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Protein Crystals and Other Precious Stones
Alexis just - sticks with it. She brings home an oxblood sweater with a logo. Uses “exams” to get out of the world’s most boring Easter gala (since when are there Easter galas anyway she hisses.) “I’m worried,” Moira says, and David would dismiss the sentiment, but there’s something in her voice that David hasn’t ever heard before, so maybe it’s genuine concern. “What could be going on? What could be so terrible, so unseemly, so obscene, that she couldn’t share it with us, her family?” And honestly, David is - he thinks he’s proud of Alexis? Is this what proud feels like? - because she’s never stuck with anything more than like, eight months before and she’s kept up this facade for YEARS.
gen  rating:all  length:5001-10000  Schitt'sCreek 
11 days ago by sansets
Welcome to your life (There's no turning back)
"El just won a galaxy," Will says. "You all did," Owens corrects. "She's in charge, yes, but you're all Star Courtiers now."
gen  StrangerThings  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
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The Math of Love Triangles
“I got a ninety-five on the last math test,” Rory says, changing tactics, “and I’m a firm believer that the power nap was my secret to success.” And then, giving into the dark side, she adds innocently, “What did you get again?” A ninety-two. Rory remembers the way Paris seemed to shrink into herself when class ended and everybody poured into the halls, even though there were only three A’s in the entire class and hers was the second-highest. Only a jerk would remind her of feeling bad over something so not-bad.
gilmoregirls  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Paris/Rory 
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Sweet as Apple Pie
“Peter,” May said firmly, “I would get sick a hundred times over if it meant I could still look after you when you needed me.” “Yeah,” Peter said quietly, almost lost beneath the swell of the show’s closing credits, “me, too.”
gen  Spiderman  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Marvel 
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Accidental Marriage Acquisition
Ivan knew better than to accidentally marry Gregor Vorbarra. He absolutely, absolutely knew better. But that still didn't stop it from happening.
Gregor/Ivan  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Vorkosigan 
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Puppy Love
"It's too little to be housebroken yet. You have train it." Steve stares at Dustin and the whole thing sinks in. "I cannot do this, I cannot be responsible for an animal, I can barely even be responsible for me --"
gen  StrangerThings  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
11 weeks ago by sansets
End of Ends
“You were clear,” Rachel said. “I just thought . . . all those other times, we got back together—” “This is different.” “Yeah. It feels that way.”
rating:all  length:1001-5000  gen  Schitt'sCreek 
june 2019 by sansets
Sleeping Arrangements
Further experience with his new team -- in tents, in inns, in various borrowed accommodations offworld -- taught John that Rodney was capable of migrating across virtually any distance to find the nearest source of body heat and burrow into it. He wouldn't actually leave one bed and move into another one -- thus, if he had a bed by himself, he was fine -- but otherwise, whoever took on Rodney as a roommate was inevitably going to wake up to find themselves shoved to the very edge of the bed, tent, fur-pile or whatever, with Rodney's arms and legs wrapped around them.
gen  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Stargate:Atlantis 
june 2019 by sansets
Tonight I'll Drift In A Dream With You
“Patrick is sleeping,” Alexis says helpfully. “I’m not really sure what David is doing, but earlier he was just sort of smiling dopily at the top of Patrick’s head. It was really gross.”
rating:all  length:1001-5000  Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick 
may 2019 by sansets
Liked it, put a ring on it
“While ruling an empire by your side sounds appealing, I do like having total creative control over our little store,” he says eventually. “Unsurprising,” Patrick laughs. He unlocks the store and David moves past him to punch in the alarm code. “It’s our decision, anyway,” David says, counting out the float. “Not just mine. We’re partners.” “We can put a pin in our five year plan to discuss it later,” Patrick says. “We have a five year plan?” David asks. “It’s like you don’t know me at all,” Patrick says, leaning over the counter to kiss him.
