:fanfiction  genre:gen  occupation:assistant  rating:pg13  rec:fave  wordcount:1.000-10.000  occupation:icecream 
may 2016 by savageneon
Ice Crew Please! - rosepetals42 - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
[This is so amazing. So great. A wonderful story about chosen families and the media coverage at the end warmed my heart. The bittle storyline was also heart breaking, but I loved this fic. Kudos. Only thing that had me wondering was where the heck was Kent?]



Jack Zimmermann was drafted first by the Providence Falconers when he was eighteen years old. He is good at hockey. Very good. His team won the Cup his second year and now, in his third year, they are looking good. Jack should be on top of the world. And some days, he manages to convince himself he is.

He’s not, of course.

Enter the Ice Crew.

AKA: The Ice Crew AU
cliche:comingout  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:homeless!fic!  cliche:mediacoverage  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:pining!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:roommates  cliche:roadtrip!  cliche:sick/hurt  cliche:rescue!  fandom:checkplease  featuring:homophobia  featuring:bullying  featuring:courting!  featuring:insecurity  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  genre:fluff  pairing:zimmerman/bittle  rating:pg13  wordcount:50.000-60.000  rec:kudos 
may 2016 by savageneon
Cousin Harry - Nicnac - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
[I need a full story around this headcanon]


Summary:She had been dating Dudley Dursley for almost six months when the topic of Cousin Harry came up the first time.
fandom:harrypotter  genre:fanfiction  genre:futurefic  rating:g  rec:good  wordcount:1.000-10.000 
may 2016 by savageneon
An Assembly Such As This - Unforth - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]


Regency Era-esque AU. Dean Winchester has built the life expected of him, marrying Charlotte Bradbury, raising a family, maintaining his estate, spending winters in ton. However, their life together is built on a shared lie - they are best friends, united to protect the secret of their true desires. Charlie has found a companion who shares her preferences, but Dean is lonely for a want of partner. That is, until he learns of Ms. Naomi's exclusive, monthly, male-only parties, and manages to secure himself an invitation...
cliche:cheating  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:comingout  cliche:jealousy!  cliche:kidfic  cliche:marriage!  cliche:marriageofconvenience  cliche:meetingfamily  cliche:mediacoverage  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:orphans  cliche:pining!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:reunion  cliche:rescue!  cliche:wedding!  fandom:supernatural  featuring:homophobia  featuring:insecurity  featuring:non-con  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:epistolary  genre:fanfiction  genre:regency!  genre:slash  rating:nc17  rec:good  wordcount:150.000-160.000 
may 2016 by savageneon
We Drank a Thousand Times - glorious_spoon - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
[Look at me sobbing at work. This was gorgeous. Kudos]


They meet in a bar fight in North Carolina when Dean is nineteen, broke, and desperate, then again when a hunt brings the Winchesters into town a few years later. Neither one of them ever puts a name to it but every once in a while, through the years, Dean finds his way back.

Words: 43,186
rating:nc17  rec:fave  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:comingout  cliche:kidfic  cliche:longdistance  cliche:meetingfamily  cliche:rescue!  cliche:roadtrip!  cliche:reunion  cliche:sick/hurt  fandom:supernatural  genre:action  featuring:homophobia  featuring:hospital  featuring:bullying  genre:angst  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  occupation:marines!  occupation:mechanic!  wordcount:40.000-50.000  topic:death  rec:kudos 
may 2016 by savageneon
To Sail True - anarchycox - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
[This is so perfect. Pining and secret relationships and jealousy and kids and a touch of crossdressing spies. I want 50,000 more words in this universe. Kudos]

Words: 49,692

It is 1808 and times are tough when you have nothing and Eggsy has no idea how to keep him and Daisy above water. He is at the end of his rope and he comes across an add for the position of companion to a retired Commodore. It is the answers to their prayers if he can get the job. And not like dealing with an ancient Navy man will be that difficult, he's done far worse in his day.

