Jake And James
Jake Peralta and his high school boyfriend, who surprise! gets assigned to the 99.
brooklyn-99  amy-santiago/jake-peralta  author:sophiexhorayne 
10 hours ago
"You're not even really a man, Dennis, so it wouldn't even be gay if I did want to." It's too far, ah shit, it's too far, Mac knows it the second the words leave his mouth and sees Dennis start to shake.

"You goddamn son of a bitch, you take that back!" Dennis screeches, lunging at him.


"You're fucking hard, Mac," he taunts, rolling his hips. "What's your excuse for that?" Dennis is hard, too, but it doesn't fucking matter. Dennis craving dick will never absolve him of this sin. "You're going to try to tell me there's nothing gay about this, the way you're reacting to me?"
author:runningwafers  always-sunny  mac-mcdonald/dennis-reynolds 
5 days ago
BuckRogers vs. the Internet
“Remember what I said about internet trolls?”

“Don’t feed the trolls.”

“Exactly. Did I not say the same thing to Barnes?” Tony asked rhetorically. “Were those not my exact words? I could have sworn they were, and yet.”

“Bucky’s feeding the trolls?”

“He’s throwing a goddamn seven-course troll banquet. Every time someone on Twitter asks if your relationship announcement is real, he replies. Colorfully.”

Steve opened his mouth to ask what “colorfully” meant, then caught the gleam in Tony’s eye and put two and two together. He blushed. Colorfully. “Oh.”

(Steve and Bucky announce their relationship in a very dignified press conference. Bucky then replies to every goddamn tweet asking him to confirm it with a different dirty euphemism. Things escalate from there.)
author:galwednesday  comedy  mcu  captain-america  steve-rogers/bucky-barnes 
5 days ago
Buttercup's Baby: Chapter Two, abridged by William Goldman
There have been studies dating all the way back to the earliest beginnings of medical science (and this tale is set well after that, especially since it is now a sequel) proving that a human body will sustain less damage from a long fall if all its muscles are completely relaxed at the time of impact. Waverly, of course, was perfectly relaxed as they plummeted faster and faster, because she knew beyond any hint of doubt that the circle formed by Fezzik's arms was always the safest place to be, so there was no reason for her to fear. Fezzik was perfectly relaxed despite fully expecting to die, because he thought his giant body could absorb enough of the impact to ensure Waverly's survival, and he had made peace with this fact. They could have fallen a hundred feet like that and walked away with only minor bruises, so perfect was their mid-air repose.
author:desertscribe  princess-bride 
5 days ago
"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned." Mac vs. the Ten Commandments.
author:sinnabar  always-sunny  mac-mcdonald/dennis-reynolds 
7 days ago
the day you move (i'm probably gonna explode)
“Fine!” Mac explodes, and it’s like surrender, goddamn finally. “I want this, I want you. Okay? I want to do a hell of a lot more than just kiss you. But then you already knew all that, so what, are you happy now? Does that satisfy your goddamn ego?”

He’s getting worked up again, so Dennis silences him with another kiss, softer this time. He soothes the cut in Mac’s lip with his tongue, kneads at Mac’s shoulders until he feels the tension start to leach out of him again.

“All this time,” Dennis says when they break apart again, “did it honestly never occur to you that all you ever had to do was ask?”
author:sinnabar  always-sunny  mac-mcdonald/dennis-reynolds 
7 days ago
Margin of Error
“Haha, classic New Yawk,” said Jake in a cartoony accent, spreading his arms wide. His body language collapsed in on itself like a sagging balloon. “Oh god it’s a nightmare,” he whimpered. “On the plus side, right now, there’s a fragile peace while the mice and the rats fight for dominance.”

“I, uh, think I’ll pass,” said Amy.

“That’s probably good,” Jake muttered. “Not sure how an outsider would affect the balance.”

Boyle frowned. “Jake, buddy, are you okay?”