Schitt'sCreek  David/Patrick  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
may 2019 by sansets
shine bright
“I know it’s been stressing you out that you haven’t got a craft corner in the new place,” Rory says, flinging the office door open and Paris’s generous plans to hell, “so – ta da!”
rating:all  length:1001-5000  gilmoregirls  Paris/Rory 
april 2019 by sansets
5 Times Shitty Called the Zimmermanns (and one time they called him)
(It's what the title says: Shitty's relationship with Alicia and Bob through phone calls)
gen  CheckPlease  rating:all  length:5001-10000 
april 2019 by sansets
a numismatic exhibition
He woke up, head pounding, and found out that yeah, he’d been stupid enough to write what he used to—what he still—what he hadn’t—and then, even stupider, so stupid how was he so—to put a stamp on it and leave it downstairs for the mailman who for once, damn him, showed up on time, which was just his luck, just so, so, so. Anyway. Ray didn’t wait to hear back. He chased that damn letter all the way across the border, over the continental divide, into Canada, most of the way to the North Pole. Head down, glasses on, overnight bag in his hand, Ray ran himself ragged trying to get ahead of the Canada Post, his brain skimming through plans to sneak it out of Fraser’s cabin, bribe the wolf, threaten the mail pilot with—something. Anything.
DueSouth  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Fraser/Kowalski 
march 2019 by sansets
Cleaning Up
They're both where Eliot can feel them breathing. He's going to let himself stay right here, for a while, because he can.
Hardison/Eliot/Parker  rating:all  length:0-999  Leverage 
march 2019 by sansets
The Flowers Say
“Hi Janet” Eleanor began, pasting a clearly fake smile on her face. “If I wanted to passive-aggressively say ‘fork you’ to someone in flowers, how would I do that?”
gen  TheGoodPlace  rating:all  length:0-999 
march 2019 by sansets
Prince of Darkness, Judge of Pies
"Who summons Morgoth, Judge of Souls?" the demon bellowed. "Er." Cecily raised a shaky hand. "I did? Only it was an accident. And you seem to have dispatched our baking judge." Mary put a gentle hand on the demon's elbow. "Since Paul is now rather indisposed, would you care to judge the remainder of our bakes?"
gen  rating:all  length:1001-5000  GreatBritishBakeOff 
december 2018 by sansets
Step into Christmas (The admission's free)
She doesn't even know why she cares that much. It's not like Christmas at home was ever that fantastic of an experience. But maybe it's precisely the promise that this one might not actually be that horrible that makes her go through old cookbooks and women's magazines she usually wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. In a bout of cooking-induced despair, she calls Sian, who manages to make her feel immensely better by telling her basically the same thing Mark said to her, only much more sympathetically, and with a couple of recipes to back it up: "I'm sure they'll appreciate whatever you bring, love."
Pride  gen  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
december 2018 by sansets
The Most Worth It
"Three date nights at three drastically different price points!" See? Andrew was absolutely right about the worrying bit. "You have got to be kidding me." "No. Think about it, it's great! Same basic fun as when we're filming, but it's just for us!" "Right. Which means we wouldn't get the benefit of our expense account. Think about it, the show is just a series of three date nights at three price points, if you think about it." "Date nights don't have crews, Andrew. Not even our date nights."
rating:all  length:1001-5000  rpf:Buzzfeed  Andrew/Steven 
december 2018 by sansets
It's Just Textbook Stuff.
When she is eleven years old, Hermione Granger is expelled from the Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. She's not the only one who'd broken the rules, but one of the other ones had been the Boy Who Lived and the other one was a pureblood, so of the three of them, Hermione's naturally the one who got made an example of. She's the disposable one, after all.
au:alternatetimeline  HarryPotter  gen  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
december 2018 by sansets
You Can't Stay (please don't go)
“Why are you here?” “I thought that was obvious, too.” The corner of Cullen’s mouth is tilted upward very slightly, and Dorian is again torn between conflicting urges, if not the same ones as before. Since he will not kiss Cullen or give him the satisfaction of seeing Dorian grind his teeth, that leaves him only the same bland politeness. “I believe we agreed that you would remain with the Inquisition.” “Did we?” Cullen says, looking thoughtfully up at the ceiling. “I don’t remember that at all.”
rating:all  length:1001-5000  DragonAge  Cullen/Dorian 
december 2018 by sansets
Let Me
A smile that disappears almost as quickly as it arrived. “You look like shit, and you should be in bed, not wandering half-dressed through Skyhold.”