Only the man isn't so ancient and wants nothing to do with the companion that was hired for him. But Eggsy needs the job and is determined to change Merlin's mind.
wordcount:40.000-50.000  pairing:eggsy/merlin  fandom:kingsman  cliche:pining!  cliche:comingout  cliche:jealousy!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:kidfic  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:matchmaker!  cliche:meetingfamily  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:sick/hurt  featuring:insecurity  featuring:courting!  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  genre:regency!  kink:virginity  occupation:soldier!  occupation:assistant  rating:nc17  rec:fave  rec:kudos 
may 2016 by savageneon
King's Gambit - manic_intent - Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dragon Age (Video Games), Dragon Age - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
[This was a glorious read. Fantastic development and the time travel was well done. Kudos.]

Words: 55536


That AU where Dorian is the Archon and Cullen is the Black Divine

A party was never quite a proper party in Tevinter until there was at least one assassination attempt, and the novelty in the attempt at Magister Caius’ party lay not quite in its actual occurrence but in the ambition of its assassin.

At the height of Caius’ decidedly juvenile lyrium-laced drinking game, during the start of dinner, Magister Fabiana made a sudden gesture close to the Divine, all the while leaning closer, as if to say something private. Divine Leonthius' hand snapped up, viper-quick, grabbing Fabiana’s hand high on the wrist. She rose from her seat, fright and outrage both in her eyes, fire stealing hot up from her trapped wrist before it was abruptly… gone.

Shock froze Fabiana’s snarl in her throat, even as, with a gentle, almost intimate economy, Leonthius pulled Fabiana towards him and shoved a dagger up through her ribcage.
pairing:dorian/cullen  fandom:dragonage  cliche:apocalypse!  cliche:arrangedmarriage  cliche:mage!  cliche:magical.creatures!  cliche:pining!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:reunion  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:action  genre:angst  occupation:president/politics  rating:nc17  rec:fave  wordcount:50.000-60.000  rec:kudos 
march 2016 by savageneon
#BringHimHome - MelRows - The Martian - All Media Types, The Martian (2015), The Martian - Andy Weir [Archive of Our Own]
[more social media fic :D]



Mark Watney will need to buy a lot of people beers.

A collection of in-world oneshots cataloging the world's reactions. From the news to social media and from regular people to NASA rover techs.

1: Fox vs. an 80 year old Bill Nye
2: John and Hank Green, Crash Course Mars
3: A NASA rover tech at Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station
4: The WatneyWatch app and how to tell your child their hero is going to die in an invisible dust storm on Mars
5: Tattoos, music, and what is likely to amount to the largest simultaneous worldwide traffic jam
6. 78 hours of vlogs are released, the Ares 3 crew returns home, and Mark goes on The Tonight Show
cliche:mediacoverage  fandom:themartian  genre:fanfiction  genre:futurefic  wordcount:10.000-20.000  genre:gen 
january 2016 by savageneon
You Know You Have a Permanent Piece of My Medium-Sized American Heart - tricatular - The Martian (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
[I LOVE social media fics. I kinda wish someone had told me that this entire movie was a social media fic so that i could have watched it before tonight. Kudos.]


Summary:“Hey Hermes!” The ambient suspicion level in the Rec ratcheted up significantly. Kapoor was disturbingly cheerful. “We’ve sent you some mission updates in the data dump, but Mitch and I wanted to personally let you know—” Mitch visibly rolled his eyes in the background. “—That thanks to some…strong suggestions from the White House, and on Annie and Director Sanders’ recommendation, we’ve started releasing Watney’s Mars logs to the public.”
fandom:themartian  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:mediacoverage  featuring:insecurity  genre:fluff  genre:fanfiction  cliche:touchstarvation  cliche:travel!  psychtopics:mentaldisorders  psychtopics:ptsd!  rating:pg13  rec:fave  wordcount:1.000-10.000  rec:kudos 
january 2016 by savageneon
all this learning here is by you - buchanan, nighimpossible - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
[Im not a humanities person, so I really don't know if this is how a masters programme works over there? Also, This was ok. I wasn't fully sold on the relationships but it was a fun lazy day read.]