Jake took another long swig of coffee. “Haven’t been sleeping much.” He stared into nothingness. “Did you know rats have a special scream that’s just for dying? And another one that’s just for killing?”
author:idiopathicsmile  brooklyn-99  amy-santiago/rosa-diaz 
8 days ago
fathers and sons
[In which exactly no one takes Charles and Erik seriously.]

“What’s he doing here,” she squeaked.

“I’m here to seduce you to my terrible terrorist organization,” Erik said, and then smiled with all his teeth. And that was it, Hank thought, remembering it all with a sudden clarity; that was why he had stayed with Charles lo these many years. Because as much of a dick as Charles was, Erik was so much fucking worse.
author:m_leigh  xmen-first-class  erik-lensherr/charles-xavier 
8 days ago
There Are Millions of Suns Left.
Tosh and Ianto get together in Jack's absence. Then Jack gets back.
author:basingstoke  torchwood  ianto-jones/toshiko-sato/jack-harkness 
11 days ago
Decade and One (and Many More)
Lily lives and moves herself and Harry in with the Dursleys. Short AU.
author:lalaietha  harry-potter 
15 days ago
Billy has gender stuff and wears lip gloss, he and Steve will-they-won't-they.

"“It’s not—I’m not—I don’t—“ Billy says between the many-more-than-one kisses Steve plants on him. Steve hums.

He doesn’t care all that much, but Billy does. He shudders in Steve’s arms. Steve thinks in a blur of heat and hot skin and sweet-sugary-something on his lips, this is why Billy had that rule. There’s liking dick when you have a dick and then there’s this."
stranger-things  steve-harrington/billy-hargrove  author:lazybaker 
15 days ago
Graphic Design
Ginny, living in the Muggle world as a graphic designer for a year.
harry-potter  author:arsenic 
15 days ago
something happens and i'm
Billy and Steve, working at the Hawkins Pool and skinny dipping together.
author:brawlite  stranger-things  steve-harrington/billy-hargrove 
20 days ago
First Day of School
The magical world was extremely traditional in certain ways, though, and girls needed almost twice the education and accomplishments of boys to land any sort of job once they reached their majority. Hermione did an extensive search, only to find out that the Ministry, Hogwarts, and almost every major employer in the Isles magical system, employed less than one percent of women who had not graduated from Hogwarts. So far as she could tell, the rest tended shops or stayed home and were married.

It wasn't a fun thing to find out, but Hermione couldn't lie to herself: it was nice having a goal again.
author:arsenic  harry-potter 
20 days ago
Origins Of Myth
"Draco gets lost. Ron finds him."

The one where Draco is living in China, Ron finds him and brings him back, and they find their way.
author:arsenic  harry-potter  draco-malfoy/ron-weasley 
23 days ago
not in love (don't forget it)
Mac is truly a sight to behold; his dick red and leaking and dangling out of his pants, his neck dotted with hickeys and lip gloss remnants like constellations, breathing hard and heavy. He’s sluggishly struggling to get himself back in his pants when Dee and Charlie stomp their way into the living room.

Dennis is so hard the blind could see it. “Fuck,” he says, eloquently, as Dee and Charlie’s jaws hit the floor. Dee drops the camcorder.
author:quixoti  always-sunny  mac-mcdonald/dennis-reynolds 
28 days ago
each the other's world entire
[Mac and Dennis, over twenty years.]

When Hugh comes and collapses on Vic, Vic says, Dennis. Vic says, I’ve never felt so good in my life.

Mac says, Our father who art in heaven. Hugh shifts on top of him at that but doesn’t comment. The bite marks are staring Mac directly in the face and they’ve reached the point of no return, sink or swim, fight or flight. If it’s a question of living or dying, Mac wants to go wherever Dennis goes.
author:quixoti  always-sunny  mac-mcdonald/dennis-reynolds  favorite 
28 days ago
Mac and Dennis Conduct an Experiment
He smiles but it’s hollow, a non-answer; meaningless in the face of everything he does and does not want to know.