Cullen/IronBull  rating:all  length:1001-5000  DragonAge 
december 2018 by sansets
Find a Better Prize
"Don't," Nick says. "If you're going to leave again, don't do this." Harry looks at him. "You didn't call me. You didn't message or anything. I didn't know if you liked the presents." "Course I liked them," Nick says. "They're from you, aren't they, you idiot."
1Direction  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Harry/Nick  rpf:music 
november 2018 by sansets
grow old with me (the best is yet to be)
“Think that means you’re growing up, Mike.” Claire said over coffee months ago, when the city was still sweating under the unforgiving summer sun. “Is that what this feeling is?” Matt joked, chewing on an ice cube, the crack of it clashing with the steady bustle and chatter of the coffee shop. He didn’t miss the amused huff of Claire’s breathing, her laughter a familiar and longed after sound even now. “Can’t say I care for it.”
rating:all  length:5001-10000  Foggy/Matt  DareDevil  Marvel 
october 2018 by sansets
just grab my hand and don’t ever drop it
Finn has officially been kissed by everyone he’d call a squadmate, if he still had a squad. He wonders, if Nines had been more like Rey or Zeroes had been more like Poe or Slip had been more like Rose . . . would he have had such a hard time following orders then, with squadmates like them? It’s so easy to do the right thing with them around. No, not easy, just . . . it’s possible, with them around. He wonders if doing the wrong thing would’ve worked like that, too.
StarWars  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Finn/Poe/Rey/Rose 
october 2018 by sansets
Aral has protected him all his life. It's Padma's turn now to protect Aral.
au:alternatetimeline  Vorkosigan  rating:all  length:10001-20000  gen  Kareen/Padma 
august 2018 by sansets
I Don't Know What's Going On
Jack explains the situation. "... so I know it's a lot to ask, but since you don't have class 'til Tuesday, would you be willing to stay overnight? We could leave the airport, we have a guaranteed seat tomorrow, and the airline pays for our hotel and dinner." Bittle's eyes have been growing the entire time Jack has been talking. "Seriously? You think I'm gonna turn down basically a free one-day vacation in D.C.?"
CheckPlease  rating:all  Bitty/Jack  length:5001-10000 
august 2018 by sansets
Coming In
Rosa gets her facial expression back under control; it was doing something big that she didn't approve of. "Jake—wait, are you telling me you're bisexual?"
gen  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Brooklyn99 
august 2018 by sansets
Flat Packers
"Why are there twelve different screws in seven different sizes? Why can't they make everything the same size? And why the fuck doesn't it tell you which direction these fucking things go?" "Language," Dustin said cheerfully. "Fuck off, shithead."
gen  StrangerThings  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
august 2018 by sansets
Purr-ever and Always
"It'd be weird, though, right? The whole, like sponsorship thing?" He dropped his voice as DJ and Red, always the last onto the plane, went by with nods for Jeff and shoulder taps for Kent. "Like, oh look at the NHL star trying to pretend like he cares about the world, that's not even real charity." Jeff gave him a one-armed hug, unsurprised when Kent dropped his head onto Jeff's shoulder. "Don't read your own press," Jeff told him, not for the first time. "And who cares if it's real charity, whatever that is, it's still money for a good cause." "It's not stupid?" Kent asked, his voice very small. "No," Jeff said firmly, wishing a little that he'd told Kent he'd made the donation - it would be weird to tell him now. "It's sweet."