46k words - I wanted to like this, but everyone was so flawed that I couldn't really root for any pairing? MESS. Due to unreliable narration, the endgame pairing was confusing to me. //

“How not to ask for an extension, 101,” Sharpy grins, reading the email conversation aloud. “Dear Dr. Sharp, you’re a motherfucking gansta and I’m sorry that you’re kind of the poor man’s Patrick Dempsey.” Sharpy takes a moment to look out at the audience with a hurt expression on his face before continuing. “If you want I can definitely hook you up with a girl who thinks you’re the real McDreamy. Also, I need an extension on my paper because I’m going hard tonight and I’m def gonna be sick ‘AF’ tomorrow. Keep on killin’ it, boi.

Love you and see you soon.
Good fuckin yard,
Tyler Seguin

Sent from my iPhone.”

(Or: the time Tyler was Sharpy's TA.)
fandom:hockeyrpf  cliche:college!  cliche:chosenfamily  pairing:seguin/sharp  pairing:seguin/benn  cliche:pining!  cliche:comingout  cliche:jealousy!  cliche:misunderstanding  featuring:insecurity  featuring:homophobia  featuring:divorce/breakup  genre:slash  genre:au  genre:angst  genre:fanfiction  kink:teacher/student  occupation:professor!  occupation:ta!  wordcount:40.000-50.000  rating:nc17  rec:ok  via:hermionemalfoy 
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neutral zone stickhandling - achilleees - Check Please! (Webcomic) [Archive of Our Own]
[Also Im here for all of this. Kudos.]



The splint around Kent’s leg is a feat of engineering, a hulking behemoth of black plastic and Velcro, but the crutches are sleek and slim.

an alternate take on the March of Jack's senior year.
pairing:zimmerman/parson  fandom:checkplease  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:possesive!  cliche:pining!  cliche:sick/hurt  featuring:insecurity  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  rec:fave  wordcount:1.000-10.000  rec:kudos 
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Odds Are - Raine_Wynd - Pacific Rim (2013), Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
[I love the thought of the leverage team not only surviving the Kaiju clusterfuck, but still doing the do and saving people. Love this.]


Summary:In the wake of the Breach closure, Herc thought the worst was over, but someone on the UN Council has other ideas.
fandom:pacificrim  cliche:rescue!  genre:fanfiction  genre:futurefic  genre:gen  genre:action  rec:fave  rating:pg13  wordcount:10.000-20.000 
october 2015 by savageneon
Only True in Fairy Tales - Dragonflies_and_Katydids - Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dragon Age - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
[This is highly recommended. Long rescue fic, then healing fic then negotiating a relationship fic. I loved this. Kudos]



In which Dorian is a special forces operative, Bull is his partner, and Cullen is the guy they're sent to rescue. Hijinks ensue.

Written because I wanted a story where Dorian rescues Cullen from physical danger. Because I like rescue-fic, and mainly what I've seen is the other way around (Cullen rescuing Dorian).
fandom:dragonage  pairing:dorian/cullen  cliche:pining!  cliche:comingout  cliche:jealousy!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:meetingfamily  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:nonmagic  cliche:roadtrip!  cliche:sick/hurt  featuring:dub-con  featuring:courting!  featuring:insecurity  featuring:hospital  featuring:prejudice  featuring:torture  genre:action  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:fluff  genre:slash  cliche:kidnapping!  rating:nc17  rec:fave  wordcount:110.000-120.000  psychtopics:ptsd!  rec:kudos 
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The City of Saints - 7iris - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
[This is mostly genfic with some cute slash at the end, but I loved the world-building here]



"You have a most interesting business model, Mr. Subban. There are certainly many private security consultants, but I believe very few break into their clients' facilities to demonstrate the weakness of their security measures."

PK's smile felt more genuine at that. "Well, just writing a report isn't as much fun."
cliche:mage!  cliche:mistakenidentity  cliche:rescue!  fandom:hockeyrpf  genre:action  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:fantasy  genre:slash  occupation:thief!  pairing:pksubban/careyprice  rating:pg13  rec:good  wordcount:1.000-10.000 
october 2015 by savageneon
Nation Building and other Diplomatic Negotiations - Pookaseraph - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
[This was a satisfying read, I think this is my favourite version of Genosha]



With the recent passage of a submissive registration law in the United Kingdom, there are now only two industrialized nation with a relatively stable government to have neither a mutant nor a submissive registration law. Erik Lehnsherr, the newly minted King of Genosha, and his Prime Minister Emma Frost intend to take advantage of this turn of events to bring the Xavier Institute to the island nation of Genosha. They both know bringing Charles Xavier, the noted activist of mutant and submissive rights, to the island will necessarily politicize the man, and create all manner of complications. With a constitution not yet finalized and external threats to Genoshan security all around them, Erik, Emma, and Charles will fight for what they believe in to shape Genosha into what it should be.