Dennis drops his head into his hand, massaging his temples.

“So that's why you didn’t wanna talk about it,” Mac says. “Earlier. The experiment failed on you.”

Dennis sighs. “Not exactly,” he says. “But for the sake of argument? Yeah, sure.”

Mac stares at him, drunk and open-mouthed in astonishment. “Damn,” he says. “That sucks, dude.”

“Yeah,” Dennis mutters, “no shit.”
author:pavonine  mac-mcdonald/dennis-reynolds  always-sunny 
28 days ago
all systems snot
“Watch this. Hey Steve, your mama sucks cock in hell.”

“And makes good money doing it,” Steve says, eyes now closed.

“See?” Bucky says, turning back to the doctors. They don’t look like they see. “His usual answer is to put me in a headlock and then fuck me up against a wall.”

“You ask for it, you get it,” Steve mumbles.

The doctors exchange some glances. “Are… you alright, Mr. Barnes?”

“Oh, I’m fine,” Bucky says. “Took half my rhino tranquilizers before we got brought in here. I am fine.”

There’s some more glances. “Rhino tranquilizers?”

“Anti-anxieties,” Bucky says helpfully. “Medicine. A lot of them.” Steve’s arm snakes around his waist from behind. Bucky pats it. “They’re very effective.”


“I’m Captain America.” Steve points sternly at Bucky, but can’t keep his arm up for more than a few seconds before it flops down to the mattress like a fainting meat python.
author:galwednesday  author:silentwalrus  author:skellerbvvt  captain-america  mcu  steve-rogers/bucky-barnes  comedy 
28 days ago
Firefighter Johnny Saxby keeps to himself most of the time. When Gheorghe Ionescu arrives at the station on a transfer, will Johnny be able to hold up the walls he’s worked so hard to build around himself?
author:themewsatten  gods-own-country  johnny/gheorghe  favorite 
4 weeks ago
don't make a shadow (of yourself)
See, Billy Hargrove doesn’t die.

He just doesn’t really live, either.
author:lymricks  stranger-things  steve-harrington/billy-hargrove 
4 weeks ago
we could be heroes (just for one day)
[Billy was kept captive after S03, developed superpowers.]

It's raining. That's the first thing he realizes when he starts running. It's raining and he's cold and he hates it.

It's raining and he doesn't know where he is. That's the second thing he realizes.

He doesn't know where he is. He doesn't know who he is.

But he's running and he knows he needs to keep running.
author:brawlite  author:toastranger  stranger-things  steve-harrington/billy-hargrove 
4 weeks ago
Black Boy Blue
“Who is you Chiron?” Kevin whispers again, and it’s been about four times now. Black thought it was one of things that you just hear and you're not supposed to answer, but this time he hazards a guess.
author:ezellia  moonlight  chiron/kevin 
4 weeks ago
Two Scoops
Harry is the assistant coach of a Quidditch team. Draco is an ice cream scooper with a state-imposed curse.
author:arsenic  harry-potter  harry-potter/draco-malfoy 
5 weeks ago
The Hundred Year Playlist
The one that follows them both for 300k words. Entire stories from the perspective of Bucky-as-The-Asset. The Fucking Starbucks. They finally get together in the last part in Wakanda. No porn.
author:girlbookwrm  captain-america  mcu  steve-rogers/bucky-barnes 
5 weeks ago
Q-Tip comes to visit John at home; 10 years later, Q-Tip and his daughter move in with John in St. Louis.
author:marycontraire  generation-kill  stafford/christeson  favorite 
5 weeks ago
knocking on heaven's door
There’s nobody home, no one to hear him.

Nobody will hear you, he hears in his ears. A ghost. An echo. A memory. The feel of these same sheets clenched between white-knuckled fingers. Billy’s grinning face above his, coaxing and almost sweet, purring, That’s it, baby. Scream for me.