CheckPlease  gen  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
august 2018 by sansets
Healing, Serenity, Spirit
"I was considering running an errand up in Manhattan," he says, slowly, feeling out the words. "And I wondered if you'd like to accompany me." "Where in Manhattan, exactly?" Another statement, this time because she already feels certain about the answer. "16th street and 7th avenue," Raymond replies. "I believe some friends of ours might be gathering there." She nods, and he pauses before adding, "It's not police business, of course. I would simply enjoy your company."
gen  rating:all  length:0-999  Brooklyn99 
august 2018 by sansets
Guy Stuff
"Okay, kid," he said, steering Will to a table by the counter. "You have five minutes. Less if your mom comes back, or anyone opens that door. And get that chocolate off your face." He handed Will a napkin. Will wrinkled his nose and scrubbed at it. "I was just thinking," he began, and stopped again. "Do you ever ...?" Another pause.
gen  StrangerThings  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
august 2018 by sansets
Targeted Persuasion
Jim opened Tony's most formal closet and started pulling out tuxedos. "Put one of these on.” "Why?" "We're getting married." Tony froze. "No, we're not." "Oh yes we are." Jim tossed three tuxedos onto the bed. Three was a good number of options, enough for Tony to make a choice, but not so many that he'd get lost analyzing the ramifications of navy pinstripes vs. charcoal paisley. Tony did best with clear, specific expectations rather than an unlimited universe of possibilities that he would inevitably filter through his neuroses and obsess over, and Jim was really kicking himself for not considering that, oh, ten years ago when they’d first started this, but there was no point in beating himself up about it now when he could put that energy towards solving the problem instead. "You brought this on yourself, Tones. Pick a damn tux."
Rhodey/Tony  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Marvel  IronMan 
july 2018 by sansets
The Absolution
“Robert, I’m telling you something which you of all people actually don’t deserve to hear first. But I’m telling you first anyway, because I specifically want to tell you.”
gen  GraceandFrankie  Grace/Frankie  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
july 2018 by sansets
Rich Man's World
Given that Len does people’s taxes for fun, Len’s opted not to criticize in view of not being called a hypocrite. “It’s not a fake accounting firm,” Len says firmly, because it’s not. It complies with all the rules for a real accounting firm, even the requirement that the owner have a bachelor’s degree – Len got enough prison credits to qualify for the degree and the license both, and he even passed the stupid ethics exam. “It’s a shady accounting firm.”
gen  DCU  LegendsofTomorrow  rating:all  length:5001-10000 
july 2018 by sansets
Looking For The Face I Had Before The World Was Made.
She reserves judgment until she has Donna Vorrutyer sitting in front of her, making a mockery of it all. Donna thinks she found a loophole to spite her cousin and decided to exploit it. Donna would never have done it if her brother hadn't died or if her brother had left an heir. Donna never had any interests in doing this otherwise. No, Donna looked to the galaxy to solve her inheritance problem and came up with... with this.
gen  transfic  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Vorkosigan 
july 2018 by sansets
Due to the Dead
Debbie sat in silence for a moment, staring at Danny’s name, then said, flatly, “You son of a bitch.”
Oceans11  rating:all  length:1001-5000  gen  Oceans8 
july 2018 by sansets
our hands are born open
"What are we celebrating?” Matt asks. Foggy shrugs, popping a donut hole in his own mouth, “It’s Tuesday.” He says easily, like it can be that simple.
rating:all  length:5001-10000  DareDevil  Marvel  Foggy/Matt 
june 2018 by sansets
Just Jack
Jack retires, and steps out of the spotlight. Or, five times Jack Zimmermann is more than happy to be Eric Bittle's trophy husband.
rating:all  length:1001-5000  CheckPlease  Bitty/Jack 
june 2018 by sansets
A Hashtag is Born
"You have come to observe our family soap opera, Captain," T'Challa said with a sigh as he shook Steve's hand. "You speak as if you were not the one to have begun this particular episode." Okoye nodded at the dance floor, where Bucky had just dipped Queen Ramonda. "Maybe we should have opened a Starbucks instead." "Oh, forget Starbucks," Princess Shuri said, all innocence, clasping her hands in front of her. "There is a much more high-profile way to take part in globalisation now. Meghan Markle has already set a precedent. Americans marrying into royal families is going to be a trend, brother, do you want Wakanda to be left behind?"
