Lunar Standstill
A lunar standstill is the gradually varying range between the northern and the southern limits of the Moon's declination, or the lunistices, over the course of one-half a sidereal month (about two weeks), or 13.66 days. (Declination is a celestial coordinate measured as the angle from the celestial equator, analogous to latitude.) One major, or one minor, lunar standstill occurs every 18.6 years due to the precessional cycle of the lunar nodes at that rate.
Nutation makes a small change to the angle at which the Earth tilts with respect to the Sun, changing the location of the major circles of latitude that are defined by the Earth's tilt (the tropical circles and the polar circles).
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2 days ago
Berlin Key
The Berlin key (also known as, German, Schließzwangschlüssel, or, English, forced locking key) is a key for a type of door lock. It was designed to force people to close and lock their doors
4 days ago
How I Discovered Door Checks
in re: the "groom" of Latour, this funny industry-specific anecdote about the history of auto-door-closers in the early 20th century
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9 days ago
The Cut or Cut Direct
People who pretend they didn't see someone, when they clearly did, have cut that other person. An ordinary cut is less of an embarrassment than a cut direct, and less insulting, because it might be explained away by saying, "She didn't see me."
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11 days ago
‘‘Where Are the Missing Masses? The Sociology of a Few Mundane Artifacts’’
classic Bruno Latour jammer
berliner key, "groom de porte" door closer analysis via actor network theory
science  latour 
11 days ago
olia lialina essay
15 days ago
Irene Vatton
via marijn, text editing CS papers
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19 days ago
Enya interview
"The reason people say it's religious-sounding is the amount of reverb we use. That's what they keep relating to the church. That aura is around it because of the long, long reverb."
20 days ago
Last 'Live' Jukebox Still Spins Its Disks
"What is billed as the last "live" jukebox in the country is hanging on precariously in Pittsburgh, defying the fate of soda fountains and drive-in theaters. Live juke boxes, common until after World War II, work like this: Patrons in bars and restaurants make their choices in boxes that contain no records, but are connected by telephone to a studio, where an operator with a vast store to choose from plays the requested record."
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26 days ago
See No Evil
in re supply chains & supply chain software: "This peculiar state of knowing-while-not-knowing is not the explicit choice of any individual company but a system that’s grown up to accommodate the variety of goods that we demand, and the speed with which we want them. It’s embedded in software, as well as in the container ships that are globalization’s most visible emblem."
systems  economy 
27 days ago
Space Colony Artwork 1970's
hi-res versions of the NASA bernal sphere illustrations
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4 weeks ago
Wovoka (c. 1856 - September 20, 1932),[2] also known as Jack Wilson, was the Paiute religious leader who founded a second episode of the Ghost Dance movement. Wovoka means "cutter"[3] or "wood cutter" in the Northern Paiute language.
4 weeks ago
Panorama from Point Sublime
beautiful grand canyon illustration
4 weeks ago
The Northern Lights: The True Story of the Man Who Unlocked the Secrets of the Aurora Borealis Paperback
The Northern Lights: The True Story of the Man Who Unlocked the Secrets of the Aurora Borealis Paperback – October 29, 2002
by Lucy Jago
5 weeks ago
Fair Use
negativland book via bennett
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5 weeks ago
standing waste
this is what it's called
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6 weeks ago
queue delivery system
6 weeks ago
Counteracting alienation with technological arts and crafts
Sophisticated automation leaves people with increasing amounts of free time. Meanwhile, knowledge and control over technology are held by ever fewer. It is therefore quite reasonable to use the extra free time for activities that help keep technology in people's hands. A network of technological crafters may also provide alternative infrastructure that decreases dependence on the dominant machinery.
6 weeks ago
UNDERBUG by Lisa Margonelli
An Obsessive Tale of Termites and Technology
7 weeks ago
Turbo folk
insane nationalist music
8 weeks ago
Coliseum bar
from Anthony Bourdain interview, random midtown bar
9 weeks ago
[no title]
this anthony bourdain interview is great:

i still don't understand why Civil needs a blockc…
9 weeks ago
This is not a place of honor
this site went off the internet!
10 weeks ago
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