Steve screams for him.

Somewhere in Hawkins, Billy is being lowered into the ground.
author:callunavulgari  stranger-things  steve-harrington/billy-hargrove 
5 weeks ago
Today's Another Day To Find You
Patrick tries to find Jonny a new boyfriend so he can stop paying alimony.

Sort of.
author:jezziejay  author:nuuclears  hockey  comedy  jonathan-toews/patrick-kane 
5 weeks ago
command me to be well
Natasha breaks the Asset out of the Red Room and they escape to North America.

“Say something!” she shouted, tears of rage rolling down her face. “Fucking say something! You’re supposed to be the Fist of the Red Room! The deadly one! The ghost!” She kept hitting and hitting him; sparks flew with every strike. “You killed Anya and Sofia and Katrina! Why aren’t you speaking? Why are you just letting me lead you around like some common fucking dog!”

With the Asset by her side, she had thought she would feel invincible. With his protection, there was nothing she could ever fear. All that power she had dreaded and admired her whole life—with her, now, with her. Then she’d realized he was obeying her, and even though it had been a bad shock, her invincibility should have doubled, tripled, since it turned out she was wielding the weapon, able to direct it wherever she chose—not with her, but for her.

Instead she was left with nothing, nothing, only a naked man on a bed, able only to keep up a token defense against her attempts to hurt him.
author:nonymos  mcu  captain-america 
6 weeks ago
The Consolations of a Summer's Day
Harry Potter is absolutely certain Draco Malfoy did not murder Pansy Parkinson. He’s almost absolutely certain he can prove this without sacrificing his career and having them both hauled up before the Wizengamot.
author:blamebrampton  harry-potter  harry-potter/draco-malfoy 
8 weeks ago
this love won't break your heart
[The extremely long one.]

“I’d like to know a bit about what it’s been like, being gay in the world of American politics. Not just since you were outed, but before that, even in the closet.”

“Loaded question, Renee,” Josh laughed. She nodded. He glanced at Sam, then back to Renee. “I can’t speak for Sam, so I’ll just tell you my side of it. I’m going to be totally honest: it’s terrifying. It’s an absolute nightmare. I tried to ignore it for a very long time. I knew how people felt, how they still feel, about gay people. I understood why they didn’t want gay people leading them. I had… I had seen what happened to the gay community in the face of the AIDs crisis. That was barely two decades ago. You look at the numbers, and I hate to be the one to say it, but it’s clear that not many people in power care about people like us. I know I’ve lost the respect of a good number of people who I used to consider friends. I wanted to avoid that for as long as possible.” He looked over at CJ, who nodded for him to keep going. “So, yeah, I hid it."
author:iwasfollowingyou  west-wing  sam-seaborn/josh-lyman 
8 weeks ago
Today's the Day We Have to Be Romantic
"Has it occurred to you that we're just really bad at dating?"

"When you're bad at something, you practice," Amy said firmly. "So you can get better at it."
author:thefourthvine  brooklyn-99  amy-santiago/jake-peralta 
9 weeks ago
Take These Broken Wings
Season 3 AU in which Billy recuperates from being a monster at Steve's house and sparks fly.

“Um...okay so, it was at summer camp after freshman year. David Ricci. We were counselors in training? I don’t know how it happened, we were just like...hanging out in the woods one day and then he just like leaned over and kissed me and we jerked each other off. And we did a bunch of stuff over the summer like…”

“Like what?” Billy pressed.

“Blow-jobs mainly,” Steve said softly.

Billy sat up and turned on his side to look at Harrington. “Are you...you telling me you’ve had a dick in your mouth, pretty boy?”

He watched Steve’s lips twitch and curve up and he couldn’t breathe at all. “Yeah.”

“Did you like it?”

“Hell yeah.”