Marvel  BlackPanther  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Bucky/Ramonda 
june 2018 by sansets
The National Pastime
“Tomas! Tomas!” Jenny and Kent cried, their feet pounding up the porch. They nearly tackled him, their hands grasping at his hands, at his legs. “We gotta teach him, we gotta, come on. Mom, he doesn’t know what baseball is, Mom, he says he’s never ever heard of it.”
gen  TheExorcist  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
june 2018 by sansets
lookin' for a soul to steal
“Brah,” Shitty says, in a deep, foreboding voice. “Tell me you are not enough of an idiot that you actually just sold your soul to the Devil for fucking ice hockey.”
au:alternatereality  trope:angels  length:1001-5000  CheckPlease  Bitty/Jack  rating:all 
june 2018 by sansets
A Friend in Need
There was no graceful way to say "no", and come to think of it, he was kind of hungry. "Fine," Steve groaned, as they put the soup in front of him, followed by a spoon. "Someone go find me some aspirin or something. And then," he added as Dustin pattered off, "you're all leaving, because I don't want to make you sick. After you clean up this god damn mess."
gen  StrangerThings  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
may 2018 by sansets
not in what they say (just in who they are)
(Soulmarks don’t change when the giver dies. Vex knows this, has been told this, but she can’t help looking at her brother’s cheek when they’re standing among the ashes of their childhood home. In the fading light of the day, the faint green looks more like a half-healed bruise than any sign that they were loved.)
gen  CriticalRole  rating:all  length:1001-5000  trope:soulbond 
may 2018 by sansets
An Account of the 1944 Season of the 506th PIR Basketball Team by Lewis Nixon, Unofficial Manager
There wasn't a precise moment when Lew became the de facto manager of the 506th basketball team—it was more of a process of attrition.
BandofBrothers  gen  rating:all  length:5001-10000  Winters/Nixon 
may 2018 by sansets
Cause In Your Warmth I Forget How Cold It Can Be
“But I want you to be happy too.” “I am.” Jack answers her. “Or I will be once we leave this godforsaken ice block of a city.” He pauses and then, “Don’t you dare throw that snowba… goddamnit, Max.” It hits him squarely in the face and Anne pulls away with a laugh as snow scatters everywhere between them.
Anne/Max  Anne/Jack  rating:all  length:0-999  BlackSails 
april 2018 by sansets
Having come this far
They have a public Seder, because it's a thing that's expected of Princess Leia and Chief Steward Lyman, and Josh cries. They have a private Seder, for what Josh might have called her "intimate circle" back on Alderaan but wouldn't anymore. They don't have the same space between them for a wink and a nudge.
WestWing  StarWars  gen  crossover  au:fusion  length:1001-5000  rating:all 
april 2018 by sansets
eo superliminare
He’s exhausted by the time practice ends, but he’s already looking forward to tomorrow. He hasn’t been misgendered once, hasn’t been checked unduly, hasn’t had pucks fired at him with the goal nowhere in sight, and best of all, he’s pretty sure he’s made a friend.
rating:all  CheckPlease  gen  transfic  length:10001-20000 
april 2018 by sansets
Dibs and the Art of the Subordinating Conjunction
"Hey, Lards." Nursey's soft voice broke the quiet. "It's a good paper." He said it convincingly enough to loosen the annoying little knot in her stomach. She poked her nose over the bed railing. "I love how you described the prints, and I'm dying to know more about the textiles; those could be, like, a whole paper by themselves. I left a few technical comments and stuff. Can I show you?" Lardo blew out a breath. "Yeah, okay."
gen  CheckPlease  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
april 2018 by sansets
Chag Sameach, Nine-Nine
Jake grabbed for Amy’s hands. “Babe, you gotta help me here. I am wildly unqualified to salvage Rosa’s Christmas."