A Genosha AU with moderate D/s elements.
cliche:comingout  cliche:jealousy!  cliche:mistakenidentity  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:possesive!  cliche:pining!  fandom:xmen  featuring:courting!  featuring:homophobia  featuring:insecurity  featuring:prejudice  genre:fanfiction  genre:fluff  occupation:president/politics  occupation:royalty!  pairing:erik/charles  rating:nc17  rec:good  wordcount:100.000-110.000 
october 2015 by savageneon
Leave a Mark - hapakitsune - Dragon Age (Video Games), Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]

Summary:They are both outsiders in Skyhold, both in self-imposed exile, and it has to be some strange twist of fate that puts their shops across the street from each other.
fandom:dragonage  pairing:ironbull/dorian  featuring:courting!  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  occupation:tattooing  occupation:florist  rec:good  rating:r  wordcount:10.000-20.000 
october 2015 by savageneon
Exit Light - Dragonflies_and_Katydids - Dragon Age - All Media Types, Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
[This story is absolutely gorgeous. It really focuses heavily on depression, suicide and recovery and I love love love how the poly was done here. Basically I'm glad that the series isn't officially finished because it means that there'll be more in this verse eventually. Kudos.]



Cullen struggles with his lyrium addiction. Some days are better than others.

Or (if you prefer a silly summary for a not-so-silly fic): In which Cullen is suicidally depressed, Dorian is a high-functioning alcoholic, and Bull just wants them both to be happy, except when he wants to crack their heads together for being emotionally stunted idiots.

Spoilers galore, particularly for Cullen's, Dorian's, and Bull's personal quests.
pairing:ironbull/dorian  pairing:ironbull/cullen  pairing:ironbull/dorian/cullen  fandom:dragonage  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:demon!  cliche:comingout  cliche:matchmaker!  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:pining!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:sick/hurt  featuring:courting!  featuring:insecurity  featuring:drugs/alcohol  featuring:homophobia  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  kink:bdsm  kink:bondage  kink:blindfolds  kink:d/s  kink:dirty.talking  kink:doublepenetration!  kink:exhibitionist!  kink:hairpulling!  kink:kink  kink:negotiation  kink:marking  kink:roughsex!  kink:sizekink  kink:spanking  kink:threesome!  kink:voyeurism!  rating:nc17  sexuality:poly  psychtopics:mentaldisorders  psychtopics:self.harm/self.loathing  psychtopics:suicide  psychtopics:ptsd!  psychtopics:fugue  wordcount:70.000-80.000  genre:series  rec:kudos 
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I'll build a house inside of you - magdaliny - Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
[This is so perfect and gorgeous. I want infinite stories within this verse. kudos.]

Words: 19,199


Natalia is stacking blocks very carefully when the adults come into the room. None of them look at her, because they're all looking at her father. He's wearing combat gear, and the hair on the left side of his head is slicked back with blood. He smells like smoke and something unnameable, sweet and dark and a little sickly in her nose.

Father is saying, “Don't be ridiculous. The only thing children are good at is disobeying.”
cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:adoption  cliche:kid.prodigy!  cliche:kidnapping!  cliche:notdead  cliche:pining!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:reunion  cliche:agechange  cliche:familyswap  fandom:captainamerica  cliche:kidfic  featuring:dub-con  featuring:insecurity  genre:au  featuring:disability!  featuring:courting!  genre:fanfiction  genre:femmeslash  rating:pg13  rec:fave  wordcount:10.000-20.000  pairing:natasha/america  rec:kudos 
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All The World's A Stage - im_not_a_lizard - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
[I remember reading this ages ago when it was a wip and I'm so happy author decided to finish this.]