Billy gave up. He groaned and slumped over into his hands and he heard Steve giggling.
stranger-things  steve-harrington/billy-hargrove  author:flippyspoon 
9 weeks ago
And, On The Other Side, A Welcoming Voice
The one where Harry is caught between dimensions and Draco keeps getting slightly killed by Ron, Neville, etc in order to find him.
author:blamebrampton  harry-potter  harry-potter/draco-malfoy 
9 weeks ago
A Young Radical's Guide to Love
Memories of the war are still fresh, which is all the excuse Decent People need to do appalling things. In this quietly waged conflict, Draco Malfoy is happy to be on the right side of things for once, and even happier to find he’s not alone. [The one where Percy is in charge of MLE and they are persecuting anyone even tangentially attached to Dark Things, starting with Pansy.]
author:blamebrampton  harry-potter  harry-potter/draco-malfoy  favorite 
10 weeks ago
Little Red Courgette
When this season's purple courgettes are woefully thin, Draco Malfoy thinks it amounts to small beans. Next thing he knows, the Department of Standards is over-run with leeks, Brussels sprouts all sorts of legislative difficulties, and somebody appears to have put a roquette under Harry Potter. Can Draco seize a marrow victory? Or will his plans for peas be squashed?

All along, Kingsley Shacklebolt finds himself pining for the good old days, when, instead of governing, all you had to worry about were Dark Lords and imminent death,
author:blamebrampton  harry-potter  harry-potter/draco-malfoy 
10 weeks ago
Office Space
Draco and Ron work in the Goblin Office at the Ministry. Ron is just out of school and aimless. Things ensue.
author:xylodemon  harry-potter  draco-malfoy/ron-weasley 
11 weeks ago
How we rolled up the carpet so we could dance
He’s happy with Steve, fuck, he’s never been as happy as when he’s with Steve, but there’s still his suit somewhere on the foyer floor, the shield for him to carry; thousands of pounds’ worth of responsibility he never wanted to shoulder. It could be anyone, he thinks. So why did it have to be me?
author:rohkeutta  captain-america  mcu  steve-rogers/bucky-barnes 
11 weeks ago
Not Exactly Retirement
Steve says, "Hey, Buck," and dodges a jerky, robot punch. He's wearing jeans and sneakers, and he's using a trashcan lid for a shield like it's 1935. "You—watch out!"
author:xylodemon  steve-rogers/bucky-barnes  mcu  captain-america 
11 weeks ago
what seemed like a ruin
When Barnes stumbles into a small town in Maine at summer's end, he's been running a long time and doesn't expect to stay. But as weeks pass, he starts wondering whether all this time he hasn't been running away from, but towards something - the kindness of strangers, quiet fields, and a curious, yellow-eyed goshawk.
author:alby_mangroves  author:rohkeutta  captain-america  steve-rogers/bucky-barnes  mcu 
11 weeks ago
certain processes
"Okay, so. I'm just going to go. And tell the President. That I-- yeah. Bye."

"Wait a minute," said Josh. Sam stopped. "Did the President make you come here and tell me?"

"Yeah," said Sam.

"I'm pretty sure that's not entirely legal," said Josh.

"I pointed that out to him," said Sam. "He threatened to deport me to Orkney."
author:vlieger  west-wing  sam-seaborn/josh-lyman 
11 weeks ago
Things to Do in Cleveland When You're Overcoming Denial
"I just thought I'd get a little more consideration," Eisen muttered, and Sam had to bite back a giggle as the thought went through his head that the word for Eisen's attitude at the moment was `miffed'. Terribly and dreadfully miffed, Sam's treacherous mind elaborated, and he brought a hand up to his mouth to cover a smile.

"Especially from the two of you," Eisen continued, and suddenly laughing was the last thing Sam felt like doing.

