Elm Debugger
"So at the root of the debugger is the design of Elm itself. If you do not start with the right design choices at the language level, creating a time-travelling debugger quickly becomes extremely complex. Even languages that partially fulfill the necessary design requirements will have serious challenges."
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13 hours ago
Preaching To The Choir
"WWDC is an evangelism event. The goal is to share new technologies and expand the developer base of the platform. It is, by far, the most important outreach program Apple has to developers."
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3 days ago
Implementing Plausible Crash Recovery
"... what is used on Apple’s 64-bit platforms, is the use of so-called zero-cost exceptions. Rather than recording thread state at runtime, the compiler builds a lookup table that covers all code in an executable. This table defines how to accurately unwind a single frame from any valid instruction address, as well as providing language/runtime-specific definitions of where try/catch/finally blocks are defined, and how to handle them."
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3 days ago
"What makes you feel less bored soon makes you into an addict."
"What worries me are the consequences of a diet comprised mostly of fake-connectedness, makebelieve insight, and unedited first drafts of everything. I think it’s making us small. I know that whenever I become aware of it, I realize how small it can make me. So, I’ve come to despise it."
"If I’m not laughing at your joke, complimenting your insight, or leading the Standing O for something you spent 10 seconds pecking up on your phone, it may not be because I don’t get it; it may be because I think we’re both capable of better and just need to find the courage to say so."
3 days ago
Bored People Quit
"They’ll say something innocuous like, “…and I really don’t know what to do next,” and you’re going to blow right by the most important thing they’ve said in a while because you’re worried about your next meeting."
"Protect their time. Embrace the ambiguity of their experiment."
"A terrific way to accelerate the boredom clock is a promise of productive and creative time that is then taken away."
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3 days ago
Speaking for Yourself
"Never be afraid to say, “thanks for your time,” and walk away—not as a bargaining chip, but as a source of sanity and professional growth."
"It is SO not worth the time and effort to deliberately fund your own clusterfuck. Clusterfucks must never be funded."
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3 days ago
E.W.Dijkstra Archive: The Humble Programmer (EWD 340)
"We should recognise the closed subroutines as one of the greatest software inventions; it has survived three generations of computers and it will survive a few more, because it caters for the implementation of one of our basic patterns of abstraction."
"Using PL/1 must be like flying a plane with 7000 buttons, switches and handles to manipulate in the cockpit. I absolutely fail to see how we can keep our growing programs firmly within our intellectual grip when by its sheer baroqueness the programming language —our basic tool, mind you!— already escapes our intellectual control."
"f you want more effective programmers, you will discover that they should not waste their time debugging, they should not introduce the bugs to start with."
"as long as machines were the largest item on the budget, the programming profession could get away with its clumsy techniques, but that umbrella will fold rapidly."
"We must not forget that it is not our business to make programs, it is our business to design classes of computations that will display a desired behaviour."
"It has been suggested that there is some kind of law of nature telling us that the amount of intellectual effort needed grows with the square of program length. But, thank goodness, no one has been able to prove this law. And this is because it need not be true. We all know that the only mental tool by means of which a very finite piece of reasoning can cover a myriad cases is called “abstraction”; as a result the effective exploitation of his powers of abstraction must be regarded as one of the most vital activities of a competent programmer."
"Another lesson we should have learned from the recent past is that the development of “richer” or “more powerful” programming languages was a mistake in the sense that these baroque monstrosities, these conglomerations of idiosyncrasies, are really unmanageable, both mechanically and mentally. I see a great future for very systematic and very modest programming languages."
"Programming will remain very difficult, because once we have freed ourselves from the circumstantial cumbersomeness, we will find ourselves free to tackle the problems that are now well beyond our programming capacity."
"The best way to learn to live with our limitations is to know them. By the time that we are sufficiently modest to try factored solutions only, because the other efforts escape our intellectual grip, we shall do our utmost best to avoid all those interfaces impairing our ability to factor the system in a helpful way. And I cannot but expect that this will repeatedly lead to the discovery that an initially untractable problem can be factored after all."
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3 days ago
The Nagging Gap - Jay Shirley
"It lived on with her, though. More than only living, it spoke to her. It would constantly tell her that it needed done. In turn, she would question if I would do it on my own or if she should nag me. This is a heavy decision for her to make. My wife is very normal; she most certainly doesn’t want to be a nagger."
3 days ago
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