Summary:Ever since he moved to Philly the same year Jeff Carter was drafted, they’d been calling Jeff his boy. Mike used to get mad about it, shout about how many fucking Jeffs there were out there, but he learned over the years that no reaction was the best reaction.
pairing:jeffcarter/mikerichards  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:nameonskin  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:jealousy!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:pining!  cliche:comingout  fandom:hockeyrpf  featuring:homophobia  featuring:insecurity  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  occupation:reporter!  rating:nc17  rec:good  wordcount:30.000-40.000  occupation:mailman  cliche:undercover! 
july 2015 by savageneon
Counterpart in the series Puzzle Pieces - sara_holmes - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Words: 223,908

coun•ter•part [koun-ter-pahrt] [noun] 1. a person or thing closely resembling another, especially in function. 2. a copy; duplicate. 3. one of two parts that fit, complete, or complement one another.

Just because Hydra used the DNA of a Captain America from another dimension to create a lab-grown, six-year-old super-soldier, it doesn't mean that said six-year old super-soldier is biologically Steve's, right?

(Where Steve wants to ban Clint from bringing things home from alternative dimensions, until he doesn't.)
wordcount:220.000-230.000  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:comingout  cliche:kidfic  cliche:kid.prodigy!  cliche:marriage!  cliche:misunderstanding  pairing:bucky/clint  cliche:modern  cliche:orphans  cliche:pining!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:telepathy  cliche:sick/hurt  cliche:universes!  fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  featuring:courting!  cliche:mediacoverage  genre:fanfiction  genre:gen  genre:slash  pairing:steve/tony  rating:r  rec:fave  psychtopics:mentaldisorders  psychtopics:psychology  psychtopics:attachment 
july 2015 by savageneon
Don't Date Alphas - KuriKuri - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]


To be completely honest, Danny’s ex-wife is not at all what Steve expected. She’s elegant, for a start. British, Steve realizes, as soon as she opens her mouth, accent crisp in a way which makes Danny’s Jersey drawl sound thick and sticky.

She’s also an omega.

“Honestly, though,” she says, “can you even imagine Danny, of all people, with an alpha?”

Steve tries to ignore the way his chest feels a little too tight.
cliche:alpha/omega/beta-dynamics  cliche:jealousy!  cliche:pining!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:matingcycles  cliche:kidfic  fandom:h50  featuring:courting!  featuring:insecurity  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  pairing:steve/danny  rating:nc17  rec:good  wordcount:1.000-10.000 
june 2015 by savageneon
Merlin/Eggsy adopting Harry | llassah
SAD ADULT HARRY! consider: he still works for some kind of secret service, and he keeps getting injured, and comes in at three in the morning, trying to hide that he’s just been a tiny bit shot, or coming in jetlagged and traumatized, after a mission has gone to shit, and not really having any friends, because, well. They kind of keep dying.

THEN consider the ex-marines couple who live upstairs. Eggsy, who is training to become a primary school teacher and can kill you with his thighs, and Merlin, who can hack any system going, and spends his time working freelance for banks telling them their security is shit, then demonstrating by stealing shit from them and returning it the next day without getting caught. Sometimes he safecracks. Just for funsies.
fandom:kingsman  pairing:eggsy/harry/merlin  pairing:eggsy/merlin  cliche:pining!  cliche:jealousy!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:chosenfamily  featuring:courting!  featuring:insecurity  cliche:misunderstanding  genre:slash  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  rating:nc17  rec:fave  wordcount:1.000-10.000  via:sevenses 
june 2015 by savageneon
The Silent World Within You - Femme (femmequixotic), noeon (noe) - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
[A nice melodramatic pining fic, but the modern conversations/talks about science and such threw me off a bit for a hp fic. Not much, but it kept striking me as strange.]


Summary:Harry only wanted Malfoy for one night, one birthday. It wasn’t meant to be anything more.
fandom:harrypotter  cliche:marriage!  cliche:fakecouple  cliche:chosenfamily  cliche:misunderstanding  featuring:divorce/breakup  featuring:courting!  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  cliche:comingout  cliche:meetingfamily  cliche:mediacoverage  kink:mpreg  pairing:harry/draco  rating:nc17  rec:good  wordcount:90.000-100.000 
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You Look Like Bad News (i gotta have you) - standinginanicedress - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]


Option A : violently tell Derek that they are under no circumstances ever to hook up again because it was stupid and dumb.