Josh whipped a look over at Sam, his eyebrows shooting up, and then they both turned their attention back to Eisen. "Hey!" Josh said too loud, stopping the other man before he could reach the door. Eisen jumped and cast a look over his shoulder at the two staffers. Josh glared at him, "What do you mean, especially from us two?"
author:candle_beck  west-wing  sam-seaborn/josh-lyman 
11 weeks ago
meo periculo
[They're together, over time. No coming out moment, just several separate moments.]

"Hey," was the first thing Sam said to Josh in his hospital room. Not particularly innovative, but. He looked kind of terrified.

"Hey," said Josh.

Sam's hands twitched by his sides. He glanced towards the shuttered windows.

"I think you could probably get away with touching me," said Josh. "Even the President's gone all maternal on me. I know I look pretty hot right now."
author:vlieger  west-wing  sam-seaborn/josh-lyman 
12 weeks ago
Three Times
"It isn't just about you." Sam had said, quietly, finally.

They'd never discussed it, he and Sam, this thing between them that seemed to upheave Josh's life once every few years. And being in a bar, sitting at a table with someone else's empty bottles in front of them was not going to change that. But for the first time in a long time, he had felt like he could have reached out and pulled Sam to him.

And later that night, as he had scaled Sam's body, as he had gripped Sam's wrist, as he had let Sam scale him, Josh decided that he didn't care. And he was too tired to think about whether he would, or not, in the morning.
author:august_the_real  west-wing  sam-seaborn/josh-lyman 
12 weeks ago
No Ballads
Bryan knew his job was violent. Obviously, he knew. He’d iced his face and knuckles enough to have no delusions—hockey players punched each other when things got intense. They shoved each other into walls on purpose.

But standing in his kitchen, down three games to the Isles and staring elimination right in the eyeballs, Bryan’s guts twisted and his skin prickled like…like… well, like his ex-boyfriend had shoved him around and messed him up a little. His hands shook from that ugly kind of adrenalin wearing off, that sickbetrayedscared kind. That bad kind.
author:downjune  hockey  tom-kuhnhackl/bryan-rust 
12 weeks ago
I Saw You Yesterday
"I was thinking about you, every time we tried," he says. "I wanted to get back to you. I guess you saw the afterimage." 

Bucky has to sit with that for a long minute. Would physically sit if he could feel his legs. 

"For a minute I thought…you might have decided to stay."

"No," Steve says. Just like that. No.

He starts opening a drawer, then slams it shut so hard it splinters.

"Do you have any idea," he says. "Do you remember 2014? It's when I found out you were still alive. I had to spend half the year avoiding myself, letting it all play out when all I wanted to do was get to you and stop what was happening. It was killing me, Buck. I can't…" Steve lets out a shuddering breath. "I can't keep losing you." 
author:stereobone  captain-america  mcu 
12 weeks ago
Where Have You Gone, Tom Glavine?
Casey moves to LA. Dan tries to write a book. Both meet with mixed success.
author:sab  sports-night  dan-rydell/casey-mccall 
12 weeks ago
cultivating in themselves something
"When Patrick thought Ted was hot, or when Patrick raised his eyebrows and got stuttery around the perpetually shirtless fieldhand guy out at Miller Farm, on those occasions when David’s seen him look at other men, David’s always felt something aching, tender, but very far away from jealousy. Patrick doesn’t do it that often, or―what David assumes is more likely―Patrick doesn’t allow himself to do it often, but when he does, it’s beautiful to watch.

Patrick letting himself be gay is beautiful to watch."


Patrick shrugs with one shoulder. “I just―it’s a nice fantasy. I thought you might like to play with it.”

“And the fantasy is . . . ?” David lets his hands roam over Patrick’s sides and back, stroking slowly.

“Hot, repressed gay guy comes into the store,” Patrick says, beginning the scene.
author:thingswithwings  schitts-creek 
12 weeks ago
Solid Copy
In which Cougar and Jensen are telepathic and there is a very irritated mad scientist.
author:thefourthvine  the-losers  cougar/jensen 
may 2019
This series follows Johnny and Gheorghe after the end of the film in six one-shot stories.