gen  Amy/Jake  Brooklyn99  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
march 2018 by sansets
Snow Day
There was a bustle at the door, and Gregor came in. His face was more animated than Cordelia had seen it lately, and he was dragging his coat behind him. "Lady Cordelia," he said, coming to join her at the window, "Lady Cordelia, can we go out and build a snowman? Please?" Cordelia stooped down to his level, smiling. Gregor hadn't asked her for anything since coming back to the Residence, instead going meekly where he was told and responding in monosyllables. "A snowman?" she said. "Sure, kiddo. But you'll have to show me how. I've never built a snowman before."
gen  Vorkosigan  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
march 2018 by sansets
the dogfather
“I’m not a reverse werewolf either,” says the man. “I’m your godfather.”

(Comment fic in bulletpoint form)
length:10001-20000  HarryPotter  gen  au:alternatetimeline  rating:all 
february 2018 by sansets
The Bathing Habits of Wizards
Caleb is prepared to go to his room with Nott and spend some time reading, sleeping, or just not being around all these people (look, he likes these crazy assholes, mostly, but, he has just gotten used to having two, and suddenly there are a lot more than two). Yasha does not appear to be prepared for that. “You are coming with me.” She pauses, considers. “Nott, Molly, you come too.”
gen  CriticalRole  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
february 2018 by sansets
To Drive the Cold Winter Away
Admiral Hennessey should very probably check his luggage a bit more carefully before heading home for the holidays. Fortunately for Thomas, he does not. In which Thomas Hamilton is sent to sea instead of staying at home and acquires a new family in his own inimitable fashion.
au:alternatetimeline  BlackSails  rating:all  length:1001-5000  gen 
february 2018 by sansets
The Recruit
“Millie? I wonder if you remember Margaret Carter? She was at Bletchley with us for a time.”
crossover  BletchleyCircle  AgentCarter  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Marvel  gen 
february 2018 by sansets
"It takes over completely. It processes new input in my sleep, normally, but with no new input, it's going round and round. Yesterday morning... it was four hours before I could make it stop. Four hours and twenty-two minutes. Didn't sleep last night, but now... when I go to sleep tonight, that's it. I'm sorry... my lord..." Aral's grip around Illyan's shoulders became fierce. "You're paying my bill here, Simon. Don't you dare apologise to me for this." He leaned in, forcing Illyan to meet his eye. "Surrender is in the mind, Simon. We fight to the last ditch, the last door, the last man."
Aral/Cordelia/Simon  rating:all  length:5001-10000  Vorkosigan 
february 2018 by sansets
Numberless the ways, and imperceptible.
"We were not lovers ," Legolas said. He had thought Gimli understood, that he had sired children because he had desired children, not out of love, but perhaps he had not explained it as well as he thought. "We agreed on three children, and three we had, and I have not seen her since Certa and I came West." He was silent, turning Gimli's hand over in his, and back again, feeling the fine hairs on the back of it and the warmth of Gimli's blood beneath the skin. "I have never had a lover . It is only these past months that I have come to yearn for one -- not merely someone for children. I feel--" and his stomach leapt up into his throat and his voice caught-- "I feel old, and torn by the call of the Sea, and yet my heart cries that here in this land is the one for me, the one to keep by me for all the times to come." He released Gimli's hand and pressed his knuckles to his mouth, stifling a cry of pain that wished to come yelping out of him. His loneliness was a slow bleed inside him, as terrible and insistent as the call of the Sea. Seeing Certavoriel had eased the ache, for a few hours, but now it had returned, and he knew not what would stanch its flow.
rating:all  length:5001-10000  LordoftheRings  Gimli/Legolas 
february 2018 by sansets
Besides, it's 1807. You have to take what you can get.
transfic  rating:all  length:1001-5000  originalfic 
january 2018 by sansets
How's The Weather Up There
“Trust me, there’s too much acrobatics involved. You can’t steal a kiss from someone three feet above you.” The Inquisitor’s mouth quirked. “But you could ask nicely.” “And ruin the element of surprise? I’m a rogue, that’s all I’ve got.” The Inquisitor thought. “Stand on the next stair up from them?” Lace had already done the calculations. “I’d need two steps at least and then you’re kissing across a chasm.”
DragonAge  rating:all  length:0-999  Inquisitor/Harding 
january 2018 by sansets
Two Mean Priests in a Cheap Motel
“We’re stopping at a thrift shop before we leave town.” “Why? I’ve already got nine socks, five medium black pants, two sweaters. My riches abound.”
TheExorcist  gen  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
january 2018 by sansets
telling secrets
“Are you and Uncle Tony married?” Pepper laughs, surprised. “No, we’re not.” “But you like him?” She nods. “I like him very much.” Robin taps her chin thoughtfully with her crayon. “Are you and Uncle Jim married?”
Rhodey/Tony/Pepper  rating:all  length:1001-5000  IronMan  Marvel 
january 2018 by sansets
get out of my hair
“I’ve got pepper spray and I’m not afraid to use it!” the tall, lanky redhead at the door says, facing down a guy with twice his muscle mass, and Tony laughs and calls out, “No need for that, come show me what’s so important you’re threatening my security for.” And that’s how Tony meets Virgil Potts, thereupon renamed Pepper, and Pepper saves the company nearly two million dollars in accounting mistakes and is promoted to Tony’s personal assistant.
au:rule63  transfic  rating:all  length:1001-5000  gen  IronMan 
january 2018 by sansets
dancing on a cloud
Rhodey laughs, taking her glass from her and setting it on the empty tray of a passing waiter. “You need to loosen up. Dance with me?”
rating:all  length:1001-5000  IronMan  Marvel  Rhodey/Tony/Pepper 
january 2018 by sansets
Game On!
"You heard me say I'm doing important stuff, right, dipshit? I didn't even agree to play your game!" He was talking to dead air; Dustin had already hung up.
StrangerThings  gen  length:0-999  rating:all 
january 2018 by sansets
Well Kept
"Miss Fisher," Jack said, unable to force the words out past a hoarse whisper. He made the mistake of looking up, and Miss Fisher's unperturbed gaze pinned him like a rabbit under a hawk. "People are beginning to talk." "Oh really?" she said, pulling Jack's tie out of his collar in a slow slither. "What are they saying?" Jack couldn't look away. "That I'm a kept man."
rating:all  length:1001-5000  MissFisher  Jack/Phryne  kink:clothes 
january 2018 by sansets
It is the star to every wandering bark
Leia got arrested for chaining herself to a theater. Somehow, this leads to her being the new artistic director of the theater. She preferred the jail cell.
StarWars  Han/Leia  gen  au:fusion  slings&arrows  rating:all  length:0-999 
january 2018 by sansets
Star Baker
"I can't believe Alfred is on the Bake-Off," Tim Drake said. "How did you do it?" "He tried out," Bruce said. "And?" Damian leaned in over the dining table. "We received an intelligence report from one of my sources of a potential threat. To the show. I see why it might become a target," Bruce mused. "Why aren't you investigating it yourself?" Damian asked with a scowl. "I can't bake," Bruce said.
gen  crossover  GreatBritishBakeOff  DCU  Batfamily  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
january 2018 by sansets
Out of the Rain to Shelter Himself
“You’re full of mud,” he informs the mewling, mucky, feline scraps that he holds between his hands. “I don’t suppose -” The rain begins to fall harder, and James sighs. He is going, he thinks, to have to take Thomas up on his recent offer of having his servants do James’ laundry - it is most certainly the only way his naval coat is going to survive this encounter, but he cannot leave the tiny, abandoned things here. It is heading on toward autumn, and the pair of them are shivering enough as it is.
rating:all  length:1001-5000  BlackSails  James/Miranda/Thomas  au:alternatetimeline 
january 2018 by sansets
The Fighter Grooms
Fencing, fighting, liniment, proposals, awkwardness, true love, sausages.
rating:all  length:1001-5000  PrincessBride 
january 2018 by sansets
Nursey at Samwell
“I know I won’t play hockey forever, but like, I feel like I owe it to myself to play as hard, as best as I can for as long as it’s fun, and it’s still fun.”
rating:all  length:1001-5000  gen  CheckPlease 
january 2018 by sansets
Cooperative Gameplay
“No. Why are you here?” Jane clarifies. “Because I want to hang out with you? Look, I brought a game.” Max holds up a box in hands that have finger-socks on them. The box has pictures and words in bright colors. The letters are hard to read. The only game that Jane knows is the one with the board and the little statues at Mike’s house. She doesn’t know what she’s supposed to say about this game, so she watches and waits to see what will happen.
rating:all  length:1001-5000  gen  StrangerThings 
january 2018 by sansets
luminous beings
In a ramshackle trading post on Jakku, Baze and Chirrut find a girl who sings with the Force, and who knows only two things for sure. One: her name is Rey. Two: her family will return for her.
StarWars  gen  au:alternatereality  rating:all  length:50001-100000 
january 2018 by sansets
to be consoled as to console
"I felt so...connected to you then," Tomas goes on. "I felt that way the first time we met, but being angry and afraid made me forget how it felt, and praying helped me remember." He pauses in his ministrations, hand resting on top of Marcus's head. "I don't know if I can help with you feeling cut off from God, Marcus. I think that's between you and Him. But maybe I can help you remember you're not alone in all this."
rating:all  length:1001-5000  Marcus/Tomas  TheExorcist 
january 2018 by sansets
With My Whole Heart
"I don't want to put Josephine at odds with her family," she said at last. "She's...close with them. I would not jeopardize that." "Trust me," Leliana said. "This will not jeopardize that."
rating:all  length:1001-5000  DragonAge  Cassandra/Josephine 
january 2018 by sansets
A Purr-fect Companion
He reached the landing and in two steps was at Daniel's door. He threw it wide open. The room was empty except for the cat.
ThinkofEngland  rating:all  length:1001-5000  trope:animaltransformation 
december 2017 by sansets
Call and Response
The caller turns out to be an anthracite miner on the tiny outpost of Jaspis Major, all the way at the very fringes of the Outer Rim. "There's four of us and a shuttle," she trills, feathers ruffling around her head in washed-out holoprojector blue. "Tell us how to help." Leia tells them. Poe revises his count up to sixty-one.
gen  StarWars  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
december 2017 by sansets
World Keeps Turning
The important thing is, the cabin has adults, actual adults, so Steve can stop pretending to be one and just collapse on the couch and pass out. Which he does. Or tries to, because the next thing he knows he's getting prodded awake by Mrs. Byers, who has a bowl of warm water and a wet cloth and a bottle of iodine. She's a mess herself -- are those bruises on her neck? -- but it's not like Steve's in a position to throw stones, so he just lays there and lets her take care of him. It's nice.
gen  StrangerThings  rating:all  length:1001-5000 
december 2017 by sansets
Love Excels
Jack made a vague agreeing noise, and Eric glanced in his direction, though he couldn't see Jack at all from this angle. He couldn't really blame Jack if he'd completely tuned out at this point. Eric's mouth was practically on autopilot, he'd chased his tail around these questions so many times--but that didn't mean Eric couldn't chirp him.
CheckPlease  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Bitty/Jack 
december 2017 by sansets
Knit Happens
"When did you have time to make a scarf?" Bitty asks. He can't stop touching it, how soft it is. Jack is still blocking the TV. "You were in Georgia and? I missed you," Jack says, and Bitty can't stand the look on his face anymore, and has to stand up and kiss him.
Bitty/Jack  rating:all  length:1001-5000  CheckPlease 
december 2017 by sansets
Survival Skills
There was no reason, no goddamn earthly reason why Hopper was now giving up his Saturdays to teach self-defense to a bunch of teenagers.
StrangerThings  rating:all  length:1001-5000  gen 
november 2017 by sansets
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