Option B : tell Scott the truth, stand back and watch as Scott kills Derek with his bare hands so Stiles doesn't even have to face the music. Not an option at all, actually. Expunge this from the record.

The real Option B : calmly explain to Derek that the situation is too fucked up and hey, maybe if Derek and Scott ever shake hands and make up, he and Stiles can hook up again because, was great.

Option C : forget everything, charge headfirst into danger like fuckin' Bravehart and have sex with Derek all over again.

Option D : bury himself alive and wait for the worms to eat him.

Derek is super fuckin direct in this which is fun because I feel like normally I write him all emotionally stunted like he can't ever just come out with it – so I was like you know what? Fuck that lmao fuck miscommunications let's just throw it out there burn the trope
cliche:alpha/omega/beta-dynamics  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:pining!  cliche:highschoolau  cliche:possesive!  cliche:rescue!  cliche:jealousy!  fandom:teenwolf  genre:fanfiction  genre:fluff  genre:slash  featuring:courting!  kink:knotting!  cliche:matingcycles  pairing:stiles/derek  rating:nc17  rec:fave  wordcount:30.000-40.000 
june 2015 by savageneon
The Allmother of the Citadel - Ambrosia - Mad Max Series (Movies), Mad Max Fury road [Archive of Our Own]
[I just want all the future genfic for this movie. all of it.]

Words: 3704


“Allmother?” Max asks.

“Hmm?” Furiosa asks, automatically.

“They call you ‘Allmother’,” Max says. “Met some Rocketboys last month that spat whenever they said it. Didn’t know they meant you.”

The look on his face suggested he was severely disappointed, as if he intensely regretted whatever he had done to the Rocketboys. If Furiosa knew him, which she suspected she did, Max regretted killing them so quickly.
fandom:madmax  genre:fluff  genre:fanfiction  genre:futurefic  genre:gen  rating:pg13  wordcount:1.000-10.000 
may 2015 by savageneon
When sparks fly - LunaCanisLupus_22 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
[I love magic house fics. This was a delight. Barely anything happens other than house hijink-ridden matchmaking and boys being stupid.]

words: 39,532


“Derek,” Stiles thunders. “Were you ever going to tell me your house is trying to hook us up?”

Derek's head snaps up, eyes wide and scenting the evident crackle of magic in the air.

Or the one where Stiles moves into an enchanted apartment block owned by a grumpy alpha and is completely oblivious to the building's efforts to matchmake them.
fandom:teenwolf  cliche:mage!  cliche:magical.creatures!  cliche:succubi/incubi  cliche:jealousy!  cliche:pining!  cliche:misunderstanding  genre:fanfiction  genre:au  featuring:courting!  genre:fluff  pairing:stiles/derek  rating:nc17  rec:good  wordcount:30.000-40.000 
may 2015 by savageneon
Ribs - cornfields - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
[This AU was pretty much just an excuse to write small town fic heavy on the pining, insecurity and chosen family. Loved every bit of it]



Jamie can't keep jogging anymore and flops on his back and looks up at the sky. The stars are sharp and clear, every single one of them, and Jamie tries to find constellations. He only knows the Big Dipper and Orion, but if he knew more, they'd be there. Texas has the biggest sky in the world, everyone knows that. Jamie's heard that in big cities, the lights from the roads and buildings block everything out, and it never gets quiet, and Jamie's not sure he could deal with that. People making noise all the time. No real nighttime. But when Tyler leaves, it'll be even more quiet, and Jamie's not sure he can deal with that, either.

("Sabertooths forever," they'd all promised each other in hoarse yells, and no matter what-- no matter where Sid, Pat, Jamie, and Tyler end up-- they'd all meant it as they'd crashed into each other on the football field, rain-soaked arms raised triumphantly under the bright lights.)
cliche:longdistance  cliche:jealousy!  cliche:comingout  cliche:highschoolau  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:pining!  cliche:possesive!  cliche:roadtrip!  cliche:roommates  cliche:sick/hurt  cliche:college!  fandom:hockeyrpf  featuring:courting!  featuring:divorce/breakup  featuring:insecurity  genre:angst  genre:au  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  kink:bondage  kink:roughsex!  kink:virginity  pairing:seguin/benn  rating:nc17  rec:good  wordcount:120.000-130.000  fandom:fridaynightlights  genre:crossover  featuring:homophobia 
may 2015 by savageneon
found it alright for kicks - thatbroadcast - Kingsman: The Secret Service RPF [Archive of Our Own]


It’s something he never intended to bring up, except the next time he sees Colin he says, almost entirely autonomous of brain function: “It’s not a proper Colin Firth movie without a sex scene, is it?”

Colin is standing beside him at the catering table, poking disconsolately at a lemon danish. “Hmm?” he says. “Sorry, what?”

“I mean, Colin, you’re always getting your kit off in all your other films, so where’s our love scene?” Inwardly, Taron is screaming. Outwardly, he’s nudging Colin in the side with his own elbow, slopping a bit of lukewarm tea over the edge of his Keep Calm and Love Colin Firth mug.

Or, Taron makes some incredibly suspect life decisions, wanks off more than any human being ever should, and utterly fails to Keep Calm.
pairing:firth/egerton  fandom:kingsmanrpf  cliche:pining!  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  kink:dirty.talking  kink:exhibitionist!  kink:fingering!  kink:voyeurism!  rating:nc17  rec:good  wordcount:1.000-10.000 
may 2015 by savageneon
Keep Throwing Things and Slamming the Door - Traincat - Spider-Man (Comicverse), Fantastic Four (Comicverse), Marvel 616 [Archive of Our Own]


Waking up in a stranger's bed is not how superhero Johnny Storm planned on spending the morning after the night before.

From now on…

A) No more secret hookups with Peter Parker—he's the last man on earth Johnny'd want to share a room with, never mind a king-size bed.

B) Maintain a professional persona at all times. After all, he's a photographer for New York's #1 Superhero Bashing Rag and Johnny's perfect tabloid fodder.

C) Keep friends close but enemies closer. Easier said than done, with She-Hulk away on her honeymoon and Spider-Man avoiding him.
pairing:peterparker/johnnystorm  fandoom:fantasticfour  cliche:comingout  cliche:mistakenidentity  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:pining!  fandom:spiderman  featuring:courting!  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  rating:pg13  rec:fave  wordcount:1.000-10.000 
may 2015 by savageneon
Say You Will, Say You Won't - Traincat - Spider-Man (Comicverse), Fantastic Four (Comicverse) [Archive of Our Own]


“You should’ve led with the sob story,” Peter said. “Instead of getting down on one knee in the middle of New York.”

“I thought my way was more romantic?” Johnny said, all perfect, infuriating smile.

“Because Human Torch Gets Dumped, Weeps in Public is such a better headline,” Peter said.
Peter and Johnny get married, really-not-really.
pairing:peterparker/johnnystorm  fandom:fantsticfour  fandom:spiderman  cliche:marriageofconvenience  cliche:fakecouple  cliche:comingout  cliche:pining!  cliche:possesive!  featuring:insecurity  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  rating:pg13  rec:fave  wordcount:10.000-20.000 
may 2015 by savageneon
What Stays and What Fades Away (you can't choose) - standinginanicedress - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]


The rules. Stiles knows them well. Has them drilled into his head, repeats them to alphas and betas that conveniently are too drunk to remember them on their own, hears Peter shout them out whenever a rule gets broken, reminding the entire bar that they exist and are (generally) enforced.

Number one – no eye contact.
Number two – no fucking eye contact.
Number three – keep away from the red line.
Number four – no touching.
Number five – if we don't like it, don't do it.
cliche:alpha/omega/beta-dynamics  bodymod:scarrification  cliche:modern  cliche:nonhuman  cliche:misunderstanding  cliche:matingcycles  fandom:teenwolf  featuring:courting!  featuring:insecurity  genre:fanfiction  genre:slash  genre:au  genre:angst  featuring:pregnancy  featuring:non-con  featuring:dub-con  kink:mpreg  kink:knotting!  occupation:bartender!  pairing:stiles/derek  rating:nc17  rec:good  wordcount:30.000-40.000 
april 2015 by savageneon
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