[Includes the one with Johnny's old schoolmate who's still carrying a torch.]
author:themewsatten  gods-own-country  johnny/gheorghe 
may 2019
red light green light
It takes a while for Auston to talk. “I, uh. I liked it. When you told me what to do.”

“No kidding,” Mitch says, kind of wry, because Matts has always had a tendency to understate shit.
author:theundiagnosable  hockey  mitch-marner/auston-matthews 
may 2019
sports night fan fiction
Archive of old-as-dirt fic, all from way back in the day. Mostly not good, but all deeply nostalgic.
april 2019
Venus in Tights
Just porn. The one where Steve is wearing his Cap outfit.
author:what_alchemy  steve-rogers/bucky-barnes  captain-america  mcu 
april 2019
Geriatric Road Trip, 2015
The one where Bucky's great nephew brings his estranged siblings to see him.
author:what_alchemy  steve-rogers/bucky-barnes  captain-america  mcu 
april 2019
[The one where the Asgardians bring Bucky back, and he and Steve weren't together but were fucking, and now they have to figure it out.]

“You have two modes, Steve: tiptoeing around me like I’m about to crack, and making damn sure I know you disapprove of everything I do. You don’t want me, Steve, you want who I used to be, and how you felt when it was just you and me against the world. You wish the pair of us had come out of the war alive and unscathed in an alternate universe that would throw us a pride parade in 1945. Well, pal, that shit didn’t happen. These are the cards we’ve been dealt. Don’t tell me how fucking sorry you are when all you’re really sorry about is how we’re too damn broken to fit together anymore.” He was breathing hard, and his cheeks had gone red. Steve’s heart plummeted into his stomach.

“No,” Steve said, voice cracking. Bucky rolled his eyes and refused to look at him, but he pressed his lips together and stayed where he was. “Those guys we were — they couldn’t even tell each other they were soft on one another. They could barely admit it to themselves. I don’t miss that for a second, Buck. And if — if you weren’t around, leaving your arm any old place for me to trip over, or burning something you saw on the cooking channel, or showing me horrible things on the internet… I don’t know what I’d do, Buck. I’d be half dead again, going around like a sad sack and making people wonder why that Rogers boy can’t have fun.”
author:what_alchemy  captain-america  steve-rogers/bucky-barnes  mcu 
april 2019
A Home Game
He’s stretched out, massive shoulders and big legs on display. He’s relaxed and teasing and fighting a smile, and suddenly Bucky wants to thump him. What the hell are you doing here, he thinks wildly, are you stupid? This can't happen. Captain America can't be queer and Steve Rogers can't want a crippled man and there’s no way, no way for it to work—

But Steve’s real, and beautiful, sitting in one of Bucky’s beat-up kitchen chairs like he belongs there, and after a second Bucky gives in to it. He shakes his head.

“Fuck, you’re so good-lookin’,” he says, low.

[The one where they meet at a baseball game.]
author:743ish  author:alby_mangroves  captain-america  steve-rogers/bucky-barnes  mcu 
april 2019
burn the straw house down
Connor has to retire. He and Dylan have always been fuck buddies. "I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you."
author:theundiagnosable  hockey  connor-mcdavid/dylan-strome  favorite 
april 2019
torch this place we know
Sportsnet @sportsnet

Mitch has been in love with Auston forever. Auston leads him on, and then he doesn't. Literal closet makeouts.
author:theundiagnosable  mitch-marner/auston-matthews  favorite  hockey 
april 2019
Go Thy Way, Daniel
"Then let's go home. We're done here."

"Right. I'm done," Dan said softly. "I'm sorry, Casey." He turned around and leaned far, far over the balcony. Too far. A casual observer might think he was looking down, or even being sick, but Casey saw his center of gravity shift.

He grabbed what he could reach, which was Dan's shoulder, and slid his hand down to Dan's upper arm. He grabbed at the hard, sinewy bicep, not getting enough purchase for his fingers, and felt the soft material of the jacket give way. "Shit! Danny!" he cried, scrabbling for something else and finding Dan's hand.

Dan's lesser weight was still enough to propel them both forward, almost over the edge.

"Let me go, man," Dan whispered.

"I'm not letting go."
author:marguerite  sports-night  favorite 
april 2019
Tequila Shots and Darren Woodward (and the Morning After)
"We have to talk," Casey said again.

"So you said. I read an interesting article yesterday about humpback whales."

Casey looked at him. "Humpback whales."

"Yes, humpback whales. Apparently - "

"Daniel, I did not come over here in the midst of what is either the worst hangover ever or an unexpected outbreak of the bubonic plague to talk about humpback whales."

"Do you want to talk about the bubonic plague?" Dan asked.
author:flaming_muse  sports-night  dan-rydell/casey-mccall 
april 2019
Starring Mr. Ianto Jones As Himself.
"With your hands, that--like before, that one--" That time Jack made him come so hard. He couldn't say it, but Jack knew what he meant.
author:basingstoke  torchwood  jack-harkness/ianto-jones 
april 2019
untitled will/chuckie snippet
He wasn’t a fag, he’d fucked a girl, and that was enough cred for anybody, right?

Except maybe it wasn’t, and every time Chuckie was around Morgan, around Billy, fuck, around anybody, he wondered, he always wondered in the back of his mind, this low level buzz, of “They know, they have to know, they must,” until it made him sick, until it turned him into some kind of sex fiend and he was fucking every girl he could just so that he could go home and let Will fuck him.
author:nifra-idril  good-will-hunting 
april 2019
Peanuts and Cracker Jack
It's not like this is a date, it's not like they're in a *relationship*, and it sure as hell isn't a queer thing, because a mouth is a mouth is a mouth, right? And if the mouth is attached to soembody you like, then it's better, and if it's attached to somebody you like and can trust, and if that person also knows you so well they can make you come by practically looking at you, then who the fuck is going to say no to that, right?
author:nifra-idril  good-will-hunting 
april 2019
You Could Turn It On Like A Light
"Look, I know you two have this fraught thing happening, where Casey's the guy and you're the other guy, but the fact of the matter is that ESPN and Fox have four Caseys apiece pulling in males eighteen to thirty-four." Sam leveled a finger at Dan. "You're the reason women eighteen to forty-nine are sending us panties in the mail. That's where we're gonna make our play."

"We have a fraught thing happening?" Casey asked faintly.

"Women send us panties in the mail?" Dan asked doubtfully.

"Lots of panties," Natalie sighed. Dan and Casey both looked at her. "We screen them out. The last thing you need is to get a box of strange women's panties every month."
comedy  author:nightcamedown  sports-night  dan-rydell/casey-mccall 
march 2019
somewhere only we know
Steve is a cop 12 years later. Billy is back. The Gate is open.
stranger-things  author:celoica  steve-harrington/billy-hargrove 
march 2019
Flat Packers
"You got a phillips-head screwdriver around here?" Steve asked.

"Why do I need one of those?" Dustin asked, genuinely baffled.

"Because it says right here that you need it."

"Uh ... do you maybe have one in the trunk?"

This was off to a good start.
comedy  author:sholio  stranger-things 
march 2019
Night Patrol
"Oh, come on!" Steve yelped, and then yelped again as his legs slid into the water. It was very cold.

Cold. And dark. And very Steve-drownable.

Was this really how he was going to go? Drowned by tentacle vines at the quarry? Come on!
author:sholio  stranger-things  jonathan-byers/nancy-wheeler/steve-harrington 
march 2019
Guy Stuff
"I like both, Will," his mouth said, without input from his brain. His brain was busy crawling off into a corner of his skull to die of embarrassment. "Girls and boys."
author:sholio  stranger-things 
march 